Saturday, 16 February 2013

No One Can Change Destiny...... Chapter 15

Arnav started caressing her waist and then started caressing her back… Khushi too started roaming her hands on his back and was getting more and more into him….
After a long time they broke the kiss for the air and looks into each other eyes…. Arnav leaned further on her and said….
Arnav: Khushi you can’t marry someone else understood….
Khushi looks down and said in a low voice….
Khushi: Why arnav…. Why I can’t marry someone else… We are getting divorce in few months and then you will be marrying lavanya so why I can’t marry arnav…
Arnav leaned down further towards her neck and kissed her on her neck and said…
Arnav: Because you are mine…..
He then kisses her on her ear lobes and said
Arnav: Because only I have the right to touch you…..
He then moved his lips towards her throat and sucked her on her throat and said…
Arnav: Because only I can be your husband….
He moves down to her breast and kissed her over her dress and said…
Arnav: Because only I have the right to kiss you on your body….
He then pulled the zip of her kurta and slids her from her shoulders and bites her everywhere and then licks the spot…..
Arnav then looked at khushi and said…
Arnav: Because only I can taste you like this….
He stands back on his feet and again captures her lips and said in between the kisses…
Arnav: Because I love you khushi…. I love you and I want to be with you…. Khushi opened her eyes hearing this…. Arnav too broke the kiss and looks at her face and then said…
Arnav: Yes khushi I love you… I don’t know from when but I love you a lot and this I have realized few minutes back…. I know you think me as your friend but khushi I want you to be you husband… I want you in my life forever…. I want you to be my wife… I want to love you… Khushi I don’t want this divorce…. I don’t want to marry lavanya…. I just want you to be in my life…
Khushi was on cloud 9 hearing this from arnav….. Arnav loves her… Her arnav her husband loves her… She didn’t say a word… She just hugged arnav… Arnav too hugged her back…. They remain in that position for sometime and then khushi broke the hug….
She looks at arnav and then cupped her cheeks and said….
Khushi: I love you too arnav….
Arnav smiled hearing this… He holds her hand which was on her cheeks and kissed her palm and said…
Arnav: I am so happy khushi that you too love me… I promise khushi that I will always keep you happy….
Without saying anything he picks khushi in his arms and put her on the bed…..
He gets on top of her and starts kissing on her face…. Khushi closed his eyes and holds his shoulders for support….
He then pulled her up and opens her zip and removes her kurta and throws it on the floor… Her upper body was covered with bra…. Arnav leaned down and took her breast in his mouth and started sucking them and kneading the other one with his hands…. Khushi dugs her nail on his shoulder and moaned his name in pleasure…. He repeated the same with other one and then looks at khushi… He felt more aroused looking at her state…. He then unhooked her bra and kissed them again and this time khushi was not able to control her… She rolled on top of arnav and started kissing him on his bare body…. She then bites him on his nipples and then licks him arnav shivered with her bite and pulled her hair and brings her mouth near his and starts kissing her wildly….
He again rolled and got on top of her and starts kissing her… He then moves down and started kissing her on her belly…. He inserted his tongue inside her belly button and started sucking….  He then undid the strings of her chudidaar and pulled it down… He moved his lips towards her legs and started giving open mouthed wet kisses on her legs and then on her inner thighs…. He moved little up and kisses her on her core… Khushi clutched the bed sheets…. He then removed her panty and throws it aside and starts sucking her core….
Khushi felt ultimate pleasure… She was feeling this for the first time….He then inserts his finger and starts stroking…. His lips were still licking and his fingers were inside her…. Khushi was enjoying this new pleasure and pain given by her love….
He then again went towards her face and kissed her lips and then enters into her…. As it was her first time she screamed in pain but arnav closed her mouth with his and she closed her eyes feeling him inside her… After sometime her pain was replaced by pure pleasure and she calms down… Arnav increased her speed and within few strokes they both climaxed and then he stay inside her and lays on top of her caressing her hair….. Khushi hugged him tight… He came out after sometime and lay beside khushi and hugged her….
They both laid in each other’s arm…. Khushi kept her head on his chest and hands around his waist…. Arnav wraps his arms around her waist and said…..
Arnav: You know khushi I never thought that I will love someone other than lavanya as people says that first love is always your true love but you after meeting you now I have realized that what I use to feel for lavanya was just attraction…. Saying this he kissed her hairs….
Khushi: But arnav what we will tell lavanya I mean she loves you and she is waiting to marry you after six months…
Arnav replied caressing her hair….
Arnav: Do you think she will come after six months… No khushi… She just wants her career that’s it… She has never cared for me or for my feelings…. But you know I am thankful to god that she never cared about me and she left on our wedding day because if that would have not happened mein tumse shaadi kaise karta….. And you know you are the best thing happened to me…. And I should thank maa for this…..
Khushi rubbed her nose on her chest and kissed him and said….
Khushi: Hmm right…. I think we should inform maa then we don’t want divorce so that she can stop finding groom for me…. You know arnav I never wanted to do remarriage as I have already realized that I love you but I got ready just for maa’s happiness….
Arnav tightens his grip around her waist and says….
Arnav: I am sorry khushi…. I took lot of time in realizing my love for you…. I love you… And I promise I will never ever leave you… From tomorrow our life is going to change as we will be starting our new life….
Here in US lavanya was walking alone on the street with tears in her eyes saying….
Lavanya: I am sorry arnav I have not thought about you for my career and see what I got…. They cheated me arnav…. They were planning to sell me behind the mask of modeling…. Thank God I came to know their true face soon…. Arnav I am coming back to you and that too very soon…. Just wait for me….

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