Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Second Love Becomes Life... Chapter 15

Chapter 15
Arnav and khushi were sitting on the bench in the park…. Khushi was holding muskaan in her arms and arnav's arms were wrapped around khushi and they were playing with muskaan and were talking with muskaan in the baby language…. After sometimes khushi entwined her fingers with arnav's and says…
Khushi: arnavji it feels so good to be like this… You me and muskaan now only one thing is left and then we will be a complete family…..
Arnav hugs her more tight and says…
Arnav: What is it khushi?
Khushi: Our baby arnavji…. I want our baby… I know you consider muskaan as our baby but still I want to feel your part inside me…. I want our baby….
Arnav kiss khushi on her forehead and says….
Arnav: Ok khushi wish granted soon we will have our own baby and then we all will live happily…. You sit here I will be back soon…. You must be hungry na I will bring something to eat for us…
Khushi: Arnavji I will also come with you…
Arnav: No khushi you be here with muskaan I will come…
He then left from their to buy something…. Its been one hour arnav didn't came back… Khushi was scared now…. She starts calling on arnav's no…. But no one was picking up the call….
Khushi: Arnavji where are you please pick up the call…. After trying almost 20 times when no body pucks up the call khushi decided to go and check where is arnav…. She gets up from the bench and starts walking towards the food counter to see where is arnav… She was searching him on each and every food counter but he was nowhere to be seen and then suddenly she heard a noise of firing and she turned around and gets shock to see arnav falling on the ground and blood was spread all around him…. She ran towards him and kneels down besides him… Muskaan was still in her hands….
Khushi: Arnavji… Arnavji what happened to….
Arnav cups her cheeks with his hands full of blood and says Khushi take care of yourself and closed his eyes….
Arnav: Khushi what happen khushi are you alright….
Khushi slowly opens her eyes and sees arnav looking at her with concern…. She was full of sweat…. She gets up and hugged arnav tight…..
Khushi: arnavji…. You are alright arnavji….. That bullet… You didn't die arnavji…. I am so happy…. She was in tears… She was crying a lot by holding him tight…..
Arnav caresses her back to calm her down and says….
Arnav: ssshhh khushi I am alright see I am sitting in front of you… It was just a bad dream…. Don't worry I will never leave you and muskaan….
Khushi was little calm but still she has tears in her eyes…. And she was hugging him more tight…
Arnav: Khushi…. Its ok see I am alright…. And don't worry nothing is going to happen to me….
Khushi then slowly broke the hug and looks at him and cups his cheeks….
Khushi: Arnavji I love you…. I love you a lot and I will die if anything happens to you….
Arnav: I love you too and nothing is going to happen ok so just relax and now sleep…. It was just a bad dream….
Khushi: Arnavji can I ask you for something….
Arnav: Yes khushi…. And you don't need permission for that….
Khushi: Kiss me arnavji…. Please….
Arnav pulls her close and without saying anything he captured her lips and starts sucking it and then entered her mouth and tasted each and every corner….. Khushi too did the same…. She wraps her arms around his neck for the support…. They were lost in the kiss… Khushi closed her eyes….. After a long time they broke the kiss and arnav make her laid down on the bed and closes her eyes with his hands and kissed on both the eyes and caressed her hairs till she drifted into the sleep…. After sometime arnav too goes to sleep….
Same time in dhruv's room….
Dhruv was talking to someone on the cell…
Dhruv: Yes Arnav Singh Raizada…. Haan usiki car mein bomb rakhna hai…. Its very I want you to do that right now as all sleeps at this time and during day you will not be able to plant the bomb….
Man on the other side: Sir aap tension mat lo aap ka kaam ho jayga bas I want my money on time….
Dhruv: You don't worry about that…. Wo tumhare ghar pohach jayga… Just do it the way I said….
Man: Yes sir I will plant it in such a way ke jaha door open kiya waha blast…….. I promise you sir Arnav Singh Raizada kal ki raat nahi dekh payga….
Dhruv: Hmmm but I want this promise to come true or else you will not see tomorrow's night samaj gaye….
Man: Yes sir……
Dhruv keeps the call and says "I am so sorry bhai but mein kya karu I love khushi a lot and aapne usse shaadi karke thik nahi kiya and also you want to expose me and ye mein kaise hone de sakta hu please apne chote bhai ko maaf kardena please…… Mein ek murder to already kar chuka hu and now this….. I am not a murderer but kya karu aap log ne mere paas koi option hi nahi choda…." And Lavanya I must say you are a good girl loves bhai very much but what to do I am really very helpless I have to kill him lavanya I am so sorry and is plan mein to mein tumhe bhi shamil nahi kar sakta…"
Dhruv: Arnav Singh Raizada start counting…. You have only few hours left….  And he laughs…….
Next Morning…..
Khushi gets up and didn't see arnav besides her… Only muskaan was their who was sleeping…. She again gets scared and remembered her dream and was about to move out of the room when arnav came to her holds her hand…
Arnav: Khushi where are you going and that too in this clothes….
Khushi hugged him and says…
Khushi: Arnavji wo I was scared when I didn't find you on the bed….
Arnav: Khushi I was in the shower…. Ok now you have your shower and then we will move for the breakfast together….
Khushi nods her head… She takes the shower and gets ready when muskaan gets up and starts crying…. Khushi picks her up feeds her and then moves with her downstairs… She gave muskaan to nani to make her bath as muskaan was really small and khushi was scared to make her bath…. Then she came back to have breakfast… They had their breakfast and dhruv moves to his room and khushi went to the door to drop arnav….
Khushi: Arnavji take care…. I love you saying this she kissed him on his cheeks….
Arnav: I love you too khushi and don't worry ok I will call you from the office…. He too kisses him on her forehead and cheeks…. Bye….
Khushi: Bye….
Arnav moves out of RM and goes towards his car when he receives the call from aman…. He talks with him for some time and then he puts his hand on the door's lock to open it………….

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