Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Second Love Becomes Life... Chapter 16

Chapter 16
Arnav moves out of RM and goes towards his car when he receives the call from aman…. He talks with him for some time and then he puts his hand on the door's lock to open it…………. He was about to open the door when suddenly khushi pushes him from their and they both fell on the ground…. Khushi hugged him tight and was breathing heavily…… Arnav was shocked looking at her and also confused as why khushi behaved like this….. Slowly she pull back from the hug and gets up and arnav too gets up and says…..
Arnav: Khushi…. Kya hua….
Khushi: Wo arnavji…. Isme bomb hai…
Arnav: What!!!!! Khushi you are really crazy I know you have seen a nightmare but it doesn't mean that I am really in danger…. And who will plant the bomb khushi….
Khushi: Dhruv…..
Arnav: Khushi what are you saying? I know he is trying to separate us but he will not try to kill me khushi he is my brother….
Khushi: Arnavji I am telling the truth I have heard everything from his own mouth actually…..
Khushi was moving back to her room after bidding bye to arnav…. She passes from dhruv's room when she heard that dhruv was talking about bomb to someone…. She was not sure about whom he was talking she thought that he must be talking about his past so she decided to hear the conversation and she gets shock listening to that…..
Dhruv: Hmmm arnav has left the house… Good I know that bomb will blast once he opens the door and good job…. He keeps the call and says…. "Bhai I am sorry but I cant risk my life for you and I want my khushi back…."
Khushi felt numb after hearing this…. She was so scared… Her dream came in front of her eyes… And she ran to save arnav to save the love of her life…. Maybe her DM wanted her to save his life…..
And she was just in time…. Arnav was about to open the door when she runs and pushes him…..
Flashback Ends……
Arnav: Dhruv did this…. I can't believe this khushi dhruv can do something like this…. Now I am sure that there is something he has done in his past which he didn't want us to know….
Khushi: Arnavji what we will do now… I mean he will come to know that you have survived his attack and you are safe… And I am scared that he will again plan something…. This time DM saved you but what if his plan gets successful… Arnavji I don't want to lose you…. I love you….
Arnav: Don't worry khushi I have an idea…. I know how to trap him in his own plan….
Khushi: What do you mean arnavji….
Arnav: I will tell you but not here…. Here we have to do something more important…. He then removes his cell and calls aman….
Arnav: Aman I need your help….. he then tells something to aman….
Dhruv was sitting in his room waiting for bomb to explode but when he didn't heard any explosion he became confused and decides calling arnav….
Dhruv: Hello bhai where are you? I mean I have some work…
Arnav: Actually dhruv I am still at home and I am leaving in 20 mins…. If you want you can come to my room….
Dhruv: but bhai you walked out of the house na….
Arnav: Yes but then I remembered that I have forgot some important file so I came back to take the file and then khushi prepared kheer for me so I am having that….
Dhruv: Ok bhai… You are in a hurry na you go to office I will talk to you in the evening….
Arnav: Ok….
Dhruv keeps the call and says "Bas bhai jitna khushi ke haath ki kheer khani hai rehna hai le lo…. More 20 mins and then khushi will be all mine……"
Twenty minutes later dhruv was sitting in his room when he heard a loud explosion… BOOOMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Khushi: Arnavji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Khushi shouts and run outside…. Dhruv laughed and then made a sad face and runs outside to see what happens… Lavanya, Nani, Anjali all runs outside….
All gets shock to see the view in front of them….. Arnav's car and all the nearby car were burned by the blast and their was a body lying in front of them…. His face was burned fully…. Khushi moves towards the body and starts crying loudly by saying….
Khushi: Arnavji!!!!! No you cant leave me arnavji you cant…. What will I do now…. I will also come with you….
But all the family members came to her and picks her up and says….
Anjali: Khushi what are you saying…. This body is not of arnav…. I don't believe….
Khushi: Anjali di my arnavji…. He was wearing the same suite arnavji left me alone I want to die with him…. My life is of no use…..
Nani: Khushi beetiyan sambhalo apne aap ko…. Police came their and takes the body for testing and post mortem…. Lavanya too was crying she was evil but not for arnav he was her love…. But dhruv was the only person who was smirking and thinking "I am so sorry bhai take care of yourself"……
He then comes to khushi and hugs her and says…. "Ssshhh khsuhi sab thik ho jayga mein hoo na tumhare sath"…..
Khushi feels disgusted with his touch but she didn't say anything as all the members were their…. She removes his hands and says "I want to go to my arnavji…. Please"….. But nani and anjali holds her and brings her back inside…..
After sometime medical reports came confirming that it was arnav's body and dhruv smiled more…. Khushi fainted their… Few hours passed police were doing their investigation about the blast and informed that it was due to some problem in his car…..
They brings the body and done all the rituals of funeral…..
Khushi was still not conscious….. Dhruv was happy that his secret will be secret……… And also he will get khushi forever and no one will think of him as a murderer….
Here after some hours khushi wakes up and walked downstairs…. All the members were sitting in the living room and were crying looking at arnav's picture…. Khushi didn't say a word to them and moves out of the house…. Anjali wanted to stop her but nani stops her saying "Let her go anjali beetiyan she needs some time to digest this fact that her arnavji is no more"……
Dhruv was in his room… He wanted to go with khushi but nani gave him muskaan and asked him to leave khushi alone for sometime…..
Here khushi takes her car and goes to some unknown place…… She parked the car on the road and moved inside the jungle there was an old bungalow…. She opens the door and enters the house…. She walked upstairs and enters into bedroom….
Khushi: Arnavji our plan is successful dhruv thinks that you are dead….
Arnav comes to khushi and hugs him and says and what about family members….
Khushi: They are very sad but don't worry they will be happy once they will know the truth…. And amanji thanks a lot for helping us….
Aman: Khushi bhabhi ASR ke liye I can do anything……
When arnav calls aman he asked aman to get a dead body of his age height and physic and also his face should be burn…. Then they tied a string on the Car's door and tied that man with that string… After moving to a safe distance they pulled the string and door got open and then the blast……
Flashback ends…..
Arnav: Now I just hope that our plan 2 also gets successful like this,….
Khushi: We will arnavji… We will…. Dhruv ye ek patni ka promise hai tumse that your time is over soon you are going to get punish for your deeds…..

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