Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Second Love Becomes Life.. Chapter 2

Khushi lays down on the bed thinking last six months of her life from meeting dhruv for the first to that night which turns her world upside down.
6 Months before khushi and dhruv met at aditya's Birthday Party who was their common friend.
Aditya: Hey khushi meet dhruv my childhood buddy and dhruv she is khushi, nupur's best friend. (Nupur is aditya's fiance)
Dhruv: Hi khushi nice to meet you (with that he extended his hand)
Khushi while taking his hand for handshake same here dhruv.
With that they became friends they chatted about everything in that party they found out that they liked each other's company so they exchanged their numbers and decided to be in contact. Then they started chatting on the phone and meeting each other more frequently. They started liking each other in few days so they decided to date each other after dating for 3 months dhruv proposed to khushi for marriage and she told him yes. Their parents met and said yes for the wedding.
They got married in 1 week with all the traditions and rituals. Khushi thought that she is the luckiest girl in the world to get the husband like dhruv and in-laws like raizada's. On second day of their marriage they both left for honeymoon they enjoyed their and after spending some 2 weeks there, they got back to Delhi to start their new life.
Khushi was busy arranging surprise birthday party for dhruv when dhruv called her
Dhruv: Hey sweetheart what are you doing?
Khushi: I am busy dhruv. Do you have anything urgent?
Dhruv: oho khushi u r such a mood spoiler. Is this a way to talk to your newly wedded husband?
Khushi thinks in her mind I m so sorry dhruv but for giving you a surprise I have to do this to you and then she said oho dhruv I was really busy acha bolo what happens and where are you?
Dhruv: I am in the car I call to inform you that I will be late as I am going out of town for the meeting. Miss me sweetheart.
Khushi: Meeting but you didn't tell me about it earlier
Dhruv: Khushi it just came up now don't worry sweety will see u in the evening.
Khushi: ok take care and miss you come soon
Dhruv: ok love you
Khushi: hmmm bye
Dhruv: Khushi I love you.
Khushi: hmmm bye
Dhruv: Say it khushi
Khushi: Dhruv I am in the hall and di is besides me
Dhruv: So what please or else I will not keep the phone
Khushi: Stop behaving like a kid dhruv and bye
Dhruv: please khushi.
Khushi: ok I
Dhruv: hmmm I
Khushi: Love
Dhruv: hmmm love
Khushi: youuu
With that khushi heard a loud noise from the other side of the phone and she got scared she shouted dhruv dhruv but no reply. She cut the call and tried again but nobody was picking up the call'. She got panicked she decided to call again and then she will inform the family so she tried again call was connected
Khushi: Hello dhruv where are you? Why were you not picking up my call? I was so worried for you. Dhruv u their Speak up damn it.
Person on the other side: Hello mam this is inspector atul here do you know the guy who is he?
Khushi: He is my husband'. Wh what has happened? Is he a alright
Inspector: I am sorry to inform you mam his car has met with an accident and it fell in the valley we are removing the car but it is burnt completely.
Hearing that khushi falls down and anjali come running to her.
She wakes up after 2 hours and sees around to see that she was in her room. She gets up and went towards the living room and gets shock to see everybody sitting in the living room wearing white and there was dhruv's picture in the middle with flower garland over it.
Khushi went near the photo and cried her heart out''. She asked for dhruv's body for that Anjali tells her that it is burnt along with the car and they found only dhruv's cell. Khushi took dhruv's cell and kept on staring at her and then she fell unconscious again.
After a week khushi was just sitting in her room staring at dhruv's photo and telling him that she is pregnant with his child and she misses him badly. While downstairs khushi's parents came to meet khushi they went upstairs they ask khushi to get married but khushi kept denying they told her that think about the child what is the child's fault in all this things. They made her understand that she can live with the memories of dhruv but her child will need a father to love to take care and asked her to think about it.
Khushi thought about it and told yes for the marriage just for the sake of her child. Here nani was not ready to loose dhruv's child as already she had lost dhruv so she decided khushi will get married to arnav who is handling their business in London but had come here for dhruv's funeral. At first arnav denied but after seeing nani pleading for dhruv's child he agrees for the marriage just for baby.
Flashback ends'
Khushi opened her eyes which was all red due to crying and looked at the watch which was showing 3 am she walked to the washroom cleans her face and came back and sat on the bed looking at dhruv's photo when sleep took over her'.
Next Morning''..
Khushi wakes up and sees arnav getting ready.
Khushi: Going Somewhere
Arnav: Yes office has some meetings will be back soon. You take care of yourself and don't cry as you have already cried the whole night.
Khushi gets shocked and asked how do you know?
Arnav: I was awake khushi but I didn't disturb you coz I wanted you to cry your heart out fully but from today promise me that you will not cry anymore as it's not good for the health of my baby ok''

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