Saturday, 4 May 2013

Game of Destiny... Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Arnav Singh Raizada is the younger son of Raizada family… He and Rohit Singh Raizada used to share a great bond. Arnav loves his brother a lot…… He was everything for him… Khushi and arnav were in the same college when they met and from the first day itself they hit it off very well as friends and as time passes they became best friends.
One day arnav invited khushi for their family function for the first time and in that function arnav introduces khushi to rohit. Khushi was really happy to meet rohit, they became friends and khushi realized that rohit is the guy she always wants to marry. Rohit was a caring, loving and a responsible family guy. Rohit too got attracted to khushi in their first meeting itself he always wanted a traditional girl with modern touch as his wife. So he thought of proposing khushi and khushi said yes and then they started dating after few meeting. Arnav was very happy as he also thought that rohit and khushi are perfect for each other and he will be getting his best friend as his bhabhi. After dating each other of about 2 years rohit and khushi decided to take their relationship to the next level by tying knot.
Lavanya Kashyap was a model by profession she works for A.R as a model…. Arnav after completing his college joined A.R which was managed by the Rohit and that’s when he met lavanya… he was mesmerized by his beauty it was a love at first sight for arnav and lavanya both. Arnav always wanted to marry a modern beautiful girl and he thought lavanya fits in perfectly and lavanya too wanted a boy like arnav tall, handsome, naughty. After observing lavanya for few days arnav proposed her and she too accepted the proposal. They were also in a serious realationship for about 1.5 years and then they too decided to take their relationship to the next level by tying knots. Rohit and khushi were also happy for the arnav as he got his perfect girl……
Whole Raizada family was on top of the world as they thought that both their sons got perfect life partners for themselves and perfect bahu’s for Raizada khandaan. They wanted both this wedding to happen soon so they decided that they will have engagement ceremony followed by wedding in one week after engagement …..
Their life was just perfect for four of them till few days before but it all got ruined because of that one accident……..
Arnav applied sindoor on khushi’s forehead everyone was shocked to react they were just looking at arnav and then at lavanya who was having tears in her eyes and was looking at arnav….
Khushi sees some red coloured powder before her eyes on her nose and she gets the images of rohit buying sindoor for her and telling her
Rohit: Khushi Kumari Gupta you are soon going to be Mrs Khushi Rohit Singh Raizada and then you will be applying this sindoor of my name isn’t it good….. I just cant wait for that day when I will apply this on your forehead…..
Khushi: Oho rohit its only a week and after that you will be applying it on my forehead for the whole life… I am so happy…… I love you rohit with that she hugs rohit…….
Then khushi saw next scene where rohit was on hospital bed with all blood all over his body and doctor saying, he had only few minutes left…
Then she remembers arnav’s words he is no more khushi, he left us…..
Suddenly a drop of tear fall from her eyes and then she started crying
Arnav sees this and feels glad that she is crying and now everything will be alright…..
She cried her heart out holding arnav and saying arnav I lost rohit arnav I loved him….. How will I survive without him….. I too want to die arnav… I won’t be able to live without him….
Arnav: Sssshhhh khushi Bhai didn’t like to see you crying hai na chup ho jao for bhai’s sake. He is watching you and he will be feeling very bad to see you in such a state…. You know na how much bhai loves you so for him you have to live khushi……
Khushi then wipes her tears and sees sindoor on her nose she wipes that and was about to wipe it from her forehead when garima stops her
Garima: No bitiyan. You are a married girl now…… Arnav bitwa has applied sindoor on your forehead. He is your husband……..
Khushi gets shocked and looks at arnav who was looking towards her….
Khushi: Arnav why did you do this? I mean you applied sindoor why arnav why and what about lavanya how could you do this arnav ohhh god what have you done arnav……..
Arnav: Khushi, bhai wanted me to take care of you and to be always with you to keep you happy always. Khushi you know for me bhai was everything. I love bhai more than anyone else and I had done this for him khushi I will be with you always and will take care for you. I will fulfill my promise which I have done to bhai… Now you are my wife khushi…..
Lavanya runs out of hospital room hearing this and arnav just sees her running from their he feels bad but didn’t go after her…. He felt now his prime responsibility is khushi and he will do everything to keep her happy……..
Khushi saw all this and thinks “what have you done arnav… Mein to apna pyar kho chuki hu par tumne aisa q kiya…….. nahi I will not let this happen I will not let you sacrifice your love……..

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