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Game Of Destiny... Chapter 3

Chapter 3
After their conversation at café basil they went to court and file the divorce case and as they have thought they got the time period of six months. They thought that they will inform the family members after six months as if they will tell them now they will try convincing them to stop this divorce. After filing case khushi returned to R.M and arnav went to airport with lavanya…..
Lavanya: Bye arnav will see you after 5 months as I will complete my assignment in this five months… Take care with that she hugged arnav….
Arnav: Yes sweetheart you too take care and call me once you reached ok….  Lavanya leaves from there..
Few more days have passed and now everything was back to normal… Khushi and arnav was back to their best friend mode and they had become more comfortable around each other…. Khushi also started taking care of arnav’s meal and medicines as she thought that it’s her duty as a wife and she will do all her duties till next six month…..
At first arnav use to call lavanya daily but now it was once in a week as lavanya was very busy with her assignments so now a says both khushi and arnav spends most of their time together either watching movies or going for a shopping… Khushi too has started to become normal now… She will laugh like before……
One day arnav comes back from office and sits in living room. H.P came with water for him. He drank and asked him about khushi… Where is khushi and all other members?
H.P: Khushi bhabi is in the kitchen preparing dinner and all other members are in their room waiting for dinner to get ready…
Arnav: Ok he then goes to his room changes into tracks and t-shirt and comes down again he then went towards kitchen thinking that he should say thank you to khushi once again as she is doing a lot for him and lavanya…
He enters the kitchen and sees that khushi is standing on a table trying to remove something from the upper shelf… He moves towards her and said
Arnav: Khushi what are you doing?
Khushi got scared with the sudden noise and lost her balance and falls down she closes her eyes fearing that she will fall on the ground but she falls on arnav and they both falls on the ground with khushi on top of the arnav and arnav’s hand on khushi’s bare waist as she was wearing a saree…. They looked at each other feeling awkward they both gets up but again falls down as floor was slippery due to the oil which was spread on the floor as it falls down with khushi… and this time they fell on the floor with arnav on top khushi and his lips resting on khushi’s right breast…
Khushi felt something inside her. This feeling was very new to her.. She was never touched by any man at such a private place… Yes she have been in relationship with rohit but they never crossed their limits… And it was for the first time and that too it was arnav’s lips…. Arnav feels awkward seeing where his lips were but deep down he liked that feeling he didn’t know why? They both looked at each other feeling awkward.
They both came back to sense when H.P came running in the kitchen and asking them if they are ok….arnav gets up and helps khushi getting up…. Arnav moves towards guestroom to get himself clean and khushi moves towards their room. They both didn’t look at each other…. And H.P cleaned the kitchen and prepared the remaining dinner…..
Khushi took her clothes from the closet and moves inside the bathroom and was taking shower when she keeps on getting the images of what has happened in the kitchen…. Why I liked that feeling when his lips were on my……She thinks what is happening to me why I am thinking about it…. It was just an accident and nothing more… She brushes all her thoughts and took the shower and wore her dress and come down for arranging the dinner table…
On the other hand arnav was in the guest room having his shower he too was having the Flashback of the kitchen incident… Khushi falling on him, his hands on khushi’s waist and then his lips on khushi’s breast… No arnav what are you thinking it was just an accident ok… Don’t think about that… But why I am feeling as if I wanted that moment to last for some more time…… What the hell arnav what are you thinking? You tired very tired…. He brushes away all his thoughts and takes his shower and wears his clothes given by H.P……..
He then moves downstairs for the dinner. He sees khushi but didn’t say anything and takes his seat…. Khushi too sees him but avoid looking at him….
Everybody comes and they all started having dinner… Khushi serves them and she too sits to have dinner with them….. When nani speaks up…
Nani: Arnav beta you have married khushi beetiyan in such a situation that we were not able to do all the rasams and all but we want to gift you something and please don’t deny that… It will really make me happy if you people will accept my gift….
Arnav: Yes nani…. What it is? We will not deny ok…..
Khushi will also nod her head in yes….
Nani removes a packet from her lap and hands it over to arnav and asks him to open it….
Arnav opens the packet and gets shocked to see two tickets of BALI and a honeymoon package of 15 days for her khushi…. Khushi was also shocked to see this. She thought here they are planning to get divorce and here their family members are planning for their honeymoon. Her thoughts were broken by arnav’s voice……..
Arnav: But nani you know how much work is there at office as I am alone to handle it….
Nani: Arnav I know it very well but I have asked aman and he told me that there is not much work in the office and you can take 15 days off…. So I don’t want to listen to anything you have already promised me…..
Arnav thinks of killing aman right now…..
Arnav nodded his head in yes… Then nani asked khushi and as she was not having any other option she too nodded her head in yes…
Nani: Very good now go and pack your things as you two will be leaving tomorrow morning…
They all had their dinner and arnav and khushi left for their room thinking what they will do in these 15 days…..

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