Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pure Lust Changes into True Love... Chapter 10

Chapter 10
After kitchen encounter arnav and khushi didn’t met for the whole day as arnav went for his conference for which he had came to Nainital. When arnav returned he directly went to his room. He didn’t even take dinner with them saying that he is very tired and he needs rest. He didn’t want to see khushi and arjun together. He was afraid that he would not be able to handle it. He was in his room pacing back and forth thinking how to make khushi fall for him again or how to woo her. He made mental notes of few things and drifted to sleep promising himself that he will get his khushi and kiah back in his life.
Next morning arnav wakes up gets ready and moved down. There was nobody in the home as armaan and riddhima went to doctor with Aryan for his regular checkup and rohan went for some work.. He asked about them to their servant who told him about their whereabouts. He thinks that “wow it’s a nice chance to say sorry to her with that he moves towards kitchen for making coffee for him and khushi but his smile suddenly turns into frown seeing arjun in the kitchen preparing coffee for khushi. Arjun too looks at him.
Arjun: Hey arnav good morning… kuch chahiye tha..
Arnav: No I mean yeah coffee.
Arjun: Ohhhh I will make it for you waise bhi I was making for khushi you know she loves when I pampers her this way.... I am so glad that she is in my life and she is going to be my wife…… I really love her a lot and kiah she is my princess I just love her…. Tum aaoge na humari shaadi mein…
Arnav felt as if someone had punched him really heard. He thought khushi arjun ke sath shaadi nahi kar sakti I have to tell arjun that I am kiah’s father and I love khushi a lot and I want her back. But will arjun help me he too loves khushi, but I should try atleast.
Arnav: Actually arjun I want to talk to you about khushi….
Arjun thinks in his mind “finally……. Let’s see what arnav have to tell me..”
Arjun: hmmm arnav bolo na you don’t want coffee kya…
Arnav: No I mean I want to talk about khushi….
Arjun: Khushi, what about her….
Arnav: Actually arjun I love her…..
Arjun: Arnav are you mad? I know she is perfect it didn’t mean k tum usi ke fiancé k samne ye sab kaho….. And tum jante hi kitna ho use…. Arjun was trying very hard to hide his smile.
Arnav: Arjun I am kiah’s father….
Arjun: What!!!!!! You mean you are the one who was in LUST relationship with khushi. Who used her for his own desires and left her and wanted to kill kiah…
Arnav felt hurt when arjun said that he used khushi for his desires….
Arnav: Arjun I, I was out of my mind……… I know I have hurt khushi a lot but believe me now I love her truly and I can do anything for her. I am ready to apologize khushi for all my bad deeds and also I am guilty of even thinking like that about kiah……… But I really love khushi and kiah and I will not be able to live without them please arjun Arnav Singh Raizada ne aaj tak kisise kuch bhi nahi manga hai but aaj he is asking you for his happiness which is in khushi and kiah…
Arjun smiles at him so finally you realized your mistake haaa good…… So you want khushi and kiah back…. What if khushi didn’t want you back I mean what if she loves me and she wants to marry me will you force her to love you or hurt her again……
Arnav can never think of his khushi loving someone else but what arjun was saying was the truth…. He came back after 3 long years and what if khushi use bhul gayi ho and she really wants to marry arjun…… Kya mein use force.. NO never I will never hurt her again… If she loves arjun I will just apologize her and go from here….
Arnav: No I will not force her. I want khushi’s happiness I had hurt her a lot and if she is happy with you then I will not come between you two just give me one chance to say sorry to her and kiah and I will ever come back in your life and that will be my punishment for hurting khushi….. With that his eyes becomes teary and he was about to move outside when arjun stops him….
Arjun: Wait Arnav…. He thinks now I am sure that arnav is truly sorry for his deeds and he really loves khushi and I will help him to woo khushi back…..
Arnav turns and looks at arjun and thinks ab kya shaadi ka card bhi yahi dega yeh…….
Arjun: You know if you want I can help you to win khushi and kiah back……..
Arnav looked at arjun with “are you serious” look
Arjun: Hey buddy don’t look at me like that I am serious……. I mean I love khushi only as a friend. We are just friends. She loves someone else…..
Now that was again a shock for arnav….
Arnav: What!!!!!!!!!! Now who is he……
Arjun: You, you idiot… She loves you. Hamesha se jab wo tumhare sath lust relationship mein thi tab bhi and ab when she says she hates you tab bhi she loves you only you and that’s the reason she never said yes to me because she didn’t want anybody to touch her like you did. But she is still angry on you for that kiah wala matter and she is right you wanted to kill that innocent soul arnav…..
For arnav it was shocking day as he was getting shock aftershock…. A small smile crept on his lips hearing that khushi loves him infact loved him…
Arnav: I know arjun I was idiot pata nahi kya ho gaya tha mujhe but you know what arjun mein bhi khushi k baad kisi aur ladki k sath kisi bhi tarah k relationship mein nahi tha because I always wanted khushi only khushi bas samajne mein thodi der lag gayi k wo pyaar tha…. But now I really want to keep khushi and kiah happy……
Arjun: Thank god you realized it soon don’t worry I will help you to woo her back…
Arnav just hugs arjun and thanked him for helping him and thinks “thank god I feel so good that khushi bhi mujhse pyaar karti hai ab kuch bhi ho jaye mein use mana kar hi rahuga”
Arnav: To start kare
Arjun: Kya
Arnav: Mission wooing Khushi Kumari Gupta……


  1. wow ..lets see what he is going to do to woo her back..*wink*

    loved Arjun's character..
    all characters are really nice dear..
    nice update

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