Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pure Lust Changes into True Love... Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Next day,
Khushi and riddhima was busy preparing dinner. They decided to make pure Punjabi dishes as armaan had told them that his friend likes Punjabi food and also rohan too loves Punjabi food. When kiah enters and asks khushi in her childish tone.
Kiah: Maa who ish coming?
Khushi: Beta rohan mamu is coming and also armaan mamu’s friend.
Kiah clapping her hands in excitement “low lohan mamu ish cming m sho appy” (wow rohan mamu is coming I am so happy)
Riddhima: Yeah rohan is kiah fav. Pata nahi kya jadu kiya hai usne in 2no bacho par that whenever he comes here Aryan and kiah both sticks to him only humlogo ko to jaise bhul hi jate hai ye 2no.
Khushi: ya I agree with you. But its good k kiah ko ek nahi 2 insano ka pyaar mil raha hai as a father with that she starts weeping but riddhima wipes her tears and hugs her seeing khushi cry kiah too starts crying.
Khushi: Are kiah beta why are you crying my baby.
Kiah: Maa you wal clying m alsho clying (maa you was crying na that’s why I was also crying)
Khushi wipes kiah’s tears and told her aww my baby now see maa is not crying so you also don’t cry ok.
Kiah: Okeee maaaa. With that she goes towards Aryan room for playing with Aryan.
Khushi and riddhima finished cooking they clean the house. Then they went towards their room to get ready. Riddhima was wearing a purple anarkali dress with matching bangles and earrings and a mangalsutra around her neck and hair open just like armaan likes to see her. And khushi she was wearing white and pink color chudidaar with silver earrings and bangles and hair was tied in a small clip but still she was looking beautiful they comes down with kiah and aryan.  Aryan was in riddhima’s hand as he was just 1.5 yrs old and kiah was sitting on kushi’s lap and eating her chocolate and now they were waiting for armaan to arrive with his friend.
Just then door bell rang and kiah jumps off from khushi’s lap and ran towards the door hoping that it will be rohan. Khushi ran after her shouting kiah baby stop you will fall down but kiah was not ready to listen meanwhile their servant named ramu kaka opens the door and it was armaan and his friend. Kiah was running towards the door shouting lohan mamu, lohan mamu and khushi was running behind her to stop her as she will hurt her by falling and just then collided into a hard chest and closed her eyes inhaling similar scent after such a long time. She came back to senses and looks up to see who he was as her heart started beating very fast and their he was Arnav Singh Raizada standing in front of her with shocked expressions on her face.
He sees towards khushi and then to armaan who was now standing with kiah in his hands telling her
Arman: No princess your rohan mamu will come in sometimes, But r you not happy to see your Armaan mamu.
Kiah: Vely appy mamu. With that she kisses armaan’s cheek.
Meanwhile riddhima too comes their holding Aryan in her hands.
Armaan: Hey arnav meet my wife (with the word wife arnav’s heart started beating very fast he thought khushi to be armaan’s wife, he felt as if someone has stabbed in his heart) RIDDHIMA.
Arnav heaved a sigh of relief he didn’t knew why he was feeling happy to hear that riddhima was armaan’s wife not khushi.
Armaan: Hey arnav I am talking to you. Meet my wife riddhima and my son Aryan.
Arnav comes back to senses. He then extends his hands towards riddhima stating hello bhabhi nice to meet you. He then pulls aryan’s cheeks and told armaan hey he is very cute.
Armaan moving towards khushi: Arnav meet my sister I mean my cousin sister Khushi.
Arnav extends his hands towards khushi who was looking down avoiding looking at him
Arnav: Nice to meet you khushi. (khushi puts her hand towards him and they share an eyelock for about 2 min but came back as they heard armaan’s voice)
Armaan: Kiah baby come here (Kiah who was running around the living room waiting for her rohan mamu comes to armaan).
Armaan: Hey arnav meet my little princess kiah khushi’s daughter.
Arnav looked up in shocked at khushi and then at kiah. He then remembers that khushi was pregnant when she left him. He thinks “It means that that Kiah is my daughter”
Arnav was about to pick kiah from armaan’s arm when they heard a voice “Princess and champ where are you both, Look your rohan is here”. Kiah just got down from armaan’s arms in a hurry and rushed towards rohan who picks her up and kisses her cheeks and tells I missed you princess, where is champ. He then comes towards armaan hugs him and says
Rohan: Hey bro how are you?
Armaan: Rohan I am good, meet arnav you remember arnav my best friend.
Rohan: Yes bhai, He then moves towards arnav hugs him still kiah was in his arms, Hey arnav bhai how are you. Hope you remember me.
Arnav who was seeing and listening all this felt little bad on seeing so close bond between his daughter and rohan he didn’t know why but he felt like pulling kiah out of that rohan’s hand and holding her in his arms. First time in his life he was feeling to hold a child.
Arnav: Yes rohan so how are you?
Rohan: I am good ok will continue to talk to you later now I have to meet some important people. He then moves towards riddhima and hugs her.
Rohan: Hey bhabi how are you and my champ come, He holds Aryan with his other hand.
Riddhima: I am good rohan. How was your journey tiring na I know, Don’t worry dinner is ready and we have prepared all yours favorite dishes. Rohan kisses aryan’s cheek and gives him back to riddhima then he puts kiah down who runs to armaan who picks her up, arnav had the urge to pick kiah but he didn’t show it. Rohan then moves towards khushi and pulls her in a tight hug which didn’t go unnoticed by arnav and now he was fuming with anger and jealousy
Rohan: Hey sweetheart missed you a lottttttttt (hugging her more tightly)
Khushi hugging him back: Missed you to dear.
That was it for arnav he was thinking how dare he to touch my khushi. He was feeling as if he wanted to murder that rohan now…………. 


  1. after three years face to face..
    that was an awesome part!!!

  2. अपनी बाबू की सील तोड़ी
    विधवा की चुदाई की प्यास
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    बस में मिले लड़के से चूत मरवाई
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