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SLBL 2 chapter 13 ( Mature Content)

Chapter 13

Arnav started walking towards khushi…… Khushi heard the footsteps and her breaths became heavy…. She was nervous but at the same time she was happy that finally she will be complete women today and will be his wife in all sense….
Arnav stopped near the bed and then sits beside khushi… He slowly raises her veil and looks at her…..
Arnav: You are beautiful khushi….
Khushi blushes hearing this from his mouth…. Arnav then cups her cheeks and says..
Arnav: Khushi I know you love me but are you ready for this… I mean I don’t want this just because dii has planned everything….
Khushi looks at arnav and says…
Khushi: Arnavji I love you…. And I want to be your wife in every sense….
Arnav pecks her forehead and says..
Arnav: I promise I will fill your life with loads of love and happiness….
Saying this he moves close to khushi and then removed her dupatta and kept it aside…
Khushi closed her eyes as her heart started beating at a very high speed…
Arnav looks at her face and says..
Arnav: Don’t worry I will not hurt you….
Khushi smiles and says…
Khushi: I trust you…
His hands travelled towards the back of her neck and unhooked the necklace… He removes the necklace by touching his finger all over her neck creating goose bumps on khushi’s body… He keeps the necklace on the bed and then kissed khushi on her cheeks… Slowly he moved his hands towards her earings and removed it one by one and then kissed her on her ears and licks her ear lobes.. Khushi felt something in her stomach…
As this was her first time this feeling was new for khushi but she liked this new feeling…. Arnav then holds her shoulder and made her lie on the bed and got on top of her…. He runs his finger on her cheeks and whispered in her ears…
Arnav: Look at me khushi….
Khushi slowly opens her eyes and looks at arnav… She can see the love the desires in his eyes.. Arnav leans down and kissed her on her forehead and then on her cheeks, on her eyes and then he looks at her lips which was parted as if they were inviting him to take them and taste them… Without wasting anytime he captures her lips and started sucking them… Khushi fisted his hairs and pulled him closer… He then bites on her lip and entered her mouth and started tasting her sweet nectar…
Khushi too responded to the kiss with the same passion… She took his tongue in hier mouth and started sucking it till it was all dry and then arnav did the same… After kissing each other for a long time they broke the kiss and looks at each other…
Arnav: So my sweet si wifey is tigress haan….
Khushi blushed realizing how she kissed him wildly as she sees her teeth marks on his lips….
He then moves towards her neck and started giving open mouth wet kisses on her neck and throat… Khushi moaned his name in pleasure… He then pulled her up and opened the dori and hook of her choli and removed it from her body… Her upper body was covered with her lacy red bra… She felt shy and tried to hide her body with her hands….
But arnav stops her and pinned her hand on the either sides of her face and started kissing her all over her body…. He bites her on her breasts and khushi let out a throaty moan… He pulled her bra with her teeth and took her breast in his mouth…. He sucked them hard and then left her hands and started massaging the other one with his hands…
Khushi dugs her nials on his back and arnav started sucking wildly… He repeated his action with the other one and then travelled downwards towards her belly.. He inserted his tongue in her belly button and started sucking as he took her nipples in between her fingers and started teasing them…
Khushi pulls his hair and then rolled him under her.. she started unbuttoning her shirt and throws it on the floor and started kissing him all over his bare chest… She bites him on the nipples and started sucking it just like the way arnav was doing few minutes ago… Arnav never expected khushi to be this bold but he was enjoying this sweet torture given by his wife…
He started roaming his hands over her bare back pressing her more and more into him…He then unhooked her bra and throws it aside and then rolled her under him again and captures her lips and his hands travelled downwards towards her lahenga… He removed her lahenga using his legs and then comes down and started kissing her on her bare legs and then thighs and finally on her core…
Khushi flinched and cluctched the bed sheet tight and arnav started rubbing her core… He then remove the last piece of cloth from her body and started licking her… Khushi moaned..
Khushi: ar arnav….
Arnav heard his name without ji for the first time… He felt more aroused.. He got up from the bed and removed his trousers and boxers and again climb on her and started kissing her all over her body and inserted his finger in her core and started stroking her… Khushi never felt such things in her life.. she was enjoing the pleasure given by her husband… After sometime he removes his finger and places his aroused form on her core... He slowly enters her and khushi screams.. He took her lips to stop her voice and stopped inside to calm her… After sometime he started thrusting slowly and once khushi was calm he increased his speed… Khushi’s pain was replaced by pleasure and she started enjoying this pain with pleasure… After looking at calm khushi he again increased his speed till they both reached the ultimate pleasure….
Arnav falls on khushi on hugs her and stayed inside her for sometime… Khushi too hugs her back and they both stayed in that position for sometime… After that arnav comes out and lies beside her… He pulls khushi on his chest and covered them with the quilt…
He started caressing her hair and back and says…
Arnav: Khushi did I hurt you….
“No… you can never hurt me arnavji”
Khushi replied while circling patterns on his bare chest….
Arnav kiss her forehead and they stayed like that.. Just feeling each other…. After sometime khushi breaks the silence and says…
Khushi: Arnavji can I ask you something…
Arnav: Haan bolo….
Khushi: wow o actually.. Kuch nahi..
Arnav: Khushi kya hua bolo..
Khushi takes a deep breath and says..
Khushi: Arnavji what if lavanyaji comes back to you someday….
Arnav stops caressing her back and khushi closed her eyes thinking what will be his answer… After getting marked by him she didn’t want to loose him ever but this was the question which was bothering her from the long time so she decided to ask arnav about this….
After few minutes she again felt his hands caressing her back and then he said…
Arnav: Khushi from today you are my present and future… I love you and only you… Lavanya was my past… I use to love her but now I love you… wo return aa bhi jaye to I will not go to her because mera pyaar tum ho… lavanya se pyaar karna shayad meine bohat pehle hi chod diya tha isliye I fell in love with you.. Bas realize karne mein der hogayi…
Khushi felt happy hearing his answer and place a kiss on his chest and says…
Khushi: I love you arnavji… And now I will die agar mujhse aapse dur hona pada…
Arnav tightens his grip on her and says..
Arnav: That day will never come khushi never….
After chatting for few more minutes they both drifted to sleep….
Next morning…
Khushi opens her eyes and smiles seeing her position… she was still sleeping on his chest and his hand were on her bare waist… She remembers their last night and blush… She moves out of his arms and gets up from the bed wrapping bedsheet and walks to the closet to take her saree and then walks to the bathroom….
After sometime arnav opens his eyes and stretched his arm and sits on the bed yawning…. He then looks on the other side and says…
Arnav: Khushi…. He looks around but didn’t see khushi… He was about to get up to wear his clothes when khushi enters the room with his breakfast tray….
Arnav looks at khushi and says…
Arnav: Good morning khushi…
Khushi walks towards him and keeps the tray on the table and says…
Khushi: good morning arnavji…
Arnav then looks at breakfast tray and says..
Arnav: You will not change haina…
Khushi smiles and says..
Khushi: abhi to you are my husband in true sense to yeh mein kaise nahi karti… aap fresh ho jaiye I will serve your breakfast… Saying this she started getting up when arnav pulls her and says..
Arnav: Khushi I cannot start my day without….
He stops and captures her lips and kissed her passionately and says…
Arnav: Without this…  So kal se first thing I want from you is this ok..
Khushi blush and nods her head and arnav started getting up when khushi stops him and says..
Khushi: Arnavji aap aise kaise jaa sakte hai..
Arnav looks at khushi with raised eye brows and says..
Arnav: Kyun…
Khushi: wo aap aise I mean…
Arnav understood what khushi was talking about…
Arnav: ohh you mean without any clothes… Usmein kya hua you are my wife and waise bhi kal raat you were kissing me on my chest and…
Khushi blush and says..
Khushi: Arnavji…
Arnav: Kya hua…. Waise why you took bath…
Khushi: What…
Arnav: I mean why you took bath without me…
Khushi opens her mouth in a wide O and says..
Khushi: Haawww arnavji yeh aap…
Arnav place his finger on her lips and says..
Arnav: ssshhh I don’t want to hear anything…. Kal se you are going to take bath with me now no arguments…
And before khushi could say anything arnav walks inside the washroom and closed the door…
Khushi stares at the door with open mouth and then blush thinking arnav’s word…
She then walks to the couch and sits on the couch waiting for arnav for the breakfast…
Arnav walks out in few minutes and joins khushi… He pulls khushi on his lap and asked her to feed him as he is having some work…
Khushi started feeding him and arnav started kissing khushi on her neck…
Khushi: Arnavji you said you have some work..
Arnav smiles and says…
Arnav: Hmmm that’s what I am doing…. This is my work he said pressing her more into him…
After breakfast arnav left for office and khushi walks down and went to kitchen for making lunch and sees anjali who was making something..
Khushi: dii what are you doing…
Anjali: Are khushiji aap aagayi I thought you will come down directly after three to four days itne din waste jo ho gaye the…
Khushi: Diii…
Anjali: awwee my bhabhi blush so much… She then hugs khushi and says..
Anjali: I am so happy for you khushiji… finally you got your husband back…
Khushi too hugs her… after sometime they broke the hug and anjali says..
Anjali: Waise khushiji kal chottey ka birthday hai..
Khushi: Kya…
Anjali: Yes and chottey loves this kheer made by me isliye I was making that so that I can make him eat at 12…
Khushi: Hmmm dii I have some work I will see you in few hours ok.. And where is nanheji..
Anjali: Wo he is with kriya…
Khushi: Ok… thik hai mein nikalti hu…
Saying this she walks out of the house…
Arnav was sitting in his cabin and was working on his laptop when his eyes fell on the photo kept on his table… It was his and lavanya’s photo… He calls aman…
Aman enters the cabin and says..
Aman: Yes ASR…
Arnav: Aman ask someone to dump this photo frame….. Aman nods his head and walks out of his cabin..
Arnav then calls someone and orders few photo frames of his and khushi… he then says…
Arnav: Khushi… Last night was the best night of my life… I felt as if it was mine first time too… thanks khushi for coming into my life and making it this beautiful….. I love you khushi and I promise my past will never come in between our happiness…..
Lavanya walks out of the Delhi airport and removes her cell and says…
Lavanya: So Dr kapoor everything set…
Lavanya: What!!!! When she will be back..
Lavanya asked to the person on the other side of the phone…
Person: After a week mam..
Lavanya: Ok ask her to call me…
Lavanya cuts the call in frustration and says..
Lavanya: One week damn… She then smirks and says..
Lavanya: Khushi you have one more week with my ASR…. I know waise ASR loves me like crazy to usne tumhe touch bhi nahi kiya hoga to reh lo ek aur week as Mrs khushi arnav singh raizada….

Saying this she sat in her car and drove towards her hotel room…..

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Got Married For Revenge.. Epilogue

Epilogue (Mature Content)
Arnav opens his eyes and finds his beautiful wife in his arms hugging him tight'. He cuddles her more into him and kisses her on her bare neck'. Khushi makes a face in her sleep and arnav just looks at her and says'.
Arnav: It feels so good to get up like this by seeing you in my arms'. It feels so good to know that you are mine only mine'. It's been one year but it looks as if we got married just yesterday'. I am falling in love with you more and more with each passing day' You are the most beautiful thing happen to me in my life'. Thanks a lot khushi for making my life so beautiful'. He then places a kiss on khushi's forehead'.
Khushi opens her eyes as she was disturbed by his kiss and that too twice'. She looks at arnav and smiles'.
Khushi: Good morning'.
Arnav: Good morning sweetheart and Happy Wedding anniversary sweetheart'.
Khushi: Same to you arnav'..
Arnav leaned down and captures her lips for a kiss'. Khushi too kisses her' After a long time they broke the kiss and arnav caressed her hair and says'
Arnav: So what you want me to do today for you'.
Khushi: Hmmm I want a promise from you'
Arnav: Promise'.
Khushi: Yes a promise that you will always love me like this till my last breath'.
Arnav: I promise khushi I will always love you like this till our last breath because its going to be a same day because I won't be able to survive without you even for a single second you are my life khushi'..
Khushi hugs him tight and says I love you arnav I love you a lot thanks for coming in my life and giving me the best married life'.
Arnav hugs her back and says I love you too and I should thank you for coming in my life you are the most beautiful gift life had given me'.
They were lost in each other's embrace when they heard a knock on the door'.
Arnav: Maa hi hogi you know its her habit to disturb our romantic moments'.
Khushi pulls back from the hug and hit arnav lightly on his arms'
Khushi: Stop it arnav go and open the door'.
Arnav moves to open the door wearing his jeans and khushi covers herself with the quilt as she was wearing nothing'.
Arnav opens the door and he was right, mamta was on the door'
Arnav: Yes maa'.
Mamta: Happy wedding anniversary beta'.
Arnav: Thank you maa nice way of wishing by disturbing the couple'.
Mamta: Shut up you are really getting very naughty'.. Its your wedding anniversary today so I have kept a small pooja for both of you so please get ready and come down soon' We all will be waiting for you both and then we have party in the evening'.
Arnav: Ok maa we will come down in half an hour'.
Mamta: How is khushi now?
Arnav: She is good infact much better than yesterday'.
Mamta: Good'.
Mamta leaves from their and arnav comes to khushi and says'.
Arnav: So Mrs Raizada chale we are getting late for the pooja'
Khushi: hmmm' She was about to get up when arnav stops her and pick her up in his arms'
Khushi: Arnav what are you doing?
Arnav: Ssshhh khushi today I want to pamper you'.
Khushi: Arnav that you do everyday'
Arnav: I know but today little more by making you'. And he had a naughty smirk on his face'.
Khushi: By making me what'.
Arnav: You will know in few minutes'. He walks towards the bathroom with khushi in his arms and enters the bathroom and locks the door'.
Khushi: Arnav what we are doing'.
Arnav: ssshhh khushi'' He makes her stand on the floor and moves towards the bath tub' He fills it with the hot water and then put the body soap in that water'.. He then comes towards khushi and says'.
Arnav: Khushi I hope now you understand why we are here'.  He unwrap the bed sheet from her body and picks her up'.. Khushi hides her face in his chest as she was shy to know that her husband is holding her all naked'. They have seen each other but still she was shy'. She holds him tight and arnav walks towards the bath tub'.
He puts khushi in the tub and then removes his jeans and joins her in the tub'. He pulls khushi close to him and made her sit in between his legs'. Khushi can easily feel his hardened form on her back'. He started applying soap on her body'. Khushi closed her eyes feeling his hands all her body...He applied soap on her neck and then on her back and then slowly his hands moves in front and applied soap on her belly' He slowly started moving upwards towards her bosom and started cupping them'. Khushi leaned backwards more on arnav and arnav continues cupping her bosoms'.
He then slowly moved downwards and applied soap on her legs and then touched her core'. Khushi moaned when he did that'. He started applying soap their and khushi dugs her nails on his shoulder unable to bear this sweet torture'..
Khushi: Arnav please stop she managed to say in between her moans but arnav was not in the mood to stop' He continued his act and increases his speed'. Khushi turned her face and started biting him on his shoulder and then licking it'.  He pulls her face upwards and captured her lips into the kiss'. And his hands were busy pleasuring khushi down'. His kiss became wilder and khushi was enjoying his roughness'..
After a long time khushi comes on his hands and he slowed down his kiss satisfied that he has pleasured his wife'' He then broke the kiss and picks her up'. He takes her to the shower cabin and opens the shower'. She hugged him tight feeling shy and arnav continued to move his hands on her body'. After a long time they both came out from the shower and arnav wraps her and him with the towel and picks her up and moves out of the bathroom'.
He moves to the closet and removes a beautiful saree for khushi'.
Arnav: Khushi I want you to wear this'
Khushi happily accepts the gift and wears the saree' After sometime they both came down for the pooja'.. Pooja got over and arnav takes khushi for the lunch after that they attended the party when khushi receives some courier on her name' She read the papers and keeps them in the closet'.
Khushi comes back to the living room and arnav asked her where she was'
Khushi: Hmmm nothing just went to get fresh'.
Arnav: Ok'
They both enjoyed the party'. Everyone in the party was just admiring the couple and was congratulating them'. Party got over and everybody moves to their room'.
Arnav changed his clothes and so did khushi'. Arnav sat on the recliner when khushi came to him and sat on his lap and kissed him on his cheeks'.
Arnav: Kya baat hai someone is getting so romantic haan'..
Khushi: Arnav I want to tell you something'.
Arnav: Haan bolo na'.
Khushi: Arnav wo'.
Arnav: Haan khushi bolo'.
Khushi: Arnav finally maa's dream of having a grandchild is going to be true'.
Arnav: What!!!! You mean'
Khushi blush and hugs him'
Arnav: Ohhh khushi you don't know how happy I am'. I am going to be a father soon' Thank you so much for giving me the best gift on our anniversary'. He too hugs her tight'..
They informed this to all the family members all were very happy to hear this news from them'..
After nine months''
Arnav was pacing restlessly in front of delivery room'.
Mamta: Arnav beta, don't worry everything will be alright'.
But arnav was in no mood to listen to anything' He just wanted to hear one news'. After sometime his wait was over' doctor came out from the room and says'.
Doctor: Congratulation Mr Raizada you have become a father of sweet little angle' It's a girl'
Arnav had a wide smile on his face'. He hugs mamta'
Arnav: Doctor can I meet them'
Doctor: In few minutes' We are shifting khushi to the room you can meet her then'
Arnav: Ok doctor'
They shifted khushi and arnav rushed towards her'. Khushi smiles looking at him' He helps her to sit on the bed and doctor brings their baby and gives to them' Arnav holds her and smiles'
Arnav: Khushi she is so beautiful just like her mom my sweet little angel'. He places a kiss on her forehead' He then gives it to khushi'.
Khushi: Awww my baby'. She too kisses her'..
All the family members come to them and congratulates them and holds the baby turn by turn'. Arnav sits besides khushi and kissed her on her forehead and says' "Thank you khushi' I love you'."
Khushi: I love you too arnav' They hug each other''.
Arnav: Now I feel as if I got everything from my life and I am the most happiest person in the world... He hugs her more tight...
So guys how was it... Hope you all will like it...

Got Married for Revenge.. Chapter 23

Chapter 23 (Mature Content)...
Next morning khushi woke up with a wide smile on her face'. Today she was going to remarry arnav with true feelings and love in her heart for him' and then finally they will be one today'. She looks besides her and saw arnav sleeping holding her from her waist'. He was looking so innocent'. She thinks "How their relationship has come to this point by crossing all the hurdles and today they going to get marry for love for being with each other forever not for revenge'.. She cups his cheeks and kissed on his forehead' She slowly removes his hand and moves to the bathroom to take shower'.
Arnav opens his eyes when he didn't feel khushi under his arms'. He looks besides him and sees the khushi's side to be empty' He gets up at once getting scared but then he heard the voice of shower and he got relaxed thinking that she is in the shower'.. He then thinks "Today is their remarriage and he will promise her to keep her happy for the whole life'. Finally we are getting married khushi but this time not for revenge but out of love'.. true love which will not fade away but will increase in the coming years'.." He came out of his thoughts when he sees khushi coming out of the bathroom wearing a beautiful red color saree'.
She was looking very beautiful'. Her wet hairs were falling on her bare back which was making her sexier'. Arnav gets up from the bed and moves towards her'. Khushi who was drying her hair using towel stops and looks at arnav'. She can see the desires in his eyes'. Desire to mark her as his and khushi too want that but not know after their remarriage'.. She started moving back but arnav holds her hand and pulls her on him'. She crashed on his chest and holds his shoulder for support'..
Arnav removes the towel from her hand and throws it on the bed'. He then takes his both hands in his and places a kiss on her fingers'. Khushi closed her eyes' She wanted to stop him but her body was not allowing her to do that'. He then turns her around and puts her hair on one side and slides his one hand on her bare belly and other on her arms to support her'. He leaned down and started kissing her back'. Khushi cluched his hands on her belly tight and digging it more into her belly'.. Arnav stops kissing and then whispered in her ears "Khushi I have a surprise for you"'..
Khushi came to sense and then steadied her breathing and asked him "What surprise arnav"'. He then closed her eyes with his hands and started walking with her'.
Khushi: Where are we going arnav'.
Arnav: ssshhh it's a surprise'.. He then opens the closet and removes a packet from it'.. He again made her walk with him and makes her sit on the bed'..
Khushi: Please arnav tell me na what is the surprise'..
Arnav: Just two minutes sweetheart'..
Arnav opens the packet and keeps it near khushi and removes his hands from her eyes and says'
Arnav: Khushi open your eyes'.
Khushi slowly opens her eyes and looks at the packet in front of her'. A very beautiful Lahenga was kept in front of her with the matching jewelry'. But the special thing about this lehenga was that it was khushi's dream lehenga'. She had seen this lehenga in one of the fashion show of AR group and from that time she always wanted the same lehenga for herself''
She hugged arnav tight and says'.
Khushi: Arnav how did you know that'..
Arnav: Khushi you are my wife and I love you a lot which means I should know your likes dislikes and your dream and the things which you would like to have'. So don't waste time in knowing from where I got to know about this'. You know I have lots of contacts'. Actually I wanted to give you this on our consummation night but when you asked about remarriage I thought today will be the best day to give you this'..
Khushi: hmmm you know arnav when I have first seen this lehenga I was mesmerized by its design and wanted the same lehenga for my wedding and I am so happy'. I love you arnav I love you a lot'. You are the best husband in the world'. Saying this she kissed him on his lips'.
Arnav: Ok now get ready we have to leave'. I have made all the arrangements in the temple and aman will bring pandit ji so get ready soon'
Khushi nods her head and took the lehenga choli wih her for changing'. Here arnav moves to guest room and gets ready by wearing a maroon colour sherwani'.. He moves to his room and looks at again gets lost looking at khushi in that lehenga'. Maroon and green colour would have never looked so good before'. Khushi was sitting in front of the mirror and was wearing her jewelry' Arnav comes to her and helps her in putting all the jewelry' She applied kajaal and then a gloss' She was looking beautiful without any make up'..
Arnav: Chale khushi'.
Khushi: Hmmm lets go' She stands up and starts moving towards the door when arnav holds her hand'.
Arnav: Wait khushi' Khushi looks at him confused'.. He comes towards her and picks her up''
Khushi: Arnav what are you????
Arnav: Ssshhh I want to take you like this in my arms' Do you have any problem'..
Khushi: No'..
Arnav walked out of the room with khushi in his hands and was moving to the main exit when mamta sees them'
Mamta: Arnav, Khushi'. Kaha ja rahe ho and that in this clothes'. You people are going to attend some wedding or what'.
Khushi: Maa wo'.
Arnav: Maa we are getting married again'.
Mamta: Again why beta'.
Khushi: Maa we wanted to start our new life by getting remarried out of love'..
Mamta: aww that's so sweet'. And you people didn't invite us very bad'.
Arnav: Maa actually we wanted to get marry in the temple without any relatives just me khushi her DM and pandit ji'.. But now you know so you can come with us'..
Mamta: No you go' I will make preparations to welcome my new bahu'..
Arnav: Ok'. He then walks out and moves to the car and drives to the temple'. Their aman was already waiting with the panditji'.. When arnav and khushi arrives their he moves out from their and then all the rituals started'. They exchange the flower garland' Then they sat for some pooja and then pandit ji asked them for pheres' After taking seven pheras arnav put mangal sutra around her neck and apply sindoor in her partition'.. Khushi smiles looking at him'. Finally they were announced as husband and wife and they Got married for love'..
They came back and mamta welcomes them with aarti and arnav picks up khushi and walks to their room'.. He entered the room with her'. He puts her on the bed and closes the door'.. He started moving towards khushi when their was a knock on the door'.
Arnav opens the door getting frustrated'. His mom was on the door'
Arnav: Maa kya kaam hai aapko' Aap aise hi disturb karte rahego then how will you get your grand child'. Khushi blushed and looks away from them and mamta hits arnav on his arms and says'.
Mamta: Arnav you are becoming very naughty day by day'. Actually I came here to take khushi with me'.
Arnav: What!!!! Why maa I mean she is my wife now'. She can stay with me and she loves me too'.
Mamta: Don't worry I know she is your wife but I just want to have a small pooja before you people start your new life and don't worry it will not take much time' Just 2 or 3 hours that's it'.
Arnav: Kya maa aap bhi na'. Ok take her I will come in few minutes'.
Khushi walked out with mamta and arnav too comes down after sometime'. They completed the pooja and then mamta says'
Mamta: Ok arnav now khushi is all yours you can take her and yes I want my grandchild soon'.
Arnav: Ok maa but if you keep on disturbing us then I really doubt'.
Mamta: tumhare kuch nahi ho sakta' She moves from their and arnav again picks khushi and moves to the room'. He closed the door and walks to the bed and puts khushi on the bed and says'.
Arnav: Finally we are together'..
Khushi smiles looking at him'.
Arnav then moves and switches off the light.. He then pulls the curtains of the poolside and comes and sits beside khushi'
Arnav: Khushi I love you'. Thanks for coming back in my life'.
Khushi hugs him and says I love you too'..
They stayed in that position for some time feeling each other'. Arnav breaks the hug and leans down and kisses her on her cheeks then on her eyes then on her nose and then runs his tongue on her lips'. Khushi parted her lips and closed her eyes'. Arnav takes her lower lips in his and started sucking it'.. He then sucks her upper lip and enters her mouth and started exploring and tasting her mouth'. Khushi too did the same'. After sometime he started sucking her tongue inside the mouth and makes it dry'. He wanted more and more today'.. Slowly his hands started caressing her back and she wraps her arms around her neck and pulls him more close without breaking the kiss'.
Arnav opened the hook of her choli and then undid the dori'. He removes the choli and throws it on the floor'. Now khushi was only in her bra and lehenga and dupatta' He removes the dupatta from her body and kept in on the bed'. Now they felt out of air and he broke the kiss'. He looks at khushi'. It was dark but still he can see her face which was all red and her lips swelled due to their long kiss'.. He roamed his eyes towards her neck and then to her bosoms which were covered'.. He made her lay down on the bed and gets on top of her'. He started kissing her neck'. He was biting her licking her kissing her' Khushi dugs her fingers in his hair and pulls them when she was in pain and then arnav would lick her to soothe her pain'.
After feasting on her neck he moved little down and starts licking her cleavage' He then puts his mouth on her bosom and started biting it on her bra'. Khushi was moaning in pleasure' She was feeling all this for the first time and enjoying this pleasurable torture a lot'.. After torturing her bosom over the bra' Arnav removed the bra and again took them in his mouth and cups the other with his other hand'.. He repeated his action with the other'. He then teased her peaks and khushi was getting more and more wet down'.
She started unbuttoning his sherwani and arnav helps her to do that'. He throws the kurta and she then started untying his chuddidar'. Arnav helped her with that too as he knows she will not be able to take it out fully'.
Now arnav was only in his boxers and khushi in her lehenga'. Khushi rolls him below her and started kissing on his neck' She too bites him and then licks it'. She wanted to do the same thing which arnav did to her'. And arnav allowed her to take him as the way she likes'. Khushi then starts moving down to her chest and bites him their and licks to soothe his pain'. She then moves to his belly and started sucking their arnav was loosing his control now' He wanted her then and their'. He started removing her lehenga and in one swift motion it was out and now she was only in her panty'.. Arnav pinned her down and moved downwards towards her toe and started kissing her from her toe to her inner thighs'. Khushi was pulling his hair more and more telling him to take her but arnav wanted to tease her more'..
He then kisses on her sensitive spot over the panty khushi dug her nails on his shoulder'..
Khushi: Please arnav don't tease me please'. I cant'
Arnav: I cant what khushi'.. He then slides off the last piece of cloth from her body and kissed her on her wetness and then dried it using his tongue'.. and he came up and captures her lips'..
Arnav: Khushi you are the best thing I have tasted till date' He managed to say in between the kisses'. Then he removed his boxers and enters inside her'. Khushi screamed as it was her first time but arnav covers her mouth with his and took her for a kiss'. After sometime she calm down and arnav increases his speed and after sometime they melted into each other's arms after reaching the climax'''..
They slept their holding each other and a smile on their face' Smile of satisfaction smile of togetherness'.. Arnav turns his face towards her and keeps caressing her hair and khushi hugs him tight'..
Khushi: Arnav I am so happy to have you in my life'.
Arnav: Me too khushi So finally we are one''
Khushi: Hmmm I love you'.
Arnav: I love you too' He hugged her back and they both slept in that position'.
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Got Married for Revenge... Chapter 22

Chapter 22
Mamta wipes her tears and moves towards arnav and sits besides him and says'.
Mamta: Arnav I cant believe that you are my son' You are the same person I have gave birth and I have loved'..
Arnav: Please maa don't say like this'.
Mamta: Arnav I could have never thought that you can stoop so low and that too for revenge from your own wife' You know arnav mein tumhe kabhi maaf nahi karti agar khushi mere paas nahi aati but what you did arnav you again broke my trust and now you think that by confessing this I will trust you and will ask khushi to trust you'. No arnav you are wrong'. This time I will not even listen to khushi'. I don't know what she is planning to do but I will tell you my decision that I am not going to forgive you for this never'..
Arnav holds mamta's hand and says "Please maa don't do this to'. I am really sorry and I am really guilty for my deeds' Please trust me maa I know meine jo bhi kiya uske baad its really very hard for you to trust me but I really love khushi a lot and can do anything to make her trust me and I can do anything for her happiness'."
Khushi was also crying looking at his state'. She was trying to control herself but finally she lost all her control and goes to arnav and mamta'
Khushi: Maa please don't do this he really loves you a lot and maa he is really guilty'.
Mamta: Khushi tum yeh keh rahi ho' You know na what he has done with you'.
Khushi: Yes maa I know but then I also know that he loves me a lot' I have seen this truth in his eyes and maa whatever happened it was in the past and I am ready to forgive him so please aap bhi'..
Arnav looked at khushi'.
Arnav: Khushi'..
Khushi: Yes arnav bas I can't test your love more'.. I have forgiven you and I love you and I trust you'. I trust your every word'..
Arnav hugs khushi tight and says'.
Arnav: Thank you khushi thanks a lot'. I promise I will never break your trust'..
Khushi: I love you too'. Mamta looks at them with smile on her face and tears in her eyes'.
After sometime khushi broke the hug and comes to mamta'.
Khushi: Please maa for my sake please'.
Mamta: Khushi this is the last time I am listening to you  ok'..
Khushi: You mean'.
Mamta: Yes' I mean she then goes and hugs arnav and says meine apne paagal bte ko maaf kiya'.
Arnav too hugs her tight and says'. "Thanks a lot maa"'..
Mamta: Hmmm ab agar meri beti ko thoda bhi sataya to mujhse bura koi nahi hoga'.
Arnav: Mein nahi aapki beti hi mujhe satati hai' See kitna rulaya mujhe'.
Mamta smiles and khushi hits him slightly'.
Arnav: Ooouccchhh khushi'.
Khushi: Arnav'. Ohhh I am so sorry bohat zor se lagi kya'. Is it paining'.
Arnav looks at her all lovingly and says I am so lucky to have you in my life'.
Mamta: Hmmm now just go and spend some time with each other'
Arnav takes khushi with him and they moves towards their room'. They enters the room and arnav locks the door from inside'
Arnav then started moving towards khushi and khushi moved back'.. her back hit the wall and arnav trapped her their by putting his hands on both the sides of her'..
Arnav: So khushi you remember the promise'.
Khushi: Which promise arnav'
Arnav: Maa's promise about her grandchild'.
Khushi blushed and looks down'. Arnav pulls her chin upwards using his index fingers and says'.
Arnav: Khushi I am waiting for the answer'.
Khushi: Wo arnav'.
Arnav moves more close to her and kisses her earlobes and says'
Arnav: Yes khushi bolo'. He then kisses her on her cheeks' Khushi closed her eyes'.
Khushi: Arnav wo'..
Arnav: he then bites her on her neck and licks it'..
Khushi was melting with his each kiss but she controlled herself and stops arnav by putting her hand in between them'.
Arnav: Kya hua khushi'..
Khushi: Arnav before this I want to tell you something'.
Arnav: What is so important khushi'.
Khushi: Arnav I want to remarry you'.
Arnav: What!!!! We are already married khushi'..
Khushi: I know arnav but when we got married we use to hate each other and we were not happy with the marriage but now when we love each other I want to perform all the rituals once again and that too with love'.
Arnav: You mean you want to do all the pre wedding rasams too'.
Khushi: No I just want you to marry me again and its not necessary that we get marry in front of everyone'' I will fine if we gets married in temple in front of DM'.
Arnav: Ok khushi if you are happy by doing this than I am ready for that'. Tomorrow we will go to the temple and will get married'. Happy'..
Khushi: Hmmm I love you'..
Arnav: I love you too'..
They both hugged each other and then arnav picks her up and lays her down on the bed'. He switches off the light and moves on the bed and sleeps beside her hugging her tight'.
Arnav: Khushi you know its very difficult to stay without you even for one night'. I love you'. Please kabhi bhi mujhe chodkar mat jana agar mujhse koi galti hojaye to you can slap me but please never ever leave me'.
Khushi: I love you too and I promise I will never leave you never'. From tomorrow we will be starting our new life and I know it will be full of happiness'.
Arnav: hmmm'..
They slept like that in hugging position waiting for their new life to start from tomorrow'..
Precap: Arshi to consummate their marriage...

Got Married for Revenge.. Chapter 21

Chapter 21
Khushi was just looking at him all lovingly'.. She wanted to hug him and forgive him right their but she controlled herself and stayed back and said'.
Khushi: Arnav I think I should leave now' Take care'..
Arnav: Khushi'' Don't Go'..
Khushi looks at him and then turns around as she knows that if she continued to look at him she will melt and will forgive him''
Khushi: Arnav I have to go'. I just came to check whether you are alright or not'.
Arnav: I know khushi you still don't trust me and thinks that I am faking my love but trust me khushi I really love you and I need you badly in my life'. Please stay back'. I promise I will not do anything which will hurt you'. Just be with me in this house'. Please khushi'' I will do everything to make you believe that I really love you and I am guilty for my deeds but please stay with me khushi'. Don't leave me'.
Khushi who was facing her back towards arnav had tears in her eyes'. She knows that whatever arnav is telling is the truth but still she didn't want to believe that as she was scared that her heart will break again if arnav is still doing the act'. She wipes her tears and turns towards arnav and said'.
Khushi: Arnav please don't make it difficult for me please'. Let me go'. I want to come here only after I am sure that you are changed and you will never ever break my trust''
Arnav: Khushi'.. I think now I have only one option left and I don't know after that will you trust me or not but I truly want to go with that option'..
Khushi: Arnav kya karne wale ho tum'.
Arnav: Just wait for tomorrow khushi'.. You will get to know the truth'. And I know after that option my whole life will get change'.
Now khushi was little scared hearing his talks'.
Khushi: Arnav what are you going to do'. Please tell me' You are scaring me now'.
Arnav: No khushi not now' You go home and have some rest'.
Khushi: Arnav do you think after hearing this I will get a sleep'. I want to know that now'.
Arnav: Ok then come with me'..
Khushi: Where arnav'.
Arnav: Just come with me'.
He holds her hands and moves outside the room with khushi and takes her to his parent's room'.
Khushi was shocked thinking what they are doing here'.
Khushi: Arnav what are we doing here and that too at this time of night'..
Arnav: Khushi you will know in few seconds'.
Arnav knocks on the door and mamta opens the door'.
Mamta: Are arnav beta khushi' Why you both are here at this time' I mean Is everything alright' And arnav you are not well why you got up from the bed'
Arnav: Maa I am good I want to talk to you about something''
Mamta: Now' What is so urgent beta'.
Arnav: Maa can we come in first'.
Mamta: Ohh yes sure come in'.
They both entered the room'.
Khushi: Maa where is dad'.
Mamta: Ohh he is out of town for some work' Arnav didn't tell you'.
Khushi: No maa' Its ok'. And how are you'. I am so sorry when I came here I didn't talk to you and moved directly to the room'.
Mamta: Its ok khushi I know you were panic and worried about arnav'. My arnav is really very lucky to have a wife like you'.
When this two ladies were talking arnav closed his eyes and takes and deep breath and opens his eyes and said'
Arnav: Maa I am here for'..
Mamta: Yes beta kya keh rahe the tum'.
Arnav: Maa wo'. He paused for sometime'.
Mamta: Haan beta bolo''
Khushi was looking at arnav'. She somewhere in her heart knows what arnav is going to say but she was not sure and she wants her heart to be wrong as she didn't want arnav to tell the truth to his mother'..
Arnav: Maa I had lied to you again'..
Mamta: Arnav kya bol rahe ho tum'..
Arnav: Yes maa you remembered the day when you come to know our marriage truth and you said you will never forgive me until khushi forgives me'..
Mamta nods her head and khushi looks at arnav' Her heart was right arnav was telling mamta the truth'. She cluched his hands in her and signals him to say nothing fron her eyes but arnav removes her hand and continued'..
Arnav: Maa that time I thought that only khushi is responsible for making you against me and their I decided to fake in front of khushi that I am guilty for my act so that she forgives me and you too will forgive me and then I will take revenge from her'..
Mamta looked at him in shock'. She was not able to believe her ears'.
Arnav: And I faked maa I faked my apology my guilt everything so that you will see a change behavior and you will forgive me'. But maa believe my I fell in love with khushi in this process and I am truly guilty maa I have asked for her forgiveness and I don't know whether she will forgive me for my deeds or not but I wanted to tell you the truth and I want to tell to khushi that I am really guilty and I really love you a lot khushi and I can do anything for you'.
Arnav: Khushi maa is the most important person in my life and today I have told her every truth and I don't know from now on she will talk to me or not but it was necessary for me to let her know the truth and I swear on my maa that I truly love you and will never hurt you in my life'.
Saying this arnav was in tears'..
Khushi and mamta too were in tears seeing him like that'.
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