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Got Married for Revenge... Chapter 13

Chapter 13
She comes out of the washroom and moves to the bed' Arnav was still at the poolside' She knows that he is also going through the same feeling'. She sleeps on the bed by closing her eyes but the moment she closed her eyes all the images starts flashing in front of her' His touch his kiss'. She opens her eyes and then thinks it felt so good today to be touched by him' kya iska matlab I have already accepted arnav as my husband'. She again closes her eyes and a small smile appear on her lips'
Here arnav was still near the poolside thinking about their kiss'. After about one hour he came back to the room' He looks at khushi and feels something strange inside him'. It was true that he was attracted to khushi before but soon it was converted into hatred but what he was feeling today was much more than attraction' Is this'. No it cant be'. It was just I lost control and any damn person will do the same looking at that image of khushi' He then moves to the washroom got changed and slept on the bed on the other side as their was no recliner in the hotel room'.
Arnav wakes up in the middle of the night' He was shivering'.. He thought of switching off the AC and remote was kept on the khushi's side table' He starts getting up to take the remote but he was feeling very weak' He still tried to get up by holding the table on his side and in this process glass which was kept on the table fall on the ground and this makes khushi awake' She opens her eyes and looks at arnav who was looking at her'
Khushi: Arnav what happened where are you going at this time'.
Arnav: Khushi wo I want remote of AC its very cold'.
Khushi gets shocked hearing this as she very well knows that arnav loves to sleep with full AC than what made him say like this' She then moves towards him and touch his hand to say something but the moment she touched him she said'
Khushi: Arnav your body is burning with fever' Why you didn't wake me up haan' She then takes the remote from the table and switches off the AC'  She then picks up her cellphone and calls the receptionist and asked for doctor to which receptionist said Mam its very late so it would take time for the doctor to be here' Till then do you need anything'
Khushi: No just send doctor as soon as possible'. With that she cuts the call'. And says arnav next time we will not stay in this hotel'
Arnav looks at her confused that why suddenly she was saying something like this so he asked her'
Arnav: Why khushi'
Khushi: Are they don't even have a doctor in the hotel' They are telling it will take time idiots' Don't they know you have so much of fever'.
Arnav: Its ok khushi sometime it happens may be hotel ka doctor kahin bahar gaya ho and khushi I am alright I am not dyi'
Before he could complete his sentence khushi puts her hand on his mouth and nods her head in no' and both looks into each other eyes'. Khushi breaks their eyelock and says'.
Khushi: You take rest I will bring water and cloth sheets for you'. She then moves towards the kitchen and comes out with bowl of ice cold water and cloth sheets' She comes and sits besides arnav and starts putting the wet sheets on arnav's forehead'. All the time arnav was just looking at khushi' He can clearly see how concern she was'.
After sometimes doctor arrives and checks arnav and says'
Doctor: Mrs. Raizada his fever is little low now and good that you kept that wet sheets on his forehead' I am giving some medicines and an injection.. He will be fine till morning so don't worry'. And haan don't allow him to work make him rest for atleast one day and no outside food or cold drinks ok'.
Khushi: Ok doctor'.
Doctor left from their giving injection and medicines to arnav' Khushi walks with the doctor till door and asked him'
Khushi: Doctor pakka there is no need to worry na'
Doctor smiles looking at her and says yes mrs Raizada your husband is perfectly alright' So don't worry'
Khushi: Thank you doctor' Khushi comes back to the room and then sits beside arnav and ask'
Khushi: Arnav please let me know if you need anything now go to sleep'.
Arnav: Hmmm and you too sleep I am good now'
Khushi: You sleep I will keep all this things to the kitchen she said pointing towards water bowl and sheets'
Arnav nods his head and sleeps' Khushi cleans everything and comes to arnav and sit besides him thinking what if he needs anything'. She sat beside him for the whole night checking his fever in every 20 minutes'.
Next morning arnav wakes up feeling better' He opens his eyes and sees khushi sitting besides him smiling'
Khushi: Good morning arnav' How are you feeling now'
Arnav: Hmmm khushi' I am good.. Tum soyi nahi' I mean'.
Khushi: Ssshhh' She then help to sit on the bed and gives him coffee'. Have this you will feel better'.
Arnav: But khushi tum soyi kyun nahi'.
Khushi: Wo actually agar tumhe kisi chiz ki zarurat hoti to' Mein nahi chahti thi tumhe problem hai'
Arnav was touched by her words and act' He thought this girl didn't sleep for me'. Meine uske saath itna bura kiya and here she is taking care of me'.
Arnav: Khushi now you rest I can manage and waisr bhi I will be leaving for meeting in one hour'
Khushi: No arnav doctor has strictly told that you will not be going anywhere today so you have to take rest ok' And I don't want any discussions on this' I will bring your breakfast as you have to take medicines'
She then moves to bring his breakfast and arnav was just looking at her thinking meine usse kuch kaha kyun nahi nobody ordered me like this before but why I liked the way she is taking care of me'.
She makes him eat the breakfast and medicines and ask him to sleep'
Arnav: Khushi I have already slept a lot' Please now I am not feeling sleepy'
Khushi: Ok then we will watch some movies what say waise bhi shaadi ke baad humlogo ne kaha koi movie dekhi hai saath mein' Saying this she bite her lip realizing what she said'
Arnav: Hey don't do that you will get hurt'
Khushi looks at him' This was the first time he was caring for her and khushi likes that' She leaned towards him and kissed him on his cheeks and said
Khushi: Thanks'
Arnav was shocked and confused both'.
Arnav: For what'
Khushi: For showing concern'.
Arnav looks at her she was having tears in her eyes'. Arnav pulls her and she landed directly on his lap' He wraps his hands around her waist and asked'
Arnav: Hey what happen why are you crying?
Khushi: No nothing'. Let me go I have some work'
Arnav: No I will not leave you first tell' Why you are crying?
Khushi: Wo actually I always dreamt of getting married to a person who will love me and care for me but when we got married my dreams shattered' I thought no one will cares for me now or love me' But today when you cared for me I was just'.
Arnav looks at her and then without saying anything captures her lips into kiss'.
Precap: Khushi gets shot...
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