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Got Married for Revenge.. Chapter 21

Chapter 21
Khushi was just looking at him all lovingly'.. She wanted to hug him and forgive him right their but she controlled herself and stayed back and said'.
Khushi: Arnav I think I should leave now' Take care'..
Arnav: Khushi'' Don't Go'..
Khushi looks at him and then turns around as she knows that if she continued to look at him she will melt and will forgive him''
Khushi: Arnav I have to go'. I just came to check whether you are alright or not'.
Arnav: I know khushi you still don't trust me and thinks that I am faking my love but trust me khushi I really love you and I need you badly in my life'. Please stay back'. I promise I will not do anything which will hurt you'. Just be with me in this house'. Please khushi'' I will do everything to make you believe that I really love you and I am guilty for my deeds but please stay with me khushi'. Don't leave me'.
Khushi who was facing her back towards arnav had tears in her eyes'. She knows that whatever arnav is telling is the truth but still she didn't want to believe that as she was scared that her heart will break again if arnav is still doing the act'. She wipes her tears and turns towards arnav and said'.
Khushi: Arnav please don't make it difficult for me please'. Let me go'. I want to come here only after I am sure that you are changed and you will never ever break my trust''
Arnav: Khushi'.. I think now I have only one option left and I don't know after that will you trust me or not but I truly want to go with that option'..
Khushi: Arnav kya karne wale ho tum'.
Arnav: Just wait for tomorrow khushi'.. You will get to know the truth'. And I know after that option my whole life will get change'.
Now khushi was little scared hearing his talks'.
Khushi: Arnav what are you going to do'. Please tell me' You are scaring me now'.
Arnav: No khushi not now' You go home and have some rest'.
Khushi: Arnav do you think after hearing this I will get a sleep'. I want to know that now'.
Arnav: Ok then come with me'..
Khushi: Where arnav'.
Arnav: Just come with me'.
He holds her hands and moves outside the room with khushi and takes her to his parent's room'.
Khushi was shocked thinking what they are doing here'.
Khushi: Arnav what are we doing here and that too at this time of night'..
Arnav: Khushi you will know in few seconds'.
Arnav knocks on the door and mamta opens the door'.
Mamta: Are arnav beta khushi' Why you both are here at this time' I mean Is everything alright' And arnav you are not well why you got up from the bed'
Arnav: Maa I am good I want to talk to you about something''
Mamta: Now' What is so urgent beta'.
Arnav: Maa can we come in first'.
Mamta: Ohh yes sure come in'.
They both entered the room'.
Khushi: Maa where is dad'.
Mamta: Ohh he is out of town for some work' Arnav didn't tell you'.
Khushi: No maa' Its ok'. And how are you'. I am so sorry when I came here I didn't talk to you and moved directly to the room'.
Mamta: Its ok khushi I know you were panic and worried about arnav'. My arnav is really very lucky to have a wife like you'.
When this two ladies were talking arnav closed his eyes and takes and deep breath and opens his eyes and said'
Arnav: Maa I am here for'..
Mamta: Yes beta kya keh rahe the tum'.
Arnav: Maa wo'. He paused for sometime'.
Mamta: Haan beta bolo''
Khushi was looking at arnav'. She somewhere in her heart knows what arnav is going to say but she was not sure and she wants her heart to be wrong as she didn't want arnav to tell the truth to his mother'..
Arnav: Maa I had lied to you again'..
Mamta: Arnav kya bol rahe ho tum'..
Arnav: Yes maa you remembered the day when you come to know our marriage truth and you said you will never forgive me until khushi forgives me'..
Mamta nods her head and khushi looks at arnav' Her heart was right arnav was telling mamta the truth'. She cluched his hands in her and signals him to say nothing fron her eyes but arnav removes her hand and continued'..
Arnav: Maa that time I thought that only khushi is responsible for making you against me and their I decided to fake in front of khushi that I am guilty for my act so that she forgives me and you too will forgive me and then I will take revenge from her'..
Mamta looked at him in shock'. She was not able to believe her ears'.
Arnav: And I faked maa I faked my apology my guilt everything so that you will see a change behavior and you will forgive me'. But maa believe my I fell in love with khushi in this process and I am truly guilty maa I have asked for her forgiveness and I don't know whether she will forgive me for my deeds or not but I wanted to tell you the truth and I want to tell to khushi that I am really guilty and I really love you a lot khushi and I can do anything for you'.
Arnav: Khushi maa is the most important person in my life and today I have told her every truth and I don't know from now on she will talk to me or not but it was necessary for me to let her know the truth and I swear on my maa that I truly love you and will never hurt you in my life'.
Saying this arnav was in tears'..
Khushi and mamta too were in tears seeing him like that'.
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