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Got Married for Revenge.. Chapter 23

Chapter 23 (Mature Content)...
Next morning khushi woke up with a wide smile on her face'. Today she was going to remarry arnav with true feelings and love in her heart for him' and then finally they will be one today'. She looks besides her and saw arnav sleeping holding her from her waist'. He was looking so innocent'. She thinks "How their relationship has come to this point by crossing all the hurdles and today they going to get marry for love for being with each other forever not for revenge'.. She cups his cheeks and kissed on his forehead' She slowly removes his hand and moves to the bathroom to take shower'.
Arnav opens his eyes when he didn't feel khushi under his arms'. He looks besides him and sees the khushi's side to be empty' He gets up at once getting scared but then he heard the voice of shower and he got relaxed thinking that she is in the shower'.. He then thinks "Today is their remarriage and he will promise her to keep her happy for the whole life'. Finally we are getting married khushi but this time not for revenge but out of love'.. true love which will not fade away but will increase in the coming years'.." He came out of his thoughts when he sees khushi coming out of the bathroom wearing a beautiful red color saree'.
She was looking very beautiful'. Her wet hairs were falling on her bare back which was making her sexier'. Arnav gets up from the bed and moves towards her'. Khushi who was drying her hair using towel stops and looks at arnav'. She can see the desires in his eyes'. Desire to mark her as his and khushi too want that but not know after their remarriage'.. She started moving back but arnav holds her hand and pulls her on him'. She crashed on his chest and holds his shoulder for support'..
Arnav removes the towel from her hand and throws it on the bed'. He then takes his both hands in his and places a kiss on her fingers'. Khushi closed her eyes' She wanted to stop him but her body was not allowing her to do that'. He then turns her around and puts her hair on one side and slides his one hand on her bare belly and other on her arms to support her'. He leaned down and started kissing her back'. Khushi cluched his hands on her belly tight and digging it more into her belly'.. Arnav stops kissing and then whispered in her ears "Khushi I have a surprise for you"'..
Khushi came to sense and then steadied her breathing and asked him "What surprise arnav"'. He then closed her eyes with his hands and started walking with her'.
Khushi: Where are we going arnav'.
Arnav: ssshhh it's a surprise'.. He then opens the closet and removes a packet from it'.. He again made her walk with him and makes her sit on the bed'..
Khushi: Please arnav tell me na what is the surprise'..
Arnav: Just two minutes sweetheart'..
Arnav opens the packet and keeps it near khushi and removes his hands from her eyes and says'
Arnav: Khushi open your eyes'.
Khushi slowly opens her eyes and looks at the packet in front of her'. A very beautiful Lahenga was kept in front of her with the matching jewelry'. But the special thing about this lehenga was that it was khushi's dream lehenga'. She had seen this lehenga in one of the fashion show of AR group and from that time she always wanted the same lehenga for herself''
She hugged arnav tight and says'.
Khushi: Arnav how did you know that'..
Arnav: Khushi you are my wife and I love you a lot which means I should know your likes dislikes and your dream and the things which you would like to have'. So don't waste time in knowing from where I got to know about this'. You know I have lots of contacts'. Actually I wanted to give you this on our consummation night but when you asked about remarriage I thought today will be the best day to give you this'..
Khushi: hmmm you know arnav when I have first seen this lehenga I was mesmerized by its design and wanted the same lehenga for my wedding and I am so happy'. I love you arnav I love you a lot'. You are the best husband in the world'. Saying this she kissed him on his lips'.
Arnav: Ok now get ready we have to leave'. I have made all the arrangements in the temple and aman will bring pandit ji so get ready soon'
Khushi nods her head and took the lehenga choli wih her for changing'. Here arnav moves to guest room and gets ready by wearing a maroon colour sherwani'.. He moves to his room and looks at again gets lost looking at khushi in that lehenga'. Maroon and green colour would have never looked so good before'. Khushi was sitting in front of the mirror and was wearing her jewelry' Arnav comes to her and helps her in putting all the jewelry' She applied kajaal and then a gloss' She was looking beautiful without any make up'..
Arnav: Chale khushi'.
Khushi: Hmmm lets go' She stands up and starts moving towards the door when arnav holds her hand'.
Arnav: Wait khushi' Khushi looks at him confused'.. He comes towards her and picks her up''
Khushi: Arnav what are you????
Arnav: Ssshhh I want to take you like this in my arms' Do you have any problem'..
Khushi: No'..
Arnav walked out of the room with khushi in his hands and was moving to the main exit when mamta sees them'
Mamta: Arnav, Khushi'. Kaha ja rahe ho and that in this clothes'. You people are going to attend some wedding or what'.
Khushi: Maa wo'.
Arnav: Maa we are getting married again'.
Mamta: Again why beta'.
Khushi: Maa we wanted to start our new life by getting remarried out of love'..
Mamta: aww that's so sweet'. And you people didn't invite us very bad'.
Arnav: Maa actually we wanted to get marry in the temple without any relatives just me khushi her DM and pandit ji'.. But now you know so you can come with us'..
Mamta: No you go' I will make preparations to welcome my new bahu'..
Arnav: Ok'. He then walks out and moves to the car and drives to the temple'. Their aman was already waiting with the panditji'.. When arnav and khushi arrives their he moves out from their and then all the rituals started'. They exchange the flower garland' Then they sat for some pooja and then pandit ji asked them for pheres' After taking seven pheras arnav put mangal sutra around her neck and apply sindoor in her partition'.. Khushi smiles looking at him'. Finally they were announced as husband and wife and they Got married for love'..
They came back and mamta welcomes them with aarti and arnav picks up khushi and walks to their room'.. He entered the room with her'. He puts her on the bed and closes the door'.. He started moving towards khushi when their was a knock on the door'.
Arnav opens the door getting frustrated'. His mom was on the door'
Arnav: Maa kya kaam hai aapko' Aap aise hi disturb karte rahego then how will you get your grand child'. Khushi blushed and looks away from them and mamta hits arnav on his arms and says'.
Mamta: Arnav you are becoming very naughty day by day'. Actually I came here to take khushi with me'.
Arnav: What!!!! Why maa I mean she is my wife now'. She can stay with me and she loves me too'.
Mamta: Don't worry I know she is your wife but I just want to have a small pooja before you people start your new life and don't worry it will not take much time' Just 2 or 3 hours that's it'.
Arnav: Kya maa aap bhi na'. Ok take her I will come in few minutes'.
Khushi walked out with mamta and arnav too comes down after sometime'. They completed the pooja and then mamta says'
Mamta: Ok arnav now khushi is all yours you can take her and yes I want my grandchild soon'.
Arnav: Ok maa but if you keep on disturbing us then I really doubt'.
Mamta: tumhare kuch nahi ho sakta' She moves from their and arnav again picks khushi and moves to the room'. He closed the door and walks to the bed and puts khushi on the bed and says'.
Arnav: Finally we are together'..
Khushi smiles looking at him'.
Arnav then moves and switches off the light.. He then pulls the curtains of the poolside and comes and sits beside khushi'
Arnav: Khushi I love you'. Thanks for coming back in my life'.
Khushi hugs him and says I love you too'..
They stayed in that position for some time feeling each other'. Arnav breaks the hug and leans down and kisses her on her cheeks then on her eyes then on her nose and then runs his tongue on her lips'. Khushi parted her lips and closed her eyes'. Arnav takes her lower lips in his and started sucking it'.. He then sucks her upper lip and enters her mouth and started exploring and tasting her mouth'. Khushi too did the same'. After sometime he started sucking her tongue inside the mouth and makes it dry'. He wanted more and more today'.. Slowly his hands started caressing her back and she wraps her arms around her neck and pulls him more close without breaking the kiss'.
Arnav opened the hook of her choli and then undid the dori'. He removes the choli and throws it on the floor'. Now khushi was only in her bra and lehenga and dupatta' He removes the dupatta from her body and kept in on the bed'. Now they felt out of air and he broke the kiss'. He looks at khushi'. It was dark but still he can see her face which was all red and her lips swelled due to their long kiss'.. He roamed his eyes towards her neck and then to her bosoms which were covered'.. He made her lay down on the bed and gets on top of her'. He started kissing her neck'. He was biting her licking her kissing her' Khushi dugs her fingers in his hair and pulls them when she was in pain and then arnav would lick her to soothe her pain'.
After feasting on her neck he moved little down and starts licking her cleavage' He then puts his mouth on her bosom and started biting it on her bra'. Khushi was moaning in pleasure' She was feeling all this for the first time and enjoying this pleasurable torture a lot'.. After torturing her bosom over the bra' Arnav removed the bra and again took them in his mouth and cups the other with his other hand'.. He repeated his action with the other'. He then teased her peaks and khushi was getting more and more wet down'.
She started unbuttoning his sherwani and arnav helps her to do that'. He throws the kurta and she then started untying his chuddidar'. Arnav helped her with that too as he knows she will not be able to take it out fully'.
Now arnav was only in his boxers and khushi in her lehenga'. Khushi rolls him below her and started kissing on his neck' She too bites him and then licks it'. She wanted to do the same thing which arnav did to her'. And arnav allowed her to take him as the way she likes'. Khushi then starts moving down to her chest and bites him their and licks to soothe his pain'. She then moves to his belly and started sucking their arnav was loosing his control now' He wanted her then and their'. He started removing her lehenga and in one swift motion it was out and now she was only in her panty'.. Arnav pinned her down and moved downwards towards her toe and started kissing her from her toe to her inner thighs'. Khushi was pulling his hair more and more telling him to take her but arnav wanted to tease her more'..
He then kisses on her sensitive spot over the panty khushi dug her nails on his shoulder'..
Khushi: Please arnav don't tease me please'. I cant'
Arnav: I cant what khushi'.. He then slides off the last piece of cloth from her body and kissed her on her wetness and then dried it using his tongue'.. and he came up and captures her lips'..
Arnav: Khushi you are the best thing I have tasted till date' He managed to say in between the kisses'. Then he removed his boxers and enters inside her'. Khushi screamed as it was her first time but arnav covers her mouth with his and took her for a kiss'. After sometime she calm down and arnav increases his speed and after sometime they melted into each other's arms after reaching the climax'''..
They slept their holding each other and a smile on their face' Smile of satisfaction smile of togetherness'.. Arnav turns his face towards her and keeps caressing her hair and khushi hugs him tight'..
Khushi: Arnav I am so happy to have you in my life'.
Arnav: Me too khushi So finally we are one''
Khushi: Hmmm I love you'.
Arnav: I love you too' He hugged her back and they both slept in that position'.
So guys how was it... I am really going to miss writing this ff as it was my favorite too... Thanks to all my reader and special thanks to those who commented on regular basis... Hope to see your comments on my other FF's...

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