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Got Married for Revenge... Chapter 4

Chapter 4'
Arnav smirked saying "So Ms Gupta get ready for our wedding in 2 weeks"''' Hope you will now understand what it takes to slap Arnav Singh Raizada''' I am going to make your life hell''.
Shashi and kaajal enters their house and garima comes towards their seeing so much anger on shashi's face'.
Garima: Kya hua aapko why are you so angry?
Shashi sees khushi entering the room'..
Shashi: Pucho apni ladli se' What she has done? Pucho usse kaha se aa rahi hai wo'
Garima: I know she went to meet vineet na'.
Shashi: No'. Pucho usse Kaha gayi thi'.
Garima then goes towards khushi who was still crying'
Garima: Khushi tell me what happened? Tum vineet se milne gayi thi na then'. Please khushi tell me'.
Khushi didn't say anything she was still crying'.
Garima: Khushi I am asking you something, tell me'.
Shashi: She will not tell you garima' Kaise bataygi who apni galti'.
Khushi: Dad I'.
Shashi: shut up khushi' Garima she was with arnav singh Raizada' She is having an affair with him'.
Garima: What!!!!!
Shashi: Yes I have seen all this with my eyes'. He then tells garima everything'.
Garima moves to khushi and slaps her'.
Garima: Khushi I never thought that you will do this'. Tumne humhe kahin ka nahi choda ab kya hoga' Agar tum arnav se pyaar karti thi to bol deti we would have married you to him' Why this'.
Khushi: Maaa' Please believe me I don't love' (But garima cuts her)
Garima: No khushi I don't want to listen to you' Kya muh dikhaye hum abhi Singhania bhai sahab ko' Kya kahenge unse'  You didn't think about kaajal before doing this' What will be her future'
Khushi: Par maa..
Garima: No Khushi I don't want to listen to anything' I have always given you freedom thinking that you will never broke our trust' But I was so wrong' She then moves towards shashi and tells him'
Garima: Now what we will do shashi'
Shashi: I have decided'. We will go to RM and tell them everything hope they will accept khushi'.. And khushi you' I don't want any discussions on this matter' You love him na just marry him and be a good daughter in law' Only then we can forgive you for your deeds
Khushi: But dad'
Shashi: No khushi I don't want to have further discussions'. With that he and garima moves inside their room for getting ready to go to RM'.
Kaajal takes khushi to her room.
Here Shashi and garima goes to RM'. Hari Prakash their servant opens the door'.
HP: Yes'. Kisse milna hai'
Shashi: We want to meet Mr Raizada' Is he at home'
HP: Yes sir is at home but who are you'.
Shashi: I am shashi gupta' I have some work with him'.
HP: Ok come in' He makes them sit on the couch in the living room and went upstairs to call Krishna Raizada'
After sometime arnav's dad comes down.
He then moves towards couch and looked at shashi and garima and asked'
Mr Raizada: Hello I am Krishna Singh Raizada' Sorry but I don't know you people'.
Shashi: I am shashi gupta' I am here to talk to you about khushi and arnav'.
Mr Raizada: Arnav and Khushi' Who is khushi and what about them'
Shashi: Khushi is my daughter' And they both love each other'
Mr Raizada: What!!!! What are you saying'. I mean arnav never told this to us' He then calls mamta'
Mr Raizada: Mamta' Mamta where are you come here'
Mamta comes out from the kitchen and asks'.
Mamta: Kya hua' Why are you shouting? She then looks at shashi and garima and thinks who are they'
Mr Raizada: Mamta do you know that arnav loves a girl'
Mamta: What' Really that's a good news'
Mr Raizada: Mamta its not a time to joke' Do you know about that?
Mamta: No he didn't tell me anything'
Mr Raizada: Her name is khushi' And this is shashi and garima gupta her parents'. They are here to talk about their marriage'
Mamta: What??? Let me talk to arnav about this' How dare he mujhse itni badi baat chupayi'. She then calls arnav and says'
Mamta: Arnav I want you at home now'
Arnav: But mom I am in meeting'
Mamta: I don't want to listen to anything'
Arnav: Ok mom you know I cant say no to you'
After few minutes arnav comes home and gets shocked to see shashi and Garima gupta sitting their'
He then comes to mamta and asked yes mom'
Mamta: Arnav do you love khushi?
Arnav gets shocked with this direct question but then understood how she knows' He then says'
Arnav: Yes Maaa I love her a lot'
Mr Raizada: If you love her arnav then why didn't you tell us' Mamta has always asked you about the girl then why didn't to tell..
Arnav: I am sorry dad actually khushi was engaged to someone and she was going to break the engagement so that we can get marry so we kept silent till she breaks her engagement' After that we were going to tell you all'
Arnav then moves towards shashi and says'
Arnav: Uncle I am so sorry' Humare bare mein aapko aise achanak pata chala but trust me uncle meine khushi se kaha tha k wo kisi ko na bole jab engagement tut jayga tab hi hum batayge' Please use blame mat karna' She loves you people a lot and was ready to marry vineet only for you guys' But shayad humare pyaar use bar baar meri taraf khich lata tha' But we never crossed our limits uncle'.
Shashi: Its ok beta I was just hurt that khushi ne humse itni badi baat chupayi' But if she was ready to sacrifice her love for us than she is a great daughter but I will never allow her to do that'  I am ready for this relationship'
Arnav smirked and thinks "Ab tum chahogi bhi to bhi tumhare dad tumhare shaadi kisi or se nahi hone denge"' he then says'
Arnav: And dad I really love her a lot' But will only marry her if you guys will give me permission'
Mamta comes and kissed him on his forehead we love a lot beta and tumhare khushi mein hi humare khushi hai'  she then moves towards Garima and says'
Mamta: We will come tomorrow for shagun ceremony and also to meet our daughter in law' Is that ok with you people'
Shashi and Garima smiled and said yes' Garima hugs mamta and shashi hugs Krishna' And then all four of them hugs arnav one by one' and garima says'
Garima: Mujhe pata tha meri beti galat ladka kabhi choose hi nahi kar sakti I am so happy that you will be our son in law'
Arnav just smiles and took her blessings and says'
Arnav: Don't worry maa' I will keep her happy always and also I am not you son in law I am your son ok'
All smiles listening to him''..
Then Garima and Shashi comes to their home and goes to khushi's room' Khushi was laying on bed still crying' Shashi goes to her and puts his hand on her head' She sees him and then again cries and says Dad I love vineet I will marry him'
Shashi thinks that she is telling this only for them' she is sacrificing her love for them so he says'
Shashi: No beta you will not marry vineet' I am so sorry I was very rude to you as I was very angry but now I understood how much you love arnav' We have fixed your rishta with him' His parents will be coming tomorrow for Shagun ceremony'
Khushi gets shocked after hearing this and says..
Khushi: But dad'
Shashi: I know khushi you were ready to sacrifice your love for us' Arnav has told us everything' But I will not allow you to do that' Tumhe meri kasam tum arnav se hi shaadi karogi'
Khushi hugs shashi tight and cried and then says yes as she didn't have any other option' Arnav has not left her with any other choice'
Shashi too hugs her and says come on beta now smile and get ready for the wedding rasams' Now no more crying ok'
Khushi just nods her heads and thinks "Kaisi shaadi dad, meri shaadi us insaan se ho rahi hai jisse mein bilkul bhi pyaar nahi karti par nafrat karti hu but mein aap logo ko aur dukh nahi de sakti isliye I will do this for you people's happiness and for kaajal I cant risk her future"'.
Precap: Arnav and Khushi's Wedding...
So how was it guys... Hope you will like it...
I know their is no arshi scene but I promise from next update their is going to be a lots of arshi scene... 

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