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Night that changed our life.. Chapter 12

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Chapter 12
Arnav felt as if he was dreaming when he heard those words from her mouth'. Words which he always wanted to hear but never thought that she will be saying those words to him' He still remembers the day when samrat has introduced khushi to arnav' He fell for her instantly and cursed himself for thinking about khushi in that way as she was his brother's fiance but his heart never listen to him and he fell head over heels for khushi' But he kept his feelings inside him'.But today his dream becomes the reality' His khushi his love was in his arms and was confessing her feelings'. But he was scared' He was scared to accept that this was all real.
He comes back to reality when he felt wetness against his chest.. He looks at khushi who was crying against his chest'. He caresses her back and says'
Arnav: Khushi'
Khushi looks at him and then cups his cheek and says'.
Khushi: Arnav I love you I love you a lot' Pata nahi kab se but I can say that abhi I will die agar tumko kuch'
She stops and more tears started flowing from her eyes'
Arnav kisses her palm and looks at her'. He wipes her tears and pulls her again into a bone crushing hug and says while kissing her hair'.
Arnav: Khushi nothing has happened to me and jab tak you are with me mujhe kuch nahi hoga'. I will always be with you forever'..  
Khushi too hugs him with same passion'.
After few minutes they break the hug and then khushi says'
Khushi: I am so stupid I didn't even ask you for water' You wait I will bring water for you'. She gets up to bring water when arnav pulls her down and she fells on his lap'.
Khushi: Arnav what are you doing?
Arnav snaked his arms around her waist and pulls her close and says'
Arnav: Khushi you don't need answer'.
Khushi looks at him with confused expressions and says'
Khushi: Answer'
Arnav runs his finger on her face making her close her eyes and says in his husky voice'
Arnav: Yes answer'. You said you love me so tum jaanna nahi chahogi what I think about you'
Khushi blush remembering her confession' She was happy that finally she was clear about her feelings and has confessed the same to arnav' But now she was curious to hear the answer from arnav' Somewhere in her heart she knew that he loves her but she wanted to hear the same thing from his mouth'.
She opens her eyes and looks at arnav with curious face'
Arnav cups her face and leans towards her' Khushi's heart beat increased her breath became hard'. He leans more towards her face' Her lips parted on their own feeling his hot breath on them' He leans more and says'
Arnav: I love you too khushi'. I loved you from the time I saw you for the first time.. I love you even when I knew that you can never be mine' I love you more than my life khushi'
Khushi gets shock hearing this' She opens her eyes and looks at arnav'.
Khushi: Arnav you'
Arnav nods his head and says'
Arnav: Yes khushi I loved you from the time I have met you for the first time but'.
Khushi cuts him and says..
Khushi: But I was with samrat'. Arnav Why you never said'.
Arnav: Khushi You and samrat were in love' I never wanted to be a problem' Trust me I was very happy because you and Sammy were happy'.
Khushi smiles and says..
Khushi: But fate wanted something else arnav' And I think among all of us your love was true isliye we got married with each other' And now I have realized that samrat se meine kabhi pyaar hi nahi kiya wo to bas ek attraction tha' After being with you I realized what true love'is
She then kiss him on his cheek and says..
Khushi: And you know I am really happy that you are my husband'. Shayad jo hota hai ache k liye hota hai'.
Arnav smiles and then place his lips on hers' He kissed her with the full passion' This kiss was for sealing their love'. Khushi responded to the kiss in the same manner'  He was pulling her more into him and khushi snaked her arms around his neck and started caressing his hairs on his neck' Both kept on exploring each other's mouth'. Sometime he was sucking her tongue sometime she sucking his'. They both were not ready to leave each other's mouth'. They both were still enjoying being in each other's mouth when suddenly his cell rang'
Khushi and arnav both groaned in each other's mouth and were not ready to leave and after few seconds call was disconnected but then again it started ringing and this time khush breaks the kiss making arnav groan'
Khushi: Arnav I think you should pick the call' Kuch important hoga'
Arnav pecks her lips again and says'
Arnav: For me nothing is important than you khushi'
Khushi smiles and says..
Khushi: But atleast dekh to lo'
Arnav nods his head and then removes his cell to see aman's miscalls
Arnav: Aman' He was about to call aman when he receives his message' He opens the message and khushi place her head on his chest wrapping her arms around him' He read the message and widens her eyes' He keeps the cell and says'
Arnav: Khushi I have to go to office'
Khushi frowns and raise her head and looks at him and says..
Khushi: But arnav you came just now and also you are not well'
Arnav: Khushi I am fine and this is something very urgent' Do you think I will go like this'
Khushi: I understand arnav bas take care of yourself'
Arnav: Hmmm'
She then gets up from his lap' He to gets up and started walking towards the door when khushi says..
Khushi: Arnav atleast have dinner'
Arnav: Khushi will have after coming back.. Don't worry will come soon ok' He then kissed her on her cheeks and says' Take care' If you want you can have dinner'
Khushi: No I will have with you'.
Arnav nods and then walks out of the house' Khushi bids him bye and locked the door and walks to her room' She was blushing for the whole time remembering their kiss' Finally her dream turned into reality' This was her first kiss and she was happy that she shared this kiss with her arnav' She walks towards the bed and sees their wedding photo'She picks up the photo and runs her finger over the frame and says..
Khushi: Our marriage will be marriage today in real sense arnav'
She gets up from the bed and walks towards the closet and removes her lehenga'. While removing her lehenga' She changes herself into her wedding lehenga and stands in front of the mirror admiring herself'. She blush thinking how this night will be the best night of her life' She puts all the jewelries and then brushed her hair and pinned pallu' Finally she was looking like a newly wedded bride'.
She then removes some scented candles and lit them across their room'  She looks at the time'
Khushi: Arnav' Its been one and half hour.. Where are you' Her eyes fell on her cell.. She smiles and walks towards the cell and dials his number'
He picks up the call..
Arnav: Hey hii'
Khushi: Arnav where are you'.
Arnav: Bas on my way'
Khushi: Ok jaldi aaao'
Arnav: Why want to complete what we left'
Khushi blush and says..
Khushi: Arnav am waiting for you.. Jaldi aana'
Arnav smiles and says..
Arnav: yeah will be reaching home in few minutes.. Ok take care'.
Khushi: Hmm bye'
She then keeps the call and looks at herself and says'
Khushi: I am waiting to be your wife in real sense arnav'..
She then remembers something and again message arnav that she is cleaning the closet so come directly to the room'.
After few minutes she heard the clicking of the lock' She closed her eyes' Her breath became heavy'..
Arnav walks upstairs to their room and open the door and was surprised to see candles everywhere' He walks inside locking the door smiling thinking that khushi has done all this to surprise him but he didn't know that his main surprise was waiting for him'. Suddenly his eyes fell on the bed and for a minute he thought he was dreaming' He kept on staring at the petite figure sitting on the bed spreading her lehenga all around her'.
He kept his laptop bag on the side table and started walking towards her' He reached near the bed and says'
Arnav: Khushi'
Khushi raises her lashes still not removing her netted pallu' She looks at her husband and then again looks down'
Arnav sits on the bed and raise her pallu making her face visible to his eyes'
Arnav: Khushi yeh sab'
Khushi looks at him and says..
Khushi: Arnav I want to be your wife in real sense'
Arnav: But'
Khushi: Sshhh arnav no buts today' I know you are thinking about my happiness but trust me arnav after becoming your wife in all the senses I will be the happiest person in the world'.
Saying this she hugs arnav and says..
Khushi: Please arnav'
Arnav hugs her back and was about to kiss her on her shoulder but stops hearing her next sentence'
Khushi: I know arnav I am already marked by you but that time we were not in our senses but this time I want to be marked by you in a proper way'
Arnav gulps hearing that' He remembers everything about that night' A pang of guilt ran through his body' He breaks the hug and says'
Arnav: Khushi I can't fulfill your wish tonight'
Khushi gets hurt hearing this' Tears welled up in her eyes when arnav cups her face and says'
Arnav: Khushi before consummating our marriage I want to tell you something but for that I need time' Not much just two or three days more'
Khushi: Arnav aisa kya hai that you cant tell me after our consummation'
Arnav: Khushi I cant tell you anything today but soon I will tell you everything and then'
But khushi cuts him and says'
Khushi: Arnav if you are thinking about photos then I don't care who did that' Arnav I don't even want to know who was behind everything' I just want you and want to be happy with you bas'.
Arnav: No khushi actually thing is not that simple'
Khushi: Fir kya hai arnav bolo mujhe' Why you cant tell me now'.
Arnav: khushi please try and understand' I can't say anything now at this moment'
Saying this he gets up from the bed and walked to the washroom to change her clothes' Khushi just stare at him with tears in her eyes'. Arnav locked the door and banged his fist on the wall' He knew that he has hurt khushi' But he didn't want to consummate before telling her the truth' And after meeting aman he got some proofs which he can use against samrat but still their was one thing which he needed to do before exposing him and till then he has to hide everything from khushi'.
After few minutes he walks out of the washroom and looks at khushi' She was still in her lehenga and was sleeping facing her back towards arnav'. He walks towards her and was about to say something when he heard her silent sobs'.
He sits on the bed beside her and keeps his hand on her shoulder and says..
Arnav: Khushi'
But khushi brushes off his hand and hides her face inside the pillow'
Arnav closed his fist in anger' He was angry but not khushi.. He was angry on himself for making her cry' He knows that she is hurt but how can he fulfills her wish tonight' He too wants to be with her' in her arms but not before telling her the truth'.
He again tried to talk to her but she again shrugged him off and said'
Khushi: Good night arnav'.
Arnav walks to his side and lays on the bed looking at sobbing khushi'. He so wanted to hold her in his arms but he knew if he will touch her he won't be able to stop'' He just turned his face to the other side and closed his eyes''..
Precap: Khushi packs the gift and walks towards the closet... She opens the closet and search for the corner to place the gift... Finally after few minutes she found one and then placed the gift and was about to close the closet when a packet falls down near her feet... She looks at the packet and thinks "Yeh kya hai... Shayad something related to office"... she picks up the packet and was about to keep it back in the closet when she gets shock to see the content lying on the floor...

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