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Will You Marry Me.... Prologue

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Hello friends...
I have started a new FF... Hope you all will like it...
 Arnav: Aman I want her in my cabin right now'..
Aman: But ASR its her first day' And she don't know much about our rules so please give her last chance'.
Arnav: Aman I said I want her in my cabin right now' I think you want to give your resignation'.
Aman: ASR'.
Arnav: Yeah I thought that you got a new job of her secretary so I thought maybe you are thinking of leaving this job'.
Aman: No ASR I was just'..
Arnav: Aman now you are really provoking me to do the worst with you' You very well know that I don't like people who argue with me'.
Aman: Ok ASR I will send her'..
Arnav: good'.
Aman walks out of his cabin and moves downstairs towards the staff'.
Aman: Khushi'.. ASR wants you in his cabin now'.
Khushi was fiddling with her dupatta' Her face was clearly showing how much scared she was' But nothing can be done as ASR himself was calling her' all knew how ruthless and arrogant he was and if somebody breaks his rule he can be more heartless'.
Khushi: Aman I'..
Aman: Khushi please go to his cabin or he will fire me' I have tried my best but' He is really very angry on you' all the best'
Khushi gulps hearing his words'. It was her first day in the office and now may be the last day'
She started walking towards his cabin'. She stands in front of the cabin and closed her eyes as she wanted to gather some courage before facing that Devil'.. or in her language Rakhshas'..
After few minutes she opens her eyes and knocks on the door'..
Arnav: COME IN!!!!! arnav shouted from inside''.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Second Love Becomes Life Season 2... Chapter 22.....

Chapter 22
All settled on the table for lunch… Khushi looks around the tabke and says…
Khushi: Lavanyaji nahi aayi….
Anjali looks at khushi and then looks around and says…
Anjali: Ohh haan… and meine unhe bulaya bhi nahi… I will ask HP to call her…
Khushi: Ok dii and till then I will serve lunch…
Saying this she was about to stand from her chair when she felt her wrist gripped by arnav… she looks at arnav and signals him to leave her hand… Arnav smirks and nods his head in a NO…
Khushi: Please arnav… Leave me I have to serve dinner…
Khushi says softly as she didn’t want anyone to see or hear them… But arnav was in naughty mood… He shakes his head in NO and says…
Arnav: I wont khushi…
Khushi was about to say something when they heard anjali’s voice…
Anjali: Khushiji kya hua… You need help….
Khushi: haan hmmm nahii haan I mean..
Arnav laughs seeing fumbling khushi and anjali looks with amused expressions and says…
Anjali: Khushiji are you alright….
Nani and shyaam too looks at her with concerned gaze…
Khushi pinches arnav with her free hand and pulls her wrist making arnav groans in pain….
Everyone turned their gaze towards arnav and then anjali says…
Anjali: Chottey ab tumhein kya hua…
Arnav looks at khushi with “What the” look and then looks at anjali and says..
Arnav: Nothing dii… Wo kisi insect ne bite kiya I guess….
He says looking at khushi… Khushi too looks at arnav and smirks and started walking from their but stops seeing lavanya walking out of kitchen with Hari prakash and Dinner trolley…
Khushi: Lavanyaji…
Everyone looks towards the kitchen and gets shocked to see lavanya walking out of the kitchen with dinner trolley and that too wearing a saree… Arnav was shocked too as lavanya never wore saree before… When she was his wife he has asked her many times to wear some red sarees as he love that colour and saree but she always use to deny saying  she never feels comfortable in saree… Arnav didn’t know why but he felt like something was not good the moment he saw lavanya walking out of the kitchen in red saree… But he brushed his thoughts thinking may be she is changed after what she has gone through…
Khushi walks towards her and says…
Khushi: Lavanyaji aap kitchen mein… agar aap ko kuch chahiye tha to humein bata deti (If you needed anything than you could have asked me)…Acha how are you feeling now and yes you are looking beautiful in this red saree….
Lavanya smiles and says…
Lavanya: Khushi I am perfectly alright… and I went to kitchen to prepare lunch for everyone….
Everyone was again surprised with this revelation… Anjali looks at lavanya and says…
Anjali: But lavanyaji you don’t have too… I mean you need rest…
Lavanya started walking towards the table with the trolley and khushi follows her… Lavanya stops near arnav’s chair and says
Lavanya: Dii I am perfectly alright… And I was getting bore sitting in my room so thought of making lunch…
Anjali: Hmm ok… Sit lavanya now HP will serve everyone…
Lavanya: Nahii dii its ok… I will serve everyone… She then looks at khushi and says…
Lavanya: Khushi tum bhi beth jao.. I will do this…
Khushi: but lavanyaji…
Lavanya: Please khushi… mujhe acha lagega…
Khushi nods her head and sits beside arnav… She then started serving everyone… Anjali and nani just smiled at her… Anjali suddenly remembers shyaam words she didn’t why but then she brushed her thought thinking its nothing like that… Lavanya then served everyone and then walks towards arnav and bends little extra touching her body with his and started serving him and says…
Lavanya: You know I made everything as per your like…
Arnav felt uncomfortable and shifted a little towards khushi…. Khushi noticed this and says…
Khushi: So sweet of you lavanyaji…. But arnav don’t like mater paneer and dum aloo anymore…
Khushi was shocked at herself… She lied to lavanya but she didn’t know why… May be she didn’t like the way she leaned on arnav or the way she said that she made lunch as per arnav’s like….
Anjali and nani were confused thinking when their chottey stopped liking matar paneer and duma loo but then they thought if khushi is saying that its true as she knows arnav better then them now…
Arnav then says….
Arnav: Thanks lavanya but seriously their was no need…. And khushi is right…
Lavanya just fumed hearing that but she controls her anger and says…
Lavanya: Its ok… Abhi what you will have… Hmmm I will make something for you…
Arnav: No need lavanya… You sit and have lunch.... Khushi bana degi… You have already done a lot….
Khushi: Hmmm lavanyaji arnav is right….
Saying this she gets up and started walking towards the kitchen asking everyone to have their lunch and she will have it with arnav in their room…  Everyone agrees.... Arnav too left from their saying till then he will finish some work….… Lavanya sits fuming clenching her fists…
Shyaam who was noticing all this smiles as his doubts were somewhat confirming… He thought of keeping an eye on lavanya as her behavior was really fishy….
They all had lunch and then left for their respective rooms… Lavanya too went to her room and throws her cell on the bed saying…
Lavanya: Damn it…. ASR I will not accept defeat so soon… And khushi you think you can act smart haan…. Dekho what I do to you and your’s arnav relationship…
After few minutes khushi walks inside her room holding food tray….
Arnav was sitting on the recliner typing something on his cell when he heard her footsteps.. He looks at khushi and smiles… Khushi walks towards him and sits beside him keeping the tray on the couch…
Arnav takes her in his arms and kissed her on her mouth and says..
Arnav: hmmm so my wifey was jealous…
Khushi: hmmm naah I mean… I don’t know why…
Arnav stops her by again kissing her and says…
Arnav: I loved that side of yours… And want you to be always like that...
Khushi blushed hearing this and says..
Khushi: Pata nahi mujhe kya ho gaya tha… But when I saw her leaning over you touching her body and then wo favorite meal I didn’t like it… I know lavanyaji k wrong intentions nahi the But still I didn’t like it…
She said the last line while pouting….Arnav chuckles and captures her lips again….. After a long time they broke the kiss and arnav was about to kiss her again when khushi stops him and says…
Khushi: Lunch arnav…. I am hungry….
She says touching her stomach… Arnav pecks her on her cheeks and says…
Arnav: Even I am hungry… But you are not allowing me to have anything…
Khushi realized what he meant and hits him on his arms playfully…
Khushi: Arnav you are getting naughty…
Arnav: Ab itni hot wife hogi to naughty to hona hi padega na….And this blush.. He says while caressing her cheeks…. This blush makes you look so beautiful khushi… Cupping her cheeks he continues…. I am luckiest person on this earth to have you as my wife and my love….
Khushi gets teary hearing this… Arnav wipes her tears and says…
Arnav: Sshhhh I didn’t say this to make you cry….
Khushi looks at arnav and then throws herself in his arms hugging him tight… They stayed like that for sometime and then khushi breaks the hug and says..
Khushi: Chalo now have lunch… Saying this she started serving him… He takes the plate and says…
Arnav: I am in no mood to eat khushi….
Khushi: Hawww arnav I cooked this for you with so much love and tum….
Arnav: And mein… You know I am little lazy… So if you want me to eat then you will have to feed me….
Khushi: NO  I wont..
Arnav: You will Mrs Raizada…. Saying this he pulls khushi on his lap and snakes his arms around her waist pulling her close to his body and says…
Arnav: Chalo now feed me warna I will not have anything….
Khushi smiles and then nods her head…
Khushi: Ok baba… She then started feeding arnav… After few morsels he too started feeding khushi…
They had their lunch in each other’s arms feeding each other.. After lunch arnav left to AR as aman called him saying that some urgent and important meeting has popped up which needs his presence… He was in no mood as he wanted to be with khushi but khushi force him to go as she didn’t want his work to get affected….
Day passed with lavanya plotting and planning to get back ASR and khushi and anjali chatting and doing some work… Arnav returned back at night and they had dinner with khushi serving arnav and other as lavanya was in no mood to do useless social service…
Everyone retired to their rooms.. Arnav went to washroom to get ready for the bed and khushi sat in front of mirror brushing her hairs and removing her earings and chain when suddenly she felt him standing behind her… She looks at him through mirror….He leans down without breaking the eye contact and place a kiss on her shoulder.
Arnav: I missed you….
Saying this he picks her up in his arms and started walking towards the bed…
Khushi: Arnav I…
Arnav: Sshhhh… Not a word khushi…
He slowly put her on the bed and gets on top of her and captures her lips….
Arnav: You makes me crazy khushi… Its really difficult to work now a days… I have just you in my thoughts…
He says in between their kiss…
Khushi blush and fists his hair and pulls him closer… He breaks the kiss and his lips travelled towards her throat licking and sucking making khushi moan his name…
He kissed her jaw line and then travelled towards his neck… He nipped and licked and then turns her and slides her zip and then her kurti… He feels her back with his palm followed by his lips…Khushi clutched the bedsheet while pleasurable moans escaped her lips….
He unclasps the hook of her bra and turned her…. He completely removes her kurti and bra and starts sucking her bosom and his palm cupped the other…. Khushi pulled his hair rolled him under her and started removing his T-shirt… He helped her in discarding her T-shirt and then started kissing his chest… She bites him on his nipples making him groan….
She moved further down and kissed him on his waist… she pushed his tracks down and kissed his arousal over his boxers…Arnav pulled her hairs and rolled her and quickly discards their clothes and after kissing khushi all over her body he enters inside her and covered her mouth with his… His speed increased and khushi scratched his back with her nails and dugs them and says..
Khushi: Hard harder arnav…
Arnav gets more aroused and his thrusts became harder… Their bodies moved in a perfect rhythm…. They kissed madly and his hands felt each and every part of her body…. And after sometime they both had their orgasms… Arnav pulled himself from her and lays beside her taking her in his arms….
Arnav: I would love to spend by life just making love to you khushi and trust me my craving for you keeps on increasing with every session….
Khushi kissed him on his chest and says..
Khushi: I love you so so much….

Friday, 16 August 2013

Love You Truly... Chapter 3


"Don't do anything , which your heart does not permit" Her father had always told her and today while she sat near the window with a mug of coffee in her hand , these words kept reverberating in her mind.

Khushi had lost her mother at a very young age. She was raised by her father, her only kin in this vast world. Her father had taught her to be a fighter. He had always given her the freedom to make her own decisions but had always guided her to the right path. Even though he had raised his girl to be brave , he never stopped molly coddling her. She was his only reason to live and he had seen to it that she got all the luxuries in life and all that her demands were fulfilled. Khushi grew up to become a feisty girl. She was so full of life and spread happiness wherever she went. All her friends knew about her caring nature and that she would do anything to help her loved ones.

Khushi lived in India in her initial years but her father and she moved to Canada after her mother's death. But Khushi had always loved India . It reminded her of her mother and she always begged her father to take her there. But her father had refused as he had too many memories in India and it made him sad but told her that she could go there once she graduated.

She went to the state university of Canada. Being friendly in nature , she had a lot of friends. But she had never fallen in love. She had asked her father about love and her father had replied " It is magical. When you are with your someone special , you don't feel anybody else's presence. You can stare at them for an eternity and still feel that it has only been a minute. But khushi , Why are you asking me this? You are too young and nave for all this. When it is the right time , love will happen to you my little girl." She had listened to him then but hadn't understood what he meant by magical.

She was doing a course in fashion designing which required her to do an internship for 1 month. She had met Shyam in the office in Canada.

Shyam was in Canada for a project in the same company. And Khushi had been appointed to assist him in the project. She was one of the interns in his teams. Shyam was a Casanova. However this was unknown to Khushi. Seeing such a hard working girl in her team , he started with his flirtatious ways to make her fall in love with him. Khushi always admired that Shyam was a self made man. They used to work long hours and Shyam started dropping her home. Their friendship increased and she kind of developed a liking for him.

When one month got over, Shyam offered her a job in his company and she couldn't resist. India was always her dream and her father allowed her to go and work in India. But she promised her father that she would be back in six months as she just wanted to get a taste of India and she would find a job in Canada and live there only with him. His father was a bit skeptical at first but then he could not say no to Khushi. He had some contacts in India and arranged for her housing near Shyam's office. 

As they spent so many hours together in the office, she started liking his ways of working and also she was enjoying his special attention in Canada. However in India, since Khushi was new , she worked with the other interns and was unaware of Shyam's misdeeds. Shyam liked Khushi too but he could never love anyone. For him , everything was an object and money could only buy happiness and nothing else.

Khushi had just entered her cabin , when she heard the phone ring. She immediately picked it up and answered it


"Come to my cabin in five minutes with my coffee" Arnav slammed down the phone. His tone was harsh as usual.

Khushi was feeling a bit low today. She hated herself for being caught up in such a bad situation. She was clearly not this person. She was a person with high morals and values . However, since Shyam had told her to do it and promised her that there was nothing wrong in it and that Arnav was not a good person, she had given into Shyam's pleadimgs and agreed to be a part of the plan. Khushi was missing her father a lot today.

Yesterday while sleeping she had thought to herself that she would be a professional and do what ASR told her to do. She would keep to herself and not answer him back. She would just do her work.

"Sir, may I come in" Khushi said while knocking


"Good Morning Sir, here's your coffee" she said in a low voice.

" Thanks, so Khushi I need to give you a dictation on the next steps we have to follow to make the deal ours. " Arnav spoke while looking at her. She looked beautiful in a blue Churidaar with her hair open , covering her back. He gulped when he saw her , but controlled his emotions and tried to make a calm and serious face.

"Ok Sir" she said.

Arnav noticed that she was a bit low today.

"Hey, is there some problem" he asked her in a concerned manner

"N—noo, nothing" she said with her eyes lowered.

Arnav sensed that she was sad and something was definitely wrong. She was so quiet today and did not fight with him too. He was going to ask something when she said

"Sir, l will get my notepad so that u can give me notes as early as possible" she said and practically ran out of the room. She was on the verge of tears when Arnav had asked her in a concerning voice. She had met Shyam today but there was no concern in his voice. It seemed to her lately as if work was his only priority.

After a few minutes, she entered Arnav's cabin and took her seat and while looking down , she said

"Sir, I am ready, you can start with the notes"

Arnav , by now, was very worried. This was not the Khushi he had met. And he did see her tear filled eyes, no matter how hard she tried to hide them.

Arnav walked up to her and bent down a little and asked her

"Khushi, I don't think you are fine. If you have a problem, you can tell me"

Hearing this she had tears in her eyes. This is how exactly her dad used to ask her when she was troubled. But she could not call him and discuss with him because if she told his dad , he would never approve of what she was doing.

Arnav bent down and wiped her tears. She looked at him and got lost in his eyes.

Arnav looked at her and silently begged her to share her problem.

Khushi wanted to tell him but she just couldn't as Shyam had told her not to do any personal talks with ASR.

She got up and tried to force stern words out of her mouth

"Sir, this is my personal matter. I don't wish to discuss it with you" Khushi said out aloud, although she felt sad for hurting Arnav.

The fact that after hearing this statement Arnav was hurt , would be an understatement. But he did not get angry and walked up to his seat.

"Of course, why would she open up to me. I am her boss." He thought to himself.

After a few minutes, he cleared his throat and started giving her notes. After this they exchanged only professional talks.

It was lunch time now and Khushi went back to her cabin. She had not gotten her lunch today as she was very sad. She had not had anything since morning and now her stomach was growling. She decided to go to the cafeteria and eat something. 

Arnav saw her walking past through one of the windows. She still looked sad to him. He was genuinely worried for her . He thought to herself

"What might have happened to a girl who is so feisty all the time"

To check on Khushi , Arnav followed her to the cafeteria. 

She looked at the menu , but not finding anything of her choice , she ended up ordering a coffee. Her face looked pale as she had not eaten since yesterday night. Arnav noticed the paleness on her faceand got more worried.

"Hey, Can I join you?" offered a man.

"Yeah, sure" Said Khushi

"Hi, I am Aman. We have met officially but I did not get time to introduce myself to you personally" said a talkative Aman

"Oh Hi. Since we are playing Intro-Intro. I am Khushi Gu-Khanna" said a nervous Khushi after she realized that she was going to introduce herself as Khushi gupta.

" So , Khushi I see you don't like anything in the cafeteria , you just took a glass of coffee and the coffee also seems untouched" asked an inquisitive Aman.

"Oh well. The coffee is too strong for me. I drink mild one and now I don't feel like drinking it" said Khushi in a feeble voice.

From far behind the pillar, a pair of eyes were watching them. Worry still clear in his eyes. Yes, Arnav had sent Aman to talk to Khushi. Since Khushi would not open up in front of Arnav , he thought she might find a friend in Aman and not feel like a stranger in the office. He was listening to the conversation from behind, so that Khushi could not see him.

"Soo, Khushi did you have something for lunch? " Asked Aman

"Nnoo. I don't feel like eating today" said Khushi in a weak voice

"What is your favourite dish? I'll tell someone to get that for you" said Aman awkwardly. No one would say that in the first meet but Aman had been told by Arnav to do it and he knew what he would get if he did not follow his Boss's orders.

"Oh no Thanks. I will anyways make jalebi when I go home" She said it absent mindedly and now started thinking about Jalebi

"Oh so Jalebi is your favourite" Aman asked her

"Umm. Yeah. Hey listen I have to get going otherwise ASR will not leave me if I get late" Khushi said and got up. She was hungry but she wasn't in a mood to to talk to anyone right now.

"oh ok Bbye. Nice meeting you khushi"Aman said that and got up and went straight upto ASR.

"Get jalebis packed and delivered to her cabin right now." Arnav ordered Aman. Aman did not understand why his boss cared about his employee so much. He never cared about anyone. He was ASR , THE ASR. He did not care about anyone in this world.

"Why this girl? " Aman thought to himself. He did what ASR had told him to do.

When Khushi reached her cabin she saw Jalebis in her cabin. She became so thrilled and started eating like a kid. She ate almost half of the plate and then remembered that she had to thank Aman for being so sweet and getting it delivered to her cabin.
She saw he was talking on the phone , she stood behind him , waiting for him to disconnect.

"Yaa..ASR I kept it on the table. Don't worry , she will see them , I kept it on the table" Aman spoke to ASR on his phone.

Khushi heard this and her heart skipped a beat.

"ASR, brought jalebis for me?" she thought to herself, shocked and her lips formed a perfect "O".

Without thanking Aman , she returned back to her cabin still amazed as to why ASR ordered Jalebis for her. How did he know , she had not eaten all morning ? How did he know that her Jalebis were her favourite. Something pinched her heart seeing the care and concern of Arnav towards her. She was still in her profound thoughts when the phone rang

"Khushi, come to my cabin" Spoke ASR.

She went to his cabin and stood there and started admiring him. She could not understand what had happened to her.

"Khushi, Have a seat and start taking down notes for tomorrow's meeting" Arnav ordered her

"Sir why did you order Jalebis for me ?" the question popped out of her mouth immediately.

"Umm..I – I didn't ! I have other work to do than ordering Jalebis for my employees" Arnav managed to say .

On hearing him , a small laugh escaped her mouth and she looked at him. He looked at her back and smiled. Both their eyes met and the silence in the room was like music playing in the background. They both looked into each other's eyes for what anyone would call, an eternity.

The eye lock got perturbed when Aman knocked the door and they both gained their conscious selves back.

All her sadness had gone away with Arnav's small gesture. She was back to being happy and her face showed it. Arnav's gesture had surely touched her heart today.

On the other hand, Arnav couldn't believe that he had actually done that for a girl. He actually cared for her and his thoughts were filled with her now.

He dictated her the notes and she jotted them down happily. She had forgotten that she was here for Shyam's work .

"Why the hell isn't she picking up my phone" Said Shyam to himself.

"Sir , she must be busy" said another man

"Good, she is busy. Otherwise she keeps eating my brain about how much she is doing for me. Golia , go buy an expensive gift for her and right "with love , Shyam" on it. I'll give it to her. She will become happy for a week atleast." Said Shyam.

Yes, such was Shyam. Shyam was marrying Khushi because she was the daughter of the world famous industrialist Shashi Gupta. He had made her fall in his trap and the innocent Khushi was easy to trap for a guy like him. Shashi did not have a vast business in India. His business was mostly spread to Canada and parts of States , Japan and China. Marrying his only daughter, would make him established outside India too. Since Shashi did not visit India , he was oblivious to Shyam's misdeeds . When Khushi had told him that she wanted to marry Shyam , he had seen Shyam's financial background and given in to his daughter's wishes. A very small engagement ceremony was kept with only family members in Canada as Shashi was still not ready to be in India.

"My goal is near. I am going to rule this world soon" he let out a huge mocking laughter.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Love at first Sight Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Arnav Singh Raizada is the third year commerce student in one of the most reputed college of Delhi'. He is son of Delhi's business tycoon Amar Singh Raizada' He is the most arrogant. Ruthless and rude person'. People fear to talk to him'. He didn't talk to anyone except Aman who is his best friend'. Everyone in the college refers to him as ASR' He is the most handsome boy in the college' Girls drool over him but he hardly talks to them' And if he talks he insults them'.. But he was not like this before'.
Two years ago when he joined the college he was like all boys very naughty and at the same time fun loving' He use to flirt with girls but never crossed his limits'. He was liked by all in the college but everything got change when his younger sister anjali joined committed suicide six months before because of a boy named nivaan gupta' Arnav has received a note written by anjali "Nivaan I am sorry but I cannot forget what you did with me and I cant take it any more I am going"'. From that day only mission in arnav's life was to destroy this nivaan'. He found out from his source that anjali had a friend named nivaan gupta who is senior to them and have completed his college'  Anjali have met him through some of her friends in party'
Arnav was planning of taking revenge from him from a long time but then he came to know that he has a sister named khushi gupta so he thought of making nivaan suffer same as he had suffer' So he has asked aman for the information about this khushi gupta'.
Present day'.
After talking to aman arnav dropped aman to the Delhi airport as Aman was leaving for the Mumbai for meeting his family  and will be back after 8 days'. He dropped him and starts the car towards home' He knew his work will get completed in 10 days once aman is back from Mumbai' He has full faith on aman as he knows that aman will do this job effortlessly'. He knows that aman is very popular among students and juniors and he can easily squeeze out the information from them'.
He was driving towards his home when suddenly his car broke down and he gets down to see whats the problem' He was checking the car when suddenly he felt some one's hand on his chest from behind.. Some girl was hugging him from behind'
Arnav: What the!!!!
He turns around and pulls the girl and was about to shout when he looks at her and gets lost seeing her' She closed her eyes in fear and arnav was just looking at her' He felt as if he was seeing the most beautiful girl in the world'.. He didn't know when he pulled her more close and asked her in his husky voice..
Arnav: Open your eyes I will not do anything to you'
She opens her eyes and looks at him and she too gets lost in his eyes'. They were looking at each other when suddenly a voice of a man broke their trance'
Man: Dekho wo rahi'
Girl: Please save me they are trying to' Please save me'.
Arnav puts the girl behind him and says don't worry they will not do anything'. I will not let them to do anything to you' Arnav didn't know why but all of sudden he feels like protecting her from the whole world he can do anything to protect her' This was the first time he felt like this for someone'
Man comes near him and says Hey who are you she is ours you should be in line'
Arnav clenched his fist in anger and punches that man hard on his face'  and then he starts beating all the men till they ran away to save their life' After that he moves towards that girl'.
Arnav: You ok'
Girl just come and hugs him and says'.
Girl: Hmmm thank you'. If you would not have been today pata nahi kya hota'.
Arnav puts his hands around her waist he didn't know why but he liked hugging her' He was confused by his own behavior.. He never allowed any girl close to him but today he didn't stop himself from going close to her why he didn't know' He just know one thing there was something in her which is driving him crazy'.
Arnav: Its ok' Come I will drop you'.
Girl: No thank you I will go'.
Arnav: I don't want to fight again so please'. He smiles looking at her' She too smiles and nods her head'.
Arnav: But let me check my car first' Kuch problem ho gaya tha let me resolve it that we can move'.
Girl: Ok'.
He checks his car and then after sometime comes back to girl and says'
Arnav: Ok now its done we can move now' Come lets go and he opens the other side door for her'
She sits in the car and arnav too comes to the driving seat and starts driving the car'
Arnav:  So tum yaha itni raat mein kya kar rahi thi don't you know this road is not safe for girls'
Girl: Wo actually I lost my way and got stuck on that road thak god you came on time'
Arnav looks at her and realize she is so innocent agar mein nahi aata to pata nahi kya ho jata'
Arnav: So Where do you stay'
Girl: I will show you the way' I don't know the name I just remember the way when I came here but due to darkness I got confused and enteed in wrong lane but now I know'
Arnav: You don't know where do you stay'
Girl: Wo actually I am new here' I have come just yesterday as I have joined college here' So'
Arnav: Ohhh which college'
Girl: ST. George College' I have heard it is the best college here'
Arnav: Hmmm yes the best'. Welcome to our college Ms'
Girl: Khu.. Khushboo'.
Arnav: Khushboo nice name' So friends he extends his hands towards her'
Khushboo: Friends She shakes hand with him and then feels something'
Khushboo: Ye mujhe kya ho raha hai ek stranger k liye aisi feeling abhi hi to mile hai humlog and mein kya janti hu iske baare mein then why I am feeling like this why I liked hugging him and why I liked when he cared for me'. I have met many boys before but what's so special in him'..
Arnav snapped his fingers in front of her and says
Arnav: Hey khush' I mean can I call you khush'
Khushboo comes back to her sense and says hmmm actually my friends calls me khush' And you said our college you mean you are also in same college'
Arnvav: Wow and now I am your friend and yes I am also in same college I am third year commerce student and you'
Khushboo: Hmmm I am she lost somewhere
Arnav: Hey I am asking you something'
Khushboo: Hmmm yes I am in first year Arts'.
Arnav: Ok nice to meet you khush' and I am Arnav Singh Raizada.. you can call me Arnav'
Khushboo smiles at him and says nice to meet you too arnav'
Arnav thinks why I asked her to call me arnav I never do that I always call myself ASR then why I wants to bring arnav out for this girl what's so special in her'.
Khushboo: Ok stop I have reached'
Arnav: You stay here..
Khushboo: Yes that house is mine
Arnav: Ok bye see you tomorrow at college then'
Khushboo: Bye'. Arnav drives from their and khushboo moves towards her house thinking I am so sorry arnav meine tumhe apna real name nahi bataya but kya karti bhai said never disclose your real name to anyone isliye to college mein bhi its khushboo don't know why bhai asked me this and prepared all my documents on this name. Forget it naam mein kya rakha hai'. Yeh kal kab aayga'
Here arnav in his car was only thinking about khushboo how she hugged him twice her eyes her face her everything'..
Precap: Arnav and khushboo meets in college.