Thursday, 15 August 2013

Is your Love True??? Chapter 10

Chapter 10 (On request)
Arnav gets shock to hear that…. He stands up and pulled khushi roughly towards her and looks into her eyes and says…
Arnav: Don't lie kiara, I know that you love me… I have seen that in your eyes….
Khushi jerked his hands away from her body and says….
Khushi: Arnav behave yourself and I don't love you….
Arnav: Kiara I know you are pulling my leg haina I know now you will say that you too love me…
Khushi: Ohh arnav get out from your dream world sweetheart… I don't love you…. And why you felt that I love you…. I have made clear to you in the start that I don't love you… You are just my friend….
Arnav: But kiara, I thought you fell for me in this days… I mean we have spent so much time together…. You have told me that you liked me when I care for you, you liked me when I be possessive for you, you liked the way I touch you…
Khushi: Yes I said all this things but I liked all this things doesn't mean that I love you…. I like you but only as a friend… I cant love you arnav…..
Arnav: Why kiara…. Kya kami hai mujhme why can't you love me haan…. There are 1000's of girls who are just waiting for me and here you are telling me that you cant love me why kaira why….
Khushi: Because I love someone else…..
Arnav: What!!!!!
Ohhh this was the biggest shock for arnav… His life his kiara loves someone else… For the first time in his life he had love someone and now that girl says that she loves someone else….
Khushi: Yes I love someone else…. And I will marry him not you so please arnav… And I have always thought you as my good friend but you misunderstood me and I think now I should move out from this house…
Saying this she starts moving to her room to get her bags when arnav pulls her back and this she landed on his chest… She steadied herself and looks at him with anger in her eyes…
Arnav: Don't look at me like that… What do you think haan you will play with my feelings and I will let you go… You loved someone else and you still agree for this live in why kiara why… You know what I have never seen a characterless women like you…. You were already in the relationship and you still agree to live with me… Shii….
Khushi: STOP IT ARNAV…. What the hell do you think of yourself haan…. I agreed to stay with you because you said you just wanted to be with me as a friend and you have saved me once so I was just paying for that act by staying with you but only as friend and what you said I am characterless haan…. Then what you are arnav you are proposing me to marry you when you are already married Mr Raizada….
Arnav gets shock to hear this from her…. He leaves her and then looks at her and says…..
Arnav: Kiara….
Khushi: Yes arnav… What happen… Shocked… Thinking how I know about you being married…. I know everything Mr Raizada….
Khushi: I know how you married that poor girl for your own benefits… How you treated that girl after marriage… I know how you never looked at her properly…. I know how you never cared for that girl… I know how she uses to cry in the nights by sitting alone in the room… I know how she felt when you said that she is the most ugly girl he had ever seen and you don't want to look at her face in the future never… And I know how you said to get out from your life to her…. And how you never cared whether she is alive or not… why arnav just because she was not beautiful… What was her fault arnav in all this… Tell me she married you because your di wanted and what you have done arnav you removed her from your life as if she is not related to you…. Have you ever thought where she could have gone…. Whether she is alive or not… Arnav you have married her… Do you know what marriage means… No Mr Raizada I don't think you know agar jante to you would have not done all this things with khushi….. And now you are proposing me for the marriage why… Because I am beautiful…. Arnav what if I met with some accident and loose my beauty you will just leave me like you left khushi hai na…...
Arnav was just staring at her with shocked expressions thinking how kiara knows this much about khushi… Who is she… After few minutes he spoke…
Arnav: Kiara how you know all this…. I mean about khushi… and where is she….
She was about to tell him something when they heard the knock on the door….
Arnav moves to open the door and their he sees a very handsome man in his mid 20's standing in front of him…
Arnav: Yes….
Man: Yes who are you….
Arnav: Excuse me… this is my house and you are here so I should ask you this question….
Man: Ohh I am sorry… My name is arjun… Arjun Shergil.. And I came here to meet my fianc….
Arnav: Fiancee…. I think you are at wrong place….
Arjun: ohh no I am at right place and I have found her…
Arnav looks at him confused….
Arjun: Don't be confused, I am talking about her…  See their she is standing…. (He said pointing towards khushi)….
Arnav turns and looks towards the pointing finger of that man and gets shock as he was showing it towards khushi…
Arnav: Kiara….
Arjun didn't say anything to him and just walks inside and moves to khushi and hugs him tight…. Khushi too hugs him back and says….
Khushi: I missed you so much arjun…. I am glad that you came back….
Arjun: I missed you too baby…. So how is life…?
Khushi: Very dull but now it's good as you have came….. She said looking at arnav….
Arnav comes towards them and was looking at them in shock… He wanted to pull that arjun away from his kiara….
Khushi breaks the hug and looks at arnav…
Khushi: Arnav meet arjun… and arjun meet arnav my friend….remember I have told you about him….
Arjun: Yes of course sweetheart… But now you are not staying with him any more… We are moving ok…
Khushi: Ok waise bhi now there is nothing left to stay here….
Arnav was fuming looking at both…. But he controlled himself and moves close to khushi and says….
Arnav: Kiara please don't leave me like this… Atleast listen to me once…
Arjun looks at arnav with confused expressions and says…
Arjun: Kiara… who is she….
Arnav: Who is she means…. The girl standing in front of you… You so called fiance she is kiara Bakshi you don't even know her name…
Arjun: Ohh Arnav I think you are mistaken and I very well know the name of my fiance… Her name is khushi not kiara…. Khushi Gupta….
Ohhh seems as if today was the day of getting shock for arnav but this one was the biggest shock of today…. No not only of today but biggest shock of her whole life….
He looks at khushi with shocked expressions and says…
Arnav: Khushi…. Khushi Gupta…

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