Thursday, 15 August 2013

Is your Love True... Chapter 11

Chapter 11
Arnav: Khushi…. Khushi Gupta… Means my wife khushi gupta…
Khushi smiles and looks at him and says….
Khushi: Ohh so you remember the name of your wife haan…. I mean full name not bad haan….
Arnav looks at kiara with anger filled eyes and says….
Arnav: Kiara what kind of joke is this…. I mean what this arjun is saying….
Arnav who was standing besides khushi says….
Arjun: Ohh arnav I am not joking….. ok….
Khushi: Ohh arnav, arjun is right…… He is not joking…. Arjun is my fiance…. Why do you think that he will joke about this…..
Arjun: Yeah right…..
Arnav fumes… He pulls her by her shoulder and holds it tights almost digging his finger in her skin and says….
Arnav: Kiara I am not talking about that I am asking about you being khushi… What kind of joke is this….
Before khushi could say anything arjun replied again….
Arjun: Why do you think arnav that I am joking with you and why you are still calling khushi as kiara…. And leave khushi how dare you to touch her….
Arnav throws angry glares at arjun and tightens says….
Arnav: Arjun please leave from here I am not interested in talking to you and whoever she is kiara or khushi she is mine just leave… I said LEAVE….
Khushi: No arjun…. Don't go anywhere and arnav he will leave but not without me….. I am his fiance not yours…
Hearing this arnav became angrier and tightens her grip on khushi and she hissed in pain and said…
Khushi: Arnav you are hurting me… Just leave me…. (She tried struggling in his grip but his was too tight)….
Arnav: Kiara this is not the answer to my question damn it…. I want to know the truth…. Who are you and why arjun said that you are khushi…..
Now khushi looks at him with anger in her eyes and replied….
Khushi: You want to know the truth right ok to suno…. Yes I AM KHUSHI…. KHUSHI GUPTA oopppsss I mean KHUSHI ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA…. Your wife whom you have married one year before… Same khushi with whom you have behaved very badly…. Same khushi to whom you have not even looked properly after the marriage… Same khushi who use to think that some day her husband will love her, someday he will care for her but no arnav you never did…. And I am the same khushi who you have asked to get out of your life and never show you my face as I am the most ugliest girl in the world…. Yes I am khushi….
 Saying this tears started rolling down from her eyes and arjun's eyes too…. She then said….
Khushi:  Happy…. Now please can you leave me as you are hurting me MR ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA….
Arnav looked at her with shocked expressions and loosens his grip and tried to digest each and every word which khushi said...
He thinks "Is she the same khushi… But how is this possible… I mean she was so…. But, if she is khushi, then why she was staying with me as kiara… Why…..
Sensing that arnav has loosened his grip khushi removed his hands from her shoulders and snapped her fingers in front of him and says….
Khushi: Kya hua arnav sach sunkar acha nahi laga….
Arnav came from his shocked state and looks at her and says…
Arnav: Khushi…. Then why you were staying with me as kiara… It means all that was pretence why khushi why…. I cant believe that you played with my feelings…..
Khushi: I played arnav, you were the one who played with my life…. You married me because of your own di and when she died you removed me from your life as if I was nothing to you… you left me alone when I needed someone in my life… you know arnav I would have died if rahul jiju had not saved me….. You played with my life and I did this just to make you realize how it felt when your love didn't love you back….. And I think I am done with that you love me but you will not get me bye arnav I am going….
Arnav comes close to her and holds her hand and says…
Arnav: You cant leave me like this you are my wife damn it….
Khushi throws his hands off her and says…
Khushi: Wife…. Which wife arnav…. You never thought me as your wife and now just because I am beautiful you are accepting this relation…. Arnav I think you have forgot that you have already signed the divorce paper which means that our relation was broken from your end long back…. Now I am not your wife….
Arnav: Khushi…. I know I was wrong actually I was not ready for the marriage and….
But khushi cuts him and says…
Khushi: Ohhh just shut up arnav I am not that old khushi who will believe in this crap things….. You are not at all sorry for your deeds… Just because kiara is khushi you are saying all this…. Arnav while proposing kiara have you ever thought of khushi… No then why now….
Arnav:  I am sorry khushi…. Please forgive me and come back to me… I love you….
Khushi looks at him angrily and says…
Khushi: No arnav you don't love me you love kiara arnav… Kiara the super model, the beautiful girl who is very hot and sexy not khushi who was the ugliest girl in this world remember arnav….
Arnav: I I am so sorry for that khushi but please now I really love you and you are still my wife and I I promise that I will always keep you happy please khushi please forgive me….
Khushi: Just stop it arnav I am not fool to fall for you… You know what I hate you I just hate you to the core… You are the person responsible for all the pain that I have received in the past but you know I am really very thankful to you…. You know why because I got this new look only because of you and now I am no more the ugliest girl…. And yes I don't care a damn about you so please from now never ever show me your face or try to interfere in my life…..
She then moves to arjun and says…
Khushi: Arjun come lets go I don't want to spoil my mood with him…. He means nothing to me now….
Arjun nods and they starts moving towards the door when arnav comes to her and holds her hand and says….
Arnav: Khushi please please just give me last chance I promise I will keep you happy always… Just don't go please….
But khushi didn't listen to his pleadings… She removed his hands from her and went out of the house with arjun leaving broken arnav behind…..

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