Thursday, 15 August 2013

Is your Love True?? Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Should she say yes for the live in and after some days when arnav falls truly for her she can walk out by breaking his heart or should she say no because what will happen if she truly falls for him in this live in days…. She was confused……….
Arnav looked at her and snapped his fingers in front of her and says…. Kiara I think you got my disease of day dreaming…. Hearing this khushi came to her sense and says….
Khushi: NO arnav actually…. What you said…. I mean we have met just now and this live in….
Arnav: Kiara I know its too early but I am not asking you to love me or marry me…. I am just asking you for a live in where we will get to know each other better and agar sab thik hua than we can enter into a relationship…. But trust me I will never force you for anything…
Khushi: Arnav I think I need some time to think…
Arnav: Why am I that bad…. I know my past record about girls is not good but I promise I will never do anything without your permission….
Khushi: No you are not bad arnav but I don't have any feelings for you….
Arnav: It means you are scared... Scared that after living with me you will get feelings for me….
Khushi: No its not like that… And I am not scared of anything….
Arnav: To haan bolo na we will stay like good friends don't worry….
Khushi: Ok…. Tell me where I have to come…. But no flirting and nothing ok…..
Arnav: Ok done but a promise from your side…. That whenever you will something for me other then friendship you will tell me… you will not keep it to yourself…..
Khushi: Ok promise….
Arnav smiles and says be ready at 6 in the evening I will pick you up and we will move to my guesthouse….
Khushi: Ok done and thinks arnav singh Raizada this live in is going to change your life forever….
Here arnav thinks Kiara Bakshi I promise that you will fall for me in this live in and then………..
Khushi: Ok now let's go I am getting late for the office….
Arnav: Ok chalo… He then drops khushi to her office…..
 Khushi enters her office and gets busy in her work and forgets about her promise to arnav….
Arnav calls khushi at 5 in the evening….
Arnav: Kiara I will be their in one hour….
Khushi: For …
Arnav: Kiara is this a joke I mean we are going to my guest house remember…..
Khushi: Ohhh yes I was just joking don't worry I will be ready by 6….
Arnav: Ok see you at six then….
Khushi: Hmmm she keeps the call and think ohh shit mein yeh kaise bhul gayi…. I have to go home and inform pooja and jiju about this…. She left her office and reach home in 15 minutes…. She enters the house and calls pooja…
Pooja: Kya hua khushi why are you in so much hurry….
Khushi: Pooja I need to talk to you and jiju about something very important… Where is jiju….
Pooja: He is busy with some important surgery he will be late today…
Khushi: Ohh no…
Pooja: Kya hua khushi….
Khushi: Actually Arnav proposed me today….
Pooja: What!!!!!!!!!
Khushi: Hmmm and that too for a live in… I mean he told me he wants to know more about me and want to enter into a relationship with me but only if I agree….
Pooja: Wow khushi I think this is the best opportunity we can get… I mean by staying with him you can make him fall for you more….
Khushi: But pooja agar kuch wrong….
Pooja: No khushi don't worry nothing will go wrong we have waited for this from so long and DM is giving us this chance we have to take it khushi….
Khushi: Hmmm I too thought the same and said yes to him and he will be here at 6 to pick me up… But jiju will he agree for this…
Pooja: Ohh wow that's great… and don't worry about rahul I will handle him and I am sure he will also think the same…. And khushi remember one thing just act everything ok…. I mean just make him believe that you too love her but just by your act never say it and make him fall for you hard and please I am repeating please don't fall for him… I know its very difficult for you but still you have to be strong and keep your mission in your mind everytime….
Khushi: hmmm I know pooja I can never forget my insult and everything…. I just hate him pooja but for making him realize his mistake and to make him suffer I am ready  for this…. Ab pata chalega arnav singh Raizada ko how it feels when someone whom you love ditches you and says you are not made for me or you or not upto my level to love you…. Saying this khushi had tears in her eyes and pooja keeps her hand on her shoulder and says…
Pooja: ssshhh khushi its not the time for tears…. Now it's the time to give him this tears….
Khushi wipes her tears and moves to her room for getting ready and correct at 6 her cell rings…. Khushi sees arnav's name flashing on it and smiles….
Khushi: yes arnav I am ready will be down in 5 mins…
Arnav: Ok come soon I am waiting….
Khushi come down with her belongings and hugs pooja and moves out towards arnav's car….
Arnav comes to her and took her bags and kept in the car and opens the door for her to seat… After settling he drives the car to his guesthouse…..

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