Thursday, 15 August 2013

Is your Love True??? Chapter 7

Chapter 7
They reached the guest house and arnav steps out of the car and opens the door for khushi' Khushi gets out and says "Thanks arnav"
Arnav: My pleasure sweetheart'. You know I really like to do all this for you and I am ready to do this for the whole life'.
Khushi: So sweet of you arnav'. Let's go inside I am dying to see your guesthouse because from outside its looking damn beautiful'..
Arnav: Ok come'. They moved towards the door and arnav rang the bell'
Khushi: Arnav I thought nobody stays here and we are going to live alone'.
Arnav: Kiara'.. Don't worry we will be staying alone only'. Nobody stays here but today as we were going to come I have asked my servants to clean the house and also prepare some dinner for us'. They will leave after doing their work'.
Khushi: Ok'. I thought we will be staying with your family'. Arnav was about to say something when door gets open and they entered the house' Arnav asked the servant to bring their bags from the car and put them in their room'..
Khushi: Wow arnav I must say its very beautiful'. I mean I loved it a lot and thanks for asking me to stay here I will really enjoy myself'.
Arnav: Thanks kiara and I always wanted that you should enjoy yourself with me in this house'.
Khushi: What!!!!!
Arnav: I mean you should enjoy your stay in this house'.
Khushi: hmmm right'. So where is my room'.
Arnav: first floor second in the right'.
Khushi: Ok and yours'.
Arnav: Same' I mean we are in live in so I think we should stay in one room right'
Khushi was looking at him in shocked and then she says'
Khushi: Arnav wo actually'..
Arnav: Its ok kiara I was just kidding mine is first on the left'..
Khushi: Ohhh God you scared me'. Ok I am leaving for my room will see you in some time'
Arnav: Ok I will wait for you on the dinner table'..
Khushi moves to her room and then arranges her stuff and takes shower and changes into a night dress and sits on the bed thinking what should be her first move' After sometime she walked downstairs and went towards the dining table'. Arnav was already sitting on the table and was waiting for her'.
Arnav: Hey kiara you took so much time'
Khushi: I am so sorry arnav you know I was deciding my night dress'.
Arnav gets up from his chair and moved towards khushi and came behind her and whispered in her ears' "Why kiara, wanted to impress me"'.. Khushi closed her eyes and said "Arnav wo I'.."
Arnav cuts her sentence and says "I know and trust me kiara you don't need to impress me I am already impressed'.." Saying this he moves away from their and khushi took the breath which she was holding for a long time'.
Arnav: Have a seat kiara'. Lets eat something'
Khushi: Hmmm.. She sat on the chair' Her cheeks all red'.
Arnav sees that and thinks "Wow kiara you are blushing it means my charm is working on you too you just do show off that it didn't work on you' I am sure you will fall for me really very soon and then you will be mine'."
They had their dinner and khushi walks to her room saying that she is feeling very sleepy'.
Arnav: Ok but remember one thing if you need anything then I am just a call away ok'
Khushi: Ok'.
Khushi moves to her room and stands in front of the mirror and smiles'.
Khushi: Good going khushi I am sure arnav had seen your fake blush and now he will think that you are falling for his charm but arnav singh Raizada don't know that very soon he is gonna fall for me'.. Nice act sweetheart''
She moves to the bed to sleep but then she got an idea'. She gets up from the bed and tip toed to the living room' Nobody was their in the room' Servants have cleaned the house and moved out and arnav was in his room' She walks to the poolside'..
Khushi to herself "As per me switch should be here agar yaha nahi hua to I would have to search for it'." But to her luck she got what she wanted'. Main fuse of the house'. She walks towards it by taking nearby chair with her' She gets on the chair and removed half of it'. But it was enough for the lights to go'. Now it was dark all over the place' Khushi walked to the kitchen using her cell and then her plan started'.
She started shouting'
Khushi: Arnav arnav where are you' Arnav'..
Arnav was in his room working on his laptop when suddenly lights went off and he searched for  his mobile and step out when he heard khushi's voice'.
Arnav: Kiara' Oh shit' He rans to her room but she was no where' Khushi again shouted arnav where are you'
Arnav: Kiara where are you I am looking for you'.
Khushi: Arnav I am in kitchen'.
Arnav: Kitchen' What the hell she is doing in the kitchen at this time' He ran towards the kitchen and says'.
Arnav: Kiara'.
Khushi sees him and runs towards him and hugs him tight'. Arnav gets shock but he liked this feeling'. He liked when her soft body was pressed against his chest'.
Arnav: Kiara what happen?
Khushi: Wo arnav I am afraid of dark please don't leave me alone please'.
Arnav: ssshhh kiara I will not don't worry come lets go the room'. Then I will see what is the problem'.
Khushi: No I will not stay alone in the room I will come with you'. Please don't leave me'
Arnav: Ok kiara' Come lets see the fuse'. Its near poolside'
Khushi: Ok' She pulled back from the hug and holds his arms tight'. Arnav assures her from his eyes that everything will be alright' They starts walking to the poolside and khushi was tightening her grip around his arms' Arnav puts his hand on hers and they walked to the poolside' He gets on the chair and then fixes the fuse'. And lights were back'.
Arnav gets down and looked at khushi'.
Arnav: So Ms bakshi who looks so strong is afraid of dark haan'.
Khushi looks down and just nods her head in yes'.
Arnav: Now you don't need to worry see lights are back and also I am always with you ok'
Khushi hugged him and says thanks arnav' Arnav hugs her back' He closes his eyes as he wanted to feel her'

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