Thursday, 15 August 2013

Is Your Love True.... Prologue

Khushi: Please arnav don't leave me I will die without you' Please'.
Arnav: Then die I don't care khushi'. I don't love you'. I love someone else' I marry you only because of Di's happiness and now when she is not here I don't think I should stay with you anymore'.
Khushi: Arnav please don't do this to me'. Please' I don't have anyone accept you in my life' How I will live without you'. You are my husband arnav' I love you'. Please don't go don't leave me'
Arnav: I said I don't care'. You know that you don't mean anything to me' I am Arnav Singh Raizada'. I was the most eligible bachelor in Delhi and Di tied me with you''' Have you seen you in the mirror'. Just look at you'. Do you think you suites me'. You are the most ugliest girl I have seen and you want me to love you'. No never'. I married you  because of my Di's last wish' Don't know what she had seen in you and I didn't want to disappoint her in her last stage because I love my di a lot but now when she is no more I don't think I need you so just get lost from my life'.
Khushi was all the while crying listening to his harsh words'.
Arnav: And yes I will send you the divorce paper please sign on it and send it back'. And please send it through courier I don't want to see your face again' Please never ever come in my life again'.
Saying this he moves out of the room calling someone and khushi sits on the bed crying holding her knees close to her chest'..

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