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Love at first Sight Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Arnav Singh Raizada is the third year commerce student in one of the most reputed college of Delhi'. He is son of Delhi's business tycoon Amar Singh Raizada' He is the most arrogant. Ruthless and rude person'. People fear to talk to him'. He didn't talk to anyone except Aman who is his best friend'. Everyone in the college refers to him as ASR' He is the most handsome boy in the college' Girls drool over him but he hardly talks to them' And if he talks he insults them'.. But he was not like this before'.
Two years ago when he joined the college he was like all boys very naughty and at the same time fun loving' He use to flirt with girls but never crossed his limits'. He was liked by all in the college but everything got change when his younger sister anjali joined committed suicide six months before because of a boy named nivaan gupta' Arnav has received a note written by anjali "Nivaan I am sorry but I cannot forget what you did with me and I cant take it any more I am going"'. From that day only mission in arnav's life was to destroy this nivaan'. He found out from his source that anjali had a friend named nivaan gupta who is senior to them and have completed his college'  Anjali have met him through some of her friends in party'
Arnav was planning of taking revenge from him from a long time but then he came to know that he has a sister named khushi gupta so he thought of making nivaan suffer same as he had suffer' So he has asked aman for the information about this khushi gupta'.
Present day'.
After talking to aman arnav dropped aman to the Delhi airport as Aman was leaving for the Mumbai for meeting his family  and will be back after 8 days'. He dropped him and starts the car towards home' He knew his work will get completed in 10 days once aman is back from Mumbai' He has full faith on aman as he knows that aman will do this job effortlessly'. He knows that aman is very popular among students and juniors and he can easily squeeze out the information from them'.
He was driving towards his home when suddenly his car broke down and he gets down to see whats the problem' He was checking the car when suddenly he felt some one's hand on his chest from behind.. Some girl was hugging him from behind'
Arnav: What the!!!!
He turns around and pulls the girl and was about to shout when he looks at her and gets lost seeing her' She closed her eyes in fear and arnav was just looking at her' He felt as if he was seeing the most beautiful girl in the world'.. He didn't know when he pulled her more close and asked her in his husky voice..
Arnav: Open your eyes I will not do anything to you'
She opens her eyes and looks at him and she too gets lost in his eyes'. They were looking at each other when suddenly a voice of a man broke their trance'
Man: Dekho wo rahi'
Girl: Please save me they are trying to' Please save me'.
Arnav puts the girl behind him and says don't worry they will not do anything'. I will not let them to do anything to you' Arnav didn't know why but all of sudden he feels like protecting her from the whole world he can do anything to protect her' This was the first time he felt like this for someone'
Man comes near him and says Hey who are you she is ours you should be in line'
Arnav clenched his fist in anger and punches that man hard on his face'  and then he starts beating all the men till they ran away to save their life' After that he moves towards that girl'.
Arnav: You ok'
Girl just come and hugs him and says'.
Girl: Hmmm thank you'. If you would not have been today pata nahi kya hota'.
Arnav puts his hands around her waist he didn't know why but he liked hugging her' He was confused by his own behavior.. He never allowed any girl close to him but today he didn't stop himself from going close to her why he didn't know' He just know one thing there was something in her which is driving him crazy'.
Arnav: Its ok' Come I will drop you'.
Girl: No thank you I will go'.
Arnav: I don't want to fight again so please'. He smiles looking at her' She too smiles and nods her head'.
Arnav: But let me check my car first' Kuch problem ho gaya tha let me resolve it that we can move'.
Girl: Ok'.
He checks his car and then after sometime comes back to girl and says'
Arnav: Ok now its done we can move now' Come lets go and he opens the other side door for her'
She sits in the car and arnav too comes to the driving seat and starts driving the car'
Arnav:  So tum yaha itni raat mein kya kar rahi thi don't you know this road is not safe for girls'
Girl: Wo actually I lost my way and got stuck on that road thak god you came on time'
Arnav looks at her and realize she is so innocent agar mein nahi aata to pata nahi kya ho jata'
Arnav: So Where do you stay'
Girl: I will show you the way' I don't know the name I just remember the way when I came here but due to darkness I got confused and enteed in wrong lane but now I know'
Arnav: You don't know where do you stay'
Girl: Wo actually I am new here' I have come just yesterday as I have joined college here' So'
Arnav: Ohhh which college'
Girl: ST. George College' I have heard it is the best college here'
Arnav: Hmmm yes the best'. Welcome to our college Ms'
Girl: Khu.. Khushboo'.
Arnav: Khushboo nice name' So friends he extends his hands towards her'
Khushboo: Friends She shakes hand with him and then feels something'
Khushboo: Ye mujhe kya ho raha hai ek stranger k liye aisi feeling abhi hi to mile hai humlog and mein kya janti hu iske baare mein then why I am feeling like this why I liked hugging him and why I liked when he cared for me'. I have met many boys before but what's so special in him'..
Arnav snapped his fingers in front of her and says
Arnav: Hey khush' I mean can I call you khush'
Khushboo comes back to her sense and says hmmm actually my friends calls me khush' And you said our college you mean you are also in same college'
Arnvav: Wow and now I am your friend and yes I am also in same college I am third year commerce student and you'
Khushboo: Hmmm I am she lost somewhere
Arnav: Hey I am asking you something'
Khushboo: Hmmm yes I am in first year Arts'.
Arnav: Ok nice to meet you khush' and I am Arnav Singh Raizada.. you can call me Arnav'
Khushboo smiles at him and says nice to meet you too arnav'
Arnav thinks why I asked her to call me arnav I never do that I always call myself ASR then why I wants to bring arnav out for this girl what's so special in her'.
Khushboo: Ok stop I have reached'
Arnav: You stay here..
Khushboo: Yes that house is mine
Arnav: Ok bye see you tomorrow at college then'
Khushboo: Bye'. Arnav drives from their and khushboo moves towards her house thinking I am so sorry arnav meine tumhe apna real name nahi bataya but kya karti bhai said never disclose your real name to anyone isliye to college mein bhi its khushboo don't know why bhai asked me this and prepared all my documents on this name. Forget it naam mein kya rakha hai'. Yeh kal kab aayga'
Here arnav in his car was only thinking about khushboo how she hugged him twice her eyes her face her everything'..
Precap: Arnav and khushboo meets in college.

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