Thursday, 15 August 2013

Love at first Sight... Prologue

Arnav: Aman find out who is this new girl khushi in our college'.
Aman: Why arnav I mean you never asked about any girl' Girls themselves come to you then why are you asking about khushi'
Arnav: Aman she is nivan's sister'.
Aman: What nivaan' You mean nivaan gupta's sister'.
Arnav: Yes aman and I have got the information that she has joined our college as a first year student so I want you to find out who is she and with her photo'.
Aman:  But ASR I am scared' I mean what nivaan has done was bad I know but please ASR don't say that you are going to do same with her sister' I mean whatever happened to angie was not good but'.
Arnav: Please aman you know I don't like people questioning me'. And what nivaan done with anji was bad but what I am going to do with her sister is going to be worst'. I want him to learn that what it feels when your sister wakes up screaming at night'. And when your sister commits suicide in front of you' I want that b*****d to feel the pain what I went through after loosing angie'
Aman: Don't you think ASR you will be punishing an innocent soul in this'
Arnav: My angie was also innocent aman'.
Aman: But ASR''.
Arnav: Aman do as I say and please I don't want any further discussions on this'. I thought angie was like your sister too but no'
Aman: ASR angie was like my sister and for her I can do anything but what you are going to do with khushi is just wrong'..
Arnav: Ok if you don't like than stay away from me I will do that work' But remember from today you will be not my friend'
Aman: Ohhh please ASR I know I can do anything for you as you are my best friend Ok' I will bring all the information about khushi with her photograph'.
Arnav: Thanks aman' Now I will be able to sleep properly at night only when I will find out who is that girl...

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