Thursday, 29 August 2013

Will You Marry Me.... Prologue

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Hello friends...
I have started a new FF... Hope you all will like it...
 Arnav: Aman I want her in my cabin right now'..
Aman: But ASR its her first day' And she don't know much about our rules so please give her last chance'.
Arnav: Aman I said I want her in my cabin right now' I think you want to give your resignation'.
Aman: ASR'.
Arnav: Yeah I thought that you got a new job of her secretary so I thought maybe you are thinking of leaving this job'.
Aman: No ASR I was just'..
Arnav: Aman now you are really provoking me to do the worst with you' You very well know that I don't like people who argue with me'.
Aman: Ok ASR I will send her'..
Arnav: good'.
Aman walks out of his cabin and moves downstairs towards the staff'.
Aman: Khushi'.. ASR wants you in his cabin now'.
Khushi was fiddling with her dupatta' Her face was clearly showing how much scared she was' But nothing can be done as ASR himself was calling her' all knew how ruthless and arrogant he was and if somebody breaks his rule he can be more heartless'.
Khushi: Aman I'..
Aman: Khushi please go to his cabin or he will fire me' I have tried my best but' He is really very angry on you' all the best'
Khushi gulps hearing his words'. It was her first day in the office and now may be the last day'
She started walking towards his cabin'. She stands in front of the cabin and closed her eyes as she wanted to gather some courage before facing that Devil'.. or in her language Rakhshas'..
After few minutes she opens her eyes and knocks on the door'..
Arnav: COME IN!!!!! arnav shouted from inside''.