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Love at First Sight... Chapter 11 to 15

Chapter 11
Everyone looks at doctor with shocked expressions'

Nivaan: Child' Means she was pregnant'

Doctor: Yes she was two weeks pregnant' But unfortunately she lost her child'.

Nivaan closed his eyes and hits the wall and was about to fall when aman holds him'

Aman: Nivaan sambhalo apne aap ko'

Nivaan: She was pregnant aman and I don't even know who the father is'. Why khushi why you didn't tell me anything'. He then sees payal and lavanya and walks to them and says'

Nivaan: You both are khushi's friend and I am sure that you two must be knowing about him.. Who is he? And why is he not here now.. Did he used my khushi'. Please tell me please'..

Lavanya and payal too were in tears and before they could replied anything aman replied to him'

Aman: Nivaan ASR is the father of her child'.

Ohh poor nivaan he agains get shock' He comes to aman and says'

Nivaan: ASR you mean Arnav Singh Raizada'.

Aman: Yes nivaan'. They both were in love'. He then narrates everything to the nivaan from the start how they met how they fall in love and how ASR was forgetting about his revenge from nivaan and khushi and then he comes to know that khushboo is khushi and he felt cheated and he broke with khushi'.

Nivaan: You you mean ASR now knows that khushi is my sister'

Aman: Hmm' And see tumhare galtiyon ki saza use mil rahi hai'

Nivaan: I have not done anything aman.. I loved anjali' But you too are like arnav.. You will not believe me an mujhe isi baat ka dar tha and see what happened'. Khushi is now in hospital and arnav's revenge is over'..

Aman: Yes nivaan I don't believe you not because I am with ASR but because I have seen angie's state with my eyes and also that suicide note' You have killed that poor soul'..

Nivaan: Shut up Aman I loved angie how can I kill her'.

Aman was about to say something when Akash shouted'

Akash: STOP IT GUYS'. We are at hospital and their khushi is lying in coma and you two are fighting over past'. I think we have life time for this as of now we have to look after khushi'.

Both nivaan and aman looked down and nodded'..

After sometime doctor shifted khushi to the room' Everyone goes to meet khushi' She was lying on the bed like a dead body' No movement nothing'. Her face was looking pale'.

Nivaan went to her and pulled the chair and sit beside her holding her hand and says'

Nivaan: Please khushi come back' Please'. I have only you in my life'. If anything happens to you I will not be able to live khushi' After angie if I am alive than only for you khushi'. I am sorry because of me you are in such a state'

He kissed her fingers and was still crying when he heard a voice which made him change look at the door'.

"So Mr Nivaan Gupta how are you feeling after looking at your sister in this state"'.

Nivaan looks at the door and gets shocked to see arnav standing at the door'..

Arnav enters the room and looks at khushi'.. He felt a sharp pain in his heart looking at her lifeless form' He wanted to go to her and took her in his arms and take her pain away but then he saw nivaan standing in front of him and he remembered angie's death body'. Her cries everything''

His expression changes from sad to that of anger and he said'

Arnav: So nivaan how are you feeling after looking at you sister'. Tell me' Haan'. You should be thankful that atleast she is alive and not death''

Everyone in the room throws an angry glare at him'. But he ignored everyone and walks towards nivaan and stands beside him and says'

Arnav: So nivaan how is your feeling haan tell me' ohh I should know because I have already gone through that' You know nivaan I am really very happy today to see you in this state'. Your helplessness, your pain your cries it is giving me a different kind of happiness and finally I will be able to sleep peacefully now'.

Saying this he started walking back without looking at khushi'.. when nivaan said'

Nivaan: You are wrong arnav you will not be able to sleep peacefully because the girl lying here is not only my sister but also the one who loved you and who has submitted herself to you by trusting you'

Arnav turned back and said'

Arnav: No nivaan she is not my love' I loved khushboo and not khushi' she is a Deceit just like you'.. And make sure nivaan if ever she wakes up from the coma she don't come in front of me or else it will be worse for her'.

He then looks at aman and akash and said..

Arnav: And you both thanks a lot for showing me your true colours really very soon' I thought I had you guys in my life for supporting me and for punishing nivaan for what he did to angie but I was wrong' I think you both are also like khushi and nivaan'..

Akash: ASR it is not like that.. We still are friends and we will be friends.. Its just that khushi needs us..

Arnav: Sorry to say akash but now I don't need you guys' Aman has already broke his friendship with me and now I am breaking with you.. So from now ASR is alone and he is not a friend of any damn person' I can manage my life alone'.

Saying this he walks out of the hospital' Akash was about to say something but aman stopped him saying'

Aman: Jane do akash he is not in a state to listen' He will regret everything and I want him to be alone and to regret things'..

Arnav walked out of the hospital and drove back to the RM'. On the way he was getting images of lifeless khushi lying on the hospital bed'. He closed his eyes but these images were haunting him'. He stops the car and bangs his fist on the steering'.

Here at hospital'.

Nivaan: I think you all should leave now' I will take care of her'.. And you guys must be tired na'

Lavanya: Nivaan I think you should go and take rest and me and payal will stay with khushi'

Nivaan: No lavanya I want to be with khushi' Please'

Aman: I think nivaan is right' Let him stay here and then we will come back in the morning'And nivaan please let us know if you needs anything'.

Nivaan nodded and everyone moved out from their'.

Few days passed and khushi's condition was still the same' She was still in coma' Nivaan was always with her and will make sure that he keeps on talking to her'. Aman, akash, lavanya and payal visits khushi daily and they keeps on praying for her'. Arnav has became more arrogant than before..He hardly comes to college and spends most of his time in his room' His family didn't know what happens to him'. They tried their best to talk to him but he hardly speal to anyone.. He just work and study and that's it'.

One month passed''

Nivaan was sitting in the hospital holding khushi's hand when he felt some movement.. He looks at her fingers and realizes that they were moving'. He calls doctor'

Doctor comes running and started checking khushi'. After sometime they said'

Doctor: Congratulation Mr Gupta she is out of Coma now but she is still unconscious but will wake up in few hours'.

Nivaan smiles and hugs doctor and said'

Nivaan: Doctor sach' Thank you doctor.. Thanks a lot'.

He then breaks the hug and looks at khushi and tears started flowing from his eyes'. He hugs khushi and cried'..

He then broke the hug and calls aman to give him the good news'.

Aman: What' Really' I am so happy nivaan' We are coming nivaan'

After one hour'.

Aman: Nivaan I am so happy' Now everything will be alright' But when she will get up'

Lavanya: Yeah I am so excited to talk to her after such a long time'.

They were busy in their talks when suddenly they heard something'

"Arnav' Ar arnav"'

They turned and looked at the source of voice and it was khushi's voice' She was gaining her conscious back'.

She slowly moved her fingers and then her hands'. Nivaan and everyone comes close to her and she slowly opens her eyes'. She looks at nivaan and then at everyone'

She smiles looking at them and then she said'

Khushi: Arnav'.

Everyone gets sad'.

Khushi then looked at her surrounding and realized that she is in hospital' Suddenly everything became clear to her' Her meet with arnav' their talks' His accusations and then her accident'

She closed her eyes and tears started from her eyes'. She then remember about something and opens her eyes instantly and said'

Khushi: Bhaiyaan how is my child'.

Everybody looks at her with painful expressions'.


Chapter 12

Khushi looks at them and gets scared' She again asked'

Khushi: Bhaiyaan why you all re looking at me like this' Tell me na how is my child' All were looking towards her with painful eyes'. Khushi once again looked at them and then she said'

Khushi: Ohh I am so sorry' I am such an idiot'. She then calls nivaan and make him sit beside her and holds his hand and says'.

Khushi: Bhaiyaa I am sorry' I am really very sorry'. I have not told you this' I love someone bhaiyaan and I have trusted him and submitted myself to him bhaiyaan and I got pregnant' I am really sorry for not telling you this'.. But Arnav broke with me bhaiyaan.. I don't know what he was telling about you but he thought me as cheater and he broke with me'.

Saying this she started crying more' Nivaan too was in tears and he clutched her hands tight and says'

Nivaan: I know khushi' I know everything' aman told me about all this'

Khushi looks at nivaan and then says'

Khushi: bhaiyaan then please ask these doctors na that how is my baby'. Please...

Nivaan hugged khushi tight and cried on her shoulders and said'

Nivaan: Khushi your baby is no more' You lost your child in this accident'..

Khushi gets shocked'. Her hands which were on nivaan's back fell down and she just stayed like that' Nivaan sense that and he broke the hug' He looks at khushi' She was just staring blankly at nivaan'

Nivaan shook her and said'.

Nivaan: Khushi kya hua' Khushi please tell something' Please khushi' Your baby is no more'.

Fresh tears started flowing from her eyes'. She clutched her tummy and started crying loudly saying'

Khushi: Bhaiyaan my baby'. I want my baby back' I want him bhaiyaan' I have already lost arnav I don't want to loose my baby please bhaiyaan say that you are lying please'.

Nivaan hugged her and said'.

Nivaan: Khushi please sambhalo apne aap ko' You have to be strong'. Please khushi'.

Khushi hugged nivaan tight and cried on his shoulders till she became unconscious'

Nivaan pulled back from the hug'

Nivaan: Khushi khushi what happen to you'.

Aman runs out of the room to call doctor'. Doctor comes and checks khushi and says'

Doctor: She fainted due to shock' She will be up soon' Don't worry'.

Doctor left the room and everyone sits near khushi'

Aman wanted to go and fight with arnav for putting khushi in this condition but he knows that it was of no use and he also wanted to tell arnav that khushi lost her child only because of him but he didn't say because he thought that it will be good if he comes to know this from khushi'.

After few hours khushi wakes up'. She just looks at everyone and started crying again'.

Everyone consoles her'. Next few days passed and condition of khushi was still the same' She has stopped talking' She hardly eats food'. She always use to cry thinking about her child and arnav'' Everyone tried their best to keep her happy but she ends up crying'.

Now more 15 days were passed and khushi was at home'. She was in her room sitting on the bed and was crying hugging her pillow'. When lavanya, payal, aman and akash comes to her'.

Payal and lavanya sits beside her and lavanya spoke'

Lavanya: Khushi I know you have suffered a huge loss but khushi till when you will be like this'. I mean come on yaar you have your whole life in front of you'. I know you have loved him truly and deeply but what he did' Do you think he deserves your tears'. I know you lost your child but khushi you have to be strong hai na' You have to show him that you can live without him and that too very happy'..

Payal: Yes khushi lavanya is right' We want you to join the college again'. I know it will be very difficult for you to face the people and arnav but khushi you have to be strong you have to think about your future'. Your life is not finished khushi' Please khushi at least think about your brother to whom you means a lot'. For him be strong and come out in the world and face arnav show him that he cant do anything'..

Aman and akash who were standing beside the bed too came near khushi and aman said'.

Aman: Yes khushi you know ASR told me that I should remove your name from the college at any cost but I didn't do that and I will not allow him to do that and you have to show him that what he did was wrong' You have to make him realize his mistake'

Akash: Yes khushi' If you will just sit here and cry than you will ruin your life' don't do that be strong for yourself, for us, for nivaan who loves you a lot'. Do you think we are happy by seeing you in this condition' No khushi' For one person don't punish so many people'..

Khushi looks at all of them and hugs payal and lavanya and says'

Khushi: You all are right' I will be strong' I will join college'. I will show him that I am still happy without him'. I will make him realize that he was wrong and and most important I will make him realize that he misunderstood my brother'.

They all nodded and smiles and aman said'

Aman: That's like a good girl' Now come on get ready we are leaving for the college'.

Khushi: Not now aman' I mean I am ready to be strong but for facing arnav I need few more days' Just few more days and I will join college'.

Aman: Ok take your time khushi but I want you to join college and that's final and that too without any stress or tension ok' I want a strong khushi.. Very strong'.

Khushi: hmmm'.. Thanks aman for being with me'. I know its very hard for you but you are still with me'

Aman: Sshhh khushi I know you are innocent in all this'.. so you don't need to thank me'. Ok now rest we will see you tomorrow' Khushi nods her head and they left from their' Nivaan was standing at the door' He listened everything and got tears in his eyes' But this time tears of happiness he was very happy to see that khushi have good friends unlike him'.

Nivaan thanks everyone and they left from their'.

After one month'..

Khushi: Lavanya I said stop it'.. Please payal make her understand that I cant wear this'.

Lavanya: Why khushi why you cant wear this'. This will look so good on you'. Come on yaar'.

Khushi: Lavanya I have never wear such clothes then how can I'. Please lavanya I will do any other thing but not this'

Lavanya: No khushi you have promised us that you will do anything so this is what we want you to do'. Come on khushi I am not asking you to wear a bikini its just a simple top'

Khushi: Yeah simple top above my knees'.

Lavanya: So what khushi'. See I too wear this and payal look at her'. I have made her wear that than why cant you'. Please khushi for my sake' Please'

Khushi: But lavanya'

Lavanya: Tumhe meri kasam khushi'

Khushi: Great lavanya' Ok I will wear that'

Lavanya smirks and khushi went to the bathroom to change her clothes' Today after so many days khushi was going to her college'..

She came back wearing that dress'. (imagine katrina's frock from Ajab prem ki Gazab kahani)'.. She was looking very beautiful'.

Lavanya looked at her and whistled seeing her' Khushi blush and lavanya says'

Lavanya: Come lets go'.

They get into lavanya's car and drove to the college'.

They step down from the car and they were walking towards the campus'.

Lavanya noted khushi's expressions'. She was lost somewhere' Lavanya can sense that she was thinking about her and ASR' She holds her hand tight and said'

Lavanya: Khushi you know na you have to be strong'.

Khushi nodded her head'. They started walking when suddenly lavanya said'

Lavanya: Ohh shit I forgot my cell'. I will bring that from my car' You both wait here'.

She went from their and payal received a call from someone'. Khushi was standing alone'. She was looking at lavanya'. Suddenly her foot hit something and she was falling down when someone catches her''


Chapter 13

Khushi closed her eyes in fear But then she slowly opened them when she felt a pair of arms on her waist holding her.. She then looked at the person standing in front of her. She had not seen him before. She gets out of his arms and said

Khushi: Thanks.

Boy: Hey don't be Because I love saving beautiful girls.

Khushi smiles hearing this.

Boy: So you are new in this college

Khushi: No I was not well so I was on leave

Boy: Ohhh means you are my senior because I am new Hello Myself Samrat Shergil You can call me Sammy.

Khushi: Hello I am khush Khushi Gupta and you can call me khushi..

Samrat: Hey wow khushi nice name haan But I will call you khush hope this is ok with you.

Khushi smiles and says

Khushi: Ok.

Samrat was about to say something when lavanya and payal both comes their.

Lavanya sees samrat and says

Lavanya: Hey Sammy you here.

Samrat: Hey hi lav. Yeah this beautiful girl was going to fall and you know Sammy cant see a beautiful girl getting hurt so I saved her By the way lav meet khushi. She is my new friend She was not well so she was on leave and now she is back. And khushi meet lav I mean lavanya my very first friend in the college but sad that she is already engage

Lavanya hits samrat on his arms and says

Lavanya: Shut up Sammy and khushi just don't mind haan he is new here and a non stop chatter box and unfortunately my friend too se we have to bear him

Khushi: Its ok lavanya.

Samrat: You know her

Lavanya: Sammy she is my best friend khushi and she was on leave..

Samrat: But your best friend is payal na

Lavanya: Ohh kitna bolte ho tum. Are we three are best friend ok Now can we go to the classroom.

Samrat: Ok.

They start moving to the classroom and khushi was smiling sue to continuous jokes by samrat.

Aman and akash too comes to the college and have seen samrat khushi and lavanya and then smile on khushi's face.. They were very happy looking at them But one person who was fuming looking at this view was Arnav Singh Raizada.

He had come to college after a long time and that too because of the coming college trip as he was in charge of that He had completed his work and was going back towards his car when he saw khushi standing alone near the gate. He was first surprised to see khushi in the college He thought he was dreaming He pinched himself and realized that she was for real.

He looks at khushi and she was changed completely. His heart was happy to see her back but his mind was angry looking at her Whenever he sees khushi it reminds him of her betrayal and angie's death. He thought that how is it possible I have asked aman to remove khushi's name but then he remembers that aman is on khushi's side now. So he decided to that on his own. He was about to leave the place when he saw that khushi has hit her foot and was about to fall He ran forgetting everything but before he could reach towards her she was saved by some other person. She was in someone else arms. He fumes looking at them and when he saw khushi smiling with samrat he fumes more and walked from their.

Khushi enters into the classroom and everyone looks at her and started talking about her. Everyone knows that ASR has broken up with her.. Girls were giving her an evil laugh and boys were happy as she was single again. But khushi didn't pay any attention towards them and walks inside the class She sat with lavanya and payal and Sammy sits behind them. Class was about to start when suddenly one girl comes to her and said

Girl: So khushboo ooppps I mean khushi how it feels to get used by ASR I know you must have enjoyed the feeling.

Girl 2: Ohh shut up sheetal don't harass her I am sure she must have stopped him from doing something that's why he has broken up with her. And both of them started laughing.

Lavanya stands up and was about to say something when khushi holds her hand and ask her to seat She then herself stands up and said

Khushi: Actually the thing is he was not able to satisfy me that's why I left him. If you girls want to try him you can because he is suitable to for you all.

Both the girl fumes hearing this and went away from their making weird faces. Khushi sits down and lavanya and payal hugged her and said

Payal: Wow khushi Good answer.

Khushi: Thanks I know this girls will not allow to leave me in peace so I have to be like this..

Lavanya: Don't worry everything will be alright.

Class got started. And they were given some class assignment and was made to sit in pairs. Khushi was sitting with samrat He knew that she had some past relating to ASR but what he don't know so he thought of asking it later. They were doing assignments and khushi was thinking about the taunts that girls were giving to her. She can show that she is strong but from inside all this things surely affects her

Samrat sense that something is wrong with her. He asked her but khushi said nothing then they again start with their assignment and samrat started cracking jokes and finally she smiled and at the same time Arnav entered their class with a professor. His eyes fell on khushi who was busy in talking to samrat and was smiling. He again got angry looking at her Prof cleared his throat to get the attention of every student.

Everyone looks at the Prof and that's when khushi sees arnav She looks at him once Arnav was already looking at her Khushi changes her direction and looks at Prof

Prof: Hello everyone I am here to make an important announcement. As you all know that this time every year we go for a college trip and this year we have decided that we will go to Manali

Everyone scream hearing the news.. Except khushi.. Her mind was not working sensing arnav close She was seeing him after so many months and again all the bad memories started flooding in her mind.

Prof: And student's in charge will be ASR so those who wants to come can give your names to him and yes and if you have any problem or any questions you can contact ASR Ok

Every girl were screaming in joy hearing this as they will get chance to interact with ASR And arnav's eyes were just on khushi

Prof left leaving arnav in the class to take names

One by one everyone started going to arnav for giving their names All were done and now only khushi , lavanya , payal and samrat was remaining.

Lavanya: Come khushi lets go

Khushi: No lavanya I don't want to come you all go.

Payal: What is this khushi I don't want to listen to anything You are also coming with us.

Khushi: Please payal try to understand you know that

Lavanya: We all know everything.. And I think you should come as it will help you to face him..

Sammy was giving confused expressions to all and was about to say something when they heard a voice

Arnav: I think everyone is done Can I leave

Lavanya: One minute ASR

She then walks to him and says..

Lavanya: Me and payal and Sammy and khushi

Arnav looks at lavanya. He didn't like the fact that lavanya took khushi's name with Sammy But he controlled himself and said

Arnav: Lavanya I think you know that as per rule every person has to speak for themselves So if anyone wants to come ask them to come here and give me the name

Lavanya knows that he was right She gave her name and payal too gave her name.. She went to khushi and asked her to go but khushi was still denying when samrat pulls her with him and stands in front of ASR and said.. Samrat

Arnav looks at him and wrote his name

Samrat: Come on khushi you just have to say khushi and nothing else Please.

Khushi: Sammy please I don't want to come

Samrat: Please khushi for your friend's sake.

Arnav: Samrat you cant force anyone to come

Samrat: She is my friend and I have that right and I know she will not say no to me.

Arnav again fumes hearing this.

Samrat then looks at khushi and says..

Samrat: Khushi please meri izzat ka sawaal hai haan bolo please

Khushi again smile and said..

Khushi: Ok.. She then looks at arnav and says

Khushi: Khushi.


Precap: Arnav gets jealous to see samrat and khushi sitting close in the bus...

Chapter 14

Arnav looks at her and then said

Arnav: So finally haan you are using your real name Good so I was right that you just change to cheat me and use me.. And I am happy that I didn't believe you that time. What you said you loved me But I can very well see that you have a new boy friend haan..

Khushi fumes hearing this She closed her tears and tears welled up in her eyes but she calms herself down and controlled herself and then opens her eyes with a very angry look and said

Khushi: Yes arnav you are right I have not loved you and I was just cheating you like my brother did to your sister. And wow great man what a guess you have done.. She moved close to samrat and holds her arms and says

Khushi: Meet my new boyfriend Samrat. Who not only loves me but also trusts me.. Now please just move.. Come smarat..

Saying this she pulls samrat with him and went out of the class leaving a shocked arnav behind..

Khushi and samrat outside the classroom

Samrat: Waohhh Khushi. What was that And what is your scene with ASR I mean what he said

Khushi: Sammy I am sorry I am really very sorry for dragging you like this in my life but I was really frustrated with arnav and his talks and you want to know na what happened between us to listen we were having an affair and then she narrates everything to samrat. And by the last line khushi was in tears

Samrat wipes her tears and hugged her (Friendly hug galiyan mat dena mujhe) And said

Samrat: Hey khushi don't worry I am always with you and will support you and uske liye mujhe tumhare bf bhi q na banna pade I will.

Khushi broke the hug and looks at him with confused expressions

Samrat: Are khushi I mean just an act you only said na that I am your bf in front of arnav so I will be your bf in front of him only.

Khushi: Thanks samrat thanks a lot..

Here in the classroom

Lavanya and payal gives him an angry look and went from their..

Arnav banged his fist on the desk in frustration. He throws the pen on the floor and closed his eyes. He was just getting the image of samrat and khushi walking close to each other and was only hearing khushi's talks about her and samrat being a couple.

He opened his eyes and went out of the classroom and walks straight to the cafeteria He has heard that khushi was moving to caf with her friends. He saw khushi was sitting and chatting with samrat and was smiling..

He walked towards her in anger and pulled her from her chair All were confused looking at him and khushi was shocked too

Samrat gets up to stop him but one look from arnav was enough for everyone to shut their mouth and the ones who can speak against arnav were not present with them.

He drags her outside the cafeteria and took her to the corner and pinned her on the wall..

Khushi: Arnav what the hell is this Why you have brought me here And leave how you dare to touch me. Just leave me..

Arnav leaned on her and said

Arnav: What you said that you are having an affair with that samrat haan. How could you khushi how could you love him when you use to say that you love me. Kitna jhuta tha tumhare pyaar..

Khushi gave him an angry look but didn't say a word she just kept ignoring him and this make arnav more angry.

He leaned more on her pressing her wrist more and said

Arnav: I am asking you something khushi I don't like when people ignore me. Tell me damn it..

Khushi had tears in her eyes and her wrist was paining badly and was cut by the bracelet in her hand.

She pushed arnav hard and said.

Khushi: Haan mera pyaar jhuta tha because I am like that only I just know to cheat people and play with their feelings and I do all this to sleep with them Happy Saying this she ran away from their crying. Arnav fumes and banged his fist on the wall..

Khushi goes out of the college towards the campus and sat on the bench and cried saying

Khushi: Why arnav why you are doing this to me. How someone can so much. I cant believe arnav that you are the same arnav with whom I have fell in love.

After sometime lavanya, payal and samrat came their They hugs her and consoles her and aman and akash too came their Lavanya told them how arnav has dragged her out of caf aman fumes hearing this he wanted to go and talk to arnav regarding this but khushi stopped him saying "No as she want this matter to be close".

Next day..

Everyone was getting inside the bus as today was the picnic day Khushi was wearing yellow color chudidaar and she was looking very beautiful.. She entered the bus and first person she saw was arnav as he was checking the names and students. She ignored him and walked towards samrat who was sitting on the second last seat She smiled looking at him and sits beside him..

Arnav sees this from the corner of his eyes and was again jealous to look at them He lost all his concentration on his work and was all the time looking at them..

Khushi had seen that arnav was looking at her and so she moved more close to samrat and keep her head on his shoulder and smiles

Arnav sees this and again fumes when suddenly one student came to him and said

Student: Hey ASR can you please adjust me in this bus

ASR: No are you blind can't you see that this bus is already full. Get lost.

He said angrily and that students made a sad face and left from their

Everyone in the bus was also shocked to see arnav behaving rudely and that too all of sudden


Chapter 15

Lavanya, aman, payal and akash were also in the same bus' They look at arnav'. They were also shocked to see arnav so much angry' Aman knew that arnav still loves khushi and he is jealous seeing khushi with someone else but his hatred for nivaan and his misunderstanding that khushi has cheated him was coming in between them'..

He and akash didn't say a word and got busy talking to their respective girlfriends'. Bus started and everyone was enjoying in the bus except for arnav who was just looking at khushi and samrat'. He was feeling as if someone was stabbing him in his heart again and again' He closed his eyes and then thinks about the moments he had spent with khushi'. He wanted to go and take khushi in his arms but then again he remembers the day when angie died and then khushi hides her identity and then khushi's words that she never loved him'.

He thinks "Why khushi why you did that to me'.. I have never loved anyone in my life except you and what you did' You cheated me'. And now you have moved on in your life so easily'.. Kash ek baar akar tum mujhe wrong prove karti'.. And you even snatched my only friends'. I hate you khushi' I hate you'.."

He opened his eyes and tears were visible in his eyes but he didn't want to show to anyone so he wiped them and then again made a straight face like ASR'..Khushi, lavanya and payal was feeling very sleepy as they have woke up early in the morning so they shifted to the back seat and slept and aman akash and samrat kept on talking to each other'..

After few hours they reached manali and bus stopped at the resort booked by college'.. Arnav gets up and got down first and then every student started getting down from the bus'.

They gathered near the resort and took their room keys from arnav'

Prof: Ok guys get fresh and then meet us here in few minutes as we will have some brunch and then we will leave for sightseeing'..

Everyone screamed in excitement and started walking towards their room'. After few minutes they were all ready'They had their brunch and left for sightseeing'..

Khushi was walking with lavanya and payal and they were enjoying local sightseeing and they were shopping various stuffs for them'. Arnav was walking alone talking on his cell' Aman and akash both looked at him and felt bad'. They remember the time which they have spent with each other' Arnav looks towards them and then all of the three kept on staring at each other but none of them spoke' Arnav then remembers how his best friend supported khushi and not him and how easily they have forgotten angie's death' He broke the eye lock and goes away from their'.

Aman and akash felt bad and was about to go to him when lavanya, payal , khushi and samrat came their'

Payal: Hey akash where you guys were lost'.

Akash: Hmm nothing' Let's go and buy some warm clothes for tomorrow as we will be going in snow'

Lavanya clapped her hands in excitement'.

Lavanya: Wow this is going to be fun' I am so excited'

Payal too smiles but khushi was lost in some thoughts'.

Khushi was thinking about her and arnav's talks'


Khushi was sitting on arnav's lap' Her hands were wrapped around his neck and arnav's were wrapped around her waist and they were talking about something when suddenly arnav asked'

Arnav: Acha khushboo tell me where you want to go for a honeymoon'

Khushi blushed and looks down'.

Arnav: Khushboo' don't blush so much'. Tell me na' We are getting married na'

Khushi: Arnav I want a place full of snow'. I mean I just love snow' And I will very happy to go anywhere where there are lots of snow and I will be playing with that snow.. wow'.

Arnav: Hmmm and after playing in snow when you will feel cold I will make you warm by'.

Khushi understood and blushed more'. She hides her face in his chest and arnav kissed her hair'.

Arnav: I am so lucky to have you khushboo' And I am really waiting for the day when you will be mine forever'.

Flashback ends..

Khushi came out of her thoughts hearing lavanya's loud noise'

Lavanya: Khushi kuch bolti kyun nahi tum'.

Khushi: Hmmm haan wo' Nothing'. Actually I don't like snow'.

Payal: But khushi you have told me once that you love snow'

Khushi: yaha life kab change ho jaye pata nahi chalta and I have just changed my likes'..

Lavanya and payal both looks at her with confused expression' Aman and akash understood that it is something related to arnav'.

Samrat: But khushi you will have to come with us' I mean for your friends' You know I just love playing in the snow' We will have loads of fun' So come lets go and shop for some warm clothes'..

Khushi: But Sammy'.

Lavanya: Come on khushi please'.

Khushi: Ok'.

Then they all went for the shopping'. Samrat and khushi were together'.. They were walking when suddenly khushi's eyes fell on the wood forest'. She told samrat'

Khushi: Samrat you go inside I will join you soon'

Samrat nodded' He went inside the shop and khushi went towards the woods'.

She was mesmerized by the beauty' She kept on walking deeper and deeper without realizing that she is going deeper inside the woods'.. After walking for about half an hour she looks around and was shocked to see only trees around her' She looked here and there to see road or the exit point but she was not able to find anything'.

She got scared'

Khushi: Ohh no mein kaha aagayi'.. She started walking back thinking that she will find the way back'.

Here samrat came back from the shop and looks for khushi' But she was not their' He tried calling her but then her cell was not reachable'.

He then thought of calling lavanya and asking her'. He dialed lavanya's number'

Samrat: Hello lavanya where are you?

Lavanya: Sammy we are still shopping'.

Samrat: Lavanya where is khushi'.

Lavanya: Sammy she was with you na'

Samrat: Yeah.. But she told me to go inside the shop and she will come in few minutes'.. So I went to get some warm clothes for us and when I came back she was not their'. I mean its been half an hour'..

Lavanya: What'

Samrat: Yes so I thought may be she has come back to you and payal'

Lavanya: No Sammy' Ohh no I am really scared' Hope khushi is alright' Let us find her'

Samrat: Hmmm we will search her'..

Lavanya informs aman, akash and payal about this and all dispersed in different directions to search khushi and decided that they will meet near the resort''

After an hour everyone met at the same place from where they have started'.

Lavanya: Kuch pata chala'

Samrat: No I have searched everywhere'

Payal: Yeah me too'

Aman and akash: hmmm hum logo ne bhi dekha' But she is not their'

Lavanya: Aman now what' I am really very scared kaha hogi khushi'.

Khushi was walking in the woods with tears in her eyes and was saying'

Khushi: Hey DM where I am'. Please somebody save me'.. Ab to yaha raat bhi hone aa rahi hai' Kaha jao mein'.

She was walking and tears were continuously falling from her eyes'. Now she was in the middle of the woods and it was all dark around her'..

She was chanting prayers and was looking towards the sky as if asking help from her DM'.. She was still walking when she suddenly heard some footsteps'.. She got scared'. She hides behind the tree and closed her eyes tight'.. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulders and she opened her eyes in shock and her body started shivering in fear thinking who the person is'. But slowly it relaxes feeling the known touch'.

She turns around and hugs him tight and says'

Khushi: Thank God arnav you came' I was so scared you know'..

Arnav was walking in the woods as he wanted to spend some time alone, away from everyone so he went to the woods and was walking lost in the thoughts of khushi'. And he didn't realize when he reached deeper inside' He too lost his way and was trying to find a way when his eyes fell on a girl who was hiding behind the tree' He was not able to see the girl so he went near to see who the person is and kept his hand on her shoulder'. And when the girl turned and hugged him he was shocked and was about to pull back when he heard her voice'.

Khushi hugged him more tight'.. Arnav wanted to hug her back' He have brought his arms near her waist and was about to hug her when he got the image of khushi and samrat sitting close in the bus and khushi was sleeping on his shoulder'. He gets angry and pulled back khushi roughly'.

Khushi looks at him with shock' She then realize what she was doing and then says'

Khushi: I am sorry' I got scare so'

But arnav cuts her sentence and says'

Arnav: Stop acting khushi' I am arnav' You have used me already' I am not samrat'..

Khushi gets hurt by his talks and arnav was hurt too but then he didn't show that to khushi...


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