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Love at First Sight... Chapter 16 to 20

Chapter 16

Arnav: Stop acting khushi I am arnav You have used me already I am not samrat.

Khushi gets hurt by his talks and arnav was hurt too but then he didn't show that to khushi and says.

Arnav: Now come lets go... I don't have much time to spend on seeing your acting..

Khushi looks at him with anger filled eyes and says.

Khushi: You can go I will manage to go alone.

Arnav: Stop this nonsense khushi Come lets go you can show all this stuff in front of your new boyfriend. Now come lets go.

Khushi: I said I don't want to come with you and why its bothering you so much. I can manage on my own. Waise bhi mein jiyu ya maru tumhe kya fark padta hai.. You hate me right so it will be good for you if I will die here in this jungle.

Arnav didn't like what she saidHe can hate her but can never let her die. When she was coma he has said in front of aman that he didn't care whether she is dead or alive but only his heart knows that how he had used that line He had come to hospital to see nivaan's state but to see khushi. Only he knows how he has spent the three months without seeing her. Arnav looks at her angrily and says

Arnav: Yeah right I hate you and I don't care but as a trip in charge it's my responsibility to look after each and every student and for me you are just a normal student so now stop your nonsense and lets go.

But khushi didn't say anything and looked the other side and this made arnav angrier He holds her hand roughly and pulled her towards him and the pull was so rough that khushi almost tripped on arnav which made both of them to fall on the ground.

Here outside the woods

Aman and akash came to know that arnav is missing too First they thought that they might be together but than they ruled out the possibility knowing how much arnav hates khushi But they have to search both of them now.

Lavanya has informed the prof. about khushi and arnav and then they started asking local people about khushi and arnav by showing their photos. One of them has identified them and has said that he had seen them going to the woods.

Lavanya smiles and says

Lavanya: Thank you come lets go

Boy: But didi aapko mere sath chalna padega or you will also be lost

Lavanya: Hmmm you will come with us Thank you thank you so much Lets go. I am really very worried for khushi.

Boy nodded and then they all took the lanterns and went to the woods and started searching them.

Here inside the woods.

Arnav was on the ground and khushi was on top of him. Arnav's hands were around her waist and khushi head was resting on his chest and her hands were holding his shirt.. She closed her eyes inhaling his scent and stayed in that position. After a long time she was feeling him like this. She forgot all the pain which was given to her by him as she found the comfort in his arms Comfort which she was searching from so many days..

Here arnav too hold her waist and stayed in that position He too didn't want to get up He was with khushi after a long time and he has missed holding her in his arms He has missed her a lot in this month's. He can show to others and khushi that he hates her but his heart still beats for khushi.

He too closed his eyes and inhaled her scent. They both tighten their grip on each other's and stayed in that position. A small smile was playing on khushi's lips. She started recalling all their intimate moments and then suddenly that night played in her mind. Where she lost her everything Her arnav, her child everything She suddenly opens her eyes and realized their position She raises her face and looks at arnav. Her eyes were teary. She struggled in his arms and arnav too get back to reality He left her waist and she got up from him and arnav too stands up.

Tears were continuously flowing from khushi's eyes. She hated herself for still loving arnav who was responsible for her lost child and for her state. She turned her back towards arnav and wipes her tear not wanting to show arnav that she still loves him..

Arnav too gets angry but this not on khushi but on himself thinking how can he allowed her to come close to him again. She is a cheater and she will always be the same His heart was saying him that khushi still feels something for him and that too truly but his mind was saying him that she was only playing with him again like she has played before She had herself said that she love samrat..

After a long time both looked at each other and can see the same pain in each other's eyes but ignored.

Arnav looks at the other side and says

Arnav: Come lets go

Khushi just nods her head and they started walking. As night got started weather was becoming colder. Khushi started shivering and was continuously rubbing her hands while walking. Arnav looks at her and then removes his jacket and gave it to khushi. Khushi denied to take the jacket and this made arnav more angry He stops and then made khushi wear the jacket with his hands Khushi was struggling not to wear and said.

Khushi: Arnav I said stop it I don't want to wear your jacket. She said angrily..

Arnav: Khushi you are shivering.

Khushi: So what arnav Why you are bothered. Stop this acting And don't worry I will not die.

Arnav: Khushi.

Khushi: Kya hua arnav.. Ohh so sorry I am your responsibility right and you want to do your work properly but don't worry I will not die due to this cold I have survived a major accident arnav and this shivering is nothing in front of that.

Arnav: Khushi just shut up and wear this jacket I don't want to have any argument or discussions.

Khushi: Why arnav You hate me right so you should be happy. Why you are caring so much for me now. You never cared when I met with an accident When I was lying on the road covered with blood. You never cared when doctor said that my living chances are very less. You never cared when I was in coma That time I needed you arnav but you were waiting for me to die then why now. And you never cared when I lost my child then why today.

Arnav widens his eyes and looks at khushi with shocked expressions.

Arnav: Khu khushi you lost your child. Child

Khushi who was in tears walked close to arnav and holds his shirt and says.

Khushi: Yes arnav I lost my child in that accident. I lost my first child. I lost our child arnav. Which was out of our love arnav But because of your misunderstanding and hatred I lost my first child arnav I lost my baby in that accident I lost my baby..

Saying this she slides down and sit on the floor crying. Arnav was too shocked to react. She was pregnant She lost our child. Our baby died because of me.. He sits down near and puts his hand on her shoulder but she waved off his hands and says

Khushi: No arnav I don't want your sympathy I have learnt to live with this truth and I will never ever forgive you for this. Never You have killed my child arnav. My child..

Arnav was also in tears. He said

Arnav: Khu khushi I.

But before he could complete his sentence they heard lavanya's voice.

Lavanya: Khushi.

Khushi looks at them and runs towards her and hugs her tight and cried on her shoulders. Aman akash payal and samrat everyone consoles her as they have heard the last line of khushi.. They knows she was crying for her child.


Precap: Khushi to get kidnapped...

Chapter 17

Lavanya pulls khushi from the hug and says

Lavanya: Don't cry khushi you have to be strong. She then wipes her tears and says

Lavanya: We all love you and hates to see you in tears so from next time I don't want you to cry ok

Khushi nods her head.

Samrat: Now that's like a good girl now come on lets go we are getting late. They didn't pay any attention towards arnav and started walking towards the exit. Aman sees that arnav is not with them He too didn't want to think about him but then he was his childhood friend and although he deny being his friend he still cares for him.

He says

Aman: Lavanya you people take khushi I will come in few minutes

Lavanya: Where are you going aman

Aman: Lavanya ASR is still inside the woods and I don't want him to be alone so you all go I will bring him

Everyone nods as they know that it was not safe for anyone to stay here alone.

Aman walks back and looks at arnav.

He was still sitting on the ground looking blankly and tears were flowing from her eyes. Aman walks towards him and sits down and puts his hand on his shoulder.

Aman: ASR.

Arnav opens his eyes and looks at aman..

Aman can see the pain and guilt in his eyes. Arnav hugs him and says

Arnav: Aman.. My baby He died in that accident because of me aman. Why you didn't inform me What I have done aman I am so bad I killed my own baby in my hatred and my anger. I am a killer aman.. I am a killer.

Aman got tears in his eyes seeing his best friend suffering like this No matter what he says truth is that he still think arnav as his best friend and he still can't see him in pain He knows that what arnav did was wrong very wrong but they should have not left him alone and should have made him understand that he was wrong.. He then thinks that now he will make everything alright.

Aman caresses his back and says

Aman: ASR. I can understand what you are feeling and I know you are guilty and you should be but what has happen has happened we can't change that but you can change your present and future.

Arnav broke the hug and looks at aman.

Arnav: What do you mean aman.

Aman: I mean that you should ask forgiveness from khushi She has suffered a lot because of you.

Arnav: But aman she is the same girl who has cheated me.

Aman: ASR you still think that she cheated you ASR she loved you and what you did you broke her heart and she suffered accident and she lost your child Child which was out of the love ASR. I know ASR you hate nivaan for what he did to angie but don't you think that khushi is innocent in all this

Arnav: But Aman.

Aman: See ASR I will not say anything to you You know khushi better than me Just keep your hand on your heart and say do you think that khushi can cheat anyone. Do you think that she can stoop so low just to take revenge no ASR.

Arnav: But aman she never loved me She has moved on in her life so easily.

Aman: See you say that you love khushi and you cant see such a simple thing that she don't love anyone She just said to show you that she has moved on in her life. Go arnav and ask for forgiveness and I am sure she still loves you. And she will give you a second chance

Arnav: Sach Aman.

Aman: Yes ASR. And ASR I think we are thinking wrong about nivaan.

Arnav: What do you mean aman

Aman: Arnav I have spent lot of time with him these days because of khushi and I have seen in his eyes the pain of loosing angie I think that he is not responsible for our angie's death

Arnav: No aman I can believe that khushi is innocent but nivaan no I cant believe that angie has written in her letter and if nivaan was innocent than why he ran and why he asked khushi to change her name and all.

Aman: Yahi to pata lagana hai I mean there is something which we are missing ASR and I think it's a high time that we should try and talk rather than playing a blame game.

Arnav: Hmmm I think you are right Bohat ho gaya Now time for clearing certain things But before all that I have to ask khushi for forgiveness. Hope she forgives me and comes back to me. I really love her aman Kitni koshish ki meine usse nafrat karne ki but nahi kar paya..

Aman: Thank God you understood. I am so glad that I got my friend back.

Arnav then looks at aman and hugs him tight and says

Arnav: I am sorry aman I am really very sorry. I have hurted you and akash a lot Please forgive me.

Aman: ASR its ok. Now don't make me emotional and don't cry it didn't suite your image.

Arnav: Yeah right

They broke the hug and then arnav says

Arnav: Dekhna aman I will give khushi every happiness of this world and rahi baat nivaan ki to we will soon find out the truth..

They walked back to the resort and aman says

Aman: I think its very late now You should talk to khushi tomorrow

Arnav: Hmmm.

They both started leaving for their room when arnav calls aman

Arnav: Aman

Aman: Haan.

Arnav: Thanks aman Thanks for being such a true friend.

Aman: ASR now go I will charge for my friendship.

Arnav smiles and went to his room He was very happy that finally he talked to his best friend and yes he was right Khushi was innocent in all this and he was fool to punish her in his hatred and anger. But tomorrow he will ask for forgiveness from khushi Yeh kal kab aayga Thinking about this he sleeps.

Next morning.

Arnav got up early and got ready and thinks "Mujhe kuch bhi karna pade I will do and get my khushi back.."

He then walks down and sees that everyone was worried. He walks towards aman and looks at him He was also worried.

Arnav: Aman what happens

Everyone gets shock seeing arnav talking to aman.

Aman: ASR khu khushi

Arnav: Kya hua khushi ko.

Aman: She is not in the resort

Arnav: What

Lavanya: Yes She said that she is near poolside as she wanted some fresh air and said that she will return in few minutes but then when she didn't came back after one hour we got panic and we came to look for her and she is not here We have searched the whole resort but she is nowhere to be seen.

Arnav gets panic and orders everyone too look for khushi and he too walks out of the resort to search khushi.

Here khushi opened her eyes and looks around She sees an old house. She gets scared She thinks where is she She then looks at her state and realized that she has been kidnapped She gets scared and tears started flowing from her eyes thinking who has kidnapped her and why What she has done.

She was still thinking when a man came to her and looks at her and says

Man: So khushi kaisi ho

Khushi looks at him and says

Khushi: Who are you and why you kidnapped me

Man: Ohh poor girl. You will soon know who I am and why I kidnapped you..


Chapter 18

Everyone started searching khushi but she was nowhere to be seen. They have searched each and every place near the resort where she can go but still no clue of her whereabouts...

Arnav was searching madly for her He even searched her in the temples which were 5 kms away from the resort It was not possible for khushi to go their but still Arnav didn't want any place to left unsearched

After searching for about one hour they returned back to resort.

Aman: ASR any news

Arnav who was busy on his cell said

Arnav: No But I have contacted ACP And soon he will send his team to find khushi And we will be doing that from our side She is not even picking up her cell..

Lavanya: That's because her cell is in the room

Arnav: Damn. How you guys can be so careless You should be with khushi

Lavanya: Look ASR.. We didn't know that she will disappear like this

Arnav was about to say something but aman cuts him and says

Aman: ASR I think we should inform nivaan After all he should know what is going on with his sister

Arnav: No aman I can take care of my khushi and will find her without any one's help.

Everyone looks at arnav with shocked expressions His khushi. Did he just say that Thought lavanya and payal They were really very confused with arnav's and aman's behavior but then they thought of investigating this matter later as of now khushi is more important.

Aman: I know ASR you can but still Please

Arnav: Ok you can call him.

Aman dials nivaan's no He was working on his laptop He picks up the call and says

Nivaan: Yes who is this

Aman: Nivaan.. aman

Nivaan: Yes aman bolo How is khushi I mean I have spoke to her last night but still I mean ASR is also their with you all na.. that's why.

Aman: Actually nivaan I have called you to talk about khushi

Nivaan panics and got up from his chair and asked

Nivaan: Aman you are scaring me now.. Is khushi alright.. Please tell me that nothing is wrong with her

Aman: Nivaan actually khushi is missing

Nivaan: What.

Aman: Yeah aman then explain nivaan everything and said We have searched her everywhere but she is not found and also we have took help from the police And don't worry ASR will not leave any stone unturned to find his khushi. But still wanted to ask you something for our knowledge did you guys have any relatives here in manali I mean jaha khushi ja sakti ho

Nivaan was very shocked hearing this news

Nivaan: No aman we don't know anyone their and I am coming to manali Will reach their in few hours. And till then please make sure that you search each and every place near the resort

Aman: Yes nivaan See you soon..

Here in the old house.

Khushi was still sitting in the same position with hands and legs tied and tears continuously flowing from her eyes That man who has kidnapped her was not in the room. After sometime he came back and walks towards khushi. He looks at her face and then wipes her tears with his hands.. Khushi turned her face not allowing him to touch and that guy smirks and says

Man: Don't be like this sweetheart. And please don't cry I don't like tears in the eyes of beautiful girls..

Khushi: why you have brought me here and who are you What I have done Please tell me

Man: Very soon sweetheart Very soon you will come to know about everything. Just few more minutes Let me make sure that we are safe here and no one is going to come in between you and me He said while running her fingers on her hands and then resting his hands on her thighs..

Khushi gave him a disgusted look and tried moving her thighs but he holds her and said

Man: Don't do that you will be punished in the same way like anjali.

Khushi looks at him with shocked expressions

Khushi: Anjali..

Man: Ohhh it seems that you know anjali.. are haan how stupid of me You are arnav singh raizada's girlfriend and she was his sister I am so stupid See your beauty has started going into my head and I am becoming stupid.

Khushi was spitting fire from her eyes She wanted to stab this guy right now but she was helpless She roared in anger.

Khushi: Stop all this nonsense and tell me how you know anjali and what you have done with her. And why you have kidnapped me.

Man puts his finger on her lips and said

Man: Ssshhh khushi. Its not good to shout. I am trying to be so calm with you and what you are doing. Please sweetheart don't act like that anjali warna tumhare anjaam bhi same hi hoga.

He then rubs his thumbs over her lips and licks his thumbs and says

Man: You taste good I mean better than that anjali.. It will be more fun

Khushi was hell scared now She was shivering in fear She closed her eyes and started praying to her DM for her safety and was asking to send arnav to save her.

That man again went out as he received call from someone.

Here in the resort..

Arnav was still on the cell talking to various detectives to find khushi as soon as possible He cuts the call and throws it on the floor and says..

Arnav: Damn it.. Where are you khushi Please come back

Aman sees this and comes to arnav and puts his hand on his shoulder and says.

Aman: Calm down ASR we will find her soon

Arnav: Kaise aman. I don't even know where I khushi.. Kaisi hai wo thik bhi hai ya nahiAnd you are telling me to calm down This all is my fault aman Kash meine kabhi usse break off hi nahi kya hota to aaj wo mere sath hoti Its all my fault aman.. Its all my fault

Aman: No ASR its not at all your fault. And don't worry we will find her soon. Nivaan is coming to manali and now we all will find her soon

Saying this aman was about to leave when he receives someone's call.

Aman: Hello Yeah ASR is with me . Yeah his cell broke What!!!! Ok thank you. He keeps the call and looks at arnav..

Arnav: What

Aman: It was rohit's call.. I mean your source He said that people have seen a man with khushi near the old temple which is 10 kms away from here Khushi was not in her sense and that man was holding her and when people asked he said that she is not well and she is her wife. Rohit was telling that there is an old house near that temple There is a possibility of khushi to be their

Arnav: Lets go aman I don't want to waste my time Inform akash and tell him to join us with nivaan

Aman: Yes

Saying thi they both left from their and aman informed akash about everything and also told that nivaan is coming and ask him to come their with nivaan.

Arnav was driving like a mad person. Only thing going around in his mind was who has kidnapped khushi and why What is khushi's fault And he was very scared for khushi. He was just repeating the same words Please khushi ko thik rakhna.

Here in the old house..

Khushi was trying to cut the rope by rubbing it on the edge of the chair but as it was not sharp nothing was happening but khushi was still trying as she wants to get out at any cost.

Man came back to her and sees her struggling to cut the rope He came near her and opens the rope and says

Man: Look poor soul what you have done to your hands Mujhe keh deti mein khud hi khol deta

Khushi looks at him with confused expression as why he has opened the rope

Man: Don't give me that look and don't be happy Don't think that I am allowing you to go No sweetheart I have done all this so that I can taste you without any barrier.. Now no one is going to come in between us. Not even your boy friend because my man have bribed his source and has sent him to some other place so now only you and me. Saying this he pulled khushi roughly on him and unzipped her kurta.


Chapter 19

Saying this he pulled khushi roughly on him and unzipped her kurta. Khushi gets scared and pushed him hard and says

Khushi: Please let me go What I have done Who are you Why you are doing this to me Please let me go

Man gives an evil smirk to khushi and again walks close to her and says.

Man: Sweetheart I have told you that I will answer all your questions but not now. First I want to taste you I want my mark all over your body and after that I will tell you who I am.

He again pulled her and khushi landed directly on his chest. He then gripped her hair and pulled her back and said

Man: See khushi don't provoke me to be violent with you Or else you will also be lying on the floor lifelessly like anjali. You wanted to know how I fooled her I called her pretending to be nivaan and when she came to meet me she gets shock and was going back but khushi mein kaise jane deta use. I told her to submit herself to me but no she was not ready to kya karta mein I had to force her and wow she tasted so good But I don't know from where she got that blade and before I could enter her she cuts her wrist and died. I felt very bad not because she died but because I was not able to complete my act And you know I don't rape dead bodies and that day I have made my mind so what if I was not able to F*** nivaan's girlfriend but will complete my revenge of destroying him and then I wrote that suicide note on behalf of anjali so that Arnav Singh Raizada can destroy Nivaan on behalf of me. And I was successful khushi ASR thought that nivaan is the culprit and he was ready to destroy her but than you entered in his life as khushboo. And he fell in love with you I was very mad at you but see my luck I get to know that you are nivaan's sister and entered college by changing name My task became easier I just called ASR and told him everything and see he left you and you went to Coma and that nivaan suffered a loss again..

But then again that ASR decided to comes back to you and I have no other option left than to mark you as mine and than leave you this will be the biggest loss for both and I will be satisfied..

Saying this he slids her kurta little from her shoulder and leaned down to kiss her.

Khushi closed her eyes saying NO

He was about to bite her on her bare shoulders when suddenly someone punched him on her nose. He touches his nose which was bleeding and then looks towards the person and gets shocked.

Man: Ar Arnav Singh Raizada. Tum yaha kaise..

Khushi opens her eyes hearing this. She turned around and looks at arnav and aman. Both were spitting fire from their eyes.

Arnav again punched that man and said

Arnav: You killed my angie You tried to rape her He again punched him and says And now you touched my khushi You are dead Mr I don't know whoever you are but you are dead .. Saying this he started beating him wildly. He then continues

Arnav: What you thought that you can bribe my source. You are wrong because those who work for ASR are not sellable They knows the consequences of cheating ASR.

He continued beating him.

Aman comes to arnav and stops him and says

Aman: ASR we need to hands him over to Police

Arnav waved aman off and says..

Arnav: NO aman I will punish him He has killed my angie He has touched my khushi Because of him I didn't trust khushi I will kill him aman I will kill him.

Saying this he again started beating that man When akash and nivaan enters the house Nivaan looks at khushi and rush towards her and hugs him and says

Nivaan: Khushi are you alright

Khushi was still crying.. She just manage to say

Khushi: Bhaiyaan he he killed angie

Nivaan gets shock and then he looks at the person and was shocked to see him

Nivaan: Shyam

Arnav turns back and looks at nivaan

Arnav: Nivaan you know him

Nivaan: Yes I know him He was with me in the college I mean we were in the same class But but he was in jail.

Everyone looks at nivaan in shock

Arnav: Jail

Nivaan: Yes he was in jail as he was involved in drug dealings and I was the one who made him arrest when I got to know about his deeds..

He then walks towards shyam and punch him and says

Nivaan: I never thought that you will stoop so low to take revenge from me Now arnav and nivaan both started beating him

Shyam laughed at both of them and says

Shyam: My revenge is over nivaan I have killed your love and now you will live in guilt all this years that she committed suicide because of you. And now if you guys will kill me than you will be in jail and if you guys hands over me to the cops than I will again run from the jail like I did before so you guys are at lost no me.

Suddenly they heard a loud voice


They all turns back and sees samrat standing at the door with inspector who was his friend.

He then takes the gun from the inspector and hands over it to Arnav and says

Samrat: Kill him arnav we will say that he got killed in an encounter. Just kill him.

Arnav looks at samrat and than at that Inspector and they both nodded yes.

Samrat: Don't think so much just kill him He is your culprit and you should punish him.

Arnav took the Gun and then Looks at shyam and says

Arnav: See Shyam I will kill you now and will not even go to Jail. Bye Shaym Saying this he pulls the trigger and bullet hits directly to the shyam in his chest

Nivaan: Today angie will be very happy that finally we were able to give justice to her.

Inspector than called his team and told them that shyam is killed in an encounter and his body is lying here outside the temple They took the body and throws it near the temple..

Arnav sits on the floor crying thinking about angie that why he didn't reach to save angie..

Aman and everyone consoles him. Nivaan goes to khushi and hugs him and says..

Nivaan: Thank God Khushi you are safe warna mein apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahi kar pata.

Nivaan than goes to arnav and says

Nivaan: ASR I am really very sorry mujhe nahi pata because of me he will punish my angie

Arnav than looks at nivaan and says

Arnav: No nivaan its not your fault. And mafi to mujhe mangana chahiye I am really sorry Without knowing the truth I blamed you and see what I have done with khushi.. Please forgive me

Nivaan hugs arnav and says..

Nivaan: I forgives you arnavAnd I know that you will always keep my sister happy. I know you love her a lot and I don't have any problem with you people's relation

Everyone was happy hearing this and so was arnav He said..

Arnav: Trust me nivaan I will always keep her happy

Khushi: Ek minute bhaiyaan.

Everyone looks at khushi..

Khushi: Bhaiyaan I don't want to be with arnav..


Chapter 20

Everyone looks at khushi with shocked expressions including nivaan and arnav..

Nivaan goes to khushi and says

Nivaan: Why khushi I mean now everything is sorted and we know that whatever arnav has done was out of misunderstanding, anger hatred and now when everything is clear than what is the problem..

Khushi looks at arnav who was looking at her with lots of hopes She closed her eyes and remembers everything from their meeting to her accident. She opens her eyes which were full of tears She wipes her tears and then starts walking towards him.. Arnav too stands up from the ground. Khushi goes near him and says.

Khushi: Arnav I know that you loved me in fact you love me and everything happened between us was due to misunderstanding and your love towards your sister. Right.

Arnav nods his head and was about to say something when khushi continues.

Khushi: But arnav what is the use of love if you don't trust the person you love. What is the use of us entering into a relationship where you can't trust your partner.

Arnav looks at khushi with guilt in his eyes and khushi continued.

Khushi: I have pleaded you many times that day that I love you and I have not cheated you but what you did arnav instead of hearing me you have thrown me out of your place.. You didn't trust me arnav. You said you loved me but you fail to trust me.. Saying these tears again welled up in khushi's eyes.

Arnav too had tears in his eyes He knows that khushi is right He wanted to hold khushi in his arms and wipes her tears and says that everything will be alright He raised his hands towards her face to wipe her tears and was about to say something when khushi raises her palm and stops him She then wipes her tears and says.

Khushi: Let me complete arnav...

Khushi: You know arnav when I met you for the first time I mean when you saved me from those goons from that day I felt something for you I was confused that why I am feeling for a strange guy but later realized that I fell in love in our first meeting And the day you proposed me I was so happy that my love also loves me. That day I have decided that I will tell you the truth about my identity as you deserve to know the truth but than I was scared thinking what will be your reaction but still I wanted to tell you the truth but situations didn't allow me and then we got busy in that competition After that when we went to your guest house and proposed me for marriage I wanted to tell you at that moment but you didn't allow me remember the night arnav when I said that I want to tell you something and you said that we will talk later

Arnav remembers that khushi wanted to say something and he denied.

Khushi: Yaad aaya.. Then we spend that night together Trust me arnav that was the best night of my life. I felt complete. I felt that I am the happiest person in the world to have you in my life. Then again in the morning I tried talking to you but you left as you have to leave for Singapore so I decided that no matter what I will tell you the truth once you are back from Singapore. Those days were really difficult for me to be without you. I have missed you like a hell and then I came to know that I am pregnant You know arnav I was so happy hearing that news that I have your child in my womb Child which we made out of our love. I was not able to control my happiness. I wanted to share this with everyone but before that I wanted you to know that you are going to be a father. And the day when you returned back from Singapore I was so happy I thought that today I will share this news with you and will also tell you that I am not khushboo and I am khushi. And then we will be together forever. I got ready to meet you and then came to the place where we became one but

Khushi closed her eyes remembering each and every moment of that day and got tears in her eyes. Arnav was feeling a sharp pain in his heart seeing khushi like this. She then opens her eyes and says.

Khushi: But that day I lost everything arnav I lost everything. I lost you, I lost myself, and most important I lost my baby. You didn't trust me I pleaded before you to listen to me once but no you were not ready to listen and you have just thrown me out. And left from their not even thinking what I will do Where and how I will go back. You wanted to take revenge and you were successful arnav. You didn't even care if I am dead or alive I have almost died arnav. But you cared only for your hatred towards nivaan Which means our love was nothing for you right. When I was in hospital you came their not to see me but to see how nivaan is feeling by looking at my state. And what you told to him that be thankful that at least I am alive and not dead. Arnav you really wanted me to die. Bas itna hi pyaar kiya tha mujhse. Nivaan ke liye tumhare nafrat itni zyada thi ke tum humare pyar ko tak bhul gaye. And after surviving the accident when I came back to my sense what I got to know that I lost my child. Arnav and all that happened because of you And see you killed your own child in that hatred. I lost my child in that accident arnav.. You killed my baby.. I know what you must have gone through when you lost angie but arnav that does not give you any right to destroy an innocent's life.. Do you think angie must have feel proud of what you have done with me No arnav. I can never forgive you arnav Never I have lost my child because of you and your hatred You are a killer. And I will always hate you for punishing an innocent soul..

Saying this she rushed outside the house leaving a totally broken arnav behind..

Arnav called khushi but his voice was choked as he was all in tears listening to khushi..

Nivaan and samrat rushed out to be with khushi and aman and akash came to arnav to be with him Aman puts his hands on arnav's shoulder and arnav hugs him and says

Arnav: Aman I lost her aman I lost my khushi.She said that she will never forgive me. And she is right aman I am a bloody killer of my own child She should punish me for my deeds and what would be the biggest punishment than staying without her. But aman I really love her. I love her more than my life Aman trust me I have never thought bad about her When she was in coma I visited for her not for nivaan aman I didn't know that she was pregnant and it will affect her so much. Aman I don't know how my hatred took over my love for her but aman I truly love her and will not be able to live without her.

Aman can feel arnav's pain. But he knows that what khushi said was also right But he knows that arnav is truly repenting and he loves her truly and somewhere khushi too still loves arnav. So he thought of bringing them together. He said to arnav

Aman: ASR its really hard for khushi to forget and forgive you and your deeds. But ASR somewhere deep in her heart she still loves you and craves for your love Its just that you have to make her believe that you truly love her and trust her and will never ever break her trust. She is hurt arnav. She has lost her child. Just make her believe that you will always be with her and I am sure she will forgive you. She has a big heart arnav.

Akash too comes to him and says

Akash: Yes ASR don't accept her decision like this Fight for your love ASR. Make her believe what she means to you. And I am pretty sure that one day she will accept you whole heartedly.

Arnav looks at them and then wipes his tear and says

Arnav: Kya sach mein she will come back in my life.

Aman: Yes ASR. And I have full trust in you that you will bring your love back in your life.

Akash: Hmm and we both are always with you two.

Three of them hugs.

Here outside the house Khushi was still crying hugging nivaan tight. Nivaan consoles her and says

Nivaan: No khushi don't cry I am sorry I should have know that you will not like returning to arnav I am sorry And I am always with you in every decision.

Khushi didn't say a word she just kept on crying hugging nivaan After sometime nivaan pulled her back and says

Nivaan: Lets go back khushi You need rest..

Khushi nods and nivaan takes khushi with her and samrat to goes back to his home..


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