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Love at First Sight... Chapter 2 to 5

Chapter 2

Khusboo enters her home and moves towards the man sitting on the couch and hugged him.

Khusboo: oohhh Bhai you know aaj kya hua

Man: Khushi�.. Kya hua khushi and why are you looking so tensed�.

Khushi: Wo bhai actually then she narrates the whole incident and also arnav saving her from the goons but she didn't tell him his name she just says that a boy from my college saved me�.

Nivaan: Ohh khushi thank god you are alright�. And please from next time never be late ok� This city is not safe khushi� Agar tumhare education important nahi hota to we would have never came here�. Come lets have dinner than�. They moves towards dining table�.

Khushi: Ok bhai I will take care of myself and bhai what was so important that you asked me to come here and to start my college here and that in the mid�. I could have joined next year�

Nivaan: No khushi actually you know na how much I love you and I wanted to see you in front of my eyes� he then thinks "Kaise batau that he is still alive and I don't want to harm you"�.

Khushi: Bhai can I ask you something�.

Nivaan: Haan bolo�

Khushi: Bhai why you have changed my name� I mean�.

Nivaan remembers something and closes his eyes� He opens his eyes and says for your safety khushi.

Khushi gets confused and asked�

Khushi: For my safety bhai� Why I mean I don't have any enemies and I don't even know anyone here than who will harm me�.

Nivaan: See khushi I know you are new to this place but I am not� People knows me here and now you are going to go to the same college in which I have studied and khushi their was lot of people who were jealous of me and my position in the college they use to hate me khushi and if any one of them would come to know that you are my sister they would harm you khushi and I don't want that�.

Khushi: But bhai I am a big girl and I can take care of myself�.

Nivan: I know you are a big girl but there are certain things which you can't handle and now I don't want any discussions on this topic ok and please never ever tell anyone your real name ok�.

Khushi: Ok bhai�.

They start having their dinner and nivaan thinks "Khushi mein tumhe kaise batau arnav singh Raizada is in the same college and I am scared that if he comes to know that you are my sister he will harm you�. Angie tumne aisa kyun kiya why angie why"�..

After completing dinner khushi moves to her room and change herself into night dress and move to the bed for sleeping but she was not able to sleep as she was getting images of arnav saving her� She hugging him twice and their talks everything� She was feeling something really strange�. She wanted to see arnav and she was really excited to go to college tomorrow as she knows that she will be meeting arnav tomorrow�.. She thinks "What's happening to me DM why I am still thinking about arnav and why I am so excited to meet him again in the college"�..

Next morning

Khushi was walking in the college campus�. She was lost in her own thoughts� She was still thinking about arnav when suddenly her foot got hit with the rock placed on the ground and she was about to fall when a strong pair of arms holds her� Khushi closed her eyes in fear but slowly opens her eyes when she sensed someone holding her and smiled after looking at that person�. He was the same man�

Khushi blinks her eyes few times as she was unable to believe her eyes and says Arnav��

Arnav who was passing through the campus sees khushi and walks towards her to talk but before he could reach their she had injured her foot and was about to fall when arnav catches her��

Arnav: Khushboo tumhare dhyan kaha tha dekh kar nahi chal sakti thi� See now you have hurt your foot and if I would have not come tum gir jati and tumhe lag jati� dhyan kaha tha tumhare haan�. (They were still in the same position)�.. Crowd gathers around them and was looking towards them with mouth open wide as this was the first time when ASR was helping or caring for some girl�.. Forget helping and caring he never talks with the girl normally and with this girl he was so different�.Girls in the crowd were jealous of khushi as they were thinking who is this girl� And boys were just looking at changed behavior of ASR�.

But our couple was still lost in each other�

Khushi: Wo I am sorry I don't know when that rock hit me�

Arnav then helps her to stand and says�

Arnav: Show me kaha lagi hai tumhe�

Khushi: No its ok arnav I will manage�

Arnav: Khushboo I said show me�. (He said little loudly)�.

Khushi didn't know why but she liked him giving her order�.. She liked that he was caring for her�. She slowly puts her foot forwards and pulls her salwar little up so that he can see her foot clearly�.

Arnav looks at the foot and sees that blood was coming from her toe as it was hit by the rock�.

Arnav: Khushboo look at this ohh my god its bleeding� How could you say that you are alright� Come I will do the bandage� He turns around to go to medical care room and that's when he see the crowd who were looking at them with open mouth�. He gives them all a angry look and before he could say something everyone moves from their whispering "Who is that girl man she is so lucky"�..

Khushi: Arnav bohat choti si chot hai I will manage�

But arnav didn't listen to her and picks khushi and moves to the medical room� khushi puts her hands around his neck for support and was all the while looking at him�..

He puts her down on the chair in the room and brings first aid box and then cleans her toe and puts the band aid and says "Khushboo this is our medical care room� But khushi was lost in him� She was just looking at him"� Arnav when didn't get any answer looks at her and sees that she was staring at him�. He at that moment realize what he was doing and thinks "Ye mein kya kar raha hu why I am so worried for this girl� I have met her just yesterday but Why I cant stop myself from taking care of her or thinking about her what is happening to me�. She was right it was just a small wound but why I created so much fuss about this thing�.."

He came back from his thoughts and snapped fingers in front of khushi� Khushi blinks her eyes and says� "Wo I am sorry� I� I am getting late please let me go�.

Arnav: Come I will take you to your class�.

Khushboo: No�. I will go by myself I mean tumne already mere liye bohat kuch kiya hai�. She then gets up and limps towards the door when arnav calls her�

Arnav: Kushboo�.

Khushi turns around and looks at him and says "Hmmm kya hua"�.

Arnav: Khushboo actually our whole college is preparing for cultural fest and I am head of the Cultural Forum so if you are interested in anything than do let me know�..

Khushi was the best solo dancer of her ex college and she loves performing on stage and hearing this she became so happy and she said�..

Khushi: Wow arnav you mean I can even dance� I love dancing please enroll me for dance�.

Arnav's face got light up with a smile as he was also a dance lover and without wasting any time he asked�.

Arnav: Khushboo would you like to dance with me I mean kya tum meri partner banogi�

Khushi: Mein I mean how can I�.

Arnav comes close to her and says "Kya hua do you have any problem with me"�.

Khushi: No I mean I have never danced with any guy before�. I have always done a solo act�.

Arnav: Don't worry I will teach you everything�. So tell me are you ready to be my partner�.

Khushi: Hmmm ok�.

Arnav hugs her and says so from now you are my partner�. I mean dance partner�.

Khushi likes the word partner from his mouth for her and thinks Partner� "Khushi don't think so much its just dance partner�."

Arnav: Ok khushboo so from today I will teach you dance after your classes ok�

Khushi: Ok but arnav when is the fest�.

Arnav: After 15 days� As you are a new student I will talk to the college and I don't think their will be a problem as I am the forum head and also the best dancer and you are my partner�.

Khushi: Ok�. And thanks arnav for making this unknown place so known to me�.

Arnav: Thanks to you too khushboo I never felt like this before in my life�.

Khushi: Kya�.

Arnav: Hmmm nothing you go and attend your class I will meet you in rehearsals room at sharp 5 ok�

Khushi: Ok� She then moves out of the room with a wide smile on her face unaware of the reason of that smile�.


Precap: Arshi's dance practice and some romantic moments...

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Chapter 3

It was 5PM khushi was waiting for arnav outside the rehearsal hall. She was already tired by sitting all the lectures as it was her first day�. Her experience was good�. She made two friends on the first day itself�. One was Payal a very sweet and shy girl but very good at heart�.. And second one was Lavanya very sweet but bold unlike payal�. But very good at heart� They both were best friends and they welcome khushi into their group with open heart�. Khushi enjoyed her day with them�. They both were also participating in the fest� Payal in the painting competition and Lavanya in a fashion show�.

When khushi told them that she was participating for a couple dance and that too with ASR they both gets shock as they know about ASR and his relationships with girl but then they thought that might be principal sir have asked him to participate with khushi as khushi told them that she had won many prizes in her college for SOLO dance�. So other thoughts didn't arrive in their mind�.

Khushi was thinking about her whole day when arnav comes their�. Khushi was still lost in her thoughts�. Arnav snapped fingers in front of her and she came back to her sense�.

Arnav: Where are you lost khushboo�.

Khushi: hmmm no just thinking about the whole day�.

Arnav: hmmm so how was it� Enjoyed the first day�.

Khushi: Yes very much but got little tired not physically but mentally�.

Arnav: Its ok this dance practice will refresh your mind�. Come�

They enter the rehearsal hall and arnav closed the door so that no one can disturb them� He then moves to khushi and says�.

Arnav: So khushboo first we will learn some basic steps as it is your first day and you are already tired�.

Khushi: Hmmm�.

Arnav: Ok now first and foremost rule which you may know that you have to perform wearing high heels as it looks graceful�.

Khushi: I know arnav but you know I have never danced with heels�. I have mostly done solo act and that too Bollywood number where I didn't wear the heels�. So I am little scared�.

Arnav: Don't worry we will start with that first�. I mean we will practice with your heels on ok�.

Khushi: Ok�.

He then moves and switches the music player on�. He then extended his hand for khushi to take it� Khushi puts her hand in his and they started dancing�. He pulls khushi towards him and then twirl her around khushi completed the step but losses the balance due to heels and was about to fall when arnav catches her and pulled her back with a speed which made khushi land on his chest�.. She closed her eyes inhaling his scent�. She didn't move from their�. Arnav didn't do that intentionally but he liked when she landed on his chest when her soft body touched his hard chest�. He inhales her scent and dugs his face more and more into her hair�. He didn't know when his hand went around her waist and hold her securely�. Both were lost in each other's embrace�. Both didn't want to break the hug�.. Slowly arnav moves his hands from her waist to her back and then started caressing her back� Khushi liked his touch�. She was thinking "What is wrong with me I never allowed anyone to touch me then why I am feeling so good to be touched by him"�..

Khushi's grip tightens on his shoulder when his hands reached to her lower back and then to her butts�. Both were too lost to say anything�.. Slowly arnav pulled back from the hug and looked at her�. Her eyes were closed and cheeks were red�. He moves more close to her and leans down and places a kiss on her right cheek�. She didn't open the eyes�. She holds his T.Shirt for support�.. He then placed a kiss on her left cheek and she turn more red�. He moves more close and runs his finger on her lips and she parts her lips when his finger touched her lips�. Arnav leans down more and now his hot breath was falling on her lips and she was breathing heavily and clutched his T.shirt tight�. He leaned down and brushed his lips on her and was about to suck when they heard a knock on the door�.

Khushi opened her eyes and arnav looks into her eyes� They both came back to their senses and were looking at each other thinking what they were doing and what other must be thinking about them�. They were still looking at each other when they heard the knock again and this time arnav broke the eye lock and moves towards the door�.

He opens the door and akash was at the door�.

Akash was arnav's friend not best friend but very good friend� They both knows each other from a long time and beside aman akash knows about angie's death and his hate for nivaan Gupta�. Akash is also a member of Cultural forum�.

Arnav: Hey akash come�.

Akash: ASR what are you doing here� I mean at rehearsal hall�. Tumhe kab se rehearsals ki zarurat padne lagi�.

Arnav: Shut up akash�. You know na I am participating and I was in need of the partner�

Akash: So you got who is that unlucky girl who will have to face the wrath of great ASR�

Arnav: Shut up akash� He then moves to khushi and says�

Arnav: Akash she is khushboo my dance partner� Write her name with me in the list of the participants and also she is new in the college so make sure she don't have any problem ok�

Akash: Yes boss�. So now I know why college people are so shocked since morning�.

Arnav: Shocked why??????

Akash: Because the great ASR is caring about some random girl� And also he had asked her for the dance and also he is helping her with the rehearsal� I must say khushboo you are a lucky girl warna ASR to�.

Arnav: Shut up akash we both know each other before she joins the college ok so now shut your mouth and get lost I guess your shy girlfriend is waiting for you�.

Akash: Ohhh yes�. But ASR I will not leave you I will reach in the depth of the matter�.. And mere sath aman nahi hai to kya hua I will alone investigate this change in you�.

Arnav pushed akash out of the hall and closed the door on his face saying "Get Lost akash and I don't want to see you here"�.

He then looks towards khushi who was just looking down avoiding to look into his eyes�.

Arnav: Khushboo don't listen to anything what akash said ok he is just�.

Khushi: Its ok arnav I can understand�.. And arnav I think its really very late so I should go now�. She talked to him but was looking down�

Arnav knew that she was thinking about the act which happened between them few minutes ago but she thought of avoiding talks about it� Arnav too thought the same as he didn't know what to talk to her�..

Arnav: Ok I think that was enough for today� Come I will drop you�.

Khushi: No its ok I will go�.

Arnav: No khushboo please I cant let you go alone so please�..

Khushi: Ok�.They then walked from their and moved to his car�. They sits in the car and arnav drives off to her house�.
Precap: Arnav and khushi's first kiss...
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Chapter 4

Arnav was driving the car and khushi was looking outside as she didn't want to look at arnav after what had happen between them in the rehearsal hall' She knows that she can't ignore him like this but still she was not ready to face him'..

Arnav was driving his car thinking about their half kiss "What he was doing with her' Why he gets so lost when he sees her' What is in her that I loose my control and sense when I look at her'. I was not like this before'. I never use to talk to girls but why it looks and feels so different with khushboo"'. He then looks at khushi who was looking outside'. "May be she is also going through same thing like me'. She is also confused about our act'." But he did not like this silence he tried to talk to her'.

Arnav: Khushboo'

Khushi turns towards him but didn't look at his face' She was looking down between her legs and said'

Khushi: Yes arnav'.

Arnav: So I hope you have learned how to dance with heels'.

Khushi: Haan' hmmm yes'.

Arnav thinks "Idiot you wanted to make comfortable and what you are doing you are again talking to her about the dance and all"'. He again asked her'.

Arnav: Khushboo so before coming to Delhi you were at?

Khushi: Chandigarh'.

Arnav: Ohh' So there you stayed with your family''

Khushi: No in hostel actually I lost my parents in car accident'.

Arnav: Ohhh I am so sorry'.

Khushi: It's ok, don't be sorry'. You didn't know about them'.

Arnav: So here also you stay in a hostel'.

Khuhi: No I stay with my b best friend'. (She was about to say brother but then she remembers nivaan's words... "Khushi if any one ask you, with whom you stay in Delhi or who is in your family don't say with me or my name ok, always say that you stays with your best friend"'.. she had ask nivaan the reason but he only said one thing that there are many enemies of mine who will take revenge from you'.)

Arnav: But you are new here then'

Khushi: Actually she is my childhood friend we both did our schooling from Chandigarh and then she moved here and she was the reason why I came here' She wanted me to join college in Delhi and stay with her' So I stay with her'.

Arnav: Ok'.

There was again silence in the car'. Khushi again looked outside and arnav was driving the car'. He was thinking what more should he ask'. Here khushi was thinking "Khushi what are you doing' till when you will avoid him yaar'. You have to meet him everyday' You both are going to dance together'.. I think you should talk to him and its looking very rude"'.

She turns towards him and says'.

Khushi: So arnav you are in Delhi since your birth'..

Arnav looked at her with blank expressions'.he was little shocked that khushboo has started the conversation'

Khushi puts her hand on his shoulder and says'.

Khushi: Arnav' what happen'. He came back to his sense and says'..

Arnav: hmmm nothing' So what you were asking?

Khushi: I was asking you are in delhi from your childhood'.

Arnav: Hmmm yes'.

Khushi: So you stay with your family'

Arnav: Hmmm me mom and dad'.

Khushi: wow, its so good to be with family haina'

Arnav: Hmmm'

Khushi: so you don't have any sibling'..

Arnav remembers about anjali' Suddenly he became sad'. He has never told about anjali to anyone but today he wanted to share his pain with khushboo' He didn't know why but he wanted to tell everything to khushboo' He said'..

Arnav: I had'.. Her name was anjali' I use to call her angie'. She was my life'.

He paused saying that'..

Khushi: where is she? I mean I have never seen her with you'..

Arnav looks at khushi with pain in her eyes and says'.

Arnav: She is dead khushboo'.. She is dead' Saying this he stopped the car and banged his fist on the steering and says'.

Arnav: Khushboo she committed suicide and I couldn't do anything khushboo'. Her body was lying in front of me'. But I was helpless'. I wanted to save my angie but I was too late' She was already dead'. Saying these tears rolled down on his cheeks'.

Khushi too got tears in her eyes looking arnav in such a bad state she didn't know why but she felt pain in her heart seeing arnav crying like this'. She moved closer to arnav and wipes his tears'.

Khushi: ssshhh arnav I am sorry I should have not asked you about her'.

Arnav: No khushboo don't be sorry'.. I have never shared this with anyone but today I felt like sharing it with you' You know me and angie were like best buddies' She was younger to me but she always use to take care of me like an elder sister and in return I used to protect her from all the evil but I failed khushboo I failed to protect her from that b*****d''

Khushi hugs him tight and caresses his back' She was too hurt to see him in tears'.. She wanted to tell him that she is with him always'. Arnav hugged her back' He felt good to be in her arms'. Khushi's dress over her shoulders was all wet due to his tears'..

She pulled back from the hug and looked at him' He was looking at khushi with tears in his eyes' Khushi moved more close to him and kissed him on his left eye drinking the tear drops'. She didn't know why she did that but she wanted to ease his pain' She wanted to be with him' Arnav closed his eyes feeling her kiss' He slides her arms around her waist and holds her'.. She then kissed him on his right eye and drinks the tear drops'.. She stopped and looked at him for few minutes'. Arnav opened his eyes when he didn't feel his lips on his eyes'. He too looked in her eyes'

Arnav leaned down towards her still not breaking the eye contact'. He then moved her eyes from her eyes to her nose, cheeks and then too her lips' His hot breath falling on her lips due to their close proximity' Khushi parted her lips feeling him so closed and arnav leaned further and takes lower lip in his mouth'. Khushi closed her eyes when she felt his lips over her's'. Arnav started sucking her lower lips and khushi put her arms around his neck and pulled him close'.

Arnav then takes upper lip in his mouth and started sucking it' Khushi too did the same' They were lost in the kiss'. Arnav entered her mouth and his tongue explored every corner of her mouth'.. He was licking each and every corner as if his life depends on it'. Khushi too explored his mouth'. This feeling was very new for them'. It was their first kiss and they both were enjoying to the fullest' Arnav pulled her closer and started caressing her back' Khushi moves her hand from his neck to his hairs and pulled them to bring her more close''..

After a long time they broke the kiss when they felt the need for air'. They both looked at each other'. Khushi's hand was still in his hairs and arnav's hands on khushi's back'''


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Note: Many of you think that arnav knows khushi is khushboo and he is just doing an act... so let me tell you no he dont know anything... And he really feels for khushboo...

Chapter 5

Arnav was too lost in khushi he pulled her closer and again started leaning towards khushi for the second kiss'. He was moving close and close to her and was about to capture her lips when suddenly her phone rings'. They both came back to their sense'. Khushi took her hands from his hairs and arnav to move to his seat leaving khushi'.. They both were not looking at each other'.. Both confused by their act'. Khushi picks up the cal and arnav started driving'.

Khushi: Haan'.. I am reaching in 10 minutes' Hmmm ok bye' she keeps the call'. She looked at arnav' He was driving looking straight'. She knows whatever happened before few minutes is not something both will ever forget' But she wanted to know what she exactly feels for arnav is this love or something else' She didn't say a word during their journey'..

Arnav too was driving without looking at khushi thinking about their kiss' He was happy and felt good but he was not sure about khushboo did she liked the kiss or she is regretting" He didn't want to talk to her about this as he was scared'..

They reached after few minutes'. Khushi gets down from the car and smiles at arnav and says' "Will see you tomorrow for the rehearsals'."

Arnav: hmmm bye khushboo'. Take care'.

Khushi: Bye'.

Arnav then drives away from their and khushi walked towards the door' All this were seen by nivaan but he was not able to see his face'. Khushi rings the bell'. Nivaan opens the door and khushi hugs him'.

Khushi: Hey bhaiya' I missed you'.

Nivaan: Khushi who was that boy' I mean the one who drops you today'

Khushi: Bhaiya he is the same one who have saved me yesterday from that goons and he also my dance partner in the upcoming fest'.

Nivaan: Ok' But khushi please take care of yourself'. You know there are lots of bad people in your college'

Khushi: Chill bhaiya I can take care of myself and he is a nice boy'

Nivaan: Acha what is his name' And you guys are in the same class'

Khushi: No he is my senior and his name is'. She was about to say his name when nivaan gets the call'

Nivaan: I am so sorry khushi we will talk later'. He attends the call and khushi moved to her room she gets fresh and lays down on her bed thinking about arnav'.

Khushi: Ye mujhe kya ho raha hai'. Why I felt bad when arnav cried'. Why I was not able to see arnav in pain' and that kiss what was that' I have never allowed anyone to come near me or to touch me than why I was not able to say no to arnav' What is happening with me' Is this love' Am I falling in love'. Kisse puchu mein ye' Bhaiya se.. But what he will think'. Hmm let me ask him'. She then moves to nivaan's room with coffee for both'.

Nivaan was reading a novel in his room'. Khushi enters'.

Nivaan: Are khushi come'. You need anything'.

Khushi: No bhaiya nothing just felt like talking to you'. She said handing over the coffee mug to him'

Nivaan: Ohh come sit' So my little princess wanted to chat' Bolo'.

Khushi: bhaiya wo actually I wanted to discuss one of my friends problem with you'

Nivaan: Haan bolo na'

Khushi: Actually na bhaiyaa she had a friend a guy friend to whom she had met just few days before but she feels something for him' I mean she cant see him in pain' She cant see tears in his eyes' she feels good when she is with him'. She feels good when he touches her'. She feels good when he cares for her' Bhaiyaan she is really confused why she feels like this'.

Nivaan: khushi are you sure you are talking about your friend and not about you'

Khushi: Haan' yes bhaiyaan its her problem'

Nivaan: Ok.. So tell your friend that she is in love'

Khushi: What'. Love I mean she has just met that guy one or two days before'.

Nivaan: It happens sometime khushi'. You know Love at first sight' When we feels strongly for the person in our first meeting itself'.

Khushi: Ok'. Bhaiyaan I have to go and inform her ok take care Good night'

Khushi walked out of his room and goes to her room and sleeps on her bed and thinks "It means I am in love' I love arnav' And whatever I did today was out of love'. I am in love''.. Wow I cant belive that I am in love and that too with arnav'" But wait kya arnav bhi mere liye same feel karta hai'. Kya wo bhi mujhse pyaar'. Hmmm may be he too loves me the way he cares for me and then the kiss'.. I will talk to him and will tell him my feelings'. I am so happy today"

Here arnav reached his house and moves to his room'. He changes his clothes and sat on the bed thinking "Why khushboo is affecting me so much' Why I shared my past with her' Why I felt good when she comforted me'. And then kiss' Why I was not able to control' what is happening to me' Why I feels so good whenever I am with khushboo'. Am I falling for her' Is this called as love' But I have just met her yesterday then' I can't even ask anyone'. He was lost in his thoughts when he receives a call from aman'.

Aman: Hello ASR'

Arnav: Haan Aman bolo'.

Aman: ASR who is this khushboo haan'.

Arnav was shocked to hear khushboo's name from aman'

Arnav: Aman'.

Aman: Haan ASR tumhe kya laga I will not come to know haan'. Akash told me everything that you are going to dance with her in the fest and also you were taking care of her' Baat kya hai ASR'

Arnav: Its nothing like that aman she is just my friend'

Aman: Yeah friend ASR I know you very well you never talk to any girl after that incident then this khushboo'. Don't fool me tell me the truth'. I am your best friend'.

Arnav: Aman actually even I don't know what I feel for khushboo I mean I have met her yesterday but I feels as if I know her from a long time' I like to spend time with her' I like to take care of her' I want to protect her from all the evils' I want her to be always with me and you know I stay happy when I am with her'. I don't know why but you know today I shared my pain with her'. And then'.

Aman: and what ASR'

Arnav: Hmmm nothing'.

Aman: ASR how will you feel when tomorrow she will tell you that she is leaving you forever'

Arnav: What!!!! Aman why she will tell me like this'.

Aman: ASR I am just asking tell me na' Kya tum use jane doge'

Arnav: Nahi' I mean'.

Aman: You mean that you will not be able to live without her' right'

Arnav: Hmmm'

Aman: Then my friend you are in love with her'

Arnav: What' me and love'

Aman: Yes Aman you are in love with khushboo'. You love her ASR just go and tell her'.

Arnav: Shut up aman you have become mad now keep the call' Arnav cuts the call and here aman smiles and says'

Aman: ASR tum mano ya na mano you are in love and I am really happy that there is someone in your life who will take care of you and who will help you to come out of angie's death and I really hope k tum khushi ko apne dimaag se nikal do and usse revenge lene ki baat bhul jao she is an innocent soul in all this'.

Here arnav thinks "It means I am in love with khushboo'. Yes I love her'. I cant believe that I am in love'. I will tell her that I love her' But kya khushboo bhi mujhse'. Hmmm she too loves me isliye to she was not able to see my pain, my tears and that kiss she too enjoyed that kiss'. I will tell her that I love her'. Kal hi mein use apne dil ki baat bata duga'."

Both of them slept with a wide smile on their face'

Next morning,

Khushi was very much excited to go to college' She gets ready and left for the college' Here arnav too was very excited'. Khushi came to the college and looks for arnav but he was nowhere in the campus so she decides to meet him after the lectures' She went to the class'

Lavanya: Hey khushboo how are you? How was your dance practice yesterday'. ASR ne kuch kaha to nahi na he is very rude na'

Khushi: No' I mean dance practice was good and ASR was also not rude he made me comfortable'

Payal: What!!!! I must say you are really very lucky that he is not being rude to you' He only talks with his best friends Aman and akash and no one' and girls se to bilkul bhi nahi'. He has not even talked with us' Think we are his best friend's girlfriend but he didn't even say hello to us'

Khushi: What!!!! You mean you are'

Lavanya: Yes she and akash are couple and me and aman'

Khushi: Aman I have never meet him'

Lavanya: Yeah he is on a leave' He will be back in a week' He is ASR's best friend you can say his right hand' He is very loyal to ASR'

Khushi: Ok'. But Arnav is really very sweet with me'.

Lavanya: Good I must say you are the luckiest girl then'

Khushi blush hearing this'. Now she was waiting for the lecture to get over so that she can meet Arnav'.

Day passed and finally it was 5Pm'. She was very excited' She bids bye to her friends and moves to washroom for getting fresh'. After few minutes she went to rehearsal hall'. She enters the hall and sees arnav who was already sitting there with something in his hands'.

Khushi moves to him'.

Khushi: hi'.

Arnav: hey hi come'.

Khushi moves to him and says'

Khushi: Arnav I want to tell you something'

Arnav: I too want to tell you something'. Come sit'.

Khushi comes to him and sits beside him'.

Khushi: Arnav wo actually I'.

Arnav puts his index finger on her lips and says "Ssshhh khushboo let me speak first"'' He moves close to khushi and blindfold her'.

Khushi: Arnav what are you doing?

Arnav: Ssshhh khushboo' Do you trust me'

Khushi: Hmmm

Arnav: then come' He holds her hands and walked out of the rehearsal room'

Khushi: Arnav tell me na where we are going'

Arnav: Few more minutes' khushboo and then you will come to know'.

After walking for 15 minutes he stopped somewhere and opens the fold'.

Arnav: Open your eyes khushboo

Khushi slowly opened her eyes and gets shocked''''


So guys how was it... I know less of arshi scenes but from next update their are going to be loads of arshi scenes...

Note: Ok now most of you are waiting for arnav's reaction so let me tell you its not going to happen so soon... And one more thing Aman will not tell him about khushi and not even khushi... So keep guessing how he will come to know the truth...

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