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Love at First Sight... Chapter 21 to 25

Chapter 21

Everyone return back to Delhi.. Arnav was thinking of a plan how to woo khushi back. He thought of something and then calls someone and said something. After the call he smiles and says

Arnav: Khushi you are going to spend your next two months with me and trust me that those two months will make you mine forever..

Next morning

Khushi comes to college She was feeling light these days as she has told arnav each and everything. She entered her class with lavanya and payal and they sat for the lectures.

Prof: Good morning students...

Students: Good Morning.

Prof: So students hope you are out of your picnic mode

Students: NO.

Prof: If not then come back as we have to gear up for the next annual project.But this year we have given a new twist. This year a senior will be working with you on this project So guys will be paired with them

Students: Wow sir that's great news.

Prof: Hmmm good Tomorrow final list will be out and you will get to know you are working with whom. And also the topics You will have two months for this project.

Everyone nodded and then the normal lectures were started

After the lectures everyone were busy thinking who will be their partner Most of the girls started praying that they should get ASR as their partner. Khushi looks at them She acted as if she didn't care but somewhere deep inside her heart she didn't like the fact that ASR will be working with other girls for almost two months.

Next day..

All the students including juniors and seniors were called in the classroom together.. Lavanya, khushi and payal entered the classroom and goes to sit when khushi's eyes fell on arnav who was with aman and akash.She ignored him and smiled looking at aman and akash. Everyone settles and then prof entered the classroom. He greeted everyone and said.

Prof: As you all know that this year we are having project where juniors will be working with seniors. I think this will be the best opportunity for you all to learn many things. So guys final lists are out and pairs are as follows.

Nikhil and sheena, Samrat and kirti, Kinjal and anil, .., payal and aman, lavanya and akash and now the most luckiest girl of your class khushi with arnav.. Now you all may know why I called her lucky right.

Class scream and they again started making faces looking at khushi.. some even started taunting. Khushi didn't pay any attention to them but only thing haunting her was that she will have to be with arnav for almost two months No matter how much she say that she don't want arnav but truth is she still loves him but can never forgive him.. what if in this 2 months she will fall weak She decided that she will ask for a partner change.

She stands up and calls the prof

Prof: Yes Ms any problem

Khushi: Sir can I change my partner

Everyone looks at her with shocked expression thinking is she mad to change the partner.

Prof: Why I mean do you have any problem working with ASR

Khushi: NO sir but

Prof: If you don't have any problem than why you want to change.. I am sorry but this is the final list.

Khushi: Ok sir She sits down and thinks that she has to do this but she will be strong and not allow him to come close to her..

Arnav have seen all this.. He knows why khushi didn't want to work with him but he smiles and says "Khushi you cant do anything now You have to be with me". Aman and akash gave thumbs up to arnav and he winks at them.

Here khushi was still in her thoughts when lavanya calls her She looks at lavanya

Lavanya: I know khushi what you must be feeling but don't worry everything will be alright and its just a matter of two months

Khushi: Yeah I know. They both were engrossed on the talks when again they heard the voice of Prof

Prof: So students hope you have finished all the discussions now it's the time for the project topic. As this project is not related to your subjects so we have decided to give the topic as Fusion fashion where you guys can design a clothes for your partners keeping the topic in mind and then after 2 months we will have a fashion show as you all being the models. And yes don't think that this project is not important as it is not related to your subjects You will be getting marks for this project which will be included in your final exam. So guys all the best.

Saying this Prof walked out and now all the students went to their respective partners. Khushi was still on her seat thinking that how she will talk to arnav. She was still lost in her thoughts when she felt a strong hand on her shoulder She knows this touch. She came back from her thoughts and looks at the person. She was right He was arnav.

Arnav: Khushi.. Are you alright

Khushi just nods her head.

Arnav: Ok.. So can I sit here as you know we are partners we have to work together.

Khushi: hmmm

Arnav sits beside her.

Arnav: So khushi why you wanted to change your partner.

Khushi: I think arnav you know the reason.. But forget it and lets just concentrate on the project

Arnav: Khushi I know what I have done was very wrong but khushi tum mujhe ek chance bhi nahi de sakti.

Khushi: Please arnav I said I don't want to talk anything other than the project. Please don't make it difficult for me.

Arnav was hurt hearing this but he knows that he still needs to do a lot of wooing.

Arnav: Ok. So from tomorrow we will meet at my place and will work on the project.

Khushi: Your place no I mean Why your place we will work at my place

Arnav: Ok baba as you wish. See you tomorrow then

Khushi gets surprised as arnav didn't argue with her and accepted her decision...


Chapter 22
Next day after college arnav was waiting for khushi near the parking lot to go to her place. Khushi came towards his car and said

Khushi: Arnav you go I will come by auto or I will tell lavanya to drop me.

Saying this she was about to go when arnav holds her hand and says

Arnav: Khushi sit in the car.

Khushi waved his hand off her and says

Khushi: Arnav please I just want us to be project partners no friends Hope you will not mind.

Arnav gets hurt hearing this He then locks his car and starts walking with khushi. Khushi looks at him with confused expressions and says

Khushi: Arnav where are you going?

Arnav: Khushi I don't think you can ask personal questions.

Khushi: Ohhh yeah right.

Arnav smiles and thinks "If you cant come with me in my car I will come with you"

Both walked towards the road. Khushi was confused as where arnav was going but she didn't ask She stops an auto and get inside but to her surprise arnav too sat with her.

Khushi: Arnav

Arnav: What I think as a project partner atleast we can share an auto as we are going to the same place.

Khushi just kept quite as she knows that it was of no use to argue with arnav..

Khushi sit looking outside the auto and arnav was looking at her and thinking.

"What I have done I have changed my khushi so much..." He closed his eyes thinking about their good times. He was still in his thoughts when they reach home and auto stops but arnav's eyes were still closed Khushi looks at him and says

Khushi: Arnav get up we have reached

Hearing khushi's voice arnav came back and opens his eyes and looks at khushi.

Khushi gets shock seeing arnav His eyes were red and mist. She can guess that he was crying.

She looks at him and they both share an eyelock.

Without khushi's knowledge tears started flowing from her eyes.. She can be rude to arnav, she ignores him she can avoid talking to him but she can't see arnav in pain. She felt a sharp pain in her heart. Arnav noticed her tears and raised his hand to wipe them off without breaking the eye lock but suddenly they heard the voice of the auto wala.

Autowala: madam zara jaldi utarye mujhe late ho raha hai.

Both arnav and khushi came back to their sense and turned their faces and khushi said

Khushi: Haan sorry

They get down and arnav pays the fare Auto left from their and they started walking towards the door. Khushi was again lost in her thoughts.

Khushi: "Khushi you have to be strong how can you cry like this and that too infront of him. Kya karti mein I cant see arnav in pain".

Thinking this she looks at arnav who was walking looking straight She brushed away her thoughts and says

Khushi: Arnav from tomorrow I will meet you directly at home no need to wait for me.

Arnav just nods his head as he knows that words will not come out of his mouth right now.

Khushi knocked the door and arnav composed himself.. Nivaan opens the door

Nivaan smiles looking at khushi.. He hugs khushi and then gets shock looking at arnav.

Nivaan: Khushi you and arnav.

Khushi: Bhaiyaan he is my project partner. We will be working together for the two months. That's it

Nivaan: Ohh He then hugs arnav and says

Nivaan: come. Good to see you

Arnav: Same here nivaan.

They both comes inside and nivaan close the door. He makes arnav sit on the couch and says

Nivaan: So arnav what you will have. I mean you came for the first time na

Khushi was sitting on the other couch still thinking about arnav's tears when she heard arnav saying..

Arnav: I will have coffee with loads of sugar.. He thinks "Khushi if you stops me now it means you still care for me and love me"

Nivaan: Ok

Khushi hears this and thinks "Arnav ko to diabetes hai then how can he."

Nivaan was about to move when khushi said

Khushi: Bhaiyaan he is diabetic so make it sugar free.

Arnav felt good as khushi still cares for him He looks at khushi and khushi looks here and their thinking why she said that.

Khushi: Wo actually I don't want any distraction when we do our work so that's why.

Arnav smiles at her covering act and says

Arnav: Nivaan please tell her that I can have a coffee with sugar.

Khushi: No you cant.

Arnav: Why I cant.

Khushi: Because it is not good for you.

Arnav: Nivaan tell her that she doesn't have to be worried for my diabetes as I am just her project partner..

Khushi: Woo

Nivaan: Haan khushi arnav is right

Khushi gave an angry glare to arnav and went to her room

Here nivaan and arnav smiles looking at her back and nivaan comes to arnav and says

Nivaan: What is happening ASR I mean you guys are doing project and what was that "just her project partner" and all.

Arnav: Nivaan actually I want my khushi back and I know she will not forgive me easily so I am spending time with her and will woo her to come back to me And about project partner she said that we are only project partners nothing more that's it.

Nivaan: Ohhh. You truly love her

Arnav: More than my life nivaan I know I was wrong but every person deserves a second chance and in my case khushi was not ready to give me that chance so I snatched it.

Nivaan: What do you mean

Arnav: Will explain you later Now let me go or your sister will eat me up.

Nivaan: Yeah yours would be wife too

Arnav smiles and winks at nivaan and hugs him and says

Arnav: Right..

Arnav then walked towards khushi's room and knocks on the door Khushi who was fuming in her room opened it and allowed him inside Arnav walks to her and says

Arnav: Khushi kya hua you are looking angry

Khushi: Nothing Arnav we are here to work it will be better if we concentrate on that rather than you chatting with my brother as a long lost friend..

Arnav: He is my friend khushi..

Khushi: yeah but I don't have a free time like you. So lets start with work.

Arnav: Yeah sure

Khushi: Good

Saying this she started walking towards the table where her laptop was resting but suddenly a piece of cloth came below her feet and she slipped shouting

Khushi: AArrrnnaavvv

Arnav saw her and tried to save her by pulling her but he pulled her with a great force which made them both fall on the floor with khushi on top of arnav.

Arnav wraps his arms around her waist and khushi rested her head on his chest hearing his heart beat. Arnav tightens his grip on her and khushi didn't react. He then started roaming his hands on her back and khushi closed her eyes feeling him after such a long time.

He looks at her face Her cheeks were red and her eyes were closed He knows that his touch still affects her He kissed her on her hairs and said

Arnav: Khushi I think you are enjoying being in your project partner's arms.

Khushi opened her eyes wide and realized her position..

She immediately gets up and feels embarrass Without saying anything she walked towards the table and took the laptop.

Khushi then brings laptop and sat on the bed Arnav comes and sits besides khushi..

She opened the laptop and then started searching about Fusion fashion and related topics which will help her.

She was very much engrossed in her work and arnav was just looking at her Her smile when she gets some good information Her frown when the information she read comes out to be useless Arnav was just admiring her each and every expression Suddenly he puts his hands on her and stops her from doing anything Khushi looks at him with shocked expressions

Khushi: Arnav.

Arnav: Khushi I am sorry mujhe maaf kardo I love you I really love you a lot Please come back to me I promise I will always keep you happy and will do anything for you.

Khushi wanted to hug him and be with him but then she remembers the night when she lost her child She looked at arnav and said

Khushi: You can do anything right Give me my baby back arnav.


Chapter 23...

Khushi: You can do anything right Give me my baby back arnav.

Arnav looks at her with shocked expressions. Tears started flowing from khushi's eyes and she continued

Khushi: Kya hua arnav I said give me my baby back nahi de sakte but you said you can do anything right so do it na please arnav I want my baby.

Arnav too had tears in his eyes seeing khushi in such a state He moved close to khushi and holds her hand and wipes her tears with the other hand and says

Khushi waved his hands off her and also turns his face sideways.

Arnav felt bad He clenched his fist. He got up from the bed and kneels down in front of khushi and again holds her hand tight and said

Arnav: Khushi I know I have hurt you a lot. We lost our baby due to my anger.

Khushi looks at him and says

Khushi: We lost our baby!!!!!! No arnav baby was mine only mine. You know I thought this baby will make our love more strong but arnav what you did. you killed him.. You left me. To abhi kyun fir se meri life mein aana chahte ho. What do you think arnav jab tum chaho aa sakte ho jab chahe you can throw me from your life...

Arnav was about to say something when they heard the knock on the door Khushi just removed her hands from his and wipes her tears and walked towards the door Arnav too got up from the floor and sat on the bed wiping his tears and calming himself.

Khushi opened the door and nivaan entered the room with a tray of snacks.. He smiled at khushi and arnav but he sensed that they were talking something personal and he came at the wrong time.

Nivaan: So ASR kaisa chal raha hai tum dono ka project work

Arnav was still in thoughts He was still thinking about khushi's words Nivaan looks at him as he didn't get the answer He put his hand on her shoulder and said

Nivaan: Kya hua ASR Are you alright

Arnav came back to his sense and said

Arnav: Hmmm nivaan kya hua Tum kuch keh rahe the

Nivaan: Wo ASR I was asking ke kaisa chal raha hai tum dono ka project work.

Arnav: Good nivaan

Nivaan: Ok Good chalo I think I should not disturb you guys Carry on.

He then hugs khushi and left from their

Khushi closed the door and then sat on the bed and started serving snacks to arnav.

Arnav: Khushi I

But before he could say anything khushi cuts him and says

Khushi: Please arnav I don't want to talk about us please you are just project partner for me and utna hi raho to acha hai.

Arnav: Ok Lets complete our work khushi

Khushi: First have this She said giving the plate of snacks to arnav.

Arnav: I don't want Lets not waste time and complete the work.

Khushi: Please arnav have this you have not eaten anything since a long time.

Arnav: So what khushi I don't think ke tumhe apne project partner ki itni chinta karni chahiye. He took the lappy and started working.

Khushi: Arnav stop this ok And just have this first you have eat or else

Arnav: Or else what khushi. Don't worry about me Nothing will happen to me And mujhe kuch ho bhi gaya to tumhe usse kya I am a bloody killer and I should be punished severely so just don't worry about me ok.

Khushi felt hurt by his words. She said with anger filled tone

Khushi: Ok don't eat if you don't want to Lets work

Saying this she besides him and started working on the laptop.

After half an hour arnav was hungry but he didn't say a word He just kept on working without looking at khushi..

Few more minutes passed and arnav started feeling dizzy. His eyes were getting close and his head started spinning. He stops working and falls on the bed with laptop on his tummy.

Khushi who was lost in her thoughts sees this and comes back to present She gets panic to see arnav she took the laptop and kept it aside and started rubbing his palm saying..

Khushi: Arnav Arnav tum thik ho.

Arnav was half conscious He can see the khushi who was taking care of her He smiles in that state and raised his hands to cup her cheeks.

Khushi holds her palm on her cheeks and says

Khushi: Arnav Kya hua do you need something

Arnav tried looking at khushi and said

Arnav: I I love you khu khushi.

Saying this he closed his eyes

Khushi pats her cheeks but no response.

Tears started rolling down from her cheeks. She got up and run to get water She sprinkles some water on his face and arnav came back to his sense.. Khushi then brings the chocolate which was in her bag and fed it to arnav. Arnav first tried denying but khushi gave him an angry glare which had tears and he ate the chocolate with her hand.

After that khushi brought the snacks plate and started feeding him with her hands and he ate everything without a single word. After finishing khushi was about to walk from their when arnav holds her hand and khushi closed her eyes.

She wanted to wave off his hand and walk from their but something stops her from doing that she kept on standing without looking at her

Arnav got up from his place and came in front of khushi He looks at her Her eyes were closed and tears were falling on her cheeks. Arnav walks close to her and wipes the tears from her cheeks and khushi opens her eyes sensing his touch. They both look into each other's eyes.

Khushi: Please leave me arnav.

Arnav: Khushi why you are doing this.

Khushi: Kya kar rahi hu mein

Arnav: Khushi you still love me than why you are not accepting me and my love

Khushi: I don't love you arnav Please leave me and I said that we are just.

Arnav cuts her and says

Arnav: Kitna jhoot bologe khushi. I know you love me a lot And these tears are the proof that you cant see me in pain fir kyun tum mujhe bhi or apne aap ko bhi ye punishment de rahi ho. Khushi I know Whatever I have done was wrong very wrong but khushi I am really very guilty for all my deeds and I really love you and I promise that I will always keep you happy I know that I will not be able to give you our baby back but khushi I promise that I will fill your life with so much of happiness that you will not get a time to remember the past.

Khushi was just looking at him all lovingly and listening to him. Arnav continued

Arnav: Khushi everyone deserves a second chance in their life And mujhe bhi yeh second chance chahiye khushi And I promise that I will never let you regret this decision. Please khushi. Agar tum bolo to we can again start it off as a friends and only if you feel that I truly love you. You can come back to me and if you don't than I will leave forever from your life but khushi please give me this chance please.

Arnav and khushi both were in tears. Arnav waited for some time for khushi's answer but when khushi didn't say anything arnav thought that khushi is not ready to give him another chance He felt very bad. He left her hand and started walking out of the room without looking back. He reached near the door when he heard her voice.

Khushi: Arnav..

Arnav turns to look at her. Khushi closed her eyes and takes a deep breath and started walking towards arnav

She reached close to him and extends her hand and said

Khushi: Friends.

Arnav: Khushi It it means yo you are ready to give me another chance.

Khushi nods her head and arnav hugs her tight. Khushi too hugs him back and they both cried on each other's shoulder.

Arnav: Thank you khushi Thanks a lot and I promise I will make you believe in y love and you will again trust me. I love you khushi and thank you.

Khushi didn't say a word she just kept on hugging him tight. She was feeling him after a long time.

After some time they broke the hug and arnav cups her cheeks and said

Arnav: Thank you khushi and I love you. And I will wait for the day when you will say I love you to me.


Chapter 24

Arnav: Thank you khushi and I love you. And I will wait for the day when you will say I love you to me..

Saying this he walks out of the room and then again looked at khushi. She was smiling looking at him standing at the door. He too smiled back and then walked towards the living room still smiling and crashed on nivaan who was walking towards khushi's room. Nivaan holds arnav's arms and says

Nivaan: Watch out dude Are you ok And why you are smiling like this

Arnav: Nivaan I am so happy today She she gave me another chance nivaan. I I am so happy..

Nivaan was happy and shock both

Nivaan: You you mean khushi my sister gave you second chance

Arnav: Yes nivaan.

Nivaan: Wow ASR I am so happy for you both.. Hope this time you will not mess up and will utilize this time and chance

Arnav: Yes nivaan this time I will not leave any stone unturned in wooing khushi. I will make her believe me and my love..

Nivaan: Me too hope for the same All the best.

Arnav: Thanks Ok now I am leaving.. Take care of her

Nivaan: Of course ASR..

Arnav: Bye

Nivaan: Bye

Arnav left from their.

In khushi's room..

Khushi was sitting in the room on her bed with her head leaning on the head board and her eyes closed.. She was thinking about arnav. She was thinking about the time they were together and then how one misunderstanding changed their whole life She gets the image of their talks in the guest house. She gets the image of arnav throwing her out of the guest house. Then her accident and then the worst news of her life that she has lost her child..

Few drops of tears fell from her eyes she opens her eyes and wipes her tears and says

Khushi: Did I take the right decision to give him a second chance Did he deserve this chance. She was again confused between her mind and heart Her heart said that yes he deserves this chance but her mind was saying that no you did a wrong thing by giving him a second chance as he is a killer of your baby and he don't deserve this chance or your forgiveness. She was still in her thoughts when she felt a hand on her shoulder

She looks up and sees nivaan She wipes her tears and smiles looking t nivaan. Nivaan sat beside khushi and than took her hands in his and says

Nivaan: What happen khushi why you are crying.

Khushi: Nothing bhaiyaan Wo something went into my eyes.

Saying this she again started rubbing her eyes

Nivaan stops her by holding her hand and says

Nivaan: Khushi I know you very well and I can see the difference between the tears and water.. So tell me the truth khushi.

Khushi looks at nivaan and throws her arms around his shoulder and started crying hugging him tight.

Nivaan caresses her hair and back and says..

Nivaan: Sshhh khushi kya hua bolo mujhe

Khushi continued crying and nivaan let her cry and after sometime khushi herself broke the hug and wipes her tears and said

Khushi: Bhaiyaan I gave him the second chance.

Nivaan smiles and says..

Nivaan: So.

Khushi: Bhaiyaan I gave arnav the second chance Arnav who is the killer of my child. Do you think I did the right thing How can I become weak. How.

But before she could continue nivaan stops her and says..

Nivaan: Sshhh khushi You did the right thing by giving him the second chance, don't think so much about this. Khushi I agree that he is responsible for your child's death but khushi he didn't kill him intentionally I know he was blind in is hatred and whatever he did was wrong very wrong but khushi now he is guilty for his deeds and I can see the love he has for you in his eyes and I think each and every person commits a mistake but person who is really guilty for his mistake should be given a chance.. And you have given arnav a second chance so you have not done anything wrong..

Khushi listens to him carefully and then remembers how arnav ask for forgiveness and how she can see the guilt in his eyes and then wipes her tears and says

Khushi: Yes bhaiyaan I have done a right thing by giving him a chance.. She then hugs nivaan and says Thanks bhaiyaan.

Nivaan hugs her back and says..

Nivaan: No need to thanks Now go sleep and don't think about this anymore ok.

Khushi nods and nivaan leaves the room.

Next day.

Khushi enters the college and sees arnav in the campus chatting with aman and akash. Arnav felt her presence and looks towards her He smiles looking at her and khushi smiled back Aman and akash gets shock. And so was lavanya and payal who were walking with khushi

Arnav then walks towards khushi and says..

Arnav: Hi khushi

Khushi: Hi

Aman, akash, lavanya and payal comes to them

Aman: Hey when you guys started talking.

Arnav smiles and says..

Arnav: From today We are friends now Right khushi.

Khushi nods.

Akash: That's great means khushi you decided to give him a chance right.

Khushi: hmmm... Everyone deserves a chance.

She said looking into arnav's eyes

Lavanya: Hmmm right.

Arnav: And khushi trust me you will never regret..

Khushi: Me too hope the same arnav Come lavanya lets go to the class. Arnav will see you in the evening.

Saying this she left from their.


Chapter 25

It was evening Khushi walked out of the college building with payal and lavanya. They were tired as day was very taxing. They started walking towards the parking lot as khushi knew that arnav will be waiting their for her. Lavanya and payal were on the call talking to their respective boyfriends Khushi looks at them and then thinks "Hope arnav woos me soon I can't wait to start my life with him but I just want to be assured that he will never break my heart and my trust again.." She then smiles thinking how arnav asked for forgiveness last night How he wanted her badly.

They reached parking lot and payal and lavanya keeps the call and hugs akash and aman Arnav and khushi smiled looking at each other aman, akash, lavanya and payal bids bye to the couple saying that they have to start their project. Arnav opens the door for khushi and khushi gets inside the car.. Arnav walks to the other side and get in the car and started driving.

Khushi was sitting in his car after a long time She started remembering those moments which they have spent in the car Their first kiss was in this car. A small smile crept on her lips and blush on her cheeks Arnav looks at her and says

Arnav: Kissing you was the best moment we had in this car

Khushi comes out her thoughts and blush but tries to calms herself and says

Khushi: I was not thinking about the kiss..

Arnav: Acha Then why you were blushing khushi.

Khushi: hmm wo wo I was thinking ke suddenly she sees a music player and switches it on saying

Khushi: I was thinking about a song Lets hear some songs

Arnav smiles and says..

Arnav: Ok. But you can't lie khushi your eyes tells me everything

Khushi frowns and says

Khushi: Then why you didn't believe me arnav. Tab meri aankhein kuch nahi boli tumhe.

Khushi looks at him with pain in his eyes.

Arnav stops the car on the side of the road and looks at her

Arnav: Kh khushi mein.

Khushi gulps her tears and says

Khushi: I know arnav you were blinded by hatred for nivaan and your love for anjie but but arnav we loved each other haina. Ek baar you could have asked me Kya tumhe mujhpe itna bhi trust nahi tha that you thought ke I am with nivaan and was playing with your feelings. Kya tumhe mera pyaar itna jhuta laga tha arnav..

Each word of khushi pierced his heart He closed his eyes thinking about the pain he has given to khushi. He opens them after sometime and looks at khushi who was still staring at him with loads of pain in her eyes He leans towards her and cups her cheeks and says

Arnav: Khushi I. you know anjie and me hum hamesha ek doosre k saath hote the Anjie was my life I use to fulfill all her wishes even in our childhood my pocket money use to be spent on her She was everything for me but that day that day I lost her khushi. I lost her. Her body was lying in front of me and mein kuch nahi kar sakta tha use lane k liye.. I was broken khushi.. He closed his eyes as tears rolled down from his eyes Khushi too was in tears. He then opens his eyes and continues

Arnav: After that I got that letter which that bloody creep has written. And I thought that because of nivaan I lost my anjie khushi that day I have decided that I will take revenge from nivaan and will make him pay for his deed I became ruthless.. I was no more the same Arnav who use to be happy in every small things I just wanted one thing that to make nivaan pay for his deeds and then I came to know that nivaan has a sister and then I decided that I will make his suffer by making his sister suffers I know I did the biggest mistake of my life by thinking like this but khushi I was not in the position to think straight and then I met you khushi as khushboo and everything got change. I started living my life like before You were the person who removed me from this misery I started living my life again just for you and I was so happy to have you in my life I even started forgetting about the nivaan thing But..

He stopped and remembers that day when he received that call He continues

Arnav: that day I received the call from that creep.. He then tells khushi their whole conversation.. And and I thought that that the person whom I loved most cheated me. I was angry but then I thought no my khushboo will never cheat me she loves me a lot She will never hide this truth from me and so when you came I asked you and when you said that you are khushi I was broken I was broken from inside. I thought my love meant nothing for you. I was feeling betrayed. Isliye I decided to remove you from my life. Than that accident and when aman informed me I I felt as if my world shattered I wanted to run to you to see you whether you are alright.. to hold you in my arms but again my anger overpowered my love and I told aman I don't care but khushi I cared isliye I came to the hospital to see you. I pretended that I went for nivaan to see his state but no I came to see my love And then I went from their when I saw nivaan as anjie's innocent face came in my mind When you were in comma I visited you everyday just to check that you are alright but I never came to know about our child. You don't know those months were even worst than before. I was living like a dead man. Khushi I have always loved you and I wanted to trust you but mera gussa I sometimes feel like killing myself for killing our baby b

Before he could continue further khushi kept her hand on his mouth and nods her head in a No and says

Khushi: Aisa kabhi sochna bhi mat arnav..

They both look at each other and arnav pulls khushi in a bone crushing hug He close his eyes feeling her and says

Arnav: Khushi I love you mujhe chod kar kabhi mat jana. I have only you in my life.. I love you a lot. I know you still need time to trust me and my love Take as much time you want bas hamesha mera saath rehna.. Please never leave me khushi.

Khushi hugs him back She felt bad seeing him like that. She has always thought that she was hurt but she was wrong he was also hurt. If she has lost her child he too had lost his sister which was his life..

Her thoughts were broken with arnav's voice

Arnav: bolo khushi you will not leave me haina You will always be in my life with me Khushi I am ready to woo you for my whole life bas mujhe kabhi chodkar mat jana. I will die khushi I will die without you.

Khushi caressed his back and says.

Khushi: ssshhh arnav I am here with you.. I I will never leave you alone. I will always be with you..

Arnav smiles and tightens her grip and says..

Arnav: I love you khushi I love you a lot.

Khushi: I.

But before she could complete her cell rang. They both came back to their sense and arnav pulls back from the hug and khushi removes her cell and sees the caller It was nivaan. She picks up the call wiping her tears and says

Khushi: Haa bhaiyaan. Hmmm bas we are reaching. Yeah ok. She keeps the call and looks at arnav and says

Khushi: Wo bhaiyaan was asking hum kab tak aayge. Lets go

Arnav nods and shifted at his place and kept his hand on the steering and was about to drive when khushi puts her hand on his and leans close to him and wipes off his tears. He looks at her and they both again get lost in each other's eyes. Khushi leans further and kiss him on his cheek and arnav closes his eyes feeling her lips on his cheek. She then kisses him on his other cheek and then on his eyes. She looks at his lips and leans towards them He parted his lips. Khushi leans further and captures his lips. She started sucking his lips. He pulls khushi on his lap and responded to the kiss by sucking her lips and then entering her mouth and sucking her tongue and letting her suck his tongue. Khushi snaked her arms around his neck and pulls him more close.. She kissed him to soothe his pain. But now the kiss turned into passion They were kissing each other like a hungry people who got the food after a long time.. After sometime when they both went out of air they broke the kiss and looks into each other's eyes.

Khushi was in tears Arnav thought that khushi is regretting the kiss but he gets shock after hearing khushi's next sentence.

Khushi: I love you arnav.. I love you.. And I don't want to test you anymore Arnav jo bhi hua that was written in our destiny isliye that was bound to happen but ab hum jab ek saath hai I don't want to stay away from you. Life is too short arnav and I want to live each and every moment of my life with you. I love you.

Arnav looks at her He was not able to believe his ears.. His khushi his khushi was saying I love you to him.. Means she had forgiven him Means now they can be together.

He hugs her and says..

Arnav: I love you too khushi..

Khushi smiles and closed her eyes feeling happy after so many days


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