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Love at First Sight.... Chapter 6 to 10

Chapter 6

Khushi slowly opened her eyes and gets shocked to see a beautiful heart made on the ground with red rose petals and I LOVE YOU KHUSHBOO written on it with white rose petals'.. Khushi looked at arnav who was looking at her with eagerness to know what will be her answer'..

She throws an angry glare at him and starts walking close to him'. Arnav got scare looking at her' He thinks "She is looking so angry I think I have committed a mistake by proposing her'. I should have waited for sometime' I think it was too early'. Now what she will think about me'. What if she breaks the friendship with me'. Ohh no what I have done' What should I do now'.

He was in his own thoughts when he felt something on his cheeks'.. He opens his eyes wide' He was not able to believe what he felt just now' He felt khushboo's lips on his cheeks'. Did khushboo really kiss him or he was just dreaming and then he heard what he was waiting for'. She brought her lips near his ears and whispered'.. "I Love you too arnav"''

He looked at khushi with blank expressions'. He was not able to believe that khushboo too loves him and she was telling him I love you'. He came out of his trance when khushi snapped her fingers in front of him'.

Khushi: Arnav what happened'.

Arnav: Hmmm nothing'. Did you just say I LOVE YOU'.

Khushi blushed and then kissed him on his other cheek and nods her head and says'.

Khushi: Yes arnav I love you'..

Arnav hugged her tight and says'.

Arnav: Ohh khushboo you scared me'. I thought you are angry on me and you will break our friendship'.. I am so happy that you too love me'. He tightens his grip on her'. She too hugged him back tight and both stayed in each other arms for sometime' After sometime khushi pulled back from the hug and says'.

Khushi: Arnav this is really very beautiful'. Thanks'..

Arnav pulls her close and says "Khushboo I did that to see this smile on your face and to say that I love you'. Not to hear thanks'."'.. Hearing those words from arnav's mouth made her blush more... She hides her face in his chest and says "I love you too"'..

Arnav: Come let's go'. We still have to do dance practice as we have only 12 days left'..

Khushi nods her head and they moved to the rehearsal hall'.

In the rehearsal hall they starts practicing and today they were little serious as they have to win the competition at any cost'. After about 2 hours khushi got tired and sat on the floor'.

Arnav: Khushboo what happened'.

Khushi: Arnav I am really very tired now' I don't think I will be able to learn something now'. Please let us stop here' I have already learned a lot today and I promise I will practice an extra hour tomorrow'.

Arnav sits on the floor with her and comes close to her and says'.

Arnav: Awweee my baby is tired'. I am so sorry'. Ok we will practice tomorrow now come lets go'

Khushi: Where'.

Arnav: You want to stay here khushboo'.

Khushi: No I didn't mean that'. I mean'.Nothing come lets go' You will drop me right'.

Arnav: Yes but not so early' We are going for dinner'.

Khushi: What'. No arnav I will be late and bhoomi will be waiting for me and what I will tell to her mom'.

Arnav: I don't know anything khushboo' We are going for dinner and that's final'

Khushi: Ok'. Let me call bhoomi and inform her'.

Arnav: Ok'. I will wait for you outside'.

Khushi: Ok'. She then packs her things and removes her cell to call nivaan after arnav left from their'.

Here at Gupta House'.

Nivaan was sitting on the couch and was working on the laptop when suddenly a folder got open by mistake'.. Nivaan looked at the content of the folder and starts opening it'. It contains his and anjali's pictures'.. A sweet smile crept on his lips while looking at the pictures'.. He closed his eyes and'.


Anjali was sitting on his lap'. They were in nivaan's room and on his bed'.

Nivaan: Angie you know you are the best thing that happened to me' I really love you' Please don't leave me ever I will not be able to live without you'. Saying this he captured her lips and kissed her passionately'.

After sometime they broke the kiss and anjali cupped his cheeks and says'

Anjali: Nivaan you are my life I can never ever think of leaving you' I will die without you' I love you too nivaan'.

She hugged him and he hugged her back pulling her closer'. He starts caressing her back and angie tightens her grip on his back'. He slid her top little up and starts caressing her bare back hiding his face in her hairs and smelling her scent'.. After sometime he breaks the hug and looks at her once'. Her eyes were showing the same desire which he had for her' He made her lay on the bed and gets on top of her'.He starts kissing her everywhere on her face and the slowly moved downwards bites on her breast over her bra when angie's cell rang'.. Nivaan gets up and took the cell and looks at the caller name' It was arnav's call'..

Nivaan: Angie I tell you this arnav' He will never allow us to be one' He disturbs us everytime man'.

Anjali cups his cheeks and says'.

Anjali: Nivaan he is my brother and he loves me more than himself'. Let me answer his call'. She attends the call and casually chatted with him and nivaan was caressing her belly till that time'.. She kept the call and looks at nivaan and says'

Anjali: Nivaan I really don't like tto lie with bhai' He really loves me'. I want him to know the truth'..when we are getting married'. I cant say without you nivaan' I really love you'

Nivaan: Very soon sweetheart' In few days I will come to your place to ask your hand from your brother'. I love you too and I too cant stay away from you' Saying this he captures her lips and then they spent that day making love to each other'..

Flashback Ends'..

Nivaan comes out of his thoughts hearing the ring of his cell' He looks at the number' It was of khushi'. He smiles and picks up the call'.

Nivaan: Yes princess'

Khushi: Bhaiyaan I will be late today'. Don't wait for me for dinner'

Nivaan: Why where are you going and with whom'.

Khushi crossed her fingers and says'.

Khushi: Bhaiyaan actually its lavanya's birthday today so she is taking us to the club for the treat'.

Nivaan: Us means who all are with you'.

Khushi: Me, Lavanya and payal that's it'.

Nivaan: Ok'. You can go' But please don't be late you know na how much I am worried for you'.

Khushi: Yes bhaiyaan don't worry'..

Khushi keeps the call and moves out where arnav was waiting for her'. Khushi comes to her... Arnav pulled her close turns her and slid her arms around her waist'.

Arnav puts his chin on his shoulder and whispered in her ears'

Arnav: So talked with bhoomi' What you said' Why you will be late'

She puts her hand on his and says'

Khushi: I said I am going with lavanya and payal as Lavanya is giving us treat on her birthday so I will be late'.

Arnav kissed her on her shoulders and neck and said'

Arnav: Why you lied khushi'. Why you didn't tell that you are with me'.

Khushi: Are you mad arnav' What I will say that I am going out with my boyfriend whom I met three days before and we love each other a lot' Do you think they will allow me to go with you'. For them you are still stranger arnav and they are really very possessive about me so they don't trust anyone'

Arnav: So you trust me haan'

Khushi turns back and cups his cheeks and says'

Khushi: Yes I trust you arnav because I love you''.

Arnav: I love you too come'..

They walk towards his car and open the door for khushi'. Khushi sits in his car and arnav sat on the driving seat'.. He starts driving the car'. Khushi puts her head on his shoulder and puts her hand in his and stayed like that till they reach the restaurant'..


Chapter 7

Arnav parked the car few meters away from khushi's house. Khushi gets down from the car and then leans on the window.

Khushi: Bye Arnav Take care...

Arnav: Bye khushboo.

Khushi smiles at him and then turns to walk to her house when arnav called her

Arnav: Khushboo.

Khushi turns and looks at him and says

Khushi: Hmmm bolo

Arnav: I love you.

Khushi blushes and looks down

Arnav gets down from his car and come close to her. He pinned her on the car door and says

Arnav: Khushboo I said I love you.

Khushi: Hmmm

Arnav runs his finger on her face and says

Arnav: What hmmm I want an answer.

Khushi: I love you too arnav.

Arnav leans on her face and then says

Arnav: Thanks khushboo for coming in my life. He leaned down more and captures her lips into his.

Khushi closed her eyes and then moved her hands into his hairs. After sucking her lips arnav entered her mouth and they both taste each other's mouth. Arnav's hand went on her back and starts caressing her back. After a long time they broke the kiss and look into each other's eyes.

Arnav held khushi's hand and says.

Arnav: You know khushboo after angie's death I was all shattered and I was living just for the sake of life but now I am living for you khushboo. I really love you a lot.

Khushi cups his cheeks from her other hand and say

Khushi: I love you too arnav and I promise that I will never leave you..

They hug each other and stay into each other arms for some time

After that they broke the hug and khushi bids him bye.

Arnav drives away from their and khushi knocks on the door Nivaan opens the door and khushi enters the house and hugs nivaan

Khushi: bhaiyaan.

Nivaan: Khushi you are very late and from next time please don't be so late you know na how Delhi is and then you know that I

But khushi cuts him and says

Khushi: Yes bhaiyaan I know you love me and care for me don't worry I will never be late from next time ok Bhaiyaan I am really very tired will see you tomorrow.. Ok..

Nivaan smiles and says

Nivaan: Ok my kid sister, good night take care.

Khushi went to her room and thinks about the whole day.. How she was restless to meet arnav, how arnav proposed her and then their rehearsals, their date and then their kiss She blushes thinking about the kiss. She starts dancing in the room thinking about his confession. She slept after sometime.

Few days passed In this few days Arnav and khushi tried most of the time with each other Khushi wanted to give each and every happiness to arnav and arnav wanted to hold khushboo as close as possible as he was afraid that he will loose her like angie. They use to have lunch and dinner together Their dance practice was also on full swing Khushi has almost learnt most of the steps..College comes to know about arnav and khushi being together

Girls use to envy khushi as she was the only one arnav use to talk.. Khushi use to like this. Aman too came back and met khushboo He was happy that ASR had someone in his life and he is forgetting about khushi.. He too likes khushboo and thought that she is perfect for ASR. Now they all use to hang together.. Khushi thought that her life is perfect with such a lovable boyfriend and great friends But one thing always haunts her mind that Arnav still didn't know her real name

She wanted to tell him the truth but was scared that what he will think that why she lied to him but she knows that he has the right to know the truth. She had tried many times to tell him the truth but some or the other thing will come up and she will not be able to tell him the truth. So she decided that she will tell him after the dance competition.

Today was the day of dance competition.

Khushi was getting ready in her room for the dance. She was wearing the red colour short knee length dress Arnav was passing from their so he thought of checking khushboo.

He enters the room and looks at khushi. He was unable to move his eye from her she was looking very hot and beautiful He was aroused just by looking at her He started walking towards khushi

Khushi who was getting ready looks at him through the mirror and turns to face him She can see something different in his eyes today.

He came close to her and without saying a word captures her lips into the kiss.

Khushi was shocked by his sudden kiss but later calm down and puts her hand in his hair and starts kissing him with the same passion.

He put his arms on her back and starts caressing her back. His hands stopped on her zip and he pulls it down.

Khushi started breathing hard...


Chapter 8

Khushi started breathing heavily Arnav broke the kiss and looks into her eyes and says

Arnav: I love you khushboo... He then turns her back and slids her top little from her shoulders and starts kissing her on her neck and wraps his arms around her waist and starts kissing on her bare back Khushi holds his hands tight and closed her eyes feeling his lips on her bare skin.

He kissed on her back and then turns her and leaned on her Khushi arched back and arnav started kissing her on the crook of her neck. He then moved down and kisses her breast Khushi pulls his hairs as this was the new feeling for her. He opens his mouth and was about to take her breast in his mouth when they heard the knock on the door.

Arnav looks towards the door and then at khushi. He kissed her on her lips and then pulled back her top and zipped it properly Khushi combed her hair and arnav went to open the door Lavanya was at the door She gets shock to see arnav in khushi's room but then smiles thinking what they were doing as arnav forgot to wipe khushi's lipstick from his lips

Arnav: Yes Lavanya

Lavanya: Wo ASR next is your's performance So I came to call khushboo.

Arnav: Ohh yes we will come in few minutes

Lavanya: Ok Arnav was about to close the door when lavanya stops him and says

Lavanya: ASR one more thing just wipe this lipstick from your lips.

Arnav blush hearing this and says

Arnav: Thanks lavanya you may go now Saying this he closed the door and lavanya laughs walking from their

Arnav took the tissue and cleans her lips and says..

Arnav: Khushboo see because of you people are making fun of me

Khushi: Acha Who told you to kiss me

Arnav walks close to her pulls her and says

Arnav: Acha you didn't like me kissing you

Khushi: No its not like that

Arnav: Than how it is.

Khushi: I think we are getting late arnav.

Arnav: Hmm. But we will complete this tonight

Khushi blushed hearing this and says

Khushi: What..

Arnav: you want to know that now I mean we are really getting late

Khushi hits him on his chest and looks down

Arnav holds her hands and they both walked outside the room. After sometime their name was announced for the dance and they went onstage People looking at arnav and khushi. Girls were cursing khushboo and boys were feeling jealous of arnav as khushi was looking very beautiful today

Music started and their performance too.. They danced really very well.. People were just looking at them Finally they completed their performance and curtains fall down Arnav took khushi to the backstage. Lavanya, aman, payal and akash comes to them They all hugged them and then waited for the results. After sometime results were announced, and arnav and khushboo were the winners They went to stage to take the trophy.

Lavanya aman payal and akash all were very happy They asked both of them for the treat Arnav took them to some restaurant and gave them the treat He then drops everyone to their place Now only he and khushi was left.

Arnav starts driving his car Khushi comes close to him and leans on his shoulder and holds his hands and says

Khushi: Arnav where are we going.

Arnav: It's a surprise sweetheart but one thing is fixed that you are spending today's night with me

Khushi: What I mean

Arnav: don't you trust me khushboo

Khushi: NO its not like that Its just that I have not informed bh bhoomi

Arnav: Ok then inform her now

Khushi: Ok.. She removed her cell and messaged nivaan that she is staying at lavanya's place today she will come tomorrow.

She then keeps the cell and thinks "Today I will tell you everything arnav"

After sometime arnav stops his car and steps down He opens the door for khushi and helps her to get down Khushi too get down from the car She looked around and sees a beautiful house

Khushi: Wow arnav this is so beautiful.. Whose house is this

Arnav: Its our farm house Come He then took her inside. It was a very beautiful two storey bungalow Khushi looks at the house and was mesmerized by its beauty Arnav took her to his room and said

Arnav: This is my room khushboo but after marriage this is going to be our room

Khushi looks at him and says

Khushi: Marriage

Arnav: Yes He then says Khushboo will you marry me I really love you a lot and want to spend my whole life with you.

Hearing this khushi hugs him tight and says

Khushi: I love you too arnav and yes I will marry you but before that I have to tell you something arnav

Arnav puts his finger on her lips and says

Arnav: Not now khushboo I want to show you something Come

Khushi: But arnav

Arnav: Khushboo please not now

Khushi: Ok

He then took her to the terrace.


Precap: Arnav to know the truth about khushboo being khushi...

So guys how was it... I know its short but what to do I am still busy... In next update their is going to be a dhamaka...

Chapter 9 (Mature Content)

He then took her to the terrace. He opened the door and khushi gets surprised looking at the terrace Whole terrace was decorated with fairy lights, And I love you. Will you marry me was written on the ground with candles

Khushi just looks at that with lots of love in her eyes.

Khushi: Wow arnav this is so beautiful..

Arnav: You liked it

Khushi: A lot. She then walks around the whole terrace and then comes to arnav and says

Khushi: Thanks arnav for coming into my life I really love you

Arnav: I love you too khushboo.

He then picks her up in his arms and walked back to the his room Khushi puts her hand around his neck for support. They both were just looking at each other He enters the room and then locks the door.. He walks towards the bed and keeps khushi on the bed...

Khushi started breathing hard. Arnav gets on top of her and leans down to kiss her but khushi moved her face to the other side and arnav stopped He closed his eyes and then says

Arnav: I am sorry khushboo I know for you this things comes after marriage I am really very sorry. He kissed her on her forehead and was about to get up when khushi holds her hands and pulls him on her and says

Khushi: arnav I trust you and your love. I know you will marry and I am ready to be marked by you..

Arnav looks at her all lovingly and then cups her cheeks and says

Arnav: Khushboo are you sure.

Khushi nods her head and then hugs him tight pulling him on her.

Arnav too hugs her. They remain in that position for some time and then arnav pulled back from the hug and looks at khushi He leaned down and kissed her on her lips He took her lips in his mouth and tasted them. He sucked them as if their was no tomorrow Slowly he entered her mouth and tasted every corner of her mouth Khushi too responded to his kiss with same passion.

After a long time he broke the kiss. He then pulled her up and open her zip and removes her top and throws it on the floor Now she was only in her bra and panty. Arnav looked at her and was aroused just looking at her like that He got up from the bed and khushi just lay on the bed feeling shy.. She covered herself with the quilt Arnav comes on her removing his clothes.. He was just in his boxers He entered into the quilt and starts kissing her all over her body. After kissing on every part he pulled her bra and took her breast in his mouth and starts sucking it and kneads the other with his hands Khushi moaned and dugs her nails in his shoulder. He repeated the same with the other one and now khushi rolled over him and pinned her down and starts kissing him on his bare body

She then bites him on his nipples and then licks him arnav shivered with her bite and pulled her hair and brings her mouth near his and starts kissing her wildly.

He again rolled and got on top of her and starts kissing her He then moves down towards her legs and started giving open mouthed wet kisses on her legs and then on her inner thighs. He moved little up and kisses her on her core Khushi clutched the bed sheets. He then removed her panty and throws it aside and starts licking her dripping core. He then insert his finger and starts stroking. His lips were still licking and his fingers were inside her. Khushi was enjoying this new pleasure and pain given by her love. Arnav gets up and looks at khushi and says..

Arnav: Khushboo are you sure you want it

Khushi just nods her head as now for her their was no looking back.

He kissed her once on her lips and then enters into her. As it was her first time she screamed in pain but arnav closed her mouth with his and she closed her eyes feeling him inside her After sometime her pain was replaced by pure pleasure and she calms down Arnav increased her speed and within few strokes they both climaxed and then he stay inside her and lays on top of her caressing her hair.. Khushi hugged him tight He came out after sometime and lay beside khushi and hugged her.

Arnav: You know khushboo today was the best night of my life

Khushi: Mine too arnav I really love you a lot I will die if ever I have to live without you know

She snuggled more into her and they both slept like this with each other.

Next morning

Arnav opens her eyes and looks at khushboo his love He holds her tight He was scared today very scared because whenever he loves someone destiny took them away from him. He kissed khushi on her forehead and khushi opens her eyes she too smiles looking at him and says

Khushi: Good morning

Arnav: Good Morning Saying this he kissed her on her lips.

They broke the kiss and khushi

Khushi: Arnav when we will be getting married

Arnav: very soon. I too cant stay away from you. Very soon I will be coming to your house to ask your hand

Khushi: My house

Arnav: Yes I have to ask bhoomi's parents na

Khushi: Actually arnav I don't stay with bhoomi

Arnav: what

Khushi: Yes Actually I stay with She was about to say when arnav got the call.

Arnav: One minute sweetheart

He picks up the call and talk to someone Khushi was still sleeping hugging him and was now making patterns on his chest with his hands. He stopped her hand and khushi looks at him.. He was looking worried. After sometime he keeps the call and khushi asks him

Khushi: Arnav what happen is everything alright..

Arnav: Khushboo I have to go to Singapore for some urgent meeting as dad is not wellI am so sorry I have to leave now.. Get ready I will drop you

Khushi: But arnav I have to talk to you

Arnav: After 3 weeks sweetheart.. its really very urgent I had to go to dad before leaving I hope you will understand.

Khushi: Three weeks She said and pouted.

Arnav hugged her and said

Arnav: Ohh my baby, don't worry I will call you every day and this 3 weeks will pass quickly and after that only you and me

Khushi blush hearing this.

She then gets up from the bed wrapping bed sheet and went to take shower. She came back and wore her dress and then arnav too got ready He dropped her to her house and drove to the airport.

Khushi came back and meets nivaan and told her lie She thought that she will first say the truth to arnav and then she will tell nivaan about their relationship she was very happy today

Three weeks passed and nothing much happened in this three weeks Khushi and arnav use to talk regularly. Khushi was little sick this days She was feeling little low she had told this to arnav and he said her to go to the doctor as he wants her to be fit and fine once he is back Many times khushi wanted to tell him the truth but then she always thought of telling him face to face.

Today arnav was coming back and khushi was very happy as she will be meeting him after a long three weeks and also she want to tell him something. She wore red anarkali and applied little make up She kept her hair open and walked out of her house He told her that he will be meeting her in farm house as now it holds a very special place for them. She took the auto and told him the address

Here arnav was also very happy He was waiting in his room in the guesthouse with loads of gifts for khushboo He will be meeting her after the long three weeks. He sits on the bed closing his eyes and feeling her when suddenly his cell rang.

Arnav smiled and picks up the call without looking at the name and thinking that call to be of khushi

Arnav: Hey missing you sweetheart come soon

Person on the other line spoke

Person: Hello Arnav Singh Raizada

Arnav frowns hearing a male voice. He then looks at the screen but it was showing as private number

Arnav: Hello. Who is this

Person: think me as your well wisher So you are in love haan

Arnav: Who are you and what you want to do

Person: Nothing dear but just wanted to know that have you forgiven nivaan for what he did with your sister

Arnav: Who the hell are you and why you want to know this.

Person: I said na I am your well wisher Because I think that you really loved your sister.

Arnav: Yes I loved her and I don't need to tell you about that ok and he was about to cut the call when man on the other line said

Person: Ohh then what are you doing with nivaa's sister I mean after knowing what nivaan did to anjali you are still having affair with his sister

Arnav: What rubbish.

Person: Yes I have seen you with khushi oopppss I mean khushboo.

Saying this he cuts the call leaving a totally shocked arnav

Arnav: No yeh nahi ho sakta this cant be true Khushboo cant be khushi. Wo mujhe itna bada dhoka nahi de sakti. He then starts throwing things on the floor saying

Arnav: Khushboo cant be khushi samjhe tum. She is my khushboo She loves me she cant cheat me. I don't believe you he said looking at his cell.

He sits on the bed looking at the floor when khushi entered her room.

She was shocked to see the state of the room she looked around to see arnav She sees him.. He was sitting on the bed with blank expressions. She gets scared thinking what happen to him she walks towards him.

She puts her hand on his shoulders and says

Khushi: Arnav

Arnav looks at her and then hugs her tight. Khushi gets confused with his behavior.

Khushi: Arnav what happen

Arnav broke the hug and says

Arnav: Khushboo just once tell me that you are khushboo and you don't have any other name Please khushboo I beg you

Khushi was confused that why he is asking her like that did he know that she was lieing to him.. But then she has to tell him the truth and today was the day to tell him everything

Arnav sees her lost so he again asked her

Arnav: Tell me khushboo please

Khushi: Wo actually arnav

Arnav: Kya khushboo

Khushi: I am not khushboo

Arnav leaves her and looks at her in shocked Khushi gathers some courage and says

Khushi: I am khushi Khushi Gupta.


Chapter 10
Arnav looks at her with shock expressions.

Arnav: Khushi. Khushi Gupta means nivaan Gupta's sister.

Khushi: Haan. She then walks close to arnav and says

Khushi: Arnav I wanted to tell you about this

But arnav cuts her sentence and says.

Arnav: JUST SHUT UP KHUSHBOO. So sorry I mean KHUSHI. You lied to me You cheated me khushi. You cheated me just like your brother..

Khushi: No arnav just listen to me.. I

Arnav: I don't want to talk to you khushi just get lost.

Khushi: Arnav I love you I didn't cheat you. Please..

Arnav: Just shut up. I don't believe in love now. I know this was all yours and your brother's plan to distract my mind so that I don't take any revenge from your brother..

Khushi: No arnav this is not truth please listen to me once.

Arnav: No khushi. I am not interested in listening to one more lie.. Just get lost. You stoop so low khushi that you even slept with me just to protect your brother from me.. but now you will not be able to play with my feelings anymore khushi.. Just get lost from my life I hate you I hate you from the bottom of my heart.. And I don't want to see your face again just get lost khushi.

Khushi who was in tears hearing this says

Khushi: Please arnav don't say like this. I loved you and now I am

But arnav didn't allow her to tell anything He pulled her hand and walks out of the room and then out of farm house and throws her out. And says

Arnav: I said I don't want to listen to you anymore.. And just get lost ok.. And one more thing fir kabhi mere samne mat aana it won't be good for you..

Khushi: Arnav please don't say like this Just listen to me once please arnav

But arnav didn't listen to her. He walked to his car and drove away from their.. Khushi sat their crying..

Arnav went to RM. He directly went to his room and started throwing everything on the floor.. He called aman

Aman: Hey ASR how are you Long time haan so you met khushboo

Arnav: Aman I want you and akash to remove that girl from the college. I don't know how you will do that but I want you to do this

Aman: Which girl ASR

Arnav: Khushi.. I want her out of my life soon

Aman gets shock hearing khushi's name..

Aman: Khushi where you met her ASR

Arnav: Khushboo is khushi damn it. She cheated me. She is the bloody sister of that nivaan gupta.

Aman was shocked hearing this news

Aman: What What are you saying ASR

Arnav: Its true aman and I want her out I want to show them that they cant mess with Arnav Singh Raizada Just get her out.

Aman: But ASR

Arnav: Aman Do as I say

He cuts the call the throws it on the bed..

After few hours

Khushi was walking alone on the dark road. There was no one around She kept on walking. Tears were continuously falling from her eyes. How could arnav be so cruel. How he can tell her such thing. How could he do this to her. Did he never love her Was all that fake.. How could he say that she. She didn't even want to complete his sentence. She closed her eyes thinking about his words.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even hear the horn of the speeding car. She continued walking in the middle of the road and THUDDD

She felt on the ground with blood all over her body.. She wanted to scream for help she wanted to see arnav if this was her last breath but their was no one around her and she closed her eyes thinking this as her last moment..

After 2 hours at RM

Arnav was sipping his black coffee sitting on the chair near poolside.. When aman came running to him.. Aman came towards him and hugged him tight.. He had tears in his eyes.

Aman: ASR.

Arnav pulled him from the hug and asks him..

Arnav: Aman what happen why are you crying?

Aman: ASR khushi. Khushi met with an accident

Arnav: What!!!!!

Aman: Yes ASR she met with an accident two hours before and now she is in the hospital Doctor said she is very critical and nothing can be said about her

Arnav closed her eyes then opens it with anger filled expressions and says.

Arnav: Aman I don't care about that. And I will not care even if she dies because she deserved that after whatever she did with me.

Aman: But ASR You loved her and..

Arnav: No aman I loved khushboo and she is khushi I hate her and please just go from here aman I have project to submit tomorrow..

Aman: ASR don't be so cruel you know her condition.

Arnav: Aman I said get lost. And yes I will come to the hospital not to see khushi but only to see nivaan's condition.. Now he will understand how it feels to see your sister in that condition.

Aman: ASR what are you saying? How could you say such thing you very well know that.

Arnav cuts him and says.

Arnav: Stop it Aman I said Get Lost I don't want to hear anything and if you want to meet her than you can go but remember one thing after that you will not be my friend anymore.

Aman: ASR.. Don't say something which you will repent later.

Arnav: Arnav Singh Raizada never repents because he is always right. And whatever I did was right so please aman just go from here

Aman: ASR I have always support you since childhood but today I am breaking my friendship with you Not for khushi but because I think that you are wrong. I know what nivaan did was not right but I really don't think that khushi can cheat you. Atleast you could have allowed her to talk but no. You are blinded by the revenge and ASR mark my words that one day you will repent badly for this.

Saying this he went out of his room..

He sat in the car and drove back to hospital thinking how he saw khushi lying on the road with blood all around her.


Aman was coming back from lavanya's house after receiving arnav's call and on the way he saw a body lying on the road He stops his car and gets down to see whether that person is alive or death and he got shock to see the person she was khushi.. He checks her breath which was still running He picks her up and runs to the hospital..

After reaching hospital doctor informed him that she had already lost a lot of blood and she is very critical now Nothing can be said but still they will try.

Flashback Ends.

Aman came back to the hospital Akash, lavanya and payal were at the hospital Akash had told them everything. Akash sees aman and comes to him.

Akash: Aman what ASR said Is he coming

Aman nodded no with tears in his eyes and says

Aman: Akash he will not come he said that he hates khushi and it is better if she dies He doesn't care about her.

Akash: What!!!!! Aman how can he talk like this.

Aman: I don't know akash but lets not talk him now what doctor said and nivaan is he here.

Akash: Yes he is outside OT. Doctor is still operating khushi.

Aman: Ok. And where is lavanya and payal

Akash: They are also outside OT. I really feels bad for khushi.

After a long time doctor came out of the OT

Nivaan rush towards the doctor

Nivaan: Doctor how is khushi.

Doctor: Mr Gupta... I am sorry she slipped into COMA..

Nivaan looked at doctor with shocked expressions.

Nivaan: No no khushi.

Doctor: And one more thing She had lost her child.

Now this was the shock for everyone..


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