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Love at Frst Sight... Chapter 26 and 27 (Last Chapter)

Chapter 26

Arnav and khushi were standing at the door of khushi's house... Their fingers were entwined with each other and they both were looking at each other and were waiting for nivaan to open the door.

Nivaan opened the door and for a second he was shocked to see the scene in front of him He looks at arnav and then at khushi and then at their entwined fingers.

Nivaan clears his throat making arnav and khushi comes back to present They looks at nivaan and understood his questioning looks Khushi and arnav walks inside and then khushi left arnav's hands and walks to nivaan and hugs him and says

Khushi: Bhai

Nivaan looks at khushi and then at arnav who was smiling and understood that this two have sorted out their differences He hugs khushi back and says

Nivaan: I am so happy for you khushi. I am glad that finally you two are together.

Khushi then breaks the hug and says..

Khushi: Haan bhai I am also happy Aaj sab thik ho gaya

Nivaan then walks towards arnav with khushi and hugs arnav. He then pulls back from the hug and says

Nivaan: To shaadi kab

Before khushi could say a word arnav replies..

Arnav: Very soon nivaan. I love khushi a lot and its really very difficult to stay away from her.

Khushi looks at him with loads of love in her eyes

Nivaan nods his head.

Arnav: Ok nivaan now we have to go as you know we have project to work out And I want my khushi to win.

Nivaan: Ofcourse she will after all she is working with ASR.

Arnav: No she is working with Arnav her arnav.

Khushi blush hearing this and nivaan walks from their leaving this couple alone

Arnav and khushi walks inside khushi's room Arnav sits on the bed and khushi goes to bring her laptop She brings laptop and was about to sit beside arnav when arnav pulls her on his lap and says..

Arnav: Stay here

Khushi: But

Arnav put his finger on her lips and says

Arnav: Ssshhh. He then makes her sit on his lap with her back facing his front and lappy was on khushi's lap. Khushi started working on the project and arnav for first few minutes was just staring at khushi Her scent was driving him crazy. He slowly started placing wet kisses on the back of her neck

Khushi shivered when she felt his lips on her neck.

Arnav: Kya hua khushi

He asked her huskily

Khushi closed her eyes as his hot breath was fanning her neck and says

Khushi: We we have to work

Arnav slides his arms over hers and rest his palm over her waist and says

Arnav: I am doing the same I have missed you so much khushi.. You don't know how much I have craved to be in your arms to take you in my arms.

He kiss her on her shoulders and then takes the laptop from her hand and picks her up in his arms and was about to put her on the bed when they heard the knock on the door

Arnav: What the

Khushi giggles hearing his trademark phrase and then pulls his cheeks and says

Khushi: I think you have to wait before

But before she could complete her sentence they again heard the knock on the door Arnav groaned in frustration He puts khushi on her feet and walks to open the door and khushi adjusted her dress properly.

Arnav opens the door and


Came the voice from their four friends who were standing at the door with a wide smile on their faces

Aman and akash hugs arnav and says

"We are so happy for you"

Lavanya and payal quickly runs inside and hugs khushi and says

"Khushi tumne humein bataya nahi very bad.. But anyways we are so happy wow khushi you and ASR again"

Khushi hugs her friends back and so did arnav After few minutes they breaks the hug and then everyone settled in her room..

Aman and lavanya sat on the couch with aman holding lavanya close to his chest Akash sat on the bed with payal beside him and their fingers were entwined Arnav sat on the other side of the bed and khushi was about to sit beside him but he again pulls him on his lap

Aman akash payal and lavanya teased them and khushi felt embarrassed She started getting up from his lap when arnav tightens his hold on her and nods his head in a no

Khushi looks at him with a pleading look but arnav again nodded no Khushi finally accepted the defeat and made herself comfortable on his lap Others looks at them with awweee..

Arnav then looks at their friends and says

Arnav: So how you guys got to know.

And suddenly they heard another voice coming from the door..

"Meine bataya or kya"

Arnav: Nivaan

Nivaan enters the room with tray full of snacks for everyone He kept the tray on the table and took the seat beside aman and lavanya Khushi felt little uncomfortable seeing nivaan after all he was his elder brother. She looks at arnav and says

Khushi: Arnav please.. What bhai will say

Arnav: What you are mine khushi And I can sit with you as per my choice

Khushi: I know but still I am not your wife and here we are in front of others please let me go

Arnav nods his head in a NO

Khushi: Please arnav

But arnav was not ready to listen to her so finally khushi said

Khushi: Ok if you will not allow me to go right now than I will change my decision of marrying you

Khushi was just playing with him but that sentence pierced arnav in his heart He loosened his grip and khushi gets up from his lap without noticing the change in his expressions She walks to nivaan and sat beside nivaan Nivaan started teasing her and she hugged him to hide her embarrassment

Everyone started having snacks and were chatting Arnav was also smiling with the group but his mind and heart were somewhere else 3 hours passed quickly and it was around 8 in the night

Akash: I think we should leave now. And I have to drop payal too

Aman: Yeah akash is right We should leave now Lavanya is also getting late So ASR you coming with us or will come later Or you have no plan of coming at all

Everyone laughs at his words Khushi blushed hearing this.

Arnav: No aman I will be leaving too I have some important work to finish Lets go

Khushi gets shock hearing that.. She was not expecting him to leave so soon and that too with everyone

Arnav then bids bye to nivaan and walks to khushi and says..

Arnav: Bye khushi.. See you tomorrow at college

Khushi felt something different in his voice His voice was soft but something was missing She looked at arnav and smiles and nods her head akash aman lavanya and payal left the room and arnav was about to step out of the room when khushi stops him by holding his hand

Arnav turns to looks at khushi and says

Arnav: You need something

Khushi nods her head

Arnav: Kya

Khushi closed the door and pulls him towards the bed and makes him sit on the bed and she sits on his lap and says..

Khushi: Bolo kya baat hai

Arnav: Hmm nothing I think I should leave its getting late.

Khushi: Arnav I know something is bothering you I can see how your mood has changed

Arnav: Its nothing like that khushi.

Khushi kiss him on his cheek and arnav closed his eyes.

Khushi: Kya hua

Arnav pulls her for a tight hug and says

Arnav: Don't every say that khushi.

Khushi gets confused and says..

Khushi: Kya

Arnav: That you will change your mind.. I love you khushi and I got you back after.

Khushi understood and felt bad for saying those words.

She breaks the hug and stops him by kissing him on his mouth and says

Khushi: I am sorry I I was just kidding

Arnav kiss her back and says

Arnav: Don't do that Mazak mein bhi nahi

Khushi smiles and nods her head..

Arnav: Acha I have to leave now Will see you tomorrow at college

He was about to get up when khushi stops him and says..

Khushi: Stay with me

Arnav: Khushi

Khushi: Please. I want you beside me I want to be in your arms please arnav..

Arnav nods his head and khushi hugs him back.


Chapter 27

Two months passed quickly with arnav and khushi being together In this two months arnav hardly use to leave khushi Only time khushi and arnav use to stay away was khushi's lecture After lectures they use to hang out with their friends and sometimes nivaan use to join them.

Nights were saved for project work and some romance. Arnav use to stay at khushi's place and he use to make sure that khushi sits close to him or on his lap while doing the projects and after project work they use to sleep in each other's arms sometimes making love and sometimes just talking for the whole night.

Mornings were beautiful as khushi and arnav use to take shower with each other and then khushi use to make breakfast for him and nivaan and they all use to have it together Their life was going just perfect and was living as huband and wife Arnav was just waiting for this project to get over so that he can actually marry her with all the rituals.

Finally it was the day of their presentation and they were announced as the winner and everyone were happy for them Arnav and khushi celebrated their success with their group And then next day arnav asked nivaan to decide the date for engagement And then it was decided that they will get the ceremony done after two days and then wedding in a week.

Arnav and khushi shopped for their engagement together and they even got teasings from their friends but this things hardly matters to them now For them being together was the most important thing in the world.

Finally it was their engagement day.

Arnav walked inside with his mom and dad who were also happy for their son.. They have met khushi and thought that she was perfect for their Son They got angie in form of khushi The moment arnav entered the party hall all the eyes were on him It was not new for him as he knew that all girls drool over him and boys envy him but he hardly cares as his heart beats only for one girl and only her existence matters to her He search for his friends and nivaan and walks towards them He hugged aman akash and nivaan and said hii to payal and lavanaya Nivaan took blessings from his parents. And they all started chatting

Khushi was standing in front of the mirror and was looking at herself. She was looking beautiful in her blue and maroon lahenga choli Arnav has chosen this lahenga for her.

She started brushing her hairs and then arranges them neatly on one side of her shoulder and put the earrings which were again gifted by arnav. She put the kaajal and gloss and now she was ready to kill all the boys downstairs

Here arnav was hardly interested in talking His eyes was searching for his khushi Finally he decided to ask about her to nivaan

Arnav: Nivaan where is khushi

Nivaan who was talking to his parents looks at arnav and smiles and says

Nivaan: I guess she is still getting ready Wait I w

He stops as arnav left and was walking towards khushi's room.

Nivaan looks at everyone and they laughed thinking that they hardly can stay away from each other.

Arnav reached her room and opens the door turning the knob and his heart missed a beat looking at khushi

He walks towards khushi and hugs her from behind and started kissing her on her exposed back Khushi closed her eyes and started enjoying the moment. They were all lost into each other when suddenly they heard the knock on the door

Arnav groaned against her back and says

Arnav: Damn who the hell is at the door now

Khushi giggles opening her eyes and turns and pecks him on his lips and says

Khushi: You look so cute like this

Arnav: Acha I will show you how cute I am tonight Just wait sweetheart. Saying this he leans to capture her lips when again they heard the knock Arnav again groaned in frustration and khushi giggles He walks to open the door with khushi following him

Arnav opens the door and looks at nivaan and says

Arnav: Nivaan this is the reason I want her at my place as soon as possible Yaha har waqt tum disturb karte rehte ho Seriously nivaan I will make your life hell once you are married Dekh lena.

But he stops realizing what he said.. He can see the pain in nivaan's eyes He was about to say something when nivaan smiles and says

Nivaan: Don't worry Arnav soon she will be at your place.. Now come down jaldi se as everyone is waiting for you guys

Saying this he left from their Arnav stares at him and then turns back and sees khushi who was about to cry He hugs her and says

Arnav: I am sorry khushi I I didn't mean to hurt him

Khushi: I know arnav You know I really feel sad for bhaiyaa He loves angie a lot and angie is no more with him I know its hard to forget your love but unki puri life hai and he is not ready to be with anyone.

Arnav breaks the hug and wipes her tears and says

Arnav: We will do something khushi. Nivaan is really a strong guy trying to live without love and angie. Mujhe to tumhe khone k khayal se hi dar lagta hai Saying this he hugs her tight.

After few minutes they walks down with khushi holding his arms Everyone gasped looking at them They came towards their family and friends and khushi took the blessings from arnav's parents. They bless her and then his mother hugged her Then they started the engagement ceremony Rings were exchanged between arnav and khushi and everyone clapped

Wedding preparations started from next day Boys were helping raizada's and girls were helping khushi Khushi and arnav stopped meeting at night as they were having loads of works Finally everything was over and it was their marriage day Khushi wore green and maroon colour lahenga and walks downstairs with lavanya and payal. Nivaan hugged khushi and cried and said

Nivaan: I cant believe my baby sister is getting married

Khushi hugged him tight and says..

Khushi: I I will miss you bhaiyaan

Nivaan smiles in between his tears and says

Nivaan: Stop lying I know arnav will not allow you to miss anyone

Khushi smiles and hits him playfully and says..

Khushi: Bhaiyaan.

Lavanya and payal smiles and then they walks towards the altar where arnav was waiting for his bride They made her sit beside arnav Panditji started chanting mantras Arnav puts sindoor and mangalsutra around her neck and then they got up for the pheras Finally they were declared as Mr and Mrs Raizada

They both hugged each other tightly After few minutes they broke the hug and took the blessings of his parents and then hugged nivaan. Nivaan cried a lot hugging khushi and then finally broke the said..

Nivaan: I will miss you khushi. And arnav don't you dare to hurt my sister ok.

Arnav nods his head and then khushi looks at arnav who nods his head.. She turns her face towards nivaan and says

Khushi: Bhaiyaan agar mein aaj kuch maangi to aao mujhe doge

Nivaan cups her cheeks and says

Nivaan: Khushi just tell me what you want

Khushi: Promise me bhaiyaan..

Nivaan: Promise khushi.

Khushi takes a deep breath and keeps her palm over his which were cupping her face and says

Khushi: Shaadi karlo bhaiyaan.

Nivaan gets shock and looks at khushi and was about to say something when khushi cuts him and says

Khushi: I know bhiyaan you loves angie a lot and you are not ready to give her place to anyone but bhaiyaan you need love in your life aap aise nahi reh sakte I cant see you living with so much pain bhaiyaan.. I want to see you happy

Nivaan: Khushi I am happy..

Khushi: No bhaiyaan.. I know how much you miss angie Bhaiyaan ek chance deke dekho.. Please bhaiyaan for me. Please you have promised me bhaiyaan please

Khushi was in tears now Nivaan wipes her tears and nods his head. Khushi smiles and hugs him tight saying thanks Arnav too gets happy and hugs nivaan.

Finally khushi bids bye to everyone and left for RM with arnav Their they completed all the rasams and then finally they both were alone in their room Arnav holds khushi in his arms and says..

Arnav: Khushi I love you meine tumhe bohat hurt kiya hai but now I promise that I will fill your life with loads of happiness Khushi hugs him back and then slowly he started kissing her on her neck travelling towards her face He kiss her on her eyes nose cheeks and then captures her lips

His hands started roaming all over her back and her hands snakes around his neck for support He opened the dori of her choli and then unclasped the hook. Khushi pressed herself more into him.. He breaks the kiss and then removes her dupatta and then all her jewelry and pulls her choli and kept it aside and then made her laid on the bed He got on top of her and started kissing her all over her body He pulls her bra and sucks and cups her bossoms.. he licks her belly button and then slowly removed her lahenga kissing all over her thighs Khushi clutched the bedsheet and moaned in pleasure Slowly he removes the last piece of cloth from her body and started sucking her core Khushi fisted his hairs pressing him more into her His tongue created havoc on her senses and she asked him to stop this torture He quickly discarded his clothes and enters inside her.. His mouth crashed over hers.. They both moved in the rhythm and finally arnav collapsed on her after reaching the heights of pleasure Slowly he comes out and lays beside her and pulls her on his chest Khushi hugged him tight by his waist and they both drifted to peaceful sleep

After one year

Khushi was welcoming all the guests with her husband arnav.. Today was nivaan's marriage with naina Naina was nivaan's school friend and use to like nivaan since childhood unknown to nivaan After a month of arshi marriage nivaan bumped into naina in some mall and they got in touch again Naina was still single She use to visit nivaan and that's when khushi met her and liked her instantly She can see her love for nivaan and asked her if she would like to be her bhabhi Naina nodded yes instantly and then nivaan too agreed as he has promised khushi

It was a compromise for nivaan in the start and naina was aware of this but slowly with her love and care naina made place in nivaan's heart Nivaan started loving her and finally they were getting married

Khushi and arnav were standing near the altar and were putting flowers on the couple when suddenly khushi started feeling dizzy She was about to fall on the floor when arnav pulls her in his arms He asked nivaan to continue the pheras and he rushed to doctor with khushi

Doctor checked khushi and said..

Doctor: Congratulations Mr Raizada you wife is pregnant

Arnav hugs khushi and tears escaped from his eyes Khushi breaks the hug and says kya hua arnav.

Arnav: Nothing khushi.. I am so happy today

Khushi: I know you were thinking about our first baby

Arnav: I m sorry khushi

Khushi: No arnav don't be

Saying this she hugged him again.

He informed everyone about this and all were very happy. Arnav started taking care of khushi.. He pampered her a lot during her pregnancy and finally after 9 months khushi delivered a cute little baby boy Their family was complete now .

The End...



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