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Pure Lust Changes into True Love 2.... Prologue and Chapter 1....


Massaging her back his fingers stop at her zip…. He pulls down the zip making her close her eyes….

Look at me khushi…. I want you to look at me when I am enjoying you….

Khushi opens her eyes looking at him… His eyes full of desires… Lusty desires…. She was still looking in his eyes when he slides her kurta from her shoulders… Her upper body became visible to his lusty eyes…. Khushi’s breath became hard… Her breasts covered only with bra were going up and down….

This made him more aroused…. He pushed her on the bed and attacked her breast with his hot mouth making the lacy material wet…. His other hand went to her other breast and started massaging them…. Khushi fisted his hairs and digs him more…. He then interchanged the position of his mouth and hand…. After feasting for about 10 minutes he looks up at khushi.. Her eyes were closed and lips were parted…. He captured her lips for a wild kiss making her moan in his mouth…

His hands travelled towards her wet core covered by her chudidaar…. He kept his hand on her core without doing anything just feeling her wetness… She was getting restless as his hand was creating havoc without doing anything…. She wanted him to rub her core to kiss her so she started moving her hips below his hands…

He smirked against her lips knowing exactly what she wants… He removed his hand from her core making her groan…

He breaks the kiss and started placing wet kisses on her throat and said…

“Ask me what you want”

Khushi widens her eyes…. But then didn’t say anything…

He again keeps hand on her core and said…

“Tell me you want me to…..

Khushi: I I want you to..

She felt shy so she stopped…

He teased her more by tracing her panty line with his fingers and said….

Arnav: Tell me what you want…

Khushi: I want you to rub me their…

He smirked and then started massaging her core… His lips busy in exploring her neck.. Slowly his lips travelled to the south kissing all over her upper bare body till….. He stops just above her core and looks at her… Her eyes showing same desires and lust as his…. He smiles and place his lips on her core making her shiver…. He kissed her over her chudidaar and then slowly undid the strings and removed her chudidaar….

He discards her panty and throws it on the floor and looks at her beauty…. He leans down and started sucking her core… His tongue rubs her C**t making her raise her hips out of pleasure….

His tongue continued to play with her clit when his hands travelled upwards towards her breasts… He pulls her bra and started massaging her breasts with his rough hands… He took her nipples in between her thumb and finger and started rubbing them… Khushi clutched the sides of the bedsheet…. He increased the speed of his tongue making her come inside his mouth…

He licks her core and move towards her lips for a kiss… Khushi digs her nail on his back to which he shoved his hand nodding his head in NO…. He then took her pinned her on the bed and sucked her mouth when suddenly his cell rang….

“Yo your call” Khushi managed to say in between her kiss….

He groaned and breaks the kiss extending his hand to take his cell from the side table of the bed….

He looks at the caller Id and gets up from the bed and walks towards the window…. He picks up the call…


“Hello arnav where are you” came a lady’s voice from the other end…

“Diii… Hmmm I I am at AR guesthouse… Wanted to work on some important project without any disturbance so I am here with my manager will see you tomorrow… ” Said arnav licking his lips and his eyes were at khushi who was lying on the bed without any piece of cloth…

Anjali: Ok… Will wait for you… Need to talk to you about something important…

Arnav: Ok dii will see you tomorrow in the morning… Bye…

Saying this he cuts the call and walks towards khushi and gets on top of him and started sucking her breasts… Khushi moans and fisted his hairs and pulls him and says…

Khushi: Arnav dii must be waiting for you…

Arnav crashed his lips on hers and says in between the kiss..

Arnav: I told her that I will be back in the morning and now I am in important meeting… He spread her legs without breaking the kiss and slowly entered into her making her bite him hard on his lips… But he loved this side of hers…He started thrusting slowly till her pain turns into pleasure and then increased his speed… His hands travelled all over her body while his lips explored her mouth…

Khushi: “Harder arnav” khushi managed to say in between their kiss…

Arnav smirks and obeyed her command and kept on thrusting till they both reached the heights of pleasure and then he collapsed on her body… Khushi wraps her arms around him and kissed him on his shoulder… They laid like that for few minutes and then arnav pulled out and lays next to khushi pulling her in his arms…

Khushi snuggles close to him and puts her hand around his waist and place a kiss on his chest… Arnav pulls her closer and they slept like that in each other’s arms…

Chapter 1

Next morning…

Khushi opens her eyes and stretches her arm while yawning… She then looks at arnav’s side but it was empty..

Khushi: Arnav…

She sat on the bed holding the quilt against her chest… She looks around and says…

Khushi: I guess he has already left… She takes a deep breath and was about to get up from the bed when she heard the ring of her cell…. She extends her hand to take the call and picks up the call without looking at the person’s name…

Khushi: Hello….

“Khushi beta” She heard a male’s voice from the other side…

Khushi: Papa….

“Yes beta… How are you… You enjoying your stay in Delhi right” asked her dad…

Khushi: Yes papa.. A lot… Thanks to Aman and payal I am really enjoying here…

“I am so glad to hear that beta… Acha me and your mom will come their by next to next week… Tell that useless aman to better reach airport on time….”

Khushi smiles and says…

Khushi: Haawww dad… Don’t call him that… Jaisa bhi hai he is mine and payal’s brother… Neeta maasi ka beta hai wo… And you know he works for the biggest fashion house here…

“Chalo atleast he did something good in his life… Ok beta now got to go will see you soon” Saying this, her dad cuts the call… Khushi cuts the call and steps down from the bed and moves towards the bathroom for the shower… She takes shower and walks out wearing orange chudidaar… She brushed her hair and kept them open… She takes her bag from the side table and left the place after locking it… She sat in her car and drives back to her maasi’s place… She rings the bell and her maasi opens the door….

Her maasi hugged her and says

Neeta: Khushi we missed you so much… Hope you enjoyed your night at your friend’s place… Khushi hugged her maasi and smiles and says…

Khushi: Yes maasi I enjoyed a lot.. Acha where is aman…

Neeta: He left for office… You know his khadoos boss na ASR how is he…

Unknowingly blush crept on khushi’s cheek hearing ASR’s name.. She looks down and says…

Khushi: Maasi he is not khadoos…

Neeta: Haan haan I know… I was just kidding.. My arnav is a sweetheart and abhi to payal k hone wale jhet hai…

Khushi: Ohh yes…. Waise hai kaha humari payal…

Neeta: She is still sleeping…

Khushi: Let her sleep maasi.. Abhi to shaadi k baad she will have to wake up at 5.. Poor girl.. Pata nahi why people gets married…

Neeta: Acha.. as if you are not going to marry anyone…

Khushi: I wont maasi dekh lena… I am happy with my life.. I don’t believe in commitments…

Neeta: But beta..

Khushi: Maasi I am really very tired… Want to take rest.. See you at lunch bye…

Neeta: Ok baby… Take care.. See you soon for lunch…

Khushi nods her head and left for her room.. Neeta looks at her and smiles sadly and says…

Neeta: Kab tak you will run away from commitment beta… Its not necessary that everyone will be same like my sister… Hope someone enters into your life soon…

Khushi throws her bag on the bed and falls down on the bed and closed her eyes remembering her conversation with her maasi…

Khushi: I don’t believe in love and marriage maasi… There is no such thing yes you gets attract to people… But that’s just lust not love… She then thinks about her life… Even she was in lust relationship right now… And she was happy that their was no emotions attached…

She remembers the day when all this started… she came to Delhi from New york.. She wanted to be with Payal before her wedding… Payal was aman’s sister who was getting married next month and khushi and payal were best friend cum cousins since their childhood… Payal stayed with Gupta’s in new york and came back to India after completing her studies…. So when payal’s marriage was fixed she asked khushi to be with her for atleast a month…

She came to Delhi last week and met payal aman and maasi… Same night aman took them to the night club where she met aman’s boss cum friend Arnav Singh Raizada.. And damn that was the life changing moment for her because she was attracted to this man like anything… Just in the first meeting he made her restless…. She never thought she will lust over any guy to this extent… She had affairs in her Uni days and even kissed few guys but never gone far than that but after seeing ASR she imagined herself with him on the bed wrapped in sheets and she was shocked with her own thought…

Next morning aman asked her to come to AR office as they were supposed to go for shopping after that… She didn’t want to go as she was already feeling some unknown things for this guy but then aman insisted and she went to AR and again met Arnav… He looked extra handsome in those formals with gelled hairs… And to her bad luck arnav accompanied them to shopping and after that aman asked arnav to drop her back as he and payal went to meet some of their relative and khushi was really tired.. But on their way back car broke down and they were stranded on the road…. They step down from the car and started looking for help but damn place was all empty and if that was not enough rain started pouring heavily… And….

“Khushi beta”

Khushi jerked and comes out of her thoughts hearing her maasi’s voice… She opens her eyes and looks at her maasi and smiles and says…

Khushi: Yes maasi …

Neeta: beta aman called me and asked me to tell you that he is waiting for you and payal at AR…

Khushi: Waiting…

Neeta: Haan bhul gaye beta today you all are suppose to go to AR for lahenga selection of payal…

Khushi: Ohh yeah I forgot shit.. I will get ready in few minutes… Payal se keh dena…

Neeta: Ok beta…Saying this she left… Khushi gets up and walks to the bathroom to wash her face and says..

Khushi: Arnav tum na…. You makes me forget everything… Damn it…

Here at Raizada Mansion….

Arnav was getting ready to leave for AR after talking to anjali.. She called him for the same thing… To show the photo of a girl which she was doing from last 2 years… But arnav didn’t want to get marry… He didn’t believe in commitments because of his parents who had unsuccessful love marriage…. But his dii was hell bent in hooking him up with someone or the other….

He didn’t believe in commitments but he had many many girls in his life which were limited to his bed… He used them for his pleasure and then broke off with them when he use to get suffocates in the relationship… But his dii was unaware of this as she was the person with traditional values and he didn’t want his dii to know about his lust relationships… And right now he was in lust relationship with khushi…

He smiles thinking about her… He was happy that khushi too thinks the same like him and was happy with the nature of their relationship…. He remembers their first love making and how they ended up in the bed just few days after khushi came to Delhi…


He comes out of his thought hearing anjali’s voice….

Arnav: Haan dii…

Anjali: Chottey I want you to come soon today…Please…

Arnav: Not again diii…

Anjali: Chottey Please I…

Arnav: Ok dii I will now I am getting late…

Saying this arnav walks out of the room as he didn’t want to hear the same lecture from anjali again about marriage love and commitments…

Anjali shakes her head and says…

Anjali: Chottey aaj to I will make you agree for the marriage… Lavanya kashyap is a great girl…And I don’t want you to loose her….


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