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SLBL 2 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

"HP keep these things in the car" Said Anjali pointing towards the gifts boxes and shagun thaal kept on the couch in the Living room of the Raizada Mansion..

HP nods his head and then started taking everything with him.

Anjali then walks towards the dining table She takes blessings from her nani and then hugs her and says

Anjali: Good morning nani.

Nani hugs her back and says..

Nani: Good morning beetiyan So everything ready

Anjali: Ji nani Bas we have to leave in half an hour.

Nani nods her head She then sits on the chair beside her and waited for Om prakash to bring breakfast for them When suddenly nani said..

Nani: Anjali beetiyan don't you think chottey should come with us.

Anjali makes a sad face and says

Anjali: I know nani but you know chottey right He is just.

Nani cuts her and says

Nani: I know beetiyan He is getting married to khushi just to fulfill my wish But still what we will tall Gupta's.

Anjali: Nani I have tried to convince him but You know he has not even seen her photo. I am worried for khushiji.

Nani puts her palm over hers and says

Nani: Don't worry anjali beetiyan Dekh lena khushi beetiyan is just perfect for our chottey And she will give her all the love which he was deprived from his first marriage I don't know what chottey saw in that lavanya I knew she is not going to be with him for a long time And see I was right She divorced him just after a year of their marriage She never thought about his happiness and I am sure khushi will bring loads of happiness in his life.

Anjali smiles and says

Anjali: Bas aisa hi ho nani I too want my chottey to be happy always. And I know khushiji will be the best.

Nani: Acha did to tell them about arnav being divorcee

Anjali face fell down. She looks down and says

Anjali: Nani who

Nani: Beetiyan this is not right I mean I thought they have agreed even after knowing about arnav but.. I think we should inform them

Anjali: But nani what if they refuse this proposal after knowing truth

Nani: Anjali we cant keep them in dark

Anjali: I think you are right We will tell them but after meeting them personally

Nani nods her head OP brought their breakfast and they started having it when arnav walked down talking to his manger on his Bluetooth

"Yeah Aman I will be reaching office in half an hour"

He disconnected the call and then walks towards the table. He walks to his nani and bends down for her blessings and says..

Arnav: Good Morning Nani

Nani: Good Morning Chottey.

He then hugs anjali..

Arnav: Good Morning Dii How are you He then keeps his hand on anjali's tummy and says

Arnav: How is my little champ

Anjali: Hum dono bilkul thik hai chottey

He sits on the chair and started serving himself when anjali looks at nani who signals her to talk to chottey again regarding khushi

Anjali nods her head and clears her throat and says

Anjali: Chottey I wanted to talk to you

Arnav was about to put the toast in his mouth when he stops and looks at anjali and says

Arnav: Jii Dii kahiye

Anjali: Chottey we are going to lucknow today to meet khushiji and her family They have liked your photo and are ready for this marriage So if you can

Arnav cuts her and says..

Arnav: Dii I have told you that I am not interested in these things I will be present on the wedding day but before that I am sorry.

Anjali gets sad and says..

Anjali: But chottey

Arnav keeps the toast and gets up from the table saying..

Arnav: Dii I am getting late I have an important meeting Call me you if guys need anything.

Saying that he left the house Anjali and nani looks at each other with sad face.


Garima was cleaning the house with the help of payal and khushi. Shashi was out for marketing. After two hours they completed everything and sat on the couch with tired faces

Garima: Hope everything goes well. Finally everything is set Khushi and payal you both take some rest and then payal I will need you in kitchen for making some good snacks for them.

Khushi: Amma hum haina I will make everything

Payal: Ji nahi Khushi you go and take rest ok I and amma will do everything And you have to look good in front of Raizada's after all you are going to be their bahu and what arnavji will say if he will look at khushi with besan all over her face and Jalebi syrup on her lips

Khushi: Hawww jiji

She hits payal and then both the sisters started fighting with pillow till garima interrupted and send khushi to the room for some rest.

After 3 hours.

"Jiji how I am looking" Said khushi brushing her hair She was wearing beautiful red colour anarkali.

Payal who was adjusting khushi's dupatta said

Payal: Beautiful khushi just like a princess And you know today arnavji will faint seeing you

Khushi blush hearing this She was about to say something when they heard the door bell

Khushi breath caught in her throat She clutched payal's hand

Payal smiles and says..

Payal: Relax khushi. I will go and see..

Khushi nods her head Payal walks out of the room. Shashi and Garima were walking towards the door Payal too followed them Garima opens the door. She finds two ladies standing at her door One was in her late 20's and the other one was an elderly lady

Garima folds her hand and greets them Namaste Anjali too greets her and noticed her confusion and says

Anjali: Namaste aunty I am anjali Jha and she is my Nani Devyani Singh Raizada I am arnav's sister

Garima: Ohh yes beta come She then takes the blessings from nani And then anjali and nani enters the GH. Driver brought all the gifts and other shagun things inside and keeps on the table in the living room.

Garima then made them sit on the couch and introduced them to shashi and payal

Garima: We are really very lucky to have a proposal from your side. Arnav bitwa nahi aaye

Anjali frowns but quickly masked a fake smile and says

Anjali: Wo actually chottey was about to come but an urgent meeting popped up so he left for the meeting After all AR is his responsibility

Shashi: Yeah right we should never ignore our business No issues we will meet him some other time.. Ab to yeh chalta hi rahega

Anjali smiles and then says

Anjali: Where is my bhabhi

Garima: Payal khushi ko le aa

Payal nods and left from their to bring khushi.

Here garima and shashi chatted with anjali and nani asking them about their family arnav and many things

After few minutes payal walked out with khushi.

Anjali and nani both looks at khushi and smiles They instantly liked her Garima made khushi sit in between anjali and nani They asked her few things and then they said

Anjali: Wasie to humein ladki pehle hi pasand aa gayi thi but now we are in love with khushiji I cant wait to see you as my bhabhi khushiji

Khushi blushed hearing this She then looks around the room which didn't go unnoticed by anjali She felt bad for her but then she smiles and whispers in her ears

Anjali: Khushiji chottey nahi aaye hai He got stuck in the meeting

Khushi's face becomes sad as she was very excited to meet her arnavji.. But she masked the smile but didn't say anything.

Payal and Garima serve the snacks which they had made for them. After chatting for hours Finally anjali said

Aunty I want to talk to you all about something..

Garima and Shashi both looks at each other thinking what she wants to speak

Garima: haan beetiyan bolo

Anjali takes a deep breath and close her eyes. She then sees the scene that gupta's are refusing this rishta after hearing the truth She opens her eyes and says

Anjali: Hmm actually I wanted to say k I want this wedding to happen as early as possible.. Like in a week..

Everyone looks at her with shock and nani was looking at her with questioning look.


Precap: Arshi's wedding...

I know no arshi in this update but trust me this is the last update without arshi...

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