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SLBL 2 Chapter 2 (Part 1 and 2)

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Ok so many asked me about payal... Is she married or not... Yeah Payal is married... Will reveal about her husband in the future updates...

Chapter 2 (Part 1)

Garima: One week beta.. So soon I mean whats the hurry'.

Anjali: Actually aunty before coming here we visited panditji and he said that after one week mahurat I good for wedding and after that there is no other mahurat till next two years'.

Garima and shashi widened their eyes' Nani was about to say something but stops thinking that first she has to talk to anjali as what is going in her mind'.

Khushi and payal too looked at each other and after few minutes of silence garima spoke'

Garima: Are you sure beetiyan'

Anjali smiles and says'

Anjali: Yes Aunty' But if you want you can call your panditji and ask them'

Garima: No no beetiyan we trust you' She then looks at shashi and says..

Garima: But hum yeh sab itne jaldi'

Shashi: Anjali beetiyan don't worry we are ready for the wedding in a week' Start the preparations'

Anjali: Thanks uncle' So its fixed after a week means on next Tuesday arnav and khushi will be getting married'

Khushi blush hearing this and garima and shashi nods their head' Nani was lost in some thoughts when garima said..

Garima: Maaji kya hua'

Nani: Hmmm nothing' They then hugs each other and blesses khushi and walks from their'.

In the car'

Nani: Anjali what is this'

Anjali: What nani' I have seriously asked panditji about mahurat and he replied me the same thing which I said in front of Gupta's'

Nani gave her a suspicious look to which anjali hugged her and said'

Anjali: Meri pyaari nani don't look at me like that I am speaking the truth'. If you want you can ask panditji'

Nani: Acha chalo I agree that this is true but what about arnav being divorcee' Why you didn't let Gupta's know about this'

Anjali: Nani I was scared' I mean have you seen khushiji' She is so perfect for our chottey'. I don't want to loose her Naniji.. I want khushiji as chottey's wife' I know she will give loads of love and happiness to my chottey'

Nani: But anjali this is not good' I mean have you thought how khushi will react when she will come to know the truth after her marriage'. She will be shattered anjali'

Anjali: But nani'

Nani: No but beta' If khushi is written in chottey's destiny than I am sure no one can stop this wedding and if she is not than your numerous try will go vain'.

Anjali thinks for sometime and nods her head and says..

Anjali: I am sorry nani' Mein thoda selfish ho gayi thi chottey k liye'

Nani: That's like my beetiyan' and don't worry abhi bhi der nahi hui.. We will go back to gupta's and will tell them the truth'

Anjali nods her head and ask the driver to take U turn as they again want to go to Gupta house'

Here at Gupta House'

When Raizada's left Garima and shashi hugged khushi' Then Garima said'

Garima: I just can't believe that my khushi will leave us in a weak' Itni badi kab ho gayi tu khushi'.

Tears welled up in everyone's eyes' Khushi wipes off the tears from her mother's and father's eyes and says'

Khushi: Amma babuji I will not marry if you guys will act like this'

Garima: Pagal aisa thoda koi bolta hai' Saying that they hugged and then garima says that lets go to DM's temple for taking blessings'. They get ready and leave for the temple'

And just then Anjali and nani arrived back at Gupta house and sees the house lock'.

Anjali: They are not at home but itne jaldi kaha gaye'

They were still in the thoughts when an garage mechanic who stays just opposite to gupta's came to them and says'

Mechanic: Aap log kaun'

Anjali: Wo actually we wanted to meet gupta's we just came'

But before anjali could complete her sentence that mechanic says'

Mechanic: Ohhh Gupta's they left for temple few minutes before' Which I don't know' Actually today khushi's rishta got fixed so they went to take blessings'.

Anjali: Thanks you bhai sahab..

Saying that they move towards their car and nani says'

Nani: I think we should call them after reaching Delhi'.

Anjali nods her head and they sits in the car'.

After few hours they reached Delhi' It was almost midnight'. They thought of calling Gupta's tomorrow'

Next Morning'.

Anjali and Nani walked to the breakfast table completing their pooja' They were waiting for Arnav who was still in his room'

Nani: Anjali Beetiyan I think we should call gupta's now'

Anjali nods her head and says..

Anjali: Naniji I will call them after breakfast' Jab tak chottey bhi office jaa chuke hoge'

Nani nods and then they started having breakfast.. Arnav walks down and greets them good morning and says'

Arnav: Good Morning Dii' Good Morning Nani'

Anjali and Nani: Good Morning Chottey'

Anjali: Come sit'

Arnav: No Dii I am getting late actually I am leaving for Dubai for 6 days' I have an important meeting their' I will be back soon'. And as my flight is in few hours I have to leave now' Bye take care'.

Saying that he was about to walk towards the door when anjali called him'

Anjali: Chottey'.

Arnav stops and turns towards anjali'

Arnav: Haan di..

Anjali: Chottey you cant go to dubai'

Arnav looks at anjali with confused expressions'

Arnav: Dii'

Anjali gets up and walks towards him and says'

Anjali: Chottey we have fixed your wedding.. And its on coming Tuesday'

Arnav: What'

Anjali: Yes' So you will have to be here for all the rituals' You postpone your trip' Actually you should go after wedding' So that khushiji can accompany you and you guys can have work cum honeymoon'.

Anjali giggled saying the last sentence and then she realized what she said' She stops and looks at arnav who was fuming in anger' His fists were clenched, jaws tightened'.

Anjali: Chottey'

Arnav: Dii I think I have made you clear about this marriage' And I think only this marriage is important not all the other useless rituals'.

Nani: Chottey'.

Arnav looks at her and says'

Arnav: Why nani am I wrong.. We went through all the rituals during mine and Lavanya's marriage but what happened we are not together anymore'. So now I just give damn to these rituals' And this meeting is very important for me and AR so I can't cancel or postpone this trip'

Anjali: Chottey how can you be like this' And'

Arnav: Bas dii if you have problem with this than you postpone this wedding'

Saying this he walked out of the RM'

Anjali turns towards nani and says..

Anjali: Nani yeh kya ho gaya hai humare chottey ko.. He was never like this'

Nani: Anjali beetiyan shaant ho jaiye.. Bas wo pareshaan hai is shaadi ko lekar' I am sure sab jaldi thik ho jayga'.

Anjali: I hope so nani' I am now really worried for khushiji' I hope chottey will keep her happy' But before that I should talk to Gupta's now I cant hide this from them'.

Nani: Hmmm'

Anjali then removes her cell and dials garima's no' But no one picked up the call' She again tries but again no one picked up the call' She then remembers that she has their landline no' She calls on their landline and a guy picked up the call'

Anjali: Hello Garimaji hai'

Guy: Jii who are you'

Anjali: I am anjali.. Anjali jha' Tell her she knows me'

Guy: Jii maaf kijiyega but garima aunty is not at home..

Anjali: Ohh than who is at home' I mean khushiji or payalji or shashiji'.

Guy: No one is at home' Actually they all are at hospital' Shashi uncle got heart attack last night so they all are at hospital'.

Anjali gets shock' Her hands shivered and she sits on the bed with shivering hands' Her cell was on the floor'

Nani gets worried and comes to her and says..

Nani: Anjali beetiyan kya hua' Is everything ok'

Anjali: Naniji wo shashi uncle' He is in hospital' He got an attack yesterday'

Nani too gets shock hearing this'.

Part 2

Chapter 2 (Part 2)

After calming down anjali again tried on the same number hoping same man will pick up the call and she was lucky same guy picked up the call again

Anjali: Hello haan I am anjali can you tell me shashi uncle is in which hospital..

Guy gives her the name of the hospital and anjali asked him about shashi's health to which he says he is still in ICU. Anjali then cuts the call and turns to nani and says

Anjali: I think we should leave for Lucknow

Nani nods and then they left for lucknow.

Anjali: Nani do you think we should inform chottey

Nani: Hmmm

Anjali then calls arnav but his cell was not reachable She again tries but in vain She decides to call him after sometime. After few minutes she tried again but in vain.. she then calls aman but his cell was un reachable too She calls at AR office and gets to know that Aman and Arnav both are out for a meeting and then they will leave for Dubai from their. Anjali disconnected the call and explain this to nani. They decides to call him in the night when he will reach dubai.

After few hours they reached lucknowThey asked for the hospital and reached the hospital They reached the reception and asked about shashi gupta Receptionist shows them the way and they walks to the ICU. They stop seeing Payal and Garima on the bench outside the ICU Anjali walks to them and keeps her hand on garima's shoulder. Garima looks at her and then gets shock to see her

Garima: Anjali beetiyan..

Anjali: Jii aunty Uncle kaise hai

Garima: He is still unconscious Yeh sab kya hogaya

Anjali: don't worry aunty he will be alright soon

Garima; But aap log..

Anjali: Actually she then explains how she comes to know everything. They were still talking when khushi walks with the medicines

Khushi: Amma hum.

She stops seeing anjali and nani at hospital She walks to them and takes the blessings of nani and hugs anjali She masked a smile and asks them about them about their health and everything. Anjali cups her face and says

Anjali: Khushiji we are with you Don't worry sab thik ho jayga.

Khushi nods She then walks to garima and gives her the medicines and ask her to go to shashi. She then sits with anjali but she was hurt that today too arnav didn't come But just then anjali interrupted and said

Anjali: Khushi I know what you are thinking but actually chottey don't even know about this I mean he left for Dubai yesterday as he was having a very important meeting their I told you na he wanted to complete all the deals before this wedding But don't worry he said he will be back for all the wedding rituals

Khushi smiles.

They sat their and khushi told them how they were walking down the temple's stairs when babuji got the attack Payal too joined them and they sat together After sometime shashi stirred and started getting up. Garima called everyone and doctor. Everyone rushed inside and then doctor checked him and then finally said that he is out of danger Everyone meets shashi and hugs him with happy tears Anjali and nani looks at the family with awweee.

Doctor then called them outside and said that shashi gupta is alright now but make sure he don't take any kind of stress as that will lead to another attack or stroke.

Garima: We will keep that in our mind doctor

Anjali closed her eyes thinking that now she cant say the truth to shashi. May be DM doesn't want this truth to come out now.

Anjali and nani stayed with gupta's that day and then came back to delhi the other day making sure shashi was perfectly fine. They asked him if he wants to postpone the wedding but he nodded no and said wedding will take place on the same day.

Anjali informs arnav about everything the next day Arnav asked about his health and then ask anjali to see if they needs anything Anjali ask arnav to call guptas.. Arnav wanted to deny but as matter was of someone's health he decided to call shashi gupta

In the evening he called shashi gupta but khushi picks up the call

Khushi: Hello

Arnav: umm Mr Gupta hai

Khushi: Jii who are you

Arnav: Arnav.. Arnav singh Raizada

Khushi's breath caught when she heard arnav's name She was hearing his voice for the first time and she can surely say that his voice was damn sexy just like him. Her thoughts were broken when she again heard arnav's voice

Arnav: Hello koi hai

Khushi: Haan wo but words were not forming.. She takes a deep breath and was about to say something finally when garima called her name..

Garima: Khushi who is on the line..

Khushi hands over the phone to garima and walks out of the room blushing

Garima gave her a weird look and speaks

Garima: Hello

Arnav was highly pissed when the girl was not responding then he heard someone calling her name Khushi. He then remembers anjali words and it strikes him that she was the one with whom he was getting married.

He was about to keep the call as he didn't want to talk to her before marriage when suddenly he heard other female's voice.

Garima: Hello

Arnav: ummm Can I talk to Mr Gupta.. I am Arnav

Garima then understood khushi's behaviour

Garima: Arnav beta how are you I am Garima khushi's mother.

Arnav: Hello aunty I am good.. How are you and uncle I am sorry I didn't come but

Garima: that's ok beta Anjali bitiyaan told us that how you left for dubai.

Arnav thanked anjali in his mind.

Garima then handed over the call to shashi They chatted for few minutes and shashi was really impressed with him.

Finally next day shashi was discharged and then wedding preparations started.

As gupta's were in lucknow and raizada's were in Delhi it was easy for anjali to cover up for arnav by saying that they are also having the same rituals.

Khushi was very happy throughout all the rituals She was eagerly waiting for the wedding day when she will meet her husband. Her arnavji

She cursed herself for not talking to him that day and she assumed that maybe that's why he never called after that.

Finally it was their wedding day Arnav was back from dubai last night. He was getting ready in his room when anjali walked to him

Anjali: Chottey you are looking very smart. Khush.. But she stops and says I think we should leave as we have to reach lucknow

Arnav nods his head and says

Arnav: Bas few minutes. And dii where is jijaji

Anjali was about to say something when they heard a man's voice from the entrance of his room

"Right here saale sahab"

Anjali and arnav both turns towards the voice A broad smile spread across anjali's lips She walked to the man and hugs him and says

Anjali: Finally you are here shyaamji I missed you much

Shyaam: Rani Saheba humne bhi aapko bohat miss kiya. Dekho isliye I came leaving everything to meet you and for my saale sahab's marriage

Arnav smiles looking at his dii and jijaji They are the most lovable couple on this earth he thought. Shyaam and anjali then walks towards arnav and shyaam hugs him. He then congratulates him for the marriage and then quickly left the room with anjali

After sometime they leave the RM and started towards Lucknow.

After few hours..

Here at Gupta house.

Khushi was sitting in her room wearing Maroon and Green Lahenga She was looking like an angel thought payal who just entered the room with a man.

Khushi looks at the person and gets up and hugs him and says

Khushi: Jeejaji.

Man: How are you khushi.

But before khushi could say anything payal says

Payal: She is very happy akash

(Akash Khanna was payal's husband and owns a chain of hotels He was out for some work and so payal was staying with Gupta's He wanted to come back on the same day when shashi suffered an attack but his flight got cancelled due to bad climate and he reached here two days after that But he was constantly in touch with payal He loves payal a lot and they are a cute and happy couple and khushi always wanted a person like her jijaji who will love her like anything. Payal has once described to khushi how it felt when you fell in love and exactly same thing happened with khushi when she saw arnav's pic for the very first time).

Akash smiles and then they breaks the hug and akash says..

Akash: So finally my saali sahiba is getting married to her dream man

Khushi nods her head shyly

Akash looks at payal and says..

Akash: Payal yeh kya.. Is she our khushi who use to be ready to attack me with her non stop chattering

Payal laughs and khushi looks at him widening her eyes

Payal: akash

Akash: Arey look at her she is blushing so much Ohh my God

Payal: Yeah aaj kal jab khushi arnavji ka naam sunti hai she starts blushing.

Akash: So someone is madly in love with her arnavji Dekhna padega who is your arnavji.

They were still chatting and laughing when a girl amongst the guests came to them and says..

Girl: Payal jiji aapko and akash jiju ko Garima Aunty bula rahi hai.. Baraat has arrived.

Payal: Hmm we are coming.

Payal then kiss khushi on her forehead and leaves the room with akash.

Khushi sits on the bed with nervous face Her heart was beating fast thinking about her arnavji She will be meeting him today She will be married to him.. she will be khushi arnav singh Raizada from today.. She was thinking how her life will be changed from today..

Garima and payal welcomes Arnav and all the Raizada's.. They introduced akash and raizada's introduced shyaam Arnav met everyone and they were happy to finally meet arnav Arnav apologized for not coming before but shashi gave him understanding look saying that he can understand..

Finally it the time of the marriage. Arnav was sitting in the wedding altar and garima asked payal to call khushi. Payal nodded and went to bring khushi. After few minutes khushi walked towards the altar with payal.. She was clutching the sides of her lehenga They reached the altar and payal made khushi sits beside arnav. Arnav didn't look at her And khushi wanted to see him But she didn't as she was very nervous to even look at his face Her heart was beating at an insane speed just by his mere presence She never felt like this in her whole life.

Finally marriage rituals started Arnav and khushi participated in the rituals without looking at each other It was the time for pheras They stands up for the pheras and khushi repeated all the wows with her whole heart and can heard arnav's voice repeating the same Finally they completed the pheres They sits down and anjali hands over the mangalsutra to arnav.. He turns towards khushi and this was the first time both looks at each other.

Khushi's eyes get locked on his face. If in photo he was smart and handsome then in reality he was. She was finding no words to describe him She was just lost in his eyes.

Arnav too looks at her and first word came in her mind was beautiful. Yes she was beautiful and innocent too For the first time he felt little guilty He thinks "Am I doing the right thing by marrying her she looks so innocent Her eyes They have so many dreams Will I ever be able to fulfill all those dreams of her I know that I can never love someone else but

His thoughts were broken by anjali's voice

Anjali: Chottey khushiji ko dekhte hi rahoge ya fir you will tie mangalsutra around her neck

Arnav nods and then ties the mangalsutra around her neck His fingers brushed her neck Khushi felt shivers ran down her spine... Just a mere touch of his fingers gave her a tingling sensation which she never felt before She remembers payal's words about first night and blush thinking how their night will be.

After tying the mangalsutra arnav filled her maang with sindoor and then looked the other side as he didn't want to look at her face. Finally panditji announced them husband and wife They took the blessings of elders And then khushi hugged all her family members and cried a lot anjali and nani consoles her and they made her sit in the Car... Car drove off with teary good byes from the gupta family.

Khushi was sitting between arnav and anjalishyaam was driving the car and nani was sitting beside him. Anjali was hugging khushi from the shoulder and was calming her. Khushi calmed down after sometime and looks at arnav who was busy in typing something on his cell. She remembers the day of payal wedding when akash was consoling her all the time when she was crying hugging her and their parents She felt little sad that arnav was not even looking at her but then she brushed the thoughts and thinks "Payal jiji had a love marriage and mine is arrange May be arnavji is also shy to talk to me like I am"

Finally they reached the RM..


Finally my arshi are married... So the main story starts from next chapter... and many of you asked about lavanya... why she left arnav... You all will get to know that soon... Enjoy... Hope you all will like the above part...

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