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SLBL 2 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Arnav opens the door and gets down from the car without even looking at khushi. Anjali then helps khushi to get down and adjust her lehenga properly. Shyaam and nani to get down and started walking towards the door

Anjali was walking with khushi holding her whereas arnav was walking with shyaam talking about some deal. They reached the door and nani goes inside and ask them to wait for few minutes. After few minutes she comes with aarthi thaal in her hand.

Anjali moved inside with shyaam and then nani asked arnav to stand beside khushi Arnav obeyed her and then nani started doing aarti of the couple. She then puts tika on their forehead and then asks khushi to kick the kalash full of rice. Khushi did that rasam and then was about to enter the house with arnav when anjali stops them

Anjali: Are are itne jaldi nahi.

Khushi looks at her with confused expressions and arnav says

Arnav: Now what dii

Anjali: Chottey how could you forget I mean we raizada's have tradition that during grahpravesh groom carries her bride in his arms and walks inside the house.

Khushi blush hearing this Her heart beats increased as for the first time she is going to be in her arnavji's arms

Arnav fumes hearing this but as he didn't want to create the scene he picks up khushi in a go Khushi wraps her arms around his neck for support. His hands were around her bare waist and she can feel the burning sensation on her skin This was the first time when some guy was touching her on her bare skin and that too on her waist. She turned red again..

She was still in her thoughts when she felt herself standing on the floor She looks at herself and then realized that they entered and now they were standing in the living room.

When arnav picked her up he remembers the day of his first wedding when he entered the same place with the love of his life lavanya. He was so happy that day. He teased lavanya while she was in his arms and walked directly towards their bedroom making anjali and others shock but then walked down again as anjali scolded him for not completing the other rituals.

But today he was again entering the same house but this time with khushi His new wife for whom he don't have any feelings He knows that he will not have in near future too But still the truth was that she is his wife now. He reached the living room and puts her on her feet as he didn't want to be close to her

Anjali shyaam and nani clapped and then anjali ask them to walk towards the couch They settle on the couch and anjali walks to the kitchen and brings a big bowl of milk and rose petals. She then asks khushi for her wedding ring and drops the ring in the bowl and says..

Anjali: Ok now you both have to search the ring and whoever gets the ring will dominate the other

Khushi's eyes twinkled with excitement as she uses to like this game since childhood She has always dreamt of playing this game with her husband and even winning the game...

Arnav didn't want to play the game either but he knows that he didn't have any other option He sits opposite to khushi and then they both puts their hand into the bowl Khushi was excitedly searching the ring and was just keeping his palm inside doing nothing After few attempts khushi got the ring and she smiles broadly and removes the ring showing it to everyone.

Anjali then ask arnav to slid the ring to which he did. After that anjali says..

Anjali: Chottey you wait here I will take khushiji to your room and then you can come after some time..

Arnav nods his head and then anjali takes khushi upstairs Nani and shyaam went to their room. Arnav sits on the couch and looks at his cell He opens the gallery and looks at lavanya's pictures

Arnav: Why lav why you left me. We were so happy together If you had problems with

Her thoughts were broken by anjali's voice

Anjali: Chottey you can go to your room

Arnav nods his head and gets up and started walking to the stairs when anjali stops him by placing her hand on his shoulder and says

Anjali: Chottey I know this marriage is nothing but a compromise for you but chottey for khushiji this marriage is everything. And now she is your wife. She needs your love chottey.

Arnav left from their without saying a word Anjali sighs and shakes her head indicating a no and says

Anjali: Hope you will make everything fine

She says holding DM's locket.

Khushi was sitting on the bed with her lehenga spread around her. She was looking at the decoration. Room was looking beautiful with flowers and lighted scented candles everywhere. Bed was decorated with flower strings and rose petals. Suddenly she heard the footsteps and clutched her lehenga. Her heart beats increased. She was nervous But she was clear that she will submit herself fully to arnav.

Arnav entered the room and his eyes fell on khushi Who was sitting on his bed the same way lavanya was sitting. He felt like pulling khushi from the bed but then he calms himself thinking what khushi's fault in all thisis but he can never love her back and this night holds a special place in everyone's life but for khushi he knows that this night will bring only loneliness

He walks towards the bed and sits beside khushi Khushi clutched her lehenga tightly and closed her eyes Arnav sees this and clenched his fist as he understood what khushi is expecting He looks at khushi and then gathers courage and says

Arnav: Go to sleep khushi. You must be tired.

Khushi opened her eyes at once and looks at arnav. Yeah she was tired hell tired but she didn't want to sleep She wanted to feel this night... She felt hurt She was still looking at arnav but arnav gets up and walks to the closet to get his tracks and T-shirt He gets change and sleep on the other side of the bed facing his back towards khushi.

Khushi sat on the bed just staring at arnav. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She never thought that she will be sitting alone on their first night.

Finally tiredness took over her and she drifted to sleep in the same position

Next Morning

Khushi wakes up feeling a pain in her neck. Her sleeping position turned painful for her neck She turns her neck left and right and then looks around the room It was clean with no traces of any flowers or candles She doubted if this was the same room she entered yesterday.

She then looks at the other side of the bed and found it empty

Khushi: Arnavji. May be he is washroom She looks at the washroom door which was slightly open She understood that he is not in the room.

After few minutes she walks down wearing a beautiful purple saree. She meets anjali and nani and greets them and took the blessings from them After that they did the morning aarti and then anjali and khushi walked to the kitchen.

All the time khushi's eyes were searching for arnav. but she didn't find him anywhere Finally she decides to ask anjali

Khushi: dii

Anjali: Haan khushi

Khushi: Dii wo dii where is arnavji

Anjali gets sad for khushi She masked smile and says

Anjali: Khushiji chottey left for office Some important meeting has popped up warna wo kabhi nahi jatey

Khushi nods her head and smiles at anjali and started making the breakfast..

Day passed and it was night and arnav was still not at home Khushi was pacing in the room when she heard the click of the door She turned and saw him Finally she said

Arnav entered the room and walked to the washroom without even looking at khushi Khushi was again hurt by his attitude She failed to understand his behaviour. Why he was so cold.

She walks out of the room After few minutes arnav walks out wearing tracks and T shirt and was wiping his face when his eyes fell on the dinner kept on the table. Khushi was sitting on the chair and smiled at arnav and says

Khushi: Come arnavji Dinner karlijye

Arnav: I had my dinner with clients khushi And from next time you don't have to do this

Khushi: But

Arnav: Khushi I had a tiring day at office And now I am really sleepy Please you too sleep

Saying that he walked to the bed and lays on the bed closing her eyes Khushi closed her eyes and again her cheeks became wet with tears. She ordered hari prakash to take the dinner back and walks to the bed and sleeps facing his back like yesterday.

Next morning.

Arnav wakes up early so that he can avoid talking to khushi but to his surprise khushi was up early and was standing in front of the dressing table putting sindoor in her mang She turned towards arnav and says with a smile

Khushi: Good Morning arnavji

Arnav: Good Morning you up so early

Khushi: Haan wo yesterday anjali dii told me that you leave around 7 so I thought I should be up at 5. After all I have to look after your needs na Waise I have made breakfast You get ready will bring it here.

Arnav: Khushi I told you na that you don't have to do this. And waise bhi I am getting late so I don't think I will be able to have breakfast.

Saying this he started walking to the closet when khushi came to him and hands over him his clothes and says

Khushi: Aapka suite

Arnav: What the

Khushi: I know arnavji now you will say that you don't have to all this for me But arnavji I am your wife and agar mein yeh sab nahi karugi than who will do And also I like to do these things I like to take care of others

Arnav was staring at khushi. Suddenly images from the past came before his eyes. It was third day of his marriage with lavanya and he was struggling to find some shirt his favorite shirt but he failed so he asked lavanya to help him Lavanya was busy in applying nail polish so she denied saying

Lavanya: Ohh come on baby you don't have to ask for help for these small things

Arnav: But lav you are my wife and I can ask this from you. Tum nahi karogi to kaun karega

Lavanya gets up and kiss him and says

Lavanya: See I am your wife for this not for searching your clothes.

Arnav smiles and hugs her and they.

He comes back from his thought and looks at khushi and can see how different she was from lavanya. But still she can never take lavanya's place.

Without saying anything he took the suite and walks to the bathroom Khushi smiled that atleast he agreed for something

She then quickly arranges his plate and says..

Khushi: I know arnavji you are getting late but still you can have little.

Arnav walks out of the washroom and started walking towards the door taking his laptop bag when khushi runs behind him and says

Khushi: Arnavji please atleast eat little.

Arnav: Khushi I said na I am getting late

Khushi: But arnavji

Arnav: ENOUGH khushi. Tumhe ek baar mein samajh nahi aata.

Saying that he walks out of the room..

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