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SLBL 2 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

It was evening and khushi was cutting vegetables in the kitchen but she was just present their physically as mentally her mind was with arnav She was thinking that why arnav is behaving so cold with her Why he is behaving as if he was forced into this marriage

She was still in her thoughts when she heard anjali's voice

Anjali: Dhyan se..

But before she could register what anjali was saying she felt a sharp pain in her fingers

Khushi: Aaahhh.

And then she realized that she has cut her fingers Anjali walked to her and says

Anjali: Khushiji how can you be so careless Kaha khoyi thi aap

Khushi: Wo hum

Anjali then keeps her fingers under the running water and then applies ointment and band aid and says

Anjali: Now go and take rest I will do the remaining work..

Khushi: No dii I am fine I will manage

Anjali: I said na I will do

Khushi: Ok..

Khushi turned to leave the kitchen when suddenly she turns and says

Khushi: Dii can I ask you something

Anjali who was cutting vegetable says

Anjali: Yes khushiji pucho

Khushi: Dii wo wo arnavji I mean

Anjali: Arnavji ko miss kar rahi ho (You are missing arnavji)

Khushi: Nahi diii wo Khushi then takes a deep breath and says

Khushi: Dii kya arnavji humse shaadi nahi karna chahte the.

Anjali stops cutting the vegetable and looks at khushi. She then thinks that why khushiji is asking her such question.. did chottey tell her anything or she got to know about lavanya

Khushi: Bataiye na di

Anjali walks to her and cups her cheek and says

Anjali: Actually khushiji

But they were interrupted by nani's voice who called anjali for some work

Anjali: Khushiji we will talk later ok now you go and take rest

Khushi nods and then left for her room

She sits on the bed and again remembers arnav and his rude words His cold behaviour Tears started flowing from her eyes She never thought that her married life will be like this She has always dreamt of a perfect married life with a perfect husband just like her jiji but.

She was still in her thoughts when suddenly her cell rings She comes out of her thoughts and looks at the number and a wide smile spread on her lips seeing payal's name

Khushi: Jiji.

She picks up the call and says with a cheerful voice

Khushi: jiji how are you

Payal: I am good khushi How are you and how is your arnavji

Khushi: Everyone is fine jiji. And arnavji he is best

Payal: oho so finally my khushi has found her dream man right

Khushi: Yeah jiji.. You know he cares for me so much And Naniji and dii they are also very good

Payal: Chalo acha hai Take care of yourself khushi I was just missing you

Khushi: I am also missing you jiji You jiju amma babuji.. I am missing everyone. Saying this she again starts crying

Payal sense that and says..

Payal: Chup pagal Don't cry or what your arnavji will say k meri khushi ko rula diya chal ab I am keeping the call Will talk to you later

Khushi: Hmmm

She then cuts the call and cries hugging her cell and says..

Khushi: Jiji my arnavji he he don't even look at me jiji. I I don't know why he is like that

She then walks to the closet to keep her clothes She opens the door and kept her dress and was about to close the door when her eyes fell on his clothes She runs her fingers on his suites and smiles. And then suddenly her eyes fell on the box

Khushi: What's this

Khushi removes the box as it was looking very attractive. But then says.

Khushi: No no I cant't touch this box Arnavji ki permission k bina She was about to keep the box back to its place when her eyes fell on the paper cuttings kept in the place of that box

Khushi: Yeh kya hai

She removes the cutting and gets shock to see that It has lavanya and arnav's picture where arnav was holding her by her waist and lavanya was kissing him on his cheek Khushi then reads the line written below the pic. "Hottest couple of business world Arnav and Lavanya Singh Raizada"

Khushi felt as if someone has pulled the earth beneath her feet

Khushi: Arn arnavji is married.

A drop of tear fell on the photo.. and khushi closed her eyes..

Here at AR office.

Arnav was sitting alone in his cabin as it was past six everyone has left but arnav he didn't feel like going home He didn't want to face khushi. Because he was scared he was scared that he will end up hurting her again. Whole day he was getting image of her hurt face. He was angry on himself for behaving so rudely with her He didn't want to but he was not able to control himself when he sees khushi taking lavanya's place.

So he thought best thing will be to avoid meeting khushi and this way he will not hurt her but he didn't know that staying aloof was making khushi more upset He brushed away all the thoughts and started working on the laptop again when his cell rang He looks at the screen and sees khushi's name on the screen He picks up the call and says

Arnav: Hello

Khushi: Arnavji I want to talk to you right now

Arnav: Kya hua khushi

Khushi: Please can you come home or should I come to office

Arnav: Khushi sab thik hai na Nani dii

Khushi: everyone is alright arnavji Are you coming

Arnav felt some coldness in khushi's voice He thinks what happened to her

Arnav: Yeah khushi I am coming.

Khushi: hmm I am waiting for you

Saying that she cuts the call

Arnav close the laptop and walks out of the office taking his keys. He reached RM and meets anjali in the living room anjali was happy to see his brother back early after three days

Anjali: arey chottey you came early today

Arnav: Dii where is khushi..

Anjali: She is upstairs but

But before anjali could complete her sentence arnav left for his room Anjali looks at him with confused expressions and then smiles and says

Anjali: So finally chottey has started missing khushiji hmmm good. She laughs and then walks back to her room.

Here arnav reach his room and enters the room to find khushi standing near the closet with something in her hand He walks towards her and after reaching closer he notice her face Her face was pale Dried tears marks were visible on her cheeks Her eyes were puffy He failed to see the thing she was holding in her hand

Arnav felt bad seeing her like this He didn't know the reason of her tears but he was sure that somewhere he was responsible for her tears He walks towards her and puts his hand on her shoulder and says..

Arnav: Khushi are you ok yeh tum

Khushi cuts him and says..

Khushi: What is this arnavji

She showed the paper cutting to arnav

Arnav gets shock seeing the cutting and that too with khushi

Arnav: Khushi what are you doing with this photo..

Khushi: Arnavji this is not the answer to my question Aap aap shaadi shuda hai You are married and you cheated me.. You cheated my family Agar aapki shaadi ho chuki thi to aapne humse shaadi q ki arnavji. Boliye Why.. Why you ruined my life Now I understood why you are so cold towards me Because for you I mean nothing This this girl means everything to you.. Then why you ruined my life.

Arnav gets angry hearing such accusation from khushi's mouth He pulls khushi and pinned her to the closet and says

Arnav: I cheated you Stop acting khushi Di and nani has told everything to you and your family about this About my past And I have asked dii to clear everything with you guys So stop lying

Khushi looks at him fuming and push him and says

Khushi: Again a lie Dii and Naniji never mentioned about your being a married guy.

Arnav fumes and then drags khushi outside holding her hand

Khushi: aah arnavji Leave me

But arnav didn't listen to her.. He drags her to the living room and shouts for his dii and nani anjali shyaam and nani walks out of their room and looks at arnav with shocked expressions

Anjali: Chottey what happened

Arnav: dii khushi kya keh rahi hai

Anjali: Kya hua khushiji

Arnav: Dii nani you guys have told khushi and her family about me being a divorcee right.

Khushi again gets a shock She thought he was married but no he was divorcee.. Means that girl left her but why.

Anjali and Nani looks at arnav and then anjali says

Anjali: Wo chottey actually She then explains him everything what happened that day and then how they didn't say the truth because khushi's babuji suffered an attack

Arnav gets shock hearing this.. He left khushi's hand and walks towards anjali and says

Arnav: di aap.. means khushi didn't know k I was a divorcee

Anjali: N no chottey


Anjali shivers. Shyaam interrupts between them and takes anjali inside.. Nani tried calming arnav but arnav left to his room without hearing anything.

Khushi was witnessing everything and had tears in her eyes Nani sat on the couch holding her head. Khushi walks to Naniji and says

Khushi: Naniji

Nani looks at khushi and folds her hand and says

Nani: Khushi beetiyan Please forgive us Actually

Khushi holds her folded hands and says

Khushi: No Naniji please don't do this

Naniji: Beetiyan you are very nice Actually we wanted a girl just like you fo our chottey and when panditji showed us your photo we thought that yes you will be perfect for our chottey Who will bring love and happiness in my chottey's life And then when we met you we became sure but trust me beetiyan we never wanted to keep you in dark but situation didn't permit us to tell the truth. Please forgive us... Beta chottey really needs someone After lavanya left him he he has closed the door for everyone He agrees to get married just for fulfill my last wish because he thinks that he can never love anyone.

Khushi felt as if someone stabbed her Her arnavji loves someone else and he never wanted to get married She felt as if everything was a joke Her marriage became joke

Nani sees her and then says

Nani: Beetiyan I know what you must be feeling. We are really very sorry khushi We became blind in chottey's love We wanted him to be happy. And aaj bhi mujhe yahi lagta hai that only you can bring his happiness and can give him love which he deserves.

And trust me I will support you in your every decision but please jo bhi faisla lo soch samajh k lena.

Khushi looks at nani and thinks something and then says

Khushi: I will get my husband Naniji.. I know it will be difficult but I promise that I will win arnavji I will win his love. And then I will fill his life with loads of love and happiness.

Naniji smiles and hugs khushi.


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