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Will You Marry Me???? Chapter 11 to 16....

Chapter 11
Arnav took the signed papers from khushi and put them in his bag and said�
Arnav: Come on khushi lets go to office�
Khushi: Wo arnav actually I am feeling little tired today� Can I join from tomorrow..
Arnav looks at her and thinks "She has started using the status of my wife� I have to tell her the truth soon or she will dance on my head�. But before that I have to submit these papers to the lawyer till then let her enjoy everything� From tomorrow she is again going to be Khushi Gupta"�..
He smiles looking at her and then cups her cheeks and says..
Arnav: Of course sweetheart� You are my wife now you have the power to decide when you want to come and when not�
Khushi smiles and says..
Khushi: Thanks arnav but I promise I will come office tomorrow�
Arnav: Ok�
Saying this he kisses her on her cheeks and left from their� He walks towards his car saying�.
Arnav: Thank God khushi will not be their in the office today� Waise bhi I was bore being with her for the whole one month� I have never been with a single girl for so much time but I must say people are right when they say "Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai"�.
Saying this he sat in the car and drives off to his office�
Here khushi went to the kitchen and started preparing lunch saying�
Khushi: Arnav today I will give you surprise by bringing lunch for you� This all feels so good�..
She prepared the lunch and packed them in the lunch box and then got ready wearing a pink and purple colour chudidaar ... She puts some pleats of hair over her sindoor and also covered the mangalsutra with her dupatta� She took the lunch box and went to AR designs�.
She entered the office with the lunch box� Everyone was starring at her making weird faces as they were jealous of her�. She ignored everybody and walked directly towards arnav's cabin� Door was closed� She thought of knocking the door but then she thought that she is here to give surprise and it will be better if she walked in directly and sees his expression�. After all I am his wife so he will not say anything
Thinking this she opened the door and was about to shout surprise when she got the biggest shock of her life� She froze at her place seeing the view in front of her� Arnav was kissing a girl wildly on her lips and his hands were cupping her breast over her top�. And girl's hands were on his shoulder digging her nails into them and pulling him closer�..
Khushi was too shock to say anything� She never expected this from her love� Her hands started shivering and lunch box fall on the ground making a loud voice which made arnav opens his eyes� He broke the kiss and looks around and gets shock to see khushi standing holding the door with tears in her eyes�.
Arnav: Khushi!!!!!
He left the girl and khushi walks towards him and slapped him hard on his face� Arnav gets angry and clenched his fist�. He asked the girl to get out of the cabin and then he locked the door and said..
Arnav: How dare you khushi� How dare you to slap me�
Khushi: How dare you arnav to cheat me� How dare you? Suddenly she started crying and then said� Why arnav why�
Arnav then smiles and says�
Arnav: Finally� Its good that you came here and saw everything� I was thinking how to tell you all this�
Khushi looks at him with confused expressions�
Arnav: Actually khushi I never loved you� That was all an act�. I just want to have you on my bed and I knows that you will not agree so easily so I have to act like that so that you will believe that I love you and then after marriage you will submit yourself to me� And see I f****d you and you too enjoyed hai na�.
Khushi was shocked to hear this� She was not able to believe that her love her arnav did all this just to have her on his bed�.
Khushi: It it means you got married to me only only for� (she said in between her sobs)
Arnav: Yes sweetheart�. But don't worry I promise I will never tell anything to anyone� Nobody will know about this marriage and about our S** I am very good at keeping them a secret�. So you can enjoy your life as you want and I can enjoy mine� Just think that nothing has happened between us�
Khushi: and our marriage�
Arnav: Ohh that don't worry I have already submitted divorce papers to the lawyer� Remember you signed some papers this morning� That was our divorce paper I have submitted to my lawyer and he has submitted them in the court so don't worry you are free from me�.
This was the next shock for khushi in tat 5 minutes�. She looks at arnav with teary eyes and said..
Khushi: Why arnav why you did this� I loved you so much and what you did� You ruined my life arnav� Now what I will say to my parents�
Arnav: Nothing sweetheart� You will not tell about our marriage to anyone�. Or else�
Khushi: Or else kya�
Arnav: Or else you have to pay 50lakhs to me� Actually you know I didn't want k meri image ruined ho� That's why I have also made you signed the paper where it was stated that I khushi Singh Raizada will never disclose that I got married to arnav singh Raizada to anyone�. If I did that than I am liable to pay 50lakhs to him�." So khushi dear you have to be quiet� See don't make it complicated� We had s** we both enjoyed it and now we both are free you enjoy your life I will enjoy mine�. And come on you have not done that for free I have given you so much� I have sent your father to US for his treatment�. So you should be happy�.
Khushi felt so cheap hearing this�. She looks at arnav with fire in her eyes and said�
Khushi: Mr Raizada I loved you and I made love with my husband� I didn't had S** like you� I never thought that you can be so cheap�
Arnav: Ohh come on khushi now stop over reacting now� And please leave I have loads of work to do�
Khushi left from their with tears in her eyes..
She took the auto and went to her house and then locked the door and sat on the floor crying hard�.
She removed her mangalsutra and wiped her sindoor and walked to the bathroom and stands under the shower� Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes and she screamed loudly�.
Khushi: Why arnav why you did that� She then remembers their love making and cried more sitting on the floor�. She cried for almost three hours when her phone rang� She come back to her sense and gets up and turns the shower off� She walks out of the bathroom and look at her cell� It was her amma's call� She picks up the call and started crying�
Garima: What happen khushi why are you crying beta� Sab thik to haina�
Khushi: Amma wo� She then remembers arnav's words and changed her sentence� Amma I was missing you and babuji a lot�
Garima: Don't worry beta your babuji is recovering now�.
Khushi: That's a great news maa�
Garima: How are you�
Khushi: I am also good�
Garima: And arnav beta�
Khushi: He is also good she said gulping her tears�
Garima: Ok I call to say that beta your babuji said that till he recovers you start paying arnav's loan� He doesn't want to take his favour�.
Khushi: Ok maa� I will call you later�..
She cuts the call and again starts crying saying "Why DM� Why again I have to face him�. But for babuji I will do this� I will just work with him like a employee and will take my salary because I cant work anywhere else as I am in contract with AR�."
Next day�
Arnav entered the office and walks to his cabin and started working on the laptop� He saw khushi entering the office and get shock to see khushi in the office after what has happened between them� He saw her coming towards his cabin� She knocks the door and came inside�
She took a deep breath and said..
Khushi: Sir as I am still in the contract with AR I will work here for a year and also I have to pay you for the treatment of my father� As I have successfully completed my one month challenge so now can you please tell me my actual post and work�..
Arnav was shocked to see khushi behaving so normal and formal with him�.
Khushi: Please sir tell me my post and work as in AR employee don't waste time�.
Arnav comes back from his thought and says�
Arnav: You can work under aman as a assistant designer�.
Khushi: Thank you�.
Saying this she left the cabin and went to aman�.

Chapter 12
Arnav just kept looking at her'. He thinks "What happen to her'"
Arnav then called aman and told him that from today khushi will be working under him as an assistant designer'.. He keeps the call and again get back to his work'.
Here khushi walks towards aman cabin and knocks on the door'
Aman: Come in..
Khushi enters the cabin with the smile on her face and said'.
Khushi: Hope Arnav sir has told you everything.. I mean about my new position'
Aman was hell shocked to hear sir for arnav from khushi's mouth' But thought maybe she is just calling him sir for fun'. He ignored that and continued'.
Aman: Yeah ASR called me and told me about this' But bhabhi why you calling him as Sir'
Khushi felt a knot in her stomach hearing the word bhabhi from aman's mouth' She remembers their marriage day' She closed her eyes and calms herself and then opens her eyes and said'
Khushi: Aman my name is khushi you can call me khushi and yeah I am here for work so no more personal questions ok'.
Aman: Khushi' Are you alright' I mean did you guys had a fight on the first day itself'.
Khushi frowns and says'
Khushi: Please aman I don't want to talk about that please'Please tell me my work'
Aman nodded his head and thought that may be ASR and khushi had a fight'.. He then took khushi to her new cabin which was just opposite to ASR's and adjacent to aman's'.
Khushi entered into the cabin with aman'.. Aman then showed her the files and said'
Aman: Khushi today you just go through everything about our past shows their designs and everything and tomorrow we have a meeting where we will be discussing about the new project where you will work with me'. Ok'
Khushi just nods her head'.
Aman: Ok take care' And don't worry ASR will soon woo you if he had fight with you'..
Saying this he winks at her and that's it khushi lost her control and shouted at aman'
Aman gets shock to hear this'. He comes to khushi and says..
Aman: What' Why' I mean how can he' He loves you right'
Khushi smiles sadly and says'
Khushi: He loves my body aman'. He never loved me' He just wanted to be''.
She stopped as tears started coming from her eyes'.
Aman puts his hand on her shoulder and she continued'
Khushi: aman he just wanted me on his bed that's it'. He used me aman'. He married me just for that'. And you know what I cant don't anything'. I cant even say that I was married to him'. I am so helpless'.
Aman felt bad hearing this' He thought how arnav can be so cruel to do something like this'.
Aman: Khushi but why you signed that divorce papers'.
Khushi: aman I didn't even know that I was signing the divorce papers' She then narrates everything to aman and aman fumes hearing this and says'
Aman: I cant believe khushi that ASR can be so cheap' I just hate him' Kash mein kuch kar pata but I am helpless because like you I also need this job a lot' But trust me khushi he will pay for his deeds one day'
Day passed with khushi being busy in her new work and arnav was busy with the meetings and all'.
Next day'
Khushi enters the office and went to coffee machine' Arnav too enters at the same time and looks at khushi and walks to his cabin' Khushi took the coffee and went to aman's cabin'. They sit their drinking coffee and aman tries to make her laugh'.
Arnav sees this from his cabin and he felt some kind of pain' He didn't know why' But he didn't like the fact that khushi took the coffee for someone else instead of him'
But he brushed away his thoughts and walked towards aman's cabin and enters without knocking on the door'
Khushi was smiling on aman's joke but suddenly stopped looking at arnav'..
Arnav looks at them and says..
Arnav: aman I think we have a meeting today'
Aman: Yes ASR but we still have 5 minutes so me and khushi will join you in 5 minutes after the coffee'
Arnav then looked at khushi who was not at all looking at him'  He didn't know why but he felt more angry''

He left the cabin and went to his cabin fuming�. Suddenly he was in a very bad mood�. He wanted to punch someone but he didn't know why he was feeling like this all of sudden�.. He opened his laptop in frustration and started working�. After 5 minutes he heard the knock on his door�
He shouted.
Arnav: COME IN!!!!!
Aman and khushi entered the cabin and walked towards him�  They both sat on the chairs opposite to arnav and aman said�
Aman: So ASR can we start with the meeting�
Arnav looks at aman and said�
Arnav: Yeah sure�. He then looks at khushi who was looking down�. He then says�
Arnav: Khushi don't you know that when your boss speaks something you have to look at him�. I think you get some memories when you look at me right�
Aman fumes hearing this and was about to answer arnav when khushi answered�..
Khushi: I know sir and I will surely look at you if you will talk to me but right now you were speaking to aman�. And about memories sir I don't even know you personally so how will I get some memories by seeing you�..
Arnav smirks and says�
Arnav: Acha you don't know me haan so how we ended up� You know what I mean�.
Khushi felt disgusted hearing this� She never thought that the person she loves will be this cheap and cruel�� But she didn't loose her control and replied him calmly�.
Khushi: I know sir but for your information I was with my husband not with you�. And unfortunately he died on the very next day of our marriage�.
Arnav fumes hearing his answer and was about to say when aman interrupted and said�
Aman: ASR I think we should start the meeting�
Arnav: Yeah waise bhi I don't have time to waste on useless people�
Khushi just ignored him�. Meeting was started�.
Arnav was talking about some show which was schedule after 3 weeks and its theme was festive season�. Khushi's face lit up hearing this as she always loved designing traditional outfit� She looks at aman and smiles broadly which didn't go unnoticed by arnav�. He tried to ignore that and continued that they have to design around 10 outfits in 1.5 weeks time and after that all the other post designing work�. Khushi and aman both nodded and then the meeting was over�.
Khushi left the cabin saying a plain thank you with a straight face and aman too followed her�.
Arnav did not like this side of khushi at all�. He then opened the laptop and started to work so that he will be distracted but the first thing that he saw was their photo�.. Photo was taken when they had an affair�. Khushi was sitting on arnav's lap and was feeding him the lunch�.. Arnav looks at the photo and remembers that day�.
Khushi enters his cabin with lunch and kept on the table� Arnav was working on his laptop�. He was very busy that day�. He didn't even look at khushi�
Khushi frowns and walks close to him and says�
Khushi: Hi arnav� lunch time chalo
Arnav still typing said�
Arnav: Hi�. Busy will have it later
Khushi pouts� She turns him towards her and says..
Khushi: No busy and all eat or else you will faint�.
Arnav: I am busy khushi� Saying this he again turns to work and khushi looks at him with anger� She closed the laptop and says�
Khushi: First lunch I don't want you to faint�. Please have it na�
Arnav: Khushi I have a urgent meeting in few hour�. Please I will have it later� Please let me do my work na�.
Khushi: But your lunch� She then gets an idea� Ok lets do one thing� You do the work and I will feed you the lunch�
Arnav: But khushi�
Khushi: No buts and all� Come on�
Arnav: But where will you sit and how you will feed me�
Khushi then looks here and their and comes to him and sits on his lap and says�
Khushi: See I will sit here and will feed you like this� Saying this she started feeding him�.
Arnav: Paagal� Arnav started eating the lunch and was working at the same time�. He captured the photo without telling khushi�.
Flashback ends�.
He starred at the photo for few minutes and brushed away her thoughts and thinks "Why I am remembering khushi� She was not the only girl I slept in my life than why again and again I am getting only her images� What is wrong with me�"
He again started his work and it was 1 PM now�. It was lunch time and everyone went for their lunch� Khushi was still in her cabin and was working on the first designing� Arnav too didn't went for the lunch� He didn't know why but he was waiting for something� Maybe he wanted khushi to come and ask him for lunch like always but why he didn't know�. But half an hour passed khushi didn't even look at him�.
After half an hour khushi got up when she felt hungry and called someone� Arnav was looking at her� She walked out of her cabin with her lunch box and walked to aman's cabin�. He can see how khushi pulled aman and they sat for the lunch�..
Arnav again fumes seeing this�.. He banged his fist on the table and started working and skipped his lunch�..
Chapter 13
Khushi finished her lunch and came back to her cabin�. She too remembers the days when she and arnav use to have lunch together but she brushed away all the thoughts and said "Khushi don't think about that man� You have to be strong and you have to forget him� You have to move on�"
Saying this she again started with her work�. Arnav continued working on the laptop and in between he kept on glancing khushi but she never looked at him� He was getting restless due to her ignorance�. He then called someone in his cabin�.
A girl entered wearing a short pink off shoulder dress�. She was a new model of AR design� Arnav asked her to lock the door and then closes the curtains and that's when khushi's eyes fell on his cabin and she understood what he must be upto� She again felt a knot in her stomach� No matters how much she tries to be strong he was her husband she loved him and it hurts her to see him with other girl�. Tears started flowing from her eyes� Aman who was passing by her cabin stopped and looks at her� He then sees the direction of her eyes and fumes seeing the curtains closed� He too understands what arnav is upto�.
He enters her cabin and puts his hand on her shoulder�. Khushi looked at him and wipes her tears and gave him a smile and said..
Khushi: Aman come na.. You need something�.
Aman: Khushi you ok�
Khushi smiled and says�
Khushi: Yeah aman I am ok� What will happen to me�.
Aman then pulls the chair and sits beside khushi and holds her hand and says�.
Aman: Khushi I know you are not ok�. And I can understand that� Khushi you will see these things everyday but that doesn't mean k tum upset ho jaye�. You have to be strong khushi and you have to move on�. You only said na that your husband died the very next day so think like that� Think that the person sitting in opposite cabin is not your husband�.
Khushi just nods but tears fell from her eyes�
Aman wiped her tears and said�
Aman: No khushi he don't deserve these tears�. So don't waste them on him�. I am sure you will get a very good person in your life who will love you a lot�.. And its my promise that soon you will settle down with a very good guy�.
Khushi didn't say anything she just hugged aman and cried on his shoulder�
Here inside arnav's cabin�
Girl comes towards arnav and sits on his lap and started undressing him� Arnav too opened the zip of her dress and pulls it down and leans to kiss her on her neck.. He placed his lips on her neck and closed her eyes� But suddenly opens her eyes seeing khushi making love to him�.
He got confused that why he is seeing khushi� Girl removed his shirt and started roaming hands on his bare chest and took his hand put them on her breast� Arnav looked at her and then again leans to kiss her but he again gets the image of khushi� He gets angry on himself and push the girl off her body and says..
Arnav: Get out�
Girl looks at him confused but again comes to him and said..
Girl: Why arnie am I not hot�
Arnav looks at her angrily and says..
Arnav: I said get out�.
Girl gets scare and runs from his cabin after adjusting her clothes�.
Arnav closed his fists in anger and started wearing his clothes thinking "Why I am thinking about that khushi�. I had s** with many girls but never got the images then why now�. And why I didn't felt like touching this girl� He runs his hand in his hair in frustration and said� I will go mad� What is happening to me now a days�"
He opened the curtains and the first thing he saw was aman and khushi hugging each other�. He cant see khushi's face� He just saw aman caressing her back and suddenly he felt like punching somebody��. But he controlled himself and started working on the laptop and then called some of his staff members and removed all his frustration on them�
Here khushi composes herself and said to aman�
Khushi: thanks aman.. Now I am good� I promise from today I will not cry for him�
Aman: That's like my sweet small sister�
Khushi smiles hearing sister from his mouth.. she has always thought aman as her brother�.
Few more days passed and arnav's restlessness was growing more and more� He was not able to see khushi with aman at office� And at RM he always uses to get a images of their love making� He again tried being with some girl but again he was not able to do anything�.
He was very much frustrated with himself� He was not able to understand the feelings which he was feeling inside him� He always thought that he lust for khushi and was only physically attracted to her like other girls but these things were driving him crazy��. He started missing their late night chats� He missed the care which khushi use to take of him when she was with him�. He thinks "I always use to crib about all these things than why the hell today I am missing them the most�."
Finally arnav thought of speaking to khushi�.. He didn't know what he will speak but he just wanted to talk to her� He was missing old khushi very much� He wanted khushi to talk to him� He was not able to take her ignorance�..
It was third week and they were ready for the fashion show� Arnav decided that he will talk to her after the fashion show�.
Show started and everything went perfectly�. Designs were appreciated and aman and khushi were very happy�. Finally show ended and then after some speeches everyone started leaving the hall� Now only aman, arnav and khushi were present in the hall as they were the incharge of the show�.
Aman: Chalo khushi I will drop you�
Khushi: Yeah aman let me bring my bag�
Arnav sees this and came to aman and said�
Arnav: Aman I want you to go to Mr Mehra and attend the meeting on my behalf..
Aman: But ASR that meeting was tomorrow�
Arnav: No it got reschedule and I am little busy�
Aman: Ok� But khushi�
Arnav: Don't worry I will drop her�
Aman gets shock to hear this� He had seen the changes in arnav in past few weeks�. How he use to get angry for no reason after seeing khushi laughing with him or khushi ignoring him�. He knows that he was jealous but he thought now whats the use�. He still didn't trust him so he tried to deny but before that arnav said�
Arnav: Go aman I don't want you to be late�.
Aman left from their and arnav waited for khushi to come out�
Khushi comes out and said..
Khushi: Chalo aman� Aman� She looks around and finds arnav� She then removes her cell to call aman when arnav comes to her and says�
Arnav: Khushi aman left as he has to attend an important meeting� Come I will drop you�
Khushi: No sir.. Its ok I will manage� She said keeping her face straight�
Arnav again gets angry as she was again ignoring his words�
Arnav: Khushi I need to talk to you�
Khushi: Yes sir� I am listening�
Arnav: Wo khushi� I � I mean�
Khushi: Sir is this related to my job�
Arnav: hhuuu no�
Khushi: Then sir please let me go� I really have some important stuff to do� Saying this she started walking towards the exit and arnav bangs his fist on the nearby wall in frustration�.
Khushi was about to walk out when suddenly she felt as everything was black and her head started spinning�. She drops the clutch from her hand and arnav saw her� She was about to fall when arnav holds her�. But she fainted in his arms��

Chapter 14
Arnav looks at her and pats her cheeks�
Arnav: Khushi� Khushi kya hua (What happen?)�. Khushi open your eyes�
But still no response from khushi�. He picks her up in his arms and walked towards the green room� He puts khushi on the couch and goes to get water� He brings the water and sprinkles on her face�. Khushi slowly blinks her eyes and then opens them slowly�. Arnav stops sprinkling and looks at her� She opens her eyes and then rubs them and wipes the water and then looks at arnav who was looking at her with concerned face�.
Khushi then remembers that she fainted in his arms� She started getting up but arnav stopped her and said..
Arnav: Khushi you ok�
Khushi shrugged his hands and says�
Khush: I am good�. You don't have to show your fake concern�.. Let me go now�
Arnav felt bad as today his concern was not fake�.. Khushi then got up and started walking out of the green room and arnav followed her and said�
Arnav: Khushi I think we should go to doctor and then I will drop you�.
Khushi: Thanks sir but I can look after myself and can decide what is good for me�
Saying this she left the hall and arnav stands their fuming as khushi again ignored him�.
He walks to his car angrily and drove back to RM�
He went to his room and changes his clothes and starts working on laptop ordering black coffee to his servant�.
He started getting flashes of fainted khushi� He stops working and thinks�
Arnav: Khushi� Is she alright� Did she reach safely�.
He then gets angry on himself and says�
Arnav: What the� Why I am so much concerned for her� What is happening to me� Why I wanted to talk to her and I felt hurt when she didn't hear me and denies my offer to drop her�. And now why I am feeling like calling her and asking her about her health� uuufff I am so confused with all this...
He again tried working but same images�. He stops working and removes his cell and dials khushi's number�. But cuts it before connecting�. He then again thinks�
Arnav: What the� why I dialed her number� Why nowadays I just keeps on thinking about khushi� What is the problem with me� I used her because I lusted for her body and then divorced her as per my plan then why I am not able to remove her thoughts from my mind�. She is just a mere employee for me than why the hell I am so much concerned about her� I had s** with many girl than why I keeps on remembering only khushi�.
He gets frustrated and gets from his place and walks to the bathroom to take the shower�. He comes out and walks to bed� He checks his cell and then switches off the light and closed his eyes�
After 5 minutes he again opens the eyes and thinks�
Arnav: I think I should ask how is she? What if she needs anything�.
He then dials her number and press call button taking a deep breath�.
Khushi was on her bed reading some book� She heard the ring and took her cell and picks the call without looking at the caller's name..
Khushi: Hello� Still looking at the book�
Arnav: Hello khushi�
Khushi widens her eyes hearing his voice� She removes the cell from her ear and looks at the screen to confirm whether it was his call or not�
She then calms herself and again said..
Khushi: Yes sir� Do you have to discuss anything related to today's show..
Arnav: How are you khushi.. I mean you reached safely na� How are you feeling now�
Khushi: Sir I am good.. Thanks for the concern� Anything else..
Arnav: Wo.. nothing..
Khushi: Ok�
Saying this she disconnected the call and says..
Khushi: Why you are doing this arnav�
Here arnav too keeps the call and thinks..
Arnav: Thank God she is alright�
Next day�..
Khushi comes to office with a pale face� aman meets and greets khushi and says..
Aman: Hey khushi why are you looking so pale today�
Khushi: Wo nothing I think I am little tired and stressed due to all the work� Don't worry will be alright in few hours..
Aman: Ok� So today new project haan�
Khushi: Hmmm� Hope this time I gets to design some western outfits�
Aman: Ohh so you want to design western outfits..
Khushi: Yeah�. Ok now you go to your cabin� will come with our coffee�.
Aman: Ok�.
Khushi then walks towards the coffee machine and sees arnav entering the office� She again ignores him and takes the coffee and walked towards aman's cabin�.
Arnav sees this and walks to his cabin feeling bad that now khushi is not bringing coffee for him�.. He was missing their talks when they use to have during coffee and also the way khushi use to care for him�.
Here khushi and aman had the coffee and khushi picks the mug and started walking out of the cabin when mugs fall down from her hand and she was about to fall when aman holds her�.
He then makes her stand and says..
Aman: Khushi you ok.. Kya hua tha..
Khushi: Wo aman I don't know� Actually I fainted yesterday too and I think this is all because of the work�
Aman: No khushi.. I think we should go to the doctor� You fainted yesterday you should have told me na� you were alone and..
Khushi: I was not alone.. He was with me� I fainted in his arms..
Aman looks at her with shocked expressions�
Khushi then narrates everything to him and aman nods and then says..
Aman:Ok now come lets go to the doctor..
Khushi: Aman I am alright�
Aman: No you have to come� And don't worry I will talk to ASR for the leave�
Aman then walks to ASR and ask for the leave saying the truth and arnav who was also concerned for khushi grants them the leave�
Arnav then gets the call from a client and went to meet him for the meeting�.
Here aman and khushi went to the hospital and doctor asks for some test� They waited for few hours and they got the report�.
They were sitting in front of the doctor�
Doctor looks at khushi and then at report and smiles and says..
Doctor: There is no need to worry you should be happy you are going to be a mother.. You are pregnant�
Khushi and aman both gets shock hearing this and looks at each other and then at doctor and aman asked..
Aman: Are you sure doctor�
Doctor: Yes your wife is pregnant..
Aman: Doctor she is my sister not my wife�
Doctor: Ohh I am so sorry� So where is your husband dear� You should tell him and I am sure he will be happy..
Hearing this tear drop fell from khushi's eyes and she says..
Khushi: Doctor he is not with me� Saying this she rushed out of hospital..
Aman gave the fees to the doctor and he too rushed after her� She was standing outside near the car and was crying�.
Aman puts his hand on her shoulder and khushi hugged him tight and cried�
Aman felt bad� He pulls her from the hug and wipes her tears and sayd�
Aman: Come lets sit and talk�
He then takes her to the nearby bench and made her sit�
Khushi was still crying holding her tummy and says�.
Khushi: You know aman being a mother is a gift every girl wants from God and today I have received this gift but see my bad luck I can't even get happy�. Now what I will say to my parents� What everyone will think�. I cant even tell the name of my child's father to anyone�
Aman caresses her back and says..
Aman: Ssshhh khushi don't cry everything will be alright� ssshhh�. He then suddenly says..
Khushi: How aman� Now I have to face this�
Aman: There is still a way khushi�. Khushi abort the child�
Khushi looks at him and then looks at her tummy and says..
Khushi: Aman�
Aman: Yes khushi abort the child this is the only way�. Khushi arnav will never give his name to your child and also what your parents will think� This child will only make your life more miserable� I know it will be really very difficult for you to take this decision.. But trust me khushi this will be good for you and for your future� Do you think a guy will accept you with someone else child no�.
Khushi thinks for sometime and closes her eyes� She sees a cute little boy holding her hand and was kissing her on her cheeks and was saying..
Boy: Maa�
She suddenly opens her eyes and says..
Khushi: No aman� No� I will not abort my child� I will not� I will make my parents understand and I am sure they will believe me�. And about the world I don't care�.
Khushi: Aman for arnav it will be only s** but for me it was love and my baby is out of my love so how can I kill him�.
Aman: But khushi..
Khushi: Please aman�.
Aman: Ok if you want this and I am with you�.
Khushi then holds her tummy and says..
Khushi: Hey baby hi I am your mom and I promise that I will always be with you and will always protect you and care for you� I can't give you your dad's love but I will never make that thing affects you�
Aman says..
Aman: Yeah right� I am sorry khushi..
Saying this they get up to go but gets shock seeing arnav standing in front of them with shocked expression on his face�.

Chapter 15
Aman and khushi too gets shock and looks at arnav�
Arnav comes towards them and looks at khushi and says�
Arnav: So this was all drama to spend time with your new boyfriend haan� I thought you was really not well but I was wrong seems you have moved on in your life and now having fun with a new guy right�..
Khushi gives him disgusted look and was about to say something when aman replied..
Aman: ASR mind your words� She is my sister�. And we were here�.
He continued explaining but arnav didn't hear any word after his sentence that she is my sister�..Arnav didn't know why but he felt a different kind of happiness when aman said those words�. She is my sister� He thought So nothing is in between them� But why I am happy hearing these� Why it was affecting me�.. Was I jealous of them but why�
He was still in his thoughts when he heard a car's voice.. He came back to present and sees no one before him.. He then turns around and sees that aman and khushi has left the place�.
Aman told arnav that they did the check up and came to park for the fresh air and now he will be dropping khushi home and then coming to the office but arnav was lost in his thoughts and getting no reply they moved away from their thinking its useless to explain him�
Khushi cried in the car saying how can think so cheap of her�.
Aman wipes her tears and says..
Aman: Ssshhh its ok we know how he is haina� Don't worry just don't think about him� Now you have to be stress free and should be happy for your baby haina�
Khushi nods her head and smiles�
Here arnav too walks towards his car and drives back to AR�
Aman drops khushi and says..
Aman: Khushi take care of yourself and your child ok� I will pick you up tomorrow�
Khushi: No aman I will be alright.. I will come tomorrow� You don't need to�
Aman: Shut up khushi� I said that I will come to pick you means I will and also from tomorrow I will drop you also� I don't want you take an auto during these nine months�.
Khushi smiles and nods her head in yes and aman drives back to AR�
Khushi walked inside her house and sits on the couch touching her tummy� She smiles and says..
Khushi: My baby�. Now I have a reason to be happy�
Here in AR�
Aman comes back and started doing his work� Arnav sees him but today he didn't felt that irritation and anger looking at him� He thinks "Why today I didn't feel angry on seeing aman like I was feeling from last few days"�. Is it because today he said that he considers khushi as his sister.. But then why I felt good am I falling for khushi.. No I just want to spend a night with her than� No I cant fall for her.. I cant fall for anyone� I just enjoy nights with different girls than how can I fall for a single girl and that too for that khushi No�.
He brushed away his thoughts and get back to his work�
Few days passed� Khushi didn't tell the truth to anyone� Aman uses to take care of her medicines and everything, without letting anyone know about this�. Arnav was still in his confusion stage that what he feels for khushi�
One day he was in the restaurant with his client for the meeting� They completed the meeting and was about to go when he bumped into someone�.
Arnav: Viraat�.
Viraat and arnav were together in the college and they were in the same group�.
Viraat: ASR� What a pleasant surprise� He then hugs arnav tight and then breaks the hug and says�
Viraat: I cant believe that my friend ASR is standing in front of me.. Come lets sit and talk its been years we have met haina�
Arnav: Yeah right.. Come lets go�
They then sit on the nearby table and started chatting�.
Viraat: So how are you� and I have heard about your success really very happy for you�
Arnav: Thanks� You say where you are these days�
Viraat: I am in UK looking after my dad's business..
Arnav: That's great viraat� He was about to continue when viraat receives a call.. Viraat smiled looking at the caller's name and attend the call and very lovingly spoke to the person� He then keeps the call and looks at arnav who was looking at her with smirk on his face and said..
Arnav: So you have not change haan� You were talking to a girl right�.
Viraat nods his head and then arnav says..
Arnav: hmmm means you are still a play boy like me good�
Viraat: No ASR� I am married and that girl is my wife�.
 Arnav: What!!!!! You got married.. You viraat.. College biggest play boy and the leader of our group you married a girl and settle down with her�. Are you serious.. I mean you got ready to spend your whole life with a single girl� Guy who use to change girls like his clothes settles down with a single girl�.
Viraat smiles and says..
Viraat: Yes ASR.. Same viraat� Actually you know in college I never experienced true love but after falling for nisha I realized what true love is� And now I am a complete different viraat� I love my wife and only my wife� You know now I don't even gets attracts to any other girl like before you know why because I love my wife and that's the true love�.  Tum bolo ASR� You have changed or you are still the same ASR who use to sleep with different girls.. You will understand this when you will fall in love true love�..
Arnav thinks about his last line and suddenly khushi's face flashed in front of him�.
He gets shock and then ask viraat..
Arnav: Acha viraat tell me how do you feel when you fall in love I mean how we know that we are in love�
Viraat: ASR it's a weird and crazy feeling I cant explain� I can only say that when you fall in love with someone you always think about that person�
Arnav in his mind says "I always think about khushi"�
Viraat:  You are not able to sleep if you have not spoken to that person�
Arnav in his mind "Yeah right nowadays I am not able to sleep properly because khushi is not talking to me"�
Viraat: You feel jealous when you see your love with someone else.. You feel like killing that someone
Arnav then remembers how he use to feel the same for aman when he was with khushi�
Viraat: And lastly agar unhe kuch ho jaye to you feel as if your heart has stopped beating�. He then looks at arnav who was lost in some thoughts� and snapped his finger in front of him and says..
Viraat: Kya hua.. You are thinking about this so deeply are you in love�
Arnav comes back to present and says�
Arnav: Khushi�
Viraat looks at him with confused expressions and says..
Viraat: Khushi.. Who is she�
Arnav then realized what he said and tries to change the topic�
Arnav: Wo viraat so how is your life in UK.. I mean you must be�
But before he could complete his sentence viraat cuts him and says..
Viraat: ASR don't try to change the topic.. Tell me who is khushi� I want to know this girl who comes in my friend's mind after hearing about love�
Arnav then tells viraat everything from their first meeting to his physical attraction, about their marriage, their divorce and now the things which were happening with arnav�
Viraat heard everything and then said..
Viraat: ASR you did a very wrong thing� We use to sleep with girls but never forced them and never broke any one's heart and what you have done you have ruined a life ASR and you know the weirdest thing is that you are in love with that same girl�.
Arnav looks at him with shock and says..
Arnav: Love�
Viraat: Yes you love her� Maybe that attraction was not lust that was love but you didn't understand yourself and messed up everything�.
Arnav: You mean I loved khushi from the start�
Viraat: Yes� But you are realizing it now�
Arnav: But how can I love her� I just wanted to spend a night with her..
Viraat nods his head in a no and says..
Viraat: ASR just think about this for sometime when you are alone and then tell me do you still think that you don't love her� Ok now I have to leave as nisha is waiting for me...
Saying this he walks away from their and arnav sat their thinking about his words� He then got up and walks to his car and drives back to AR� He enters his cabin and locks the door and sits on the chair looking at khushi� He again played all the words of viraat and then finally he said..
Arnav: Yes viraat you are right I am in love� I am in love with khushi� But what I have done� I have hurt the same person whom I love��� I did so much of wrong to her�. And now I love her� I have messed everything� When she loved me and married me I didn't care about her and now when we are divorced and she hates me I realized that I love her� Will she forgive me� Will she come back to my life� I am sorry khushi�. Yes I ask for forgiveness from you and then will bring you back in my life with all respect�. And this thing I will do it now�.
Saying this he leaves his cabin and walks to khushi's cabin and walked inside the cabin after knocking it once� Khushi looks at him.. Today also she was looking little pale as she has puked for few times today�
She got up from her chair and said..
Khushi: Yes sir do you need anything�.
Arnav: Khushi I want to talk to you� But not here..
Khushi: Sir I don't want to discuss anything other than office work and for discussing office work I don't think this place is bad..
Arnav: Khushi please just listen to me once� Please come with me for once.. Please�
Khushi: I said�
Before she could complete her sentence she stopped and rushed to the washroom� Arnav gets scared� He waited for her� She comes back and sits on the chair..
Arnav walked to her and puts his hand on her shoulder and says..
Arnav: Hey khushi you ok..
Khushi nods her head and says..
Khushi: Paani�
Arnav pours the water in the glass and gives it to khushi.. Khushi drinks the water and arnav caresses her back� After drinking khushi looks at arnav and says�..
Khushi: Please go from here� Please..
Arnav: But khushi you are not well..
Khushi: I am ok sir� Just leave me alone� Saying this she holds her head�
Arnav gets panic and says..
Arnav: Khushi you are not well lets go to the doctor..
Khushi: I am good sir.. Please leave�
Saying this she again faints and arnav got panic� He dialed doctor's number and called her to AR�
He picks khushi and puts her on the couch and sits beside her holding her hand�
After sometime she gains her conscious and looks at arnav and then suddenly pulls her hand out of his hand and says..
Khushi: I am alright you can leave..
Arnav: Stay their I have called the doctor�
Khushi widens her eyes�
Khushi: No.. I mean I don't need now.. I am ok..
But she was late and doctor was already in the cabin� She was the same doctor.. She smiles looking at khushi and then sees arnav and says..
Doctor: Yes Mr Raizada you called me..
Arnav: Yeah doctor.. Actually she is khushi.. She fainted thrice this week� I want you to check her..
Doctor smiles and then checks khushi and says�.
Doctor: Don't worry Mr Raizada this things happens in this condition.. She is little more stress�. See khushi you have to avoid taking stress.. It will not be good for your health and now you have to be extra careful�.
Khushi looks down and thinks that today arnav will know the truth�
Arnav looks at doctor with confused expressions and thinks..
Arnav: Which condition doctor�.
Doctor: she is pregnant�
Arnav gets shock to hear this� He looks at khushi and says..
Arnav: Pregnant..
Doctor: Yeah pregnant�

Chapter 16
Arnav gets shock to hear this' He looks at khushi and says..
Arnav: Pregnant..
Doctor: Yeah pregnant' And she knows that' Ok now I have to leave' I have prescribed her some medicines and she will be fine but khushi make sure you don't take much stress'.
Khushi just nods her head and arnav was still glued to his place registering the fact that khushi is pregnant'..
Doctor left from their cabin and khushi sits on the couch and thinks "How arnav will react to this news"'
She was still in her thoughts when arnav walks towards her and says'
Arnav: Khu khushi you you are pregnant'.
Khushi comes out of her thoughts and looks at him and says'
Khushi: Yes Sir' I am pregnant'.
A small smile came on arnav's lips and his eyes become mist'' He looks at khushi all lovingly and says'
Arnav: Khushi why you didn't tell me before? I I am going to be a father'. I am so happy'.
Saying this he comes close to khushi and was about to kiss her when khushi pushed him and gets up from the couch and says'
Khushi: You are not going to be a father' This baby is mine only mine' You are no one'. You have just used me for fulfilling your desires bas you just had S** with me so how can you say that this baby is yours' This baby is mine arnav' I have loved my husband from my heart and this baby is made out of our love' Mine and my husband's love who dies the very next day of our marriage' You have divorced me arnav' Now there is nothing between us and you have no right on this baby'.
Arnav gets shock hearing this' He knows what khushi said was right but still he wanted to tell khushi that he loves her and is sorry for his deeds'  He looks at khushi and tried cupping her cheeks but then khushi pulled her face back and looks at him angrily and says'
Khushi: Please Sir' I think you have used me now nothing is left so please leave me and baby alone please'.
Khushi's words directly hit arnav on his heart' He was hurt ' He looks at khushi and says'
Arnav: Khu khushi I I am not using you' I'.
But before he could complete his sentence khushi cuts him and says'
Khushi: Right sir you are not using me because you have already used me'. Now please sir leave me alone please'. Let me do my work'
Arnav: khushi please listen to me' I want to talk to you..
Khushi: Sir if it is related to work you can talk but other than that I am not comfortable'
Arnav: Please khushi' Just once..
Khushi: Sir please I have loads of work to do if you can please excuse me'
Arnav wanted to speak to khushi now' He wanted to tell her that he loves her truly and wanted her back in his life and now when she is pregnant with his child he don't want her to be alone for a second but khushi was not allowing him to speak but he being ASR thought of speaking to her without her wish' He walks towards her and pins her to the wall and says..
Arnav: Khushi I want you to listen to me once'. I'
But before he could complete his sentence there was the knock on the door and khushi pushed arnav aside'  Arnav banged his fist on the wall and khushi shouted come in'.
Aman enters the cabin and gets shock to see arnav in khushi's cabin'. Aman was out for some meeting and came back just few minutes ago and thought of meeting khushi' When he came near her cabin curtains were closed and door was locked' He got worried and knocks on the door but he gets shock seeing arnav with khushi'.
He walks inside and says..
Aman: ASR you here'..
Arnav who was already angry replied in a rude tone'
Arnav: Yes Aman' Why I cant be here' This is my office and I can be anywhere anytime.. Do you have a problem'
Aman gets scared seeing arnav in such a foul mood' He looks at him and says..
Aman: No ASR no problem' You be here I will talk to khushi later'
Arnav: Thanks aman'.
Aman then left the cabin'.
Arnav then again walks back to khushi and says..
Arnav: Now you have to listen to me khushi'.
Khushi ignored him and started walking towards her desk when he again pulled her and took her in his arms.. Khushi started struggling in his arms when he looks into her eyes and said'.
Arnav: I love you khushi'.
Khushi gets shock hearing this'. She stopped struggling in his arms and looks into his eyes'. Arnav too looks at her with all love he has for her.. He then puts her locks behind her ear and again said..
Arnav: I love you a lot khushi.. I am sorry for what I have done with you in the past'
Hearing this khushi comes back to her sense and remembers how he cheated her and then how he made her sign the divorce paper how he said that he just used her and he never loved her' She gets angry and pushes him away from her and says'
Khushi: What do you want arnav' Why you want to ruin my life again' Are you not happy for ruining it once than why again you want to do the same' Ohh I think my taste has vanished from your mouth and that's why you are again acting so that again I fall for your trap and then again you will use me to satisfy your needs'But not this time Mr Raizada' I will never fall for your trap' Because now I don't love you I just hate you'.
Saying this she walks out of the cabin and gets shock to see some people were looking at her weirdly'
She looks at them and then she heard what they were talking'
Girl 1 : She is pregnant' no wonder why ASR left her.. She was having affair with some other person'
Girl 2: Yeah right and now she is pregnant without marriage' Shhiii such girls are so cheap'
Here inside the cabin''
Arnav closed his eyes and says'.
Arnav: This time I really love you khushi'. I really love you'
Tears welled up in his eyes but he wiped them and walks out and hears khushi voice'
Khushi: Shut up just shut up'. Who said that I became pregnant without marrying anyone' I am a married girl whose husband died on the next day of her marriage and this baby is not a sin' This baby is out of my love so from next time before pointing out anything just make sure that you know everything about that person'. And from today if I hear anything about me or my baby I swear I will not leave any of you'
Saying this she started walking back when her foot slipped and she was about to fall when arnav holds her'.
Arnav: Khushi careful'
Khushi gets out of his arms and says..
Khushi: You don't have to care about me' I can take care of myself..
Saying this she left from their'
Arnav: Khushi I love you and I will bring you back in my life but for that you have to be with me'. He then thinks of something and smiles'
After an hour he calls khushi in his cabin' Khushi enters the cabin and says..
Khushi: Sir you called me'
Arnav: Yes khushi.. Actually khushi I tried asking you with love but you were not ready so'
Khushi looks at him with confused expressions and says..
Khushi: Come to the point sir'.
Arnav: Ok chalo I will tell you in simple language' See you want money for your father's treatment and to pay my loan for the self respect of your dad right'.
Khushi: Yeah right and I am working for you for that'
Arnav: Right but now as you are pregnant you wont be able to do much work and I don't want you to give salary for nothing so you have to do something for me so that I can pay you'
Khushi gets shock hearing this' Arnav aur kitna niche giroge' I knew it k that confession was a fake one and you again want my body' But no sir'
But before she could say anything arnav said'
Arnav: are let me complete sweetheart'. I just want you to stay with me in RM and I will pay you don't worry I will not touch you promise' And I will pay you for that and then you can pay my loan and treat your father decision is yours' If you say than I will just remove you out of my office saying you cheated AR and trust me nobody will question me and then again nobody will give you the job and facilities like I am giving so decide in 5 minutes what you want'. I promise I will not touch you now decision is yours'.
Khushi gets shock hearing this and says..
Khushi: Arnav you are so  cheap' I thought that someday you will feel guilty for what you have done but this is too much but don't worry I will come not for you but for my bauji and I swear after this contract I will not even see your face'
Arnav smiles and says..
Arnav: good.. Come lets go and take your things from your house'
Saying this he left his cabin and khushi follows him fuming'
Arnav thinks "I am sorry khushi but I have to do this for keeping you with me and then I will show you that I am really changed and my love is true"

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