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Will You Marry Me????? Chapter 22 to 26....

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 Chapter 22
Khushi was getting ready standing in front of the mirror�.  She wears her mangalsutra and sindoor�  After applying sindoor she looks at herself in the mirror�  She smiles looking at herself� She touches her baby bump which was visible now as she was in her fifth month now... She keeps her hand on her bump and started talking to her baby�.
Khushi: Hey baby good morning how are you�. Mama misses you a lot come soon ok�. Love you baby�.
She smiles as baby kicked her hearing the last sentence�
Khushi: I know my baby loves mama too...
She then turns and looks at arnav who was sleeping on the couch� She remembers how he got happy when they felt the baby kick for the first time�
Khushi was in her fourth month�  She got up in the middle of the night and sat on the bed� She touches her tummy and says..
Khushi: I want to eat gulab jamuns now� I will ask aman to bring that for me� She picks up her cell and was about to dial aman's number when her eyes fell on the clock�
Khushi: 3� Ohh my god I am so stupid I was about to disturb at this time of night�  She keeps her cell and says ab kya karu� she thinks for few minutes and says�  I will prepare haan� I will make gulab jamuns for myself uuummmhhh
Saying this she gets up from the bed and started walking towards the door without making any noise but suddenly stopped seeing the lights in the room�.  After few seconds she heard arnav's voice..
Arnav: Khushi where are you going? And that too at 3..
Khushi turns around and looks at him and says..
Khushi: I am going to kitchen�
Arnav got up from the couch stretching his arms and rubbing his eyes and walks towards khushi and says..
Arnav: Kitchen� Why..
Khushi: Tumhe kya karna hai.. You just sleep� I will do whatever I want�
Arnav: Shut up khushi and tell me what do you need�
Khushi bites her lips and says..
Khushi: Gulab jamun�
Arnav: what the.. Gulab jamun � You want to eat gulab jamun now at this time�
Khushi nods her head�.
Arnav: Khushi sleep now I will order gulab jamuns for you tomorrow�
Khushi: No arnav I want to have it now and now means now no tomorrow�.
Arnav: Ok I will ask HP to make it for you.. you wait here�
Saying this arnav started walking out of the room when khushi stops him and says..
Khushi: NO�.
Arnav looks at her and raises his eyebrows..
Khushi: I mean don't wake him� Its not good to wake people at this time of night..
Arnav: Yahi to I was telling you� So come on sleep�
Khushi: No I want to eat them now� I will make them..
Arnav: No you cant� You need rest�
Khushi: But I really want to have them or else I wont be able to sleep�
Arnav: Ok come..
Khushi: Where..
Arnav: You just come�
He takes her to the kitchen and makes her sit on the kitchen counter and then removes the apron and wears it and says..
Arnav: I will make them for you� But you have to tell me the method..
Khushi looks at him with open mouth and says..
Khushi: Arnav you.. No let it be�
Arnav: Why� You are my wife and you are carrying my baby so its my duty to fulfill all your wish haina�
Khushi looks at him hearing his sentence� Arnav too looked in her eyes but then she remembers aman's word and breaks the eye lock and says..
Khushi: I am not your wife arnav and naa hi this baby is yours samjhe� And I don't want to eat anything� Lets go..
Arnav: Khushi�
Khushi: No arnav now I am not craving for gulabjamun..
Saying that she got up from the kitchen counter and was about to walk when she holds her tummy
Khushi: "aahhh"
Arnav gets scared and walks close to her and says..
Arnav: Kya hua khushi are you alright�
Khushi: Arnav baby kicked� my baby kicked for the first time�
Arnav smiles and khushi screamed again and takes arnav's hand and keeps it on the her tummy and says..
Khushi: See�
Arnav feels the kicking of their baby and smiles and nods his head�
Khushi: awweee he kicks so hard he is very naughty like you� jaise baap waisa..
She stops realizing what she was about to say�
But arnav completes her sentence..
Arnav: Waisa beta� haina khushi..
Khushi: Hmm arnav lets go and I am feeling very sleepy..
Arnav: but gulab jamun..
Khushi: I really don't want them now�. Please lets go..
Arnav nods his head and they walked back to the room and sleeps�
Flashback ends�
Khushi comes back to the present hearing the click of the knob� She then sees that arnav was not on the couch means he went to the bathroom for shower� She thinks " why I always thinks about him these days� I know he cared for me a lot in these two months� She then remembers how he always use to come to her doctor for her checkups.. How he was taking proper care of her exercises� How he always use to be wake up at night with her whenever she feels sick or whenever she craves for something� In short he was the perfect husband one would want in these months� She wanted to believe arnav but  she was scared.. She was scared what if this all ends the very next day she forgives him� She will not be able to bear that pain now�.
She was still in her thoughts when arnav walks out of the bathroom.. He looks at khushi and sees her lost in something� He walks towards her and snaps his finger in front of her� Khushi comes out of her thoughts and looks at him�
Arnav: Kya hua.. you ok�
Khushi nods and turns to leave when arnav holds her hand and says..
Arnav: Khushi what happen..
Khushi closes her eyes and pulls her hand out of his and says..
Khushi: I said na nothing�. Why don't you leave me alone..
Arnav gets shock seeing this behaviour of khushi� She didn't forgive him but she was not rude to him since last few days and he was happy thinking that finally khushi is melting�. He left her hand and walks in front of her and says..
Arnav: Kya hua khushi why are you talking like this� Kuch hua hai kya� Tell me.. Any problem�.
Khushi: Yes arnav you are my problem�
Arnav gets shock hearing this�.
Arnav: Khu khushi I..
Khushi: Yes you� Arnav you are making my life hell� Please stop everything please I am begging in front of you�
Arnav: Meine kya kiya khushi� why are you saying like this�
Khushi: Aur kya kahu� I am fed up of your pretence arnav�. I thought you will stop your acting in few days but no� I must say you are a very good actor arnav�. But now please stop it� I cant take it anymore�.
Arnav: Khushi I I thought you have started believing that all these are not fake things..
Khushi: hmmm and you thought that you will use me soon and will throw me out soon�
Arnav: No no khushi�
Khushi: Haan arnav� But now I am really tired of your acting so please stop it�
Arnav gets angry and holds her arms and says..
Arnav: Khushi I don't know when you will believe me but this is the truth I love you a lot�
Khushi: If you truly love me than do what I am asking you to do� Just stop showing all these love and care�.. Let me live my life� I want to live my life freely.. I don't want you in my life� Bolo kar sakte ho�. Don't worry I will be here till akash is here and than I will leave with my baby but till then you will not talk to me or will show your care for me� bas itna kardo�. And I swear I will forgive you from the bottom of my heart and will leave from here with no hard feelings�.
Arnav was shocked hearing her�. He loves her a lot but what she was asking was not possible for him to give but if by giving her this he can make her believe that he truly loves her than he will fulfill her wish�
He leaves her arms and says..
Arnav: Ok�. I promise khushi I will give you whatever you want� If by giving you all this things you will believe me and my love than I am ready for this too�.
Saying this he left the room�.

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Chapter 23
Khushi sits on the bed thinking about their conversation'  Tears rolled down on her cheeks'
Khushi: I don't know whether I did the right thing or wrong but I think that was the only option left' I I want to believe you arnav' I want to believe that this time you are not faking your love' That, this time you want me and not my body'. But arnav I am not able to forget our past'. I still gets nightmares of that day when I have seen you in the arms of that girl.. When you told me that this marriage meant nothing for you' When you showed me the divorce paper which you made me sign without my knowledge' When you said that you wanted just my body'. And arnav I am not strong to see this again' I am sorry'. I am really very sorry' I don't know whether I will be able to trust you or not or will be able to allow you again in my life'..
She cried sitting on the bed'
Here arnav walks out of the room and went downstairs and was about to go out of the house when akash stops him by keeping his hand on his shoulder'
Akash: bhai'
Arnav looks at her and akash sees the tears in his eyes'
Akash: Bhai kya hua aapko'.
Arnav hugs him tight and says'
Arnav: I lost her akash' I lost her' She don't want to be with me.. she wants to stay away from me'. She asked me if I truly love her or respects her than I should stay away from her and should not care of her.. Akash I really love her and I don't know what I will do without her'.
Akash hugs him back and says..
Akash: bhai don't worry sab thik ho jayga.. She is little angry with you after what all you did'.
Arnav: Nahi akash ab kuch nahi ho sakta.. I promised her that I will fulfill this wish of her'.
He then breaks the hug and akash says..
Akash: Bhai this means she will leave the house once I go back to US..
Arnav: Yes akash' Infact I wanted to tell her the truth that you know everything and you were just here for helping me in  wooing you but than I don't want her to leave this house now' I want her to stay here at least till she delivers a baby as I really don't want her to suffer for anything in her life and as I have decided that if she is happy in staying away from me than I will free her'.
Akash: but bhai what about you' I know whatever you have done was very wrong and its really very hard for a girl to forget and forgive but bhai you are repenting and you are guilty for your past deeds so I think bhabhi should forgive you now' Bhai mein baat karu kya'.
Arnav: No akash'  Its not her fault' I have done so much of wrong and have broken her trust into so many tiny pieces kaise believe karegi wo mera' Let it be shayad usse dur rehna hi meri punishment hai'
Akash: Bhai'
Arnav: Please akash' and yeah one more thing akash' He says something to akash and akash nods and arnav left from their and akash stood their looking at arnav and says..
Akash: Bhai I hope you get your love soon'. And I know you will as you love bhabhi truly and you are sorry for your deeds'
Days passed'. Arnav started keeping his promise' He use to be at office most of the time so that he didn't see khushi and able to keep his promise..' But he always use to call akash to know about khushi and the baby'. He use to check with HP about the meals but both were clearly instructed not to reveal anything in front of khushi'.
He uses to be back at home in the middle of the night and use to walk in their room to see khushi' He use to sit beside khushi and use to talk to their baby endlessly till he feels sleepy and then use to sleep on the couch and use to get up before khushi gets up'. He always use to cry talking to his baby as he knew that he wont be able to be with him/her after his/her birth but he se to make sure that his cries or talks are slow so that khushi didn't hear those things'.
On the other hand khushi started noticing the change'. She can see that arnav was keeping his promise and she should be happy but she was not'. She was missing the care and love of arnav'  But she always use to tell herself that khushi be strong this is your decision' You have asked him to stay away from you and he is just doing what you said' Be strong this will hurt you now but you will not get hurt in the future and you will stay happy with your happy without arnav'..
Months passed and now khushi was in her 9th month' She was sitting on the bed drinking soup which HP has made for her' Suddenly she felt the pain and clutched her tummy screaming arnav's name'. But as usual arnav was not at home so akash runs to her room hearing her scream' He calls the doctor and arnav at the same time and than picks up khushi and ran towards his car' They reached hospital where arnav was already waiting for them with the doctors.. Khushi sees arnav and finally she saw him'. She was seeing him after 4 months' She kept on looking at him but arnav didn't look at her' He speaks to the doctors and than doctor takes khushi to labor room'
Arnav started pacing in front of the labor room and akash tried to calm him'.
Akash: bhai sab thik ho jayga'
Arnav: But akash why they are taking so much time..
Akash: Bhai relax'.
Arnav was about to say something when doctor comes out and says..
Doctor: Congratulation Mr Raizada your wife has delivered a beautiful baby boy'.
Arnav gets happy and hugs akash and says..
Arnav: Doctor how is my wife'
Doctor: She is perfect' Both are fine'
Arnav smiles and says..
Arnav: can I meet my wife and baby
Doctor: Yes Mr Raizada'  
Arnav was about to go inside when he remembers khushi's words and his promise he stops himself and says..
Arnav: Akash tum jao' I will meet them later' I have some work will see you at home'.
Saying this he left from their with tears in his eyes'
Akash too felt bad but went inside the room and smiles looking at khushi'..
Akash: Congrats bhabhi' How are feeling now'
Khushi: good akash'
Khushi then tries to look towards the door and akash sees this and says..
Akash: Wo bhai ko kuch kaam agaya so he said he will meet us at home'.
Khushi gets sad and akash notices this but didn't say anything as he has promised arnav' He then meets his nephew and than as khushi delivered a normal baby doctor discharged her in the evening' Akash takes her home'.
Khushi enters the house and searches for arnav but she didn't find him'
Akash drops khushi to her room and than called arnav'
Akash: bhai where are you' We are at home..
Arnav: I am at airport akash'
Akash: But bhai'
Arnav: Don't worry I will meet my son before leaving for US'.. I will be at home in few minutes'.
Akash: Ok bhai'
Akash than keeps the call and turns back and sees khushi..
Akash: Bhabhi..
Khushi: Where is arnav akash'
Akash:Wo bhabhi bhai will be here in few minutes don't worry.. Ok I need to go have some work will see you later take care of yourself.. And call me if you need something'
Saying this akash left from their leaving a confused khushi behind'.
After sometime arnav came back and walks to their room'. Finally he saw khushi and than their baby'. A wide smile spread on his lips.. He walks directly towards the baby and picks him in his arms without looking at khushi'..
He kisses the baby and says..
Arnav: My baby'  He then close his eyes thinking that he has to leave him and khushi forever today'. But composes himself and says..
Arnav: I am your father and your dad loves you a lot and will always love you no matter hum saath rahe ya nahi' Saying this he again kiss him and than keeps the baby on the bed and than finally looks at khushi.. Khushi too looks at him.. they both share an eye lock but arnav breaks the eye lock and says'
Arnav: I am sorry for everything khushi'. Iska dhyaan rakhna' I am leaving India forever'..
Saying this he started walking towards the door when khushi stops him'
Khushi: Arnav'.
Arnav stops and looks at khushi'
Khushi takes a deep breath and says'
Khushi: akash janta tha na that we are not a couple..
Arnav nodded and says..
Arnav: Hmmm I am sorry for not telling you the truth hope you will forgive me someday for everything'. 
Saying this he again turns to leave and walks towards the door''''

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Chapter 24
Arnav reached towards the door' He was about to step out of the room when he heard her voice'
Khushi: Arnav'.
Arnav stops and turns to look at her'. He looks at khushi and gets worried as she was crying looking at him'.
He walks towards her and says..
Arnav: Khushi kya hua'. Why are you crying' Did I'
But khushi cuts his sentence and says'
Khushi: I I am sorry arnav'.. I am really very sorry'.
Arnav gets shock hearing this' He looks at her and can see the pain in her eyes' He thinks why she is saying sorry to me'.
Arnav: Khushi'
Khushi: Let me speak arnav'.. I am sorry for hurting you all these months'. I am sorry for not believing you' I am sorry for keeping you away from your baby during the time of his birth' I am sorry for everything arnav''  
Hearing this arnav too had tears in his eyes' He nods his head in No and was about to say something when khushi continues'.
Khushi: Arnav I I was scared' I was scared that if I will trust you, you will again break my trust and my heart was not that strong to bear that pain once again' I always wanted to believe you and your love for me and my baby but my mind always stopped me'
She then walks little close to arnav and cups his cheeks and says'..
Khushi:  But aaj I believe in you arnav I believe in your love for me and for our baby'. I believe in everything arnav'.
Arnav was shocked hearing this' He didn't believe his ears' He wanted to pinch himself to see if he is dreaming... He smiles with tears still falling from his eyes and says'
Arnav: Khushi tum yeh.. I mean kya tum sach mein'.
Khushi nods and says..
Khushi: Haan arnav'. I know I have given you loads of pain but trust me arnav I was suffering from the same pain'. I wanted to stay away from you so that I will be able to live my life without you par arnav aisa nahi hua' Arnav I tried stopping myself from seeing your love but I failed arnav I failed' I have seen the way you cared for me and my baby' I have seen kaise door rehkar bhi tum hamesha humare paas hote the' I have seen you talking to our baby at nights and crying'.
Arnav looks at khushi with shocked expressions and says..
Arnav: Khushi tum..
Khushi: Haan arnav I have heard your talks'. I use to cry cursing myself for keeping you away from your love and baby' I am really very sorry arnav mujhe maaf kardo'
Arnav: Nahi khushi don't say sorry' You were not at fault.. I have done so much wrong with you in the past to tum mujhpe kaise trust karti and I deserved each and every pain khushi for hurting an innocent and beautiful soul like you'. You don't know how happy I am hearing this that you believe that I love you'. Khushi I promise this time I will never ever break your trust' mein tumhe itni khushiyaan dunga k you will forget about our past'.
Khushi nods her head and hugs him tight and says..
Khushi: Arnav I love you'. I love you' Please mujhe kabhi chodkar mat jaana'.
Arnav hugs her back wrapping his arms around her waist pulling her more into him and said'
Arnav: I love you too khushi... Thanks for coming back in my life'.
Khushi digs her face more into his chest and tightens her grip around his waist and said'
Khushi: I missed you so much'.
Saying this she plants a kiss on his chest over his suite'.
Arnav closes his eyes and says'
Arnav: Ab aur nahi karogi' I will never let you go away from me'.
He kisses her on her hairs and they both stays in each other's arms for few minutes'.  After that khushi pulled back from the hug and looks at arnav and smiles and then she holds his hands and says'
Khushi: Come'.
She walks towards the bed with arnav' She made him sit on the bed and then picks up their baby and comes to arnav and sits beside him and says'
Khushi: Our baby arnav'.. I am sorry for keeping him away from you for so long' I mean for the whole 9 months'.
Arnav: ssshhh khushi I said na no sorry bas we are together yahi mere liye bohat hai'.. He then takes him from her hands and kiss him on his forehead and says'
Arnav: I love you'. Thanks for making my world beautiful with your presence'.
Khushi smiles looking at both and then arnav hugs khushi with his other arms and khushi rest her head on his shoulder caressing the cheeks of their baby with her fingers''
Khushi: Arnav I never thought that I will sit like this with you and our baby' Thanks for making this possible'..
Saying this she looks at arnav and arnav too looks at her and they shares an eyelock' Slowly arnav leans towards her face and khushi closes her eyes.. Her breathe became heavy' She parted her lips and arnav brush his lips over hers' She shivered and clutches his suite'. Arnav kisses her lips and was about to take her lower lips in his mouth when they heard'
"Bhai wo aapki fligh''." Akash stops in the mid looking at the scene in front of his eyes'.. Arnav and khushi both moves back getting embarrassed and akash was just staring at them' He was not able to believe his eyes that his bhai and bhabhi was sitting together in each other's arms and were kissing'. He was still in his thoughts when he heard arnav's voice'
Arnav: Akash. Aao na.. kya hua..
He said getting up from the bed with their baby in his arms and khushi standing beside him'
Akash comes back hearing this and looks at arnav and says'
Akash: Wo bhai I came here to say that should leave now as you have to catch your flight but now I guess you are not going anywhere'
He said the last line winking at them' Khushi blushed' and arnav says'.
Arnav smiles and nods'.
Akash then walks towards them'
Akash: Bhai I am so happy that bhabhi ne aapko maaf kardiya and thanks bhabhi.. I was so worried for bhai'
Khushi: I am sorry meine tumhare bhai ko bohat sataya na..
Akash: No bhabhi I should say that' But now I am happy that everything is fine now' My bhai bhabhi and my sweet nephew are together and happy'.
Khushi: But akash I am angry with you'
Akash: Why'
Khushi: Tumne itna bada jhut bola' You knew everything from the start na'.
Akash smiles and says..
Akash: sorry bhabhi' Saying this he holds his ears and says..
Akash: Actually bhai was truly guilty and he really wanted you back in his life so I helped him..
Khushi: Thanks akash.. Thanks for being with your bhai' And also helping him warna coz agar tum nahi help karte to hum saath kaise hote'.
Arnav: Chalo now stop thanking each other' See my baby is getting bore' He says this looking at the baby who was yawning cutely'..
Khushi smiles looking at him and then akash left the room saying he will cancel the tickets and everything'..
Arnav then make the baby sleep in the baby cradle and then walks to the door and locks the door and then walks to khushi and picks her up making her shock with his sudden action and then walks towards the bed'. Khushi wraps her arms around his neck and looks at him'. He then puts her on the bed and leans on her'. Khushi looks at him and then close her eyes'. Today she wanted him' But then she remembers that they are divorced' They are not married and she suddenly opens her eyes and looks into his' She can see the desires filled eyes but this time with love... He leans more towards her face' She wanted to stop him but her heart wanted to let him love her as she was really craving for his love' But her mind wanted to stop him.. She was still fighting when he heard him'
Arnav: Khushi Will you marry me'..
Khushi looks at him and tears rolled down on her cheeks'.
Khushi: Arnav'. She then nods her head in yes and hugs him tight thinking "He has really changed now'."
Arnav too hugs her back'.
Arnav: Khushi is time hum saarein rituals k saath shaadi karege'. Sangeet haldi mehendi sab'. And in front of the whole world'
Khushi nods her head and then she remembers something and breaks the hug and says..
Khushi: Arnav amma bauji'.
Arnav: Mein unse baat karuga'
Khushi: Sach'
Arnav: Hmmm'
Khushi: Ohh I am so happy bas wo log jaldi se aa jaye'
Saying this she again hugs him''..

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Chapter 25
Khushi opens her eyes and sees his face few inches away from her's�.  A cute smile was playing on his lips�. She smiles seeing him smiling and then runs her finger in his hairs and leans towards his face and kisses him on his forehead and says�
Khushi: Good Morning�.
She then starts getting up when he pulls her on him� She landed on his chest�. She looks at him resting her chin on his chest putting both the hands under her chin and says�
Khushi: So Mr Raizada is awake�
Arnav: Yes Mrs Raizada�. Good Morning�
Khushi: Good Morning� Arnav and I am would be Mrs Raizada�
Arnav: Same thing�.
He then pulls her up making her lie on him and her face leaning over his and cups his cheeks and pulls her face more towards him and was about to capture her lips when she stops him by pulling her face back and says�
Khushi: Arnav let me brush first�.
Arnav pulls her again by her nape and says�
Arnav: No need�. I want to taste you like this�.. Now don't say no please�. I know you will taste good�. Saying this he captures her lips into a passionate kiss�  Khushi responds to his kiss with the equal passion�. They broke the kiss after long times feeling out of breathe� He then looks at khushi and she hugs him tight without saying anything�.. Arnav too hugs her back and close his eyes�.
Khushi started kissing his shoulder and neck and says "I love you" in between her kisses�..
Arnav caresses her back to calm her as he can feel her tears wetting his shoulder and neck�.. He kissed her on her hairs and says�
Arnav: I love you too�.. Bas now we will always stay together� No one can separate us�..
Khushi hugged him tighter and stays like that for some time� After few minutes they heard the cry of their baby�. Khushi frowns and says�
Khushi: My baby is becoming my enemy�.
Arnav smiles and khushi breaks the hug and crawl towards the cradle and picks up their baby in her arms�.
Khushi: Hey baby kya hua� Are you hungry�
He cries little louder and khushi says�
Khushi: Ok ok my baby is hungry� I will feed you ok�.
She then looks at arnav who was sitting beside her�. He smiles and gets up from the bed and says�
Arnav: I will have shower till the time you feed him�
Khushi nods the head and arnav went out of her room�. Khushi then starts feeding her baby�.. Khushi keeps him in the cradle after feeding him and then gets up and walks to the closet takes her clothes and walks to the bathroom to take shower�
She comes out wearing a blue colour chudidaar� She brush her hairs and then was about to put the mangalsutra but stopped remembering that all this act is over and now she can't wear this and she have to wait till their original marriage for again putting those things on her�. She gets little sad and was about to keep the mangalsutra back on the table when arnav holds her hand�. Khushi looks at him and says..
Khushi: Arnav wo�.
Arnav: Sshhh
He then takes the mangalsutra from khushi's hand and put that around her neck and khushi just kept staring at him� He then takes the sindoor case and puts the sindoor on her hair partition�.. and the says�.
Arnav: Khushi you are my wife�. Just a sign on those damn papers will never change this truth�. We are marrying again just to fulfill all the rituals bas�And always wear this as this things gives me the feeling that you belongs to me only me�..
Khushi hugs arnav�. After few minutes she pulls back and then says..
Khushi: Arnav I think we should call amma and babuji and should inform them about everything�.
Arnav: Hmm� I will call them tonight and will talk to them and I think abhi to babuji fully recovered ho gaye hoge�  They will be coming to India soon�.
Khushi: Yeah� I just cant wait to be your wife in all sense�.
Arnav: Me too khushi�.
Khushi: Waise arnav aman kab return aa raha hai� I mean from US�. Since last 5 months he is in US and he didn't even call me�  He use to message me to enquire about my health but last few days se wo bhi nahi kiya� Sab thik hai na�
Arnav: Khushi he will be coming back tomorrow and yeah he is alright� I don't know why he didn't message you may be busy in some work because mujhse to wo sirf professional talks hi karta hai he really hates me�
Khushi: Don't worry after knowing that you have changed he will respect you like before and I think we should tell him that we have patched up�
Arnav: hmm hope so� I think we should share this news with him after his return� And I want to thank him too and that too personally as he supported you like a true friend and a brother jab mein�..
He closed his eyes again but then khushi hugs him and says�
Khushi: Arnav forget everything tell me tumne kya name socha hai for our baby�.
Arnav understood that khushi didn't want him to feel guilty again he thinks "I am so lucky to have you khushi� good that I amended my mistake agar aur der ho jati to shayad mein tumhe kho chuka hota"
Khushi looks at him and sees him in thoughts� she snaps her fingers in front of him and says�
Khushi: Arnav kaha kho gaye� Tell me na what we should name him�
Arnav comes out of his thoughts and then says�
Arnav: Aarush�. Arnav and khushi ka aarush�.
Khushi: aarush�. Yeah aarush� perfect� He is a part of us so his name should also be a part of our names�.
She then walks towards the cradle with arnav and says�
Khushi: Our aarush�.
Arnav nods his head�.
Day passed with arnav and khushi spending time with each other in each other's arms discussing about their future and about aarush�. It was night and khushi was making their bed ready when they heard the door bell�
Khushi: Itni raat gaye�
Arnav: I will check you stay here�
Khushi nods and arnav walks downstairs and opens the door�
Arnav: Babuji am
But before he could complete his sentence he gets a slap from shashi gupta�.
Arnav close his eyes as he understood what was coming�� 

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Chapter 26
"Where is my daughter Mr Raizada".. Shashi gupta barked looking at arnav'.
Arnav slowly opens his eyes and looks at babuji with guilt and pain in his eyes and says'
Arnav: I am sorry babuji I'
But he was cut by shashi gupta again'
Babuji: I am not here to listen to your fake sorry' Just tell me where is my daughter and her son' I am here to take them back' Aman has told me everything'.
Arnav: aman'
Arnav ask with shock expressions'
Babuji: Yes Aman'.
He said looking towards aman who was walking towards them'. He comes and stands beside babuji and looks at arnav and says'
Aman: What happened ASR why so shock'. Yes I have told them everything because I don't want my sister to suffer more' and before you throw me out of AR design here is my resignation letter'. He said handing out a letter to arnav'.
Arnav looks at him with wide eyes' He always thought aman as his loyal employee and never ever in his dreams he has thought that aman will go against him' and that too now when he is no more that old ASR a playboy' Today he was a responsible man and a father'.
Arnav: Aman..
Aman: Don't be so shock ASR.. What you thought that no one in the world will give me a job' You are wrong ASR' I went to US for the job thing' I attended that meeting as AR employee but after that I was on the mission to find a new job' I didn't want to be with a person like you who has destroyed an innocent life just for fulfilling your lust'. Bas ab aur nahi' We will not let khushi stay here'. Waise bhi I guess her year is almost on the verge of completion.. I will pay you the balance amount'. We don't need you ASR'. Where is khushi call her'. We don't want her to stay'
But arnav's loud voice made him stop in the mid'
Arnav: ENOUGH'.. First and foremost thing aman you are not her family so you don't have any rights to take decision for her' Samjhe tum' And about your allegations aman.. Let me tell you that I have asked for the forgiveness from khushi and she has forgiven me' Now she is happy with me and our son' We are going to marry each other soon with all the rituals'.
This shocks aman and her parents'.
He then turns towards babuji and says'.
Arnav: Babuji I know I have done a big mistake but now I am not the same ASR'. I really love khushi and now I am going to marry her with all the rituals'.
Babuji laughs and says'
Babuji: I never thought that you can stoop so low arnav'. I mean you are again lying and saying that you will marry my daughter' Bas fir se shaadi and then again you will divorce her haina' After using her again'. But no'
But this time he was cut by khushi's voice'.
Khushi: Amma babuji aman'
Khushi was waiting for arnav in their room but when he didn't turn up after 15 minutes she decided to walk down to see what arnav was doing and who was at the door at this time' She walks down and gets shock to see her parents and aman standing at the door' She walks towards them and hugs her amma and babuji' She was in tears seeing her babuji standing in front of her'.Shashi and garima too cried.. After few minutes she breaks the hug and says'
Khushi: How are you both'
Babuji: We are fine beta'. Chalo we have come here to take you back with us'. Now you don't have to live with this man' I know everything beta aman has told us everything'.
Khushi: Babuji'.
Babuji: Yes khushi come lets go' Now you don't have to stay with this man forcefully'.
Khushi looks at arnav and then says'
Khushi: No babuji I am not staying here forcefully' I lo..
But aman cuts her and says'
Aman: Stop lying khushi' I have told them everything'. No need to pretend'. You don't have to be with this man anymore'. He is just'
But khushi cuts him and says..
Khushi: Stop it aman'.
Aman looks at khushi with shocked expressions'.
Khushi: Aman you don't have any right to talk like this about my husband'.
Aman: Khushi I was just'
Khushi: I was just kya aman' Pehle to you told my parents everything without even asking me' I was going to tell them but who has given you permission aman'
Aman: Khushi I care for you' I
Khushi: I know aman that you treat me like a sister but that has not given you right to take decision on my behalf'.
Aman: But khushi why again you are trusting this man' You know'.
But he was again cut by khushi'
Khushi: Bas aman'. I don't want to hear a single word against my husband'.
Aman: khushi I think now you don't need your brother as I can see you are again trapped by ASR'.
Khushi was about to answer him but he left from their'.
Khushi felt sad as she has hurt aman who has supported her but then today she has to support arnav as she knows that he is a changed man now'.
She then turns towards her amma and babuji and says'
Khushi: amma babuji arnav is now a changed man' He loves me a lot babuji' she said looking at arnav who was smiling looking at her'. She then continues'. I agree babuji he has done a big mistake in the past but he has repented babuji' He loves me and aarush a lot'. I can see that in his eyes babuji'.
Babuji looks at her and says'
Babuji: Stop khushi'. You are again repeating your mistake'. You have trusted this person in your past and what he did' But this time I wont allow you khushi' And aarush he is just using arush to get you' Don't trust this man khushi'..
Khushi: Nahi babuji' And arush is his baby he loves him just like I love aarush and he cant even think of using him' I know him and I have seen his love in all this months'.
Babuji: Enough khushi I am not going to hear anything now'. Last time I was not in the state to do anything but this time I will not let you repeat your mistake' You and aarush are coming with us and that is final'
Khushi holds arnav's hand and says'
Khushi: I am not leaving him'. He is my husband and as a wife its my duty to be with my husband' I love him and want to spend rest of my life with him'..
Khushi said everything looking into arnav's eyes' They both share an eye lock when they suddenly hear babuji's voice'
Babuji: Thik hai khushi if this is what you want than from today we are dead for you'.
Arnav and khushi both gets shock hearing this'.
Khushi looks at her babuji and says'
Khushi: Babuji what are you saying'
Babuji: You have heard it right khushi'. If you want to stay with arnav than, you have to break all your relations with us' So choice is yours khushi'.  You have full fifteen to make your decision'.. And your time starts now'.
Khushi gets tears in her eyes' she looks at arnav and then at her parents' Both were her life'. She left arnav's hand and walks towards garima to which shashi smiles but frowns when khushi speaks'
Khushi: amma please say something' Tell babuji that I love arnav' amma I need arnav and my you both' Please amma make him understand na' Amma arnav has really changed'..
Garima looks at khushi' She cups her cheeks and says'
Garima: Khushi why you are being so stubborn' Your babuji is right'. Arnav is not suitable for you'. You have trusted him and what he did' And again we will not let you commit the same mistake'. Please come with us'.
More tears started following from khushi's eyes'. Arnav sees this and clenched his fist' Khushi was in pain just because of him'. If he had not done that in his past today they would have been a happy couple with blessings from khushi's parents'..
His thoughts breaks when he felt khushi's hand in his'. He looks at khushi who was looking at him and then at her parents' She was still in tears but she started with her answer'
Khushi: Babuji you want me to make my decision na thik hai' Its really very hard for me to choose but I I want to be with my husband'..
Shashi and garima looks at khushi with shock expressions'.
Shashi: Thanks beetiyan'. I never thought that our khushi will take such decision' Arnav Singh Raizada congrats on your win' But khushi dekh lena this guy will throw you out again and then you will come to us crying'.
Khushi looks at them and says'.
Khushi: Nahi babuji'. I won't'. I trust arnav and babuji trust me soon you and amma will also realize that I am right and arnav loves me a lot'.
Babuji: Lets see khushi' Chalo Garima'
Shashi gupta turns to leave when they heard arnav's voice'
Arnav: Babuji ek minute'
He then walks towards them with khushi and says'.
Arnav: Khushi go with your parents'.
Khushi gets shock hearing this' Garima and shashi too turned towards them.. Shashi smiles and says'
Shashi: Dekha khushi'
But before he could complete his sentence arnav cuts him and says'
Arnav: I am not done yet babuji'. He then continues cupping khushi's face'
Arnav: Khushi I I don't want you to be away from your family' khushi I know what your parents mean for you' for them you have agreed to live with me despite of hating me so much.. So today I cant let you take this decision khushi' I will never be able to forgive myself if you takes the decision to leave your parents'.
Khushi: But ar arnav I I want to be with you too' I I love you arnav' How will I survive without you'
Arnav: Khushi do you think I will make that happen' Khushi we will marry each other as I have promised and that too with all the rituals and with the blessings of your parents' I will prove them khushi that I really love you a lot' and I will always keep you and aarush happy'. Bas give me sometime'
Khushi: Arnav you have already suffered a lot' I have tested you enough arnav' I don't want you to go through all that pain again'.
Arnav: Khushi that was nothing in front of the pain which I had given you in the past' and don't worry this time I have you as my support so it will be easier for me' soon we will be together khushi'.  He then looks at shashi and garima and says'.
Arnav: amma babuji I promise that one day you will give khushi's hand to me  willingly'
Babuji: We will see arnav'. Khushi go and get aarush' We are getting late'.
Khushi looks at arnav and nods her head in No' Arnav holds her hand tight and says'
Arnav: Khushi you trust me right'
Khushi nods her head'
Arnav: To bas fir just think that you are at your parent's place before our wedding' Soon I will come to take you and aarush'.
Khushi hugs arnav tight and says..
Khushi: Arnav I love you'.
Arnav: I love you too khushi'..
He then breaks the hug and walks upstairs with khushi'. He picks aarush and kiss him and says..
Arnav: Baby pa is going to bring you back soon.. till then don't trouble your mom ok'.
He hugs aarush and a tear drop from his eyes' He wipes then and hugs khushi and says'.
Arnav: Trust me everything is going to be fine' Jaldhi we are going to be husband and wife in real sense'. Till then just take care of yourself and our baby ok'
Khushi nods her head against his chest' After few minutes they both walks down and khushi left with shashi and garima with tear filled eyes'.

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