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Will You Marry Me??? Chapter 6 to 10......

Chapter 6

Khushi and arnav entered the hotel room.. Arnav close the door and turns to khushi.

Arnav: Khushi don't worry we will leave in the early morning Inform your parents and also tell them.

Khushi nods her head and then calls her mother and informs her that one more meeting is going to held tomorrow so they have stayed for the night..

She keeps the call and sits on the couch and closes her eyes. Arnav looks at her and was once again got tempted to touch her to kiss her to take her in his arms but he knows that he has to control his desire If he wants to get satisfied fully.. He walks towards the couch and puts his hand on her shoulder Khushi opened her eyes and looks at arnav and says

Khushi: Kya hua arnav.

Arnav: Wo khushi go and sleep on the bed I will sleep here.

Khushi: No arnav its ok I will sleep on this couch

Arnav: Khushi just go to the bed or I will pick you and take you to the bed.

Khushi widens her eyes hearing this and arnav says

Arnav: Just kidding Now before I make it real just go to the bed.

Khushi smiles and nods her head and then gets from the couch to go to bed She was walking towards the bed when suddenly she tripped and was about to fall when arnav catches her. They both look into each other's eyes and gets lost. They came back hearing arnav's cell. Arnav makes her stand on the floor and picks up the call. It was aman's call and he started talking to him about the meeting and other stuff.

Khushi kept on looking at him thinking "Why it felt so good to be in his arms. I never felt like this, what I felt today What was it. I never allowed anyone to touch me, not even arnav, but then why today I liked his touch What has changed in this two days that I have started liking his touch."

What I am thinking It's just that he has done a lot for me in this one day and he is not bad and that's why may be I really need a good sleep. She walked towards the bed and closed her eyes but the image of her in arnav's arms and arnav's hands around her waist was still playing in her mind and a small unknown smile came on her lips and she drifted to sleep as she was very tired to think anything further.

Arnav kept the call and sat on the couch. He had seen khushi admiring her before moving to the bed He knows that she has started getting affected by him. He looks at khushi who was sleeping on the bed He kept on looking at her imagining different position to take her after their marriage.

He walks towards the bed and sat besides sleeping khushi He looks at her and thinks "Khushi I am so helpless today that I am not able to F*** you but don't worry sweetheart soon you will be under me and I will be kissing you all over your body. He then looks at her from face to her toes and says.

Arnav: You know you are the first girl who is making me mad like this. I never lusted over girls they did over me and I enjoyed them but this time its different and khushi you are making me wait but don't worry sweetheart I will make sure that this wait will be fruitful.

Saying this he runs his finger over her cheeks and then rubs his thumbs over her lips. And he was aroused just by this mere action. He gets up from the bed as he thought that he will not be able to control himself and was walking towards the couch when he heard khushi murmuring in her sleep.

He went towards her and looks at her Her face was covered with sweat and she was looking very scared. He got worried thinking whether she had heard his talks but then he relaxes when he heard her talks.

She was saying.

Khushi: No arnav please don't listen to Mr khanna. Please. No don't let him touch me please.. Please arnav..

Arnav understood that she was thinking about the meeting and sunny's talks. He never thought that this will impact her so much. He shakes khushi and says.

Arnav: Khushi get up khushi You are with me Khushi

Khushi opens her eyes and sees arnav in front of her She gets up and hugs arnav tight and says

Khushi: Please arnav don't listen to Mr Khanna Please don't agree what he asked I promised that I will do every work properly and will help you in getting all the other deals but please don't agree to Mr Khanna's deal

Arnav hugged her back and caresses her back to calm her down and says

Arnav: ssshhh khushi ssshhh I am with you. Don't worry I am not agreeing to Mr Khanna I have cancelled that deal khushi. Calm down You are safe I can never do that with you nor with any other girl.

Khushi kept on hugging her tight and was still sobbing. Arnav was continuously trying to calm her down and after few minutes khushi stopped crying and then realized her position. She pulled back from the hug and looks at arnav.

Khushi: Wo I am I am sorry Actually

Arnav kept his finger on her lips and says.

Arnav: Sshhh khushi its ok I can understand He then cupped her cheeks and says

Arnav: And don't worry I will never let that happen Just forget the dream thinking that of a nightmare. Ok now sleep.

Khushi nods her head and then again sleeps on the bed. Arnav walks towards the couch and smiles and thinks

Arnav: It felt so good to hold you like that khushi. I wish you get this nightmares every time you are with me. You are so soft. Its getting harder day by day to control my desires for you. I have to act fast now I cant wait for the whole one month..

He sleeps on the couch dreaming about him and khushi making love to each other.

Next morning.

Khushi wakes up first and stretches her arms and then says

Khushi: Good morning DM. Have a good day and blessed me with the good day. She was about to shout her mom's name when she looked around and realized that she was in the hotel room with arnav. She sits on the bed and looks at arnav who was sleeping on the couch She then thinks "He is not that bad. I spend whole night with him alone but he didn't touch me He is really a nice guy". She then remembers how he has saved her from falling and then again when she got nightmare he was beside her.

She got the image of their hug and she blushes thinking about the hug. She then hits herself on the head and says

Khushi: What's wrong with you khushi Why you are thinking about arnav He is your boss She then gets down from the bed and walked to the bathroom to get fresh. She came out of the bathroom and walks towards arnav to wake him up. She puts her hand on his shoulder and said

Khushi: Arnav wake up Its morning we have to leave back to Delhi

Arnav: Please let me sleep.

Khushi: Arnav we are getting late.

Arnav was awake he thought of a plan to take khushi in his arms He pretended to be asleep and once again khushi shook her by his shoulder and arnav then pulled khushi and she fall in his lap and arnav hugged her tight.

Khushi gets shocked by his action but she likes the hug it was giving her different kind of warmth which she has never experienced before. She brushed her thoughts and again started struggling in his arms saying.

Khushi: Arnav please.

Arnav: Please jenny let me sleep. Please..

Khushi gets hurt hearing this Ohh so he was thinking me as jenny. She then says.

Khushi: Ar arnav I am not jenny She started struggling in his arms but arnav tightens her grip around her and says

Arnav: Acha don't lie then who you are Only you come with me for the trips and sleeps with me in the same room.

Khushi knows all this but still she felt bad hearing this from arnav's mouth after yesterday She didn't know why but she didn't like arnav talking about jenny and that too in this way. She frowns and then took arnav's hand off her body and shook her harder

Arnav opens his eyes and looks at khushi with shocked expression..

Arnav: Khushi you here I mean where is jenny Ohh I am so sorry I thought you are jenny. He gets up from the couch and says.

Arnav: I am really very sorry khushi. I should have not done that but trust me I was.

Khushi: Its ok sir I can understand Lets go sir

Arnav can sense that khushi was hurt but for that. He took her in his arms for that or for taking jenny's name. He smiles thinking that if it's the second one than it will be easier for him.

He gets fresh and walked down aman has already arranged for the other car. They sat in the car and arnav started driving back to Delhi.


Chapter 7

Journey was not the same like before�. Khushi was very quite as compare to their previous journey� Arnav was happy as he knows that he was successful in getting khushi's trust and also he knows that khushi has started to feel something for him� Not a strong feeling but something which is giving a rise to jealousy in khushi�

On the other hand khushi was confused with her own feelings� She was thinking about the time they spent together during this whole trip�. Their talks� Arnav's cancelling the most important deal for her and then his comforting hug at night and then that jenny wala incident�. She didn't know why she felt so bad when arnav has taken jenny's name� She brushed away her thoughts and thinks "Khushi lagta hai tu bohat thak gayi hai isliye itni ajeeb ajeeb chize soch rahi hai�. You really need some rest�." She leaned on the seat and tried to sleep so that she will be fresh and will not get such weird thoughts�. But it was of no use�. The moment she close her eyes she sees arnav hugging her and she opens her eyes instantly and looks at arnav�.. Arnav was fully concentrating on the roads and was driving� He knows that khushi is thinking about him and he was getting happy from inside but he didn't show anything on his face�..

She then again thinks "Khushi what are you doing�. Why you are thinking about him and why you are staring at him like thim� Move your eyes off him�. She tried looking the other side but then again she ends up looking at arnav� Getting frustrates on herself she ties the dupatta on her face and leans back on the seat and says� Ab dekhti hu khushi tu kaise use dekhti hai"��

Finally they reached Delhi and khushi was in deep sleep�. Arnav stops the car near her house as they both were tired to go to office� So he thought of taking a day off and also giving the same to khushi�.. He looks at khushi who was sleeping peacefully with the dupatta wrapped on her face� Arnav laughs looking at her and thinks "She is one unique piece but I have to bear her because no matter how she is in her nature her body is just perfect to be under him�.." He puts his hand on her shoulder and shakes her a bit�

Arnav: Khushi�. Khushi get up we have reached�.. Khushi�

Khushi opens her eyes and stretches her arms which hit arnav on his face making him to say� "What the"�. Khushi wakes up fully hearing his voice and looks at him�. She removes the dupatta from her face and says�

Khushi: Sorry arnav� I thought I am at home� By the where we have reached�

Arnav: Khushi we are outside your house�

Khushi: What!!!!

Arnav: Yes� We have reached khushi�

Khushi: It means I slept for 3 hours�.

Arnav: Yes you slept for 3 hours with this dupatta wrapped on your face�.

Khushi then remembers why she had wrapped the dupatta�. She then thinks "You are an idiot khushi.. See after a good sleep you are normal.. You are not thinking about him anymore.. You are not craving to see him�. Wow" She clapped in excitement and arnav rolls his eyes looking at khushi�..

Arnav thinks "She is actually weird�" Khushi realized that she was in front of arnav and looks down being embarrassed�.

Arnav looks at her and says�

Arnav: Khushi are you alright�

Khushi: Hmmm wo I am good� Wo actually finally we reached home na that's why I was so happy�.

Arnav: Hmm.. Ok take care and rest for today� Can come to the office tomorrow�

Khushi: I am good arnav� I can be at office in few hours�

Arnav: Khushi I have not slept like you so I am tired and you work as my PA so take a day off as I am also taking�.

Khushi: Ok arnav� Bye�.

Arnav: Bye�..

Khushi step down of the car and walks towards her house� Arnav looks at her back and thinks "Pata nahi kab I will be able to take her below me�." Saying this he drives his car towards RM�..

Khushi enters her house and garima hugs her�

Khushi: Maa how is babuji�

Garima: He is good� Treatment has started�. Doctor said he will recover but when they don't know�

Khushi: Don't worry maa soon we will have babuji with us�.

Garima than ask khushi to rest and then they will go to the hospital�.

Here arnav comes to RM and calls akash and says that he will not be coming to the office so handles the work.. He will see him tomorrow�. He then gets fresh and takes rest�.

Next day�.

Khushi enters AR designs and walked towards arnav's cabin� She knocks on the door but nobody answers� She was about to open the door when she remembers how last time she had seen arnav with jenny�. She thinks "Kya is baar bhi jenny aur arnav� No they cant be together� Why khushi why they cant be together... He is good with you that does not mean that he will not touch any girl� He loves enjoying them what is your problem� Yeah what is my problem why I am all of sudden not feeling good to see arnav with jenny� She was still in her thoughts when aman opens the cabin door and gets shock to see khushi� He called her but she was still lost in her thoughts�.

He then puts his hand on her shoulder and that's when khushi came back to her sense�

Aman: Khushi are you alright�

Khushi: Haan yes wo jenny.. I mean jenny and arnav� I mean close cabin�

Aman looks at khushi with confused expressions and says..

Aman: Khushi kya bol rahi ho�

She then sees that cabin door is open and arnav is working on his laptop�.

Khushi: Jenny chali gayi�

Aman: Khushi jenny is on a leave�.

Khushi: What it means arnav was with someone else�

Aman: Khushi are you alright� What are you saying�

Khushi: Hmm nothing actually I knocked on the door and nobody opened it so I thought he is busy with jenny�

Aman: Ohh no� We were discussing some important project and was so involved in it that we didn't hear the knock�

Khushi didn't know why but she felt happy hearing this�.. She smiles at aman and says�

Khushi: Wahi to mein bhi keh rahi thi�. Now let me go.. I am getting late� Saying this she left from their�

Aman: She is so weird� she didn't even say why she was here�

Khushi walks to her desk and thinks�

Khushi: Khushi yeh kya ho raha hai tujhe�. You have even took proper rest yesterday than why are feeling like this again and why the hell I felt good when arnav was not with jenny or some other girl� You are going mad khushi� she then hits her head with the file�. And then looks at the file and says�

Khushi: Khushi file� Cabin� Idiot jis kaam ke liye gayi thi wo to kiya hi nahi�.

She then again walks to his cabin and this time door was open�. She still knocks and arnav without looking at her ask her to come�

She walks towards his desk and says�

Khushi: Arnav this are some legal documents which you need to sign�

Arnav then looks at khushi�. He again gets lost�. She was wearing purple and pink colour chudidaar�. Light makeup and a small jhumkas�. She was looking beautiful in her figure fitting chudidaar�. Arnav kept on looking at her from top to bottom and khushi gets conscious she started adjusting her dupatta thinking what has happened to arnav�. Arnav got up from his chair and started walking towards her�. Khushi gets scared and started walking back�. She hits the cabin door and arnav pinned her on the door and leaned on her�..

Khushi started breathing hard�. She wanted to push arnav like before but today her body and heart were not supporting her mind�. Arnav leaned on her more said�.

Arnav: Kya hua khushi� Today you will not push me�.

Khushi opens her eyes wide and came back to sense�. It was truth that she was getting affected by him but then she said�

Khushi: No arnav because I trust you that you will never do anything which will hurt me�..

Arnav moves back and said�

Arnav: Good� I was just testing whether you really trust me or not�..

Khushi: I trust you arnav�.. You are my friend and I know you will not hurt me� Right�

Arnav: Right...


Chapter 8

Khushi left the cabin and then thinks "Khushi something is really wrong with you� You seem to be so lost when he was near you�. Agar wo piche nahi hatta to you would have allowed to kiss him� Khushi ho kya raha hai tujhe"

She brushed away all her thoughts and started working� She thought of keeping herself busy so that she will not think about arnav but to her dismay she kept on thinking about him�.

Few days passed like this�. Arnav always use to be good with khushi�. He was always seen with khushi chatting and doing masti with her�. Girls of her office were very jealous of khushi and use to create problems and khushi was falling more and more for him�..

Now it was 16th day of khushi's job�..

Khushi entered the office and people gave her an angry look as arnav use to pamper khushi a lot� She ignored everyone and walked back to the arnav's cabin with his coffee� She knocks on the door�

Arnav: Come in�

Khushi enters the cabin and smiles at arnav� Arnav smiles back and says�

Arnav: Khushi kitni baar kaha hai you don't have to knock and again you have brought coffee for me� I told you na that you don't have to do all this� I have said when we were not friends but now I don't like my friend working like a employee�.

Khushi pulls the chair and sits beside arnav and says�

Khushi: Arnav I have not brought this coffee as your PA� I have brought this as your friend� And regarding a knock � We are in office and I think I should behave like an employee I don't want other staff to think wrong about us�..

Arnav smiles and says�

Arnav: You know I really like this side of yours� Kaash tum mujhe pehle mili hoti� I mean mein playboy kabhi nahi banta�. Tum jo meri girlfriend hoti�

Khushi blush hearing this and she felt a different kind of happiness when arnav said that�. Arnav notice this and thinks good one or two days more that's it and then�.

They both start working and day passed�.

Few more days passed�. Khushi and arnav was getting closer day by day�. Arnav use to pick and drop khushi� They use to chat every night about everything� Khushi was almost addicted to arnav�. Her morning started with arnav's call and ends with his call� Now arnav never talked with any other girl� His whole day was only dedicated to khushi and khushi use to like his attention� Somewhere in her heart she has started loving him but she didn't realize this�

On the 25th day khushi came to AR but arnav was not in the office� She asked receptionist who replied to her that ASR is in the conference room�.

Khushi walked towards the conference room � She opened the door and finds the room to be dark�. She slowly entered the room and door got locked� She got scared and turns around when she felt someone's hand on her waist�..

She widens her eyes and was about to scream when she heard a known voice�

Arnav: Don't scream khushi its me arnav�.

Khushi: Arnav�

Arnav: Yes� Khushi I want to tell you something�.

Khushi: Yaha�

Arnav: Yes� Come�.

He then holds her hand and took her towards the end of the conference room and says�

Arnav: Close your eyes khushi�

Khushi: Arnav but its already dark here�.

Arnav: Please khushi�

Khushi: Ok� She then closes her eyes and switches on the light�.

Arnav then moves close to khushi and says�

Arnav: Open your eyes khushi�

His hot breathe touches khushi's skin and she felt goose bumps all over her�. She never felt like this with anyone� Her heart started beating at a very high speed� She took the deep breathe to calm herself and then slowly opens her eyes�.

After opening her eyes she gets shocked to see the view in front of her�. A big I love you was written on the table with the jalebi's�. She looks at the "I love you" and then towards the arnav with loads of questions in her eyes�.

Arnav then comes in front of her and holds her hand and says�

Arnav: I know khushi you must be thinking that this is some prank� But khushi this is the truth�.. I love you�.

Khushi was too shock to react but deep down in her heart she was happy very happy� She too didn't know the reason but she was happy that arnav loves her� Arnav then continued�

Arnav: I know you must be thinking ke mein ek playboy hu and my record with girls are not clean to shayad tum ye sochti hogi that shayad this is also not true but khushi trust me I really love you� From the time I have seen you for the first time I felt something different in my heart� At that time I thought that maybe I am attracted to you physically like others but then slowly I realized that it was not a physical attraction� I started liking your company�.

Khushi looked in his eyes and they both share an eye lock� He then again continued looking into his eyes�

Arnav: Khushi I love when you bring coffee for me� I love when you smile looking at me� I love when we chat at nights� I have never done that with any other girl but I enjoy talking to you� Khushi you remember the day when we didn't talk as your father was not well that day I felt as if something was missing I was not able to sleep properly that night because I had not talk to you�Khushi from the time we became friends I swear I never thought about any other girl or been with any other girl.. In fact I never felt like that� Whenever I use to be alone I use to think about you�. And khushi I never felt like this for anyone� That day when you didn't come to office I felt as if my day was not passing�. I wanted to see you, I wanted to see your smile� I wanted to be with you� And then I realized that I am in love with you�. I love you khushi.. and I want to marry you because I want to be with you always for my whole life� Bolo khushi WILL YOU MARRY ME�.

Khushi stand in her place looking into his eyes for a long time and then started taking her hands from his hands�. Arnav for few minutes got scared thinking what if she says no� But to her surprise khushi hugged him�.. She hides her face in his chest and pulled him more close and said�

Khushi: I will arnav� I will marry you�.

Arnav gets happy and hugs her back� and says�

Arnav: I am so happy khushi�. I am so happy�.

Khushi: Me too arnav and yes I love you too� Mujhe nahi pata kab kaise but I love you arnav� I never thought that I will be in love with a boy like you but today I am happy that I love you because I can see a change arnav in front of me who loves me and only me�

Arnav smiles and says..

Arnav: Yes khushi I love you a lot�

They broke the hug and arnav cups his cheeks and says�.

Arnav: Khushi soon I will talk to your parents and then we will be one forever�.

Khushi just smiles and nods her head�.

Arnav then come close to her leans to captures her lips when khushi stopped her and said..

Khushi: Arnav please� I mean�

Arnav: I understand khushi and I am sorry�

Khushi: Arnav I am sorry but�

But arnav cuts her by putting finger on her lips and says..

Arnav: ssshhh khushi don't be sorry� I understand and I promise that I will not do anything before our marriage� Happy�

Khushi: Thank you arnav� Saying this she hugged him again and arnav smirked thinking "Khushi you are so nave"�.

Next day arnav get a call from khushi that she cant come to office�

Arnav: Why khushi� I mean is everything alright.. Kuch hua hai kya you are sounding upset�

Khushi: Arnav wo� Wo..

Arnav: Haan bolo khushi�

Khushi: Wo babuji ki halat aur kharaab ho gayi hai� I am really very worried�

Arnav: Don't worry everything will be fine mein aata hu waha�

Arnav cuts the call and thinks of something and again smile and says..

Arnav: Chalo ye moka to mujhe bethe bethe hi mil gaya�

He then goes to hospital and arranges for the best doctors for his treatment� He recovered a little in next two days� And arnav was always on khushi's side in these two days� On the third day arnav talked to the doctor and said that he will send babuji to the US for treatment �..

Khushi was shocked to hear this� She asked arnav about this and arnav said yes he will do this as now her family is his family too�. He then arranges for everything and sent khushi's parents to the US�.

Khushi looks at arnav and felt very proud to have arnav in her life and arnav thinks that acha hi hua ab mein bina bataye shaadi karluga and no one will know that I was married to this khushi after our divorce�. He was still in his thoughts when he heard khushi's voice�.

Khushi: Thanks a lot arnav�

Arnav: Khushi I have told you before too that you are my friend and I am doing all this for you�. you don't have to thank me for this�

Khushi: I know but still what you have done is something very big� Arnav you have sent my dad to US for his treatment and that too on your own expense�. I mean who do these things in today's world� you know you are really a very good human�

Arnav: Khushi please I have not done that for hearing thanks�. You know I cant see you in pain so I have done all this just to put smile on your face� You know how much I love you�.

Khushi smiles and says�

Khushi: Yes� I am really very happy today�.. You know arnav I never thought I will fall in love with you but I fell and today I am really happy that you are in my life�.

Arnav pulls her close and wipes her tears and says�

Arnav: Khushi you know I never use to believe in love but you changed my thought khushi� I fell in love with you and I promise I will never make you regret your decision�. I will always love you from the bottom of my heart�

Khushi hugged him tight and arnav smirks thinking�

Arnav: Khushi it feels so good to hug you� Your soft body pressing against my rough and hard body�. How it will feel when I will hug you without this clothes and I know that day is not far�.. He squeezed her more into him�..

After sometime khushi pulled back and kiss arnav on his cheeks and says�

Khushi: Thanks for everything arnav�..

Arnav: Again thanks khushi now it's a warning if you will say thanks again then I promise I will kiss you on your�.

Khushi blushes and keeps her hand on his mouth and says�

Khushi: Ssshhh I will not say that again and I know that you will never break your promise�.


Chapter 9

Two days passed and now khushi's babuji's treatment started in the US�. Khushi was very happy�. She came to office and walked directly to arnav's cabin�. Arnav was standing near the window and was on the call� His back was facing khushi� Khushi walked towards him and hugged him from behind and nuzzled her nose on his back�.

Arnav smiled and turned towards her and hold her in his arms�. Khushi stayed in his arms holding him for the support�. After few minutes arnav cuts the call and says�

Arnav: What's the matter khushi� Today you are looking so happy�.

Khushi hugged him more tightly and says�

Khushi: I am so happy arnav today I had a talk with my babuji's doctor and he said that he will recover soon�..

Arnav: Wow khushi that's a great news�

Khushi: Arnav all this was possible only because of you� Thanks a lot arnav� Thanks for everything and thanks for coming into my life�..

Arnav pulls her more into him and says�

Arnav: Khushi I love you� I love you a lot so please don't say thank you�. I am doing all this for our family ok�

Khushi smiles and nods her head�.

Khushi: You know arnav now I want to tell everyone that you are mine only mine and soon we are going to get married�.

Arnav: Me too khushi but I want everyone to know after our marriage and I want this to happen soon very soon�.

Khushi: Hmmm we have to wait till my amma and babuji comes back and then we will get marry�.

Arnav: Khushi� What if doctor ask them to stay their for six months or something� I will not be able to live away from you for such a long time�

Khushi: But arnav� I mean we have to wait for them na� Without them We cant marry�

Arnav caresses her back and says�

Arnav: I have an idea�. But for that I want to know something�

Khushi: What do you want to know�.

Arnav: Do you trust me khushi�.

Khushi broke the hug and looks at arnav and says�

Khushi: Arnav why are you asking this now�

Arnav looks into her eyes and says�

Arnav: Khushi answer me do you trust me�.

Khushi: Yes arnav I trust you�.

Arnav: Ok�. So will you marry me tomorrow�

Khushi widens her eyes and says�

Khushi: What!!!! Arnav tomorrow� I mean amma babuji�

Arnav holds her by her shoulders and says�

Arnav: Khushi I want you to marry me tomorrow so that we can be together always�. And when your amma and babuji returns to India we will give them a surprise and than we will again get married by all the rituals in front of them�. Khushi I really want you to be with me for the 24 hours�. I cant stay away from you�.

Khushi looks at him all lovingly and said�

Khushi: But arnav amma and babuji will not like if I marry you without their consent�. And I don't want to hurt them�. What if they comes to know that we got married and are staying together without their blessings�.

Arnav: Khushi we will not say anyone about our marriage� It will be a secret between you and me and akash� And once your parents are back we will tell them that we love each other and want to marry each other�. I am sure your parents will not deny us�.

Khushi: But arnav�.

Before she could complete her sentence arnav made a sad face and says�

Arnav: Khushi its ok�. I will not force you�. If you don't want to marry me now we will not marry� We will wait for your parents to come� Ok�.

Saying this he walked towards his chair and started working on the laptop� Khushi was still standing on her place� Arnav's words were ringing in her mind� She looked at arnav and sees his sad face� She felt bad looking him sad�. She thinks "What khushi you made him upset� He has done so much for you and your family� He loves you so much and what he wants in return� He just want to marry you� And what's wrong in that he wants to give a name to this relationship�."

She brushed her thoughts and walked towards arnav and puts her hand on his shoulder and says�

Khushi: Arnav wo�

Arnav cuts her and says�

Arnav: I am alright khushi� It's ok now we will not talk about this topic� I�.

Now this time khushi stops him by putting her finger on his lips and says..

Khushi: Arnav I am ready to marry you�.

Arnav looks at her with shock� Khushi smiles at his expressions and says�

Khushi: Arnav don't give me that look�.

Arnav then removes her finger from his lips and says�

Arnav: No khushi I don't want you to take decision just for my happiness� If you are not happy than I am also not happy�

Khushi: No arnav I have taken this decision for our happiness I too want to be with you as soon as possible�. I love you a lot arnav�.

Arnav got up from his chair and hugs khushi and says�

Arnav: I promise khushi I will always keep you happy�.

Both hug each other tight and arnav smirks naughtily on her back�.

After sometime they broke the hug and arnav caresses her cheeks with the back of his hand and says�

Arnav: Khushi I cant believe that I am in love� I am so happy khushi thanks for coming in my life and making it beautiful�..

They started planning� Arnav called someone and asked him to arrange everything�.. He kept the call and looks at khushi who was lost in some thoughts� Arnav comes to her and slids his hands around her waist and pulls her on him and said..

Arnav: Khushi what are you thinking sweetheart�

Khushi: Hmmm arnav I was thinking what I will wear tomorrow�

Arnav: You just get up in the morning and you will get everything ready on your bed� Now please don't ask me how and all please�

Khushi: Ok baba�

Next day khushi got up at 8 and as arnav said she saw a packet on the bed� She opened the packet and smiles seeing a beautiful green and maroon lehenga choli with all the matching jewelries�.

She gets excited and calls arnav�

Arnav: Yes sweetheart�

Khushi: Thanks arnav�

Arnav: See khushi I don't want my wife to thank me for the things which already belongs to her so from today no thank you ok�

Khushi feels good hearing this from his mouth�. She was still in her thoughts when arnav shouts from the other end�

Arnav: Khushi kaha kho gayi (Where have you lost)�

Khushi comes back to her sense and says..

Khushi: Hhmmm nothing�

Arnav: Ok now get ready will pick you up in an hour ok�

Khushi: Ok�

She cuts the call and got ready� She was looking beautiful as a bride� She was blushing hard and was unable to believe that today she si going to get married�. From tomorrow she will be Mrs khushi arnav singh Raizada�. She blushed more thinking this�.

After sometime she heard the door bell and walks towards the door and opens it� Arnav was standing at the door in three piece suite like always but still he was looking handsome� His eyes fell on khushi and he gets lost in her beauty�. He runs his eyes all over her body�. Khushi felt shy and broke the silence saying�

Khushi: Arnav�.

Arnav comes back to present�. He looks at khushi and says�

Arnav: Khushi you are looking beautiful� Come lets go�

Khushi nods her head and arnav extended his palm towards her and she puts her palm over his and they started walking towards his car�.

Arnav helped khushi to sit in the car and he sat on the driving seat and drives the car towards the temple as he knows khushi values all this things� All the arrangements were done�. They started climbing the stairs of the temple and tear drop from khushi's eyes�

Arnav looks at her and says�

Arnav: Khushi are you alright� If you don't want to�

But khushi cuts his sentence and says�

Khushi: Arnav I am fine� Its just� I mean� I am not able to believe that I am getting married� And that too with my love�.

Arnav hugs her from the side and says..

Arnav: This is the truth khushi�. Now don't cry I don't want my beautiful wife to look bad on our wedding day�

Khushi smiles hearing this and arnav says..

Arnav: Now that's like my good wife�. Come�

Wedding rituals started� only arnav khushi aman and akash were present at the wedding�. Arnav has asked both of them not to disclose about the wedding to anyone� Finally marriage was completed and panditji announced arnav and khushi as husband and wife�.

Arnav and khushi both hugged each other�. He then said to khushi�

Arnav: Finally we are married khushi now I am waiting for the day when I will tell this to the whole world�

Khushi: Hmmm�. Don't worry arnav that day will come soon�.

Akash and aman hugged arnav� Akash and aman both didn't know the real reason of this marriage�. Arnav then picks up khushi and started walking downstairs� Khushi wraps her arms around her neck and says..

Khushi: Arnav where are you taking me�

Arnav: To our home khushi� Today no office nothing only me and my wife�.

Akash: Yes bhai only you and your wife.. I am going out of town today�. He winked at both of them and khushi looks down feeling shy�.

Arnav then made her sit in the car and drives the car to the RM��


Chapter 10 (Mature Content)

They reached RM and arnav got down from the car� He opens the door for khushi and helps her in steeping down� Khushi got down holding his palm and looks around to see a beautiful mansion�.

Arnav then picked her up in his arms and says�

Arnav: Now this is our house�.He then walked towards the door and was about to ring the bell when suddenly door got opened and aman and akash welcomes them�. They both reached their early as arnav asked them to make the arrangements�.

Akash then did the aarti of both and then arnav kept khushi down so that she can push the rice kalash with her toe�. Khushi did that and then again arnav picks her up in his arms and enters the house�. Aman and akash clapped looking at both�.

Akash then comes towards them and says�

Akash: Welcome home bhabhi�. Ok now I need to go see you soon� Take care�.

Khushi just smiles and says

Khushi: Thank you�

Aman too congratulates both and also left from their� Now only arnav and khushi were at home�.

Arnav walks towards the door and locked the door� He then comes towards khushi and picks her up and starts walking towards his room�.

Khushi wraps her hands around his neck and hides her face into his chest�. Arnav entered the room and then close the door� He made khushi sits on the bed and then sits beside her�. He holds her hand and says�

Arnav: Finally we are together�. Khushi I need to talk to you about something very important�.

Khushi puts her other hand on his and says..

Khushi: Yes arnav what it is�

Arnav: Khushi now as we are married and this is our first night I want to know if you are ready for this� I mean� you know what I mean�.

Khushi: Wo arnav actually�.

Arnav: Khushi if you are not than I am absolutely fine with it� I know this is all very new to you� I can wait� For me yahi bohat hai that you are my wife and will be with me forever�.I will wait till you want�.

Khushi looks at him with more love and then cups her cheeks moving little close to him and says�

Khushi: You know arnav I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you in my life�. You have changed so much and I am so happy that you changed for me�. I love you arnav and I have marry you because I too wanted to be with you forever and I am ready to fulfill all my duties as a wife arnav� I was little reluctant because everything is new for me.. I mean I have not�.

But arnav cuts her by putting his finger on her lips and says..

Arnav: Ssshhh I know and I am happy that I am the one�. And don't worry we will go slow�.

Khushi blush hear this and looks down shyly�.

Arnav then moves close to khushi and then removed her dupatta and kept it aside�. Khushi closed her eyes as her heart started beating at a very high speed�

His hands travelled towards the back of her neck and unhooked the necklace� He removes the necklace by touching his fingers all over her neck creating goose bumps on khushi's body� He keeps the necklace on the bed and then kissed khushi on her cheeks�. Slowly he moved his hands towards her earings and removed it one by one and then kissed her on her ears and licks her ear lobes� Khushi felt something in her stomach�

She liked this new feeling which was taking place inside her� Arnav then holds her shoulder and made her lie on the bed and got on top of her� He then runs his fingers on her cheeks and whispered in her ears�

Arnav: Look at me khushi�.

Khushi slowly opens her eyes and looks at arnav�. She can see something different in his eyes� Arnav leans down and kissed her on her forehead then on her cheeks then on her eyes and then he looks at her lips which was parted as if they were invited him to take them and taste them till he was satisfied� Without wasting anytime he captures her lips and started sucking them� Khushi fisted her hairs and pulled him more close� He then bites on her lips and entered her mouth and started tasting her sweet nectar�.

Khushi too responded to his kiss� She took his tongue in her mouth and started sucking it till it was all dry and then arnav did the same� After kissing each other for a long time they broke the kiss and looks at each other�

Arnav: Enjoyed�

Khushi blushed hearing him and just nods her head in yes�

He then moved towards her neck and started giving open mouth wet kisses on her neck and her throat� Khushi moaned his name in pleasure� He then pulled her up and opened the dori and hook of her choli and removed it from her body� She was lying only in her bra� She felt shy and tried to hide her body with her hands�

But arnav stops her and pinned her hands on the either sides of her face and started kissing her all over body� He then bites her on her bosoms and khushi let out a throaty moan� He then pulled her bra with her teeth and took her breast in his mouth�. He sucked them hard and then left her hands and started massaging the other one with the hands�

Khushi dugs her nails on his back and arnav started sucking wildly as if he was hungry for months and got the food now� He repeated his action with the other one and then travelled downwards towards her belly� He inserted his tongue in her belly button and started sucking and he took her nipples in between her fingers and started teasing them�.

Khushi pulls his hair and then rolled him under her� She started unbuttoning her shirt and then throws it on the floor and started kissing him all over her bare chest� She bites him on his nipples and started sucking it� Arnav gets shock to see this side of khushi but he was enjoying her lead on him� He smiles thinking that no one can be innocent when it comes to making love with arnav singh Raizada� Feeling proud of himself he started roaming his hands over her bare back pressing her more and more into him�

He then unhook her bra and throws aside and then rolled her under him and again captures her lips and his hands travelled downwards and removed her innerskirt� He then comes down and removed it fully and started kissing her on her bare legs and then thighs and finally on her core�

Khushi flinched and clutched the bed sheet tight and arnav started rubbing her core with his hand� He then remove the last piece of cloth from her body and started licking her� Khushi took his name and this made him more aroused� He got up from the bed and removed his trousers and boxers and again climb on her and started kissing her all over her body and inserted his finger in her core and started stroking her�

Khushi never felt such things in her life� She was enjoying this pleasure given by her husband� After sometime he replaces his finger with his hard form and khushi screamed with pain as it was her first time�

He took her lips to stop her voice and stop inside her to calm her� After some time he started thrusting slowly and once khushi was calm he increased his speed� Khushi's pain was replaced by pleasure and she started enjoying this pain with pleasure�. After looking at calm khushi he again increased his speed till they both reached the climax�

Arnav falls on khushi and hugs her and stayed inside her for sometime� Khushi too hugs her back and they both stayed in that position for sometime� After that arnav comes out of her and lays beside her hugging her�.

After one hour they again repeated their love making session and this time khushi enjoyed more�. They kept on making love to each other till 6 in the morning and then finally slept getting exhausted�

Arnav opens his eyes slowly and looks at the lady sleeping in his arms� He smiles looking at her and then runs his finger on her face and thinks "Finally I had you khushi� I have tasted you and you know what you tasted so good I am happy that I decided to taste you� But I am sorry because I don't taste a girl more than twice but you were special you were my wife so we have four sessions but now from today you will be again free to enjoy your life�."

He was still thinking when khushi opened her eyes and looks at arnav� She smiles looking at him and then kisses him on his lips and said..

Khushi: Good morning sweetheart�

Arnav too smiles and says..

Arnav: Good morning� You ok�

Khushi: Hmmm�. I will have a bath and then I will prepare something for you�

Arnav: No khushi we will eat out.. Just get ready�

Khushi: No arnav you are my husband and I will really like to prepare something for you, don't worry it will take only few minutes�.

Arnav smiles and nods his head and khushi started getting up when arnav holds her hand and says..

Arnav: We will take shower together�

Khushi: But arnav�

Arnav: ssshhh see I agreed with you na now its your turn�

Khushi: Ok�

Arnav then got up and picks khushi in his arms and walked towards the bathroom� He gets the bathtub ready and puts khushi inside the tub and he too gets in� They again had their love making session in the shower and then khushi wears a red chudidaar� She was about to wear a mangalsutra when arnav stops her�

Arnav: No khushi I mean you remember na that this is a secret wedding�

Khushi: Ohh yeah but don't worry I will hide this but I have to wear this na� She gets ready and walks down to the kitchen� She started making breakfast and arnav moves to the closet and removes some file and walks down getting ready for the office�.

He walks to the table and sits waiting for khushi� Khushi comes out with the tray of breakfast and served him� She too sat besides arnav and was about to eat when arnav gave her a file and said�

Arnav: Khushi this are some papers you need to sign�

Khushi: What kind of paper�

Arnav: Some legal papers� You know for changing your names and all�

Khushi: Ohh ok� She took the file and was about to sign when arnav stops her and said�

Arnav: Read it once sweetheart�

Khushi smiles and said..

Khushi: I trust you arnav� Saying this she signed the papers and arnav smiles looking at her�..


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